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Search results

  1. Jdabishop

    For Sale 1g Dsmlink v2.5

    I have dsmlink v2.5 out of my 1990 talon. Works great just switching to evo ecu$300 delivered if you live within the phoenix area
  2. Jdabishop

    Random Misfire/Loss of Power

    I have searched high and low and changed plugs and wires and o2 sensor but still having the issue. Happens randomly and it fixes itself while driving but its getting worse.
  3. Jdabishop

    1995 Talon Tsi for sale

    Im selling my 1995 eagle talon tsi fwd.Manley Rods Wiseco 9:1 Pistons ACL Main/Rod bearings ARP Headstuds 14b Turbo Rebuilt Head New Axels Blackbox ECU All power works even sunroofLink to sale ad: 1995 Eagle Talon TSI (REDUCED)Car does need new radiator and a little work as...
  4. Jdabishop

    2g Radiator for Auto

    Anyone have a radiator for sale thatll fit a 2g auto?
  5. Jdabishop

    1g Radiator Fan

    Does anyone have a 1g radiator fan for sale? In need of one quick
  6. Jdabishop

    Scottsdale Pavillions

    I know this is kind of last minute but is anyone going to the pavs tonight?
  7. Jdabishop

    1990 Eclipse rescue

    So Ive had my eye on this car for awhile and I was finally able to pick it up without getting rid of my 2g. The car was purchased from an older guy in the middle of nowhere and he was slowly letting it go to crap it has/had some pretty nasty oil leaks and he screwed up a lot of the wiring wich...
  8. Jdabishop

    Overdrive Issue

    Alright so im having starting issues and it all started when I turned OD off. Anyone know what would cause the car to die and or have issues when OD is off? CEL came on when I switched it off as well. Thanks
  9. Jdabishop

    Bad Timing?? Please Help

    So I finished my car and it runs fine but when coming down from higher RPM's it makes a whining noise and has a lot of hesitation when driving. Motor has little over 100 miles from rebuild and I switched over to a 1g cas and the timing is at 5*.I linked a video just to see if anyone has had...
  10. Jdabishop

    Collapsed lifter?

    Ok so my car has its first 100 miles after rebuild and ive been generous on the accelerating but it has a little power loss and when i come down from higher rpm it makes a whining/rattling noise like as if the cams arent rolling smoothly. But from low rpms around town its not bad so would this...
  11. Jdabishop

    Friday night drags

    So the new Firebird Raceway which is now Wild Horse Pass is having the first Friday night drags next month and looks like theyll have them every Friday unlike the past where it was 2 times a month. Since my talon is now up and running I will actually make it out to an event for once.Is...
  12. Jdabishop

    What is this bolt?

    So after getting my block back I find that this bolt is missing and dont know where to find another or if I can buy one at ACE to fit.Anybody know where to find another or if I can use a regular bolt?
  13. Jdabishop

    Cams clunk when turned

    So I just finished building my motor and I did the timing and then I go to rotate the crank the make sure everything is ok and when the cams turn with crank its really tough to move them and it feels like they go up and just drop down.Im lost as to why this is happening as the head was just...
  14. Jdabishop

    ARP Torque Spec

    Ok so I have everything but my ARP2000/Manley rod bolts torqued down and I cant seem to get a straight answer. I found a sheet that says 60-65ft lbs but can someone verify that is correct?Much help is appreciated and I have searched but found nothing for the arp 2000 on the manley rods
  15. Jdabishop

    What do we think

    1998 Mitsu GSX AWD TurboI dont know about anyone else but does this sound too good to be true? Been a lot of ads lately that dont match up to what the people are saying. What qualifies a car as not being "Street Legal"? 298hp and running 12's and 30k invested for only 298hp?What do you...
  16. Jdabishop

    Crank Sprocket Stuck

    Alright so im stuck on this thing Ive tried soaking in wd40 and using a pulley but it wont come off, does anyone have a tip they can give me because Im about to just junk this thing ive tried getting it off for 3 days now.
  17. Jdabishop

    Low Compression & Knock

    Ok so I initially had low compression on number #3 it was coming out to 70 where as the rest were sky high and perfect. Well then it had a knock later on down the road so I along with others assumed the knock was a spun rod bearing.Well I just tore down the engine and all the bearing looks...
  18. Jdabishop

    7bolt Crank

    Well I would like someones opinion on this. So my car had a knock and I thought it was a rod bearing well all the bearings seem ok but does this crank look ok?
  19. Jdabishop

    FIC 1550's

    So I purchased FIC 1550's today for $280 and some people are saying that its better to go lower so I dont have to use easy tune.Has anyone used these injectors and if so should I trade them for another set or keep them?
  20. Jdabishop

    1995 Eagle TSI Project street build

    December 2012 I picked up this 1995 Eagle talon tsi from craigslist and as every CL seller the car is running good just needs TLC.....I wishMy goals for this build are putting in forged internals, Nice size turbo and of course all the supporting mods to get to atleast 400hp. Then worry about...
  21. Jdabishop

    [VIDEO] Engine noise please help

    So after my new transmission install took this out for a drive and then this noise started to happen. When I first bought it cylinder 3 was at like 70psi when doing a compression test.A buddy of mine said this might be a rod or bearing issue.Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  22. Jdabishop

    Flameburger meet 2/8/13

    Is anyone going to the meet at flameburger tonight? Would be nice to see some dsm's out there.Its on Arizona ave in chandler
  23. Jdabishop

    2g Auto Shifter

    Ive searched and found nothing but I recently changed the transmission and upon installing the shifter cable its all screwed up.Where is park? becase right now when its in park it wants to go into drive.Hopefully someone can help
  24. Jdabishop

    Stripped bolt hole on transmission

    Cant find anything regarding this so here goes.Recently installed new transmission into my 2g Talon auto and while screwing in one of the bolts it stripped on the tranny where the piece has to sit in the engine.(Sorry forgot the name )My question is how do I go about fixing this...
  25. Jdabishop

    Transmission Removal (Stuck)

    Transmission went out awhile ago and got all the bolts off and the tranny is almost out but seems to be stuck on something and wont go anywhere. Is there a trick to getting the tsi auto tranny out or am I missing something.Like I said all the bolts are out along with the mounts.
  26. Jdabishop

    transmission issue

    Well im not allowed to post in drivetrain yet.Last night driving on the Highway my talon tsi auto just dropped in speed all of a sudden and when i hit the gas it revs and no go so i try and pull over and it won't go into gear then its smoking and smells like trans fluid burning and sure...
  27. Jdabishop

    No Acceleration and Lag

    I know this has been asked a million times and this situation is different. So my 95 talon tsi ran fine until the other day I parked it at the DMV and was there for an hour and came and and had no acceleration until about 3k and then the turbo spooled up and was good. I did a boost leak test...
  28. Jdabishop

    Eagle Talon Lights

    So I recently purchased a 95 eagle talon tsi for $1,300 and the previous owner decided to do a shitty eclipse conversion and the rear blinkers dont work but everything else does. I plan on putting the original lights back on and how would I go about rewiring the lights to work like normal...
  29. Jdabishop

    96 eagle talon tsi

    So im new here and was wanting input on the talon tsi i picked up. I purchase the car for $1,300 and has only cosmetic issues and was wondering is that a decent deal?Also would it be worth it to rebuild motor and is there a guide here somewhere?
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