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  1. KrazyRob

    Factory 60k 4g63 toast?

    I have a 99 GSX with 60k miles.. It has some mild mods.. HMI EVO 16g turbo, Had a blown head gasket when i bought the car, had the head resurfaced and installed a Felpro head gasket and torqued to specs, put a new timing belt and water pump..... After the repair we did a compression test and...
  2. KrazyRob

    99 gsx runs like crap/ rich after evo 16g

    I have a 99 GSX with 55k miles on it and it runs like crap now lol..Ok where do I start..I bought this GSX earlier this year here in CA and it had a bunch of illegal mods on the motor and a blown head gasket, So of course it would not pass Smog so I could get my 2012 tags.. I am a...
  3. KrazyRob

    Less power after EVO 16G Upgrade

    So I have (2) Eclipses... A 99 GSX and a 97 GST.. My 97 GST is all stock... The problem im having is my 99 GSX is a dog compared to my stock GST after I did a HMI E3 16G upgrade.. The stock GST pulls harder and i have a wider power band.. The GSX used to be alot faster than my GST because of...
  4. KrazyRob

    99 GSX base Timing 15 BTDC help..

    I have a 99 GSX that I recently purchased and I recently did some work on... Im trying to work the bugs out.. It only has 51K original miles and when I bought it, it had a leaking head gasket pushing coolant and it also had a few mods, 50 trim turbo, GM Maf, Maf translator, 680cc injectors...
  5. KrazyRob

    PO300 Random Missfire Code 2G

    99 GSX. Im getting a PO300 code every so often.. with in like every 70 miles or so.. i have 97 gst that runs fine.. so i did a few quick swaps on parts one at a time to see if the intermittant code would pop up.. so far i swapped out the coil.. that didnt work so i swapped out the ignition...
  6. KrazyRob

    2g getting warm...mods??

    I have a 99 gsx with 51 k miles. I noticed that my car seems to get warm About 80 percent up on the gauge but not in the red When driving the car on a hot day above 100 degrees And with the ac on... When I bought the car it had a blown head gasket. And I went through and did the head gasket...
  7. KrazyRob

    New Evo 16g install issues, fuel cut ect..

    Got a few expected issues with my 99 GSX.. Just did a bunch of work to it, Head gasket, timing belt and turbo swap with a rebuilt HMI Evo III 16g, IC piping, hoses, put back stock fuel injectors and MAF for SMOG here in CA... I started the car for the first time today and it fired right up but...
  8. KrazyRob

    Best Manual Boost Controllers and Boost Gauges?

    Got a 99 GSX, that I want to add a manual boost controller and boost guage.. What do you guys recommend? Guess Im probably looking for the least expensive controller and guage that are legit and actaully do what they are supposed to.. I dont want junk, but the cheapest GOOD units that work...
  9. KrazyRob

    Legal CA Turbo????

    Got a 99 GSx with 51k miles.. It's been modded like crazy from the guy I bought it from... I want to put it all back stock except for the intercooler, radiator, and fans...but I was considering replacing the non legal stuff with legal stuff that is reliable.. Does any one know of a good CA smog...
  10. KrazyRob

    New 99 GSX with Mods need help..

    Ok so I bought this 99 GSX with 51k original miles, the thing is in great shape but the kid who had it put alot of mods on it. He had a credit card and went crazy with it.. fortunatley he had a shop do all the work. And luckly he saved all the stock parts.. Im considering putting this gem all...
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