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  1. Clawless

    2G 4G64 Cylinder Compression

    Hi all!I was able to run a compression test today on my 119k 4G64. The values were higher than the service manual so I'm wondering if there is a problem. I attempted to do the test on each cylinder 3 times to verify the gauge wasn't faulty. The values were:Cylinder 1: 240psi Cylinder 2...
  2. Clawless

    2G Looking for 2G 1995-1996 DSM Factory Service Manual

    Is there a manual for 95-96 US that includes 96 2.4L?
  3. Clawless

    Spyder Top Bow Repair

    Hello! One of the bows on the convertible top has been hanging loose for a while and I decided to check what was wrong. I also got the car like this so I’m unsure if I’m missing an parts. My question is how does this bow attach to the top frame and what am I missing to put it on. I also ordered...
  4. Clawless

    2G 3g Rear Knuckle on a 2g

    Hey, I was wondering if a 3g rear knuckle fits on a 2g. I'm planning on doing a drum to disc conversion and was thinking it'd be easier and cheaper to source a 3g rear knuckle in my area.
  5. Clawless

    2G Alternator Recommendation

    Hey guys,I've recently been noticing issues with my alternator and its undercharging. I would get my OEM one rebuilt but don't have the time right now. My car is the 4g64 Spyder for reference. Are there any recommendations for an aftermarket alternator?I was thinking of buying one from NAPA...
  6. Clawless

    2G 4G64 Power Transistor Issue

    Hello, So I became aware of this issue when my friends practiced learning to drive stick in my car. Basically, if the car stalls enough times or if the gas pedal is floored, the ignition control module pops out. Theres no noticeable issues on the locking mechanism but I guess its just worn out...
  7. Clawless

    2G Please help finding this part!

    Hi! This part belongs to a 2g Spyder. My rear quarter glass had issues going up and down and eventually failed. This nylon insert rides along the track and allows the pivot arm to raise and lower. Does anyone know the part number? Thank you in advance!
  8. Clawless

    2G Turbocharging a 4G64

    Hey all!I think I'm ready to start planning to turbocharge the 4g64. Is there any available parts list or guide to follow the process. I don't mind sticking with the stock head or swapping to the DOHC head. The reason for this post is to have a checklist of the parts I'll need in order to...
  9. Clawless

    2G Vibrant Muffler Sound?

    Hey, is anyone running a vibrant performance streetpower muffler? I want to know how it would sound if there's a sound clip or video available please. Thanks in advance!
  10. Clawless

    2G Help finding paintcode

    Hey guys, I've tried searching for my paint code in the engine bay but the sticker is completely faded. Is there any other place I can possibly find the code or maybe search through VIN?
  11. Clawless

    2G Please help with clutch pedal

    Hey guys, so I bought the car last year and hadn't realized the clutch master cylinder was leaking until it left me stranded recently (Thankfully near my house). I replaced it with the Exedy MC188 master and bled the system. The car would catch low with the old master which felt good. The issue...
  12. Clawless

    2G Patching Rust Holes

    I'm trying to finish my 2g with cost effective methods but won't mind paying a welder to do the job right. My concern is if a satisfactory repair would be to use a bondo patch and lay fiberglass resin over it to fill the hole and then painting (After completely removing all rust). I'm trying to...
  13. Clawless

    2G '96 Spyder GS Front CV Axles

    I'm currently ordering new front CV axles since one boot ripped (Might as well replace both axles). I don't have ABS but was wondering if ABS CV axles are compatible? Specifically, the APWI MI8042A and MI8045A from Rockauto.
  14. Clawless

    2G 4G64 Spyder Oil Leak

    Hello,I'd like to thank you all for all the help in restoring this auctioned eclipse. My main concerns right now are several oil leaks even though I already fixed the valve cover. Any tips on replacing the oil pan gasket or maybe purchasing a new oil pan if it seems to be in an irreparable...
  15. Clawless

    2G Disconnected Plug under Dash

    Hey guys, I was taking my center console off for the first time and found an unplugged wire under there. Its near the cig lighter but that works fine. I tried tracing the wire back to its source but it goes deep within the dash. My guess is that it has to do something with the stereo system...
  16. Clawless

    2G Spyder Speaker Grill Removal

    I was just wondering if there is a safe way to remove the speaker grills from the driver/passenger side door panels. The door panels I picked up came without them but maybe its possible to salvage my old grills?
  17. Clawless

    Clutch Pedal Click Noise

    Hi, I tried looking up this issue on the forum but couldn't find a solution that would work. My specific case is that the clutch pedal clicks about 1-2 when I fully disengage it. The sound happens if the car is off and on. I'm new to all this, looked at the clutch pedal mechanism and can't...
  18. Clawless

    Fuel smell after driving

    Hello,I'm experiencing an issue in a '96 spyder GS where after I drive the car for a bit and I step out, a smell of gas is present near the gas cap. I haven't noticed any puddles under the car so I'm not sure what is happening. The gas smell also happens for a while when I turn the AC on full...
  19. Clawless

    2G Hello! My first car, '96 Eclipse Spyder GS

    Hey guys,I'm new here, very eager to become a part of this community and learn as much about DSMs as humanly possible. Surprisingly, I ended up with a winning bid for a '96 Eclipse Spyder GS at Copart. I never expected to have won with my low bid but here I am now. The car has low mileage for...
  20. Clawless

    Street '96 Spyder

    Clawless submitted a new DSM Profile :1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GSRead more about this vehicle here...
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