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Search results

  1. 2g roof drip mouldings

    For sale 2g 2g roof drip mouldings

    2g roof drip mouldings. Good condition. Not mint. One is getting thin in one spot. Good for a daily driver. This is a pair.
  2. 90 turbo water pump pipe

    For sale 1g 90 turbo water pump pipe

    90 water pump pipe. Only has the water outlet for the turbo none near the water pump itself. Good condition
  3. 1g 91-94 water pipe

    For sale 1g 1g 91-94 water pipe

    91-94 1g water pipe. Good condition.
  4. 2g water neck  and water pipe

    For sale 2g 2g water neck and water pipe

    Complete 2g water neck and water pipe for 4g63. Good condition.
  5. Six bolt 2.4 Wiseco/Eagle block

    For sale 1g Six bolt 2.4 Wiseco/Eagle block

    .020 over six bolt 2.4 block. Pistons coated. Wiseco 8.5 - 1 with Eagle rods. Bored and honed with torque plate. Decked. Tanked. Crank been micropolished. Standard rods and mains. Ready to use.
  6. Six bolt 2.4 block and crank

    For sale 1g Six bolt 2.4 block and crank

    Six bolt 2.4 block and crank. Block been decked and tanked. Crank polished with standard rods and mains. Bore is excellent to run standard size pistons.
  7. Six bolt 2.4 block and crank

    For sale 1g Six bolt 2.4 block and crank

    Six bolt 2.4 block and crank. Standard bore. Crank been tanked and polished. Standard rods and mains.
  8. Six bolt 2.4 block and crank

    For sale 1g Six bolt 2.4 block and crank

    Six bolt 2.4 block and crank. Crank still in block. Spins smoothly. Have had this since about 2002. Bore is excellent.
  9. 2g roof drip mouldings.   Pair.

    For sale 2g 2g roof drip mouldings. Pair.

    2g roof drip mouldings. Good condition.
  10. Pass door window moulding

    For sale 2g Pass door window moulding

    Pass door window moulding.
  11. 2g window mouldings

    For sale 2g 2g window mouldings

    2g window mouldings. Excellent condition. Haven’t seen any this nice in many years. Pair with RH and LH.
  12. 1G DSM

    For sale 1g 1G DSM

    1990 AWD transmission. Looks to have been rebuilt. Been painted silver at one time. Came from an all stock car. Overall case looks good. Haven’t seen any 1990 drivetrain pieces in quite some time.
  13. Galant665

    2G Manual ecu with auto wiring harness

    Manual Ecu works on both. If it’s a factory auto car has a TCU anyways for the trans. Manual and auto engines used the same injectors. Only the 1g the auto had smaller turbo and injectors. Have owned both.
  14. Galant665

    1G Rusted Rear Axle Outer End

    Glad I saved so many oem rear axles. Think got 8 sets
  15. 1g upgraded sidemount intercooler Dejon tool/Alamo motorsports etc.

    Reply to question by 'Galant665' on the classified ad '1g upgraded sidemount intercooler Dejon tool/Alamo motorsports etc.'

    I have an original Alamo on one my talons. Larger inlet and modded it to clear the auto trans.
  16. Galant665

    1992 Talon TSI 6/4 AUTO

    Use a long extension from drivers side to knock the pass axle and release the clip.
  17. Galant665

    1G '94 4g63 NA - California Smog Issues

    Try cleaning the cat converter. With the car below half a tank of fuel. Can either get a bottle of the guaranteed to pass cleaner from Autozone. Or. Look on YouTube. You can clean the converter using a quart of lacquer thinner mixed in with your fuel. Drive and burn the rest that tank out...
  18. Galant665

    For Sale 2g timing cover

    Still available. $55
  19. Galant665

    For Sale 6 bolt 2.4 shortblock Eagle/Wiseco

    Still available. Digging out some 2.0’s. Had forgot about this shortblock.
  20. Galant665

    For Sale 2.4 6 bolt block and crank

    This six bolt 2.4 block and crank still available. Sold a few other blocks. Shipped them U-ship in a Home Depot tote. Worked well.
  21. Galant665

    For Sale 7 bolt 4g64 oem crankshafts

    Still have four left. $100 each plus shipping.
  22. Galant665

    For Sale 2g inner door panel window mounding

    Sold all the 2g interior and trim pieces except these. Good condition. Still available.
  23. Galant665

    For Sale 1g shift cables. Awd

    Still have them.
  24. Galant665

    1G G4cs winter build ...

    Nice. I built a few still racking up miles. Have two standard bore blocks left and one that’s new with .020 Wiseco/eagle that I didn’t use yet.
  25. Galant665

    1G G4cs winter build ...

    Nice. You going .020 over and crank is standard.
  26. Galant665

    For Sale 2g dsm drivers door control panel trim

    2g dsm drivers door control panel trim with vent. No cracks around the AC vent. Which is where they typically crack. Good condition. Vent is dusty. Call or text 702-741-6987. $45.
  27. Galant665

    For Sale 2g engine split shell engine

    Split shell. Think this was out of a 98 GST. Auto for sure. Believe car had black box Ecu. Car only had 65k miles. Car got hit in pass quarter. Shame. Interior was beautiful. I should got it even though it was tan. I saved this engine for years. If I found an all stock 2g needing an...
  28. Galant665

    For Sale 2g timing cover and mid cover

    2g timing cover and mid cover. Really good condition. $90. Call or text 702-741-6987
  29. Galant665

    For Sale 2g timing cover

    Original 2g timing cover. Hard to find. Good condition. $75. Call or text 702-741-6987
  30. Galant665

    For Sale 2g outer window mouldings

    Two RH and one LH mouldings for 2g DSM. Rubber is in really good condition. One of the RH has a tape line of white paint where car was painted it was on. Other two have no paint. Had ten sets at one time. Sold them. These must been stored in a different spot. Just found them organizing...
  31. Galant665

    For Sale 2g roof drip moulding

    2g Dsm. Roof or drip moulding. Pair with LH and RH pieces. One has slight twist out away from the body. Mounted to the car and a rubber mallet it will sit flush. Rubber is in really good condition on these. I never see good sets in the yards. Was saving these as spares for 2g. Which...
  32. Galant665

    For Sale 2g inner door panel window mounding

    Pair of 2g dsm inner door panel window mouldings. Some call them the belt mouldings. Good condition. The furry felt is all there. Kind of important on a 2g when it’s worn the window rattles. $60. Call or text 702-741-6987
  33. Galant665

    For Sale 2g rear cargo cover

    2g rear cargo cover Really really good condition. Rarely find these. Had a spare. Sold the 2g which already had a mint cover. Think I can pack and ship it in a picture box. 48x26x thin. $150 call or text 702-741-6987
  34. Galant665

    ECUflash Ceddymods and Emissions Readiness BRICK

    Your original ecu might not be bricked. I have flashed 2g and Evo Ecu that preciously wouldn’t read or write. Don’t toss it. If you are using another good ecu. Make sure you have a decent battery charger hooked to the car when flashing. Have flashed many with ceddy roms and haven’t had...
  35. Galant665

    For Sale 2g AWD auto swap

    2g AWD auto swap. Includes trans. Tcase. Rear diff with axles. Engine plate for 2g block and 7 bolt Flexplate and shift cable. Stock torque converter also but not pictured. Bought this trans from Miller Auto many years ago. Looks to have been rebuilt. Case also has the Mitsu stamping as a...
  36. Galant665

    1G Auto trans solenoids

    I always clean the solenoids well when doing a shift kit on a valve body. Haven’t had any quit working yet. You sure the ground wire on the valve body is bolted on.
  37. Galant665

    2G Looking for drip rail moldings for 96

    I have some will post them in the classifieds soon.
  38. Galant665

    EVOscan Black box ECU back to ecm link

    Where is the 5 volts coming from for the obd port plug? Have you tried to get 5 volts from any of the sensor wire pins at the Ecu? Tps mass air. Etc. have had a few 2g I had to run a new wire all the way back. For some reason one was intermittent and the other car had no power at the plug...
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