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  1. SeaveeDSM

    2G AC compressor part number help ‘98 GST

    Got it, I plan to drain all the oil it came shipped with and refill with fresh PAG oil to the spec. Now the PITA of removing all the old and installing all the new components. Compressor, condenser, evaporator core and expansion valve, drier, a couple of the lines. All but the compressor I...
  2. SeaveeDSM

    2G AC compressor part number help ‘98 GST

    Thanks for the quick reply. I found BUYAUTOPARTS on both Amazon and it’s direct website. That P/N MR315815 does in fact seem to correspond with the compressor I need for my car.Just ordered the compressor from them and will let folks know if it too seems to be a DENSO unit etc.
  3. SeaveeDSM

    2G AC compressor part number help ‘98 GST

    Hello all,On my 1998 Eclipse GST I’m in the process of replacing basically all of my AC components including putting in a new AC compressor. Have not yet pulled the old OEM compressor but from looking at top and bottom of it I don’t see any tag or label on it. I’m the original owner of the...
  4. SeaveeDSM

    Baby's got back!

    Just before the recent repaint I replaced the low beam headlight bulbs with Headlight Revolutions’s 9006 S-V.4 LED Bulbs. The high beams I left OEM. These low beams are in the regular housing and their beam pattern and throw absolutely blow away the OEM. They are also more of a cooler white...
  5. SeaveeDSM

    Baby's got back!

    Well, I repainted the car a few months ago, new rims as well and also replaced the seat coverings, front and back with Katskinz leathers. Color is once again Evo Wicked White.Also redid the headliner and the carpet. Will post some interior pics soon. The rims are Borbet 17X7.5 with a 40mm...
  6. SeaveeDSM

    2G 2g A/C evaporator core removal help

    Hi all, I know this is an old thread but I am going to be replacing my evaporator and expansion valve soon (along with all the rest of the main AC components - condenser, compressor, receiver/dryer, main lines). A local shop will first evácuate the whole system of refrigerant and oil and...
  7. SeaveeDSM

    Baby's got back!

    Hi, The timing belt was changed with a new OEM one about only about 15K miles ago, so its good to go for a while. When my son drives it, it will be on a limited basis, and with a GPS tracking/monitoring device as well as a de-tune with ECMLINK.He's actually growing up so far to be a very...
  8. SeaveeDSM

    Baby's got back!

    Soooo....I've been away from the forums for a few years now. Busy with other work/life issues, growing kids, other hobbies and interests (off-roading with SxS, boating, my new F-250 SuperDuty 6.7 and RVing, etc) and I was not driving the GST much either. The Eclipse actually sat covered for...
  9. SeaveeDSM

    Bumper vents

    The vents work great. July and August are the absolute hottest and most humid months here in Miami. Even then, unless I sit prolonged idling AND after having done some hard pulls in the middle of the day (when its like 95 degrees and near 100% humidity), the temps cycle between 186-196, as the...
  10. SeaveeDSM

    Bumper vents

    See this thread also:
  11. SeaveeDSM

    2G Hatch Won't Close

    There is a difference in the part of the hatch which latches onto the body from a 2Ga to a 2Gb. When my friend switched hatches we had to swap those two pieces out to make it close properly. Not sure what the part is techniclally called but its the "open square" section on the hatch side...
  12. SeaveeDSM

    GSX runs hot with bumper on

    OP (and others) see the following two threads: front bumper cutouts I did were larger than yours I think and made a huge difference. Airflow over the...
  13. SeaveeDSM

    HELP - Tokico distribution issue - need alternatives to Illumina

    @Roberti2G - I saw your thread from a couple months back where you got the Koni's at a great price w the discount codes and sale. Checked their site and they are now $170.95 each! Can't find any sale or promo code... Several other vendors (Tire Rack, JNZ, etc) have them in the $160 ish...
  14. SeaveeDSM

    HELP - Tokico distribution issue - need alternatives to Illumina

    My 98 GST has for the last +/- 8 years had a set of Eibach Pro-Kit springs with Tokico Illumina Shocks. I have been VERY happy with that set up but the shocks - front and back - are starting to sag some and maybe the springs are wearing also and I'm gonna replace them.I got a GREAT deal...
  15. SeaveeDSM

    Head is unbolted but won't come off

    ^ ^ A lot of voters from the last two presidential elections think this.
  16. SeaveeDSM

    2G 7 bolt evo III oil filter housing on a 2g

    Any place that has Japanese metric bolts should be able to supply the bolts.I'm going to be taking my OFH out this weekend to port the oil pressure relief hole (I have too high oil pressure after BSE and removal of oil squirters with my forged internals build - like an idiot I forgot to...
  17. SeaveeDSM

    High idle when warm after driving

    Do a boost leak test and listen for leaks at throttle body (TB) shaft seals and/or TB gaskets If the seals are bad you can replace them yourself - search for how to threads - a bit of a PITA or as an alternative send the TB out for rebuild. I sent mine recently to Steve Monroe at...
  18. SeaveeDSM

    throttle body shaft seals question

    After a recent BLT I too had leaking shaft seals. I sent my entire TB to Steve Monroe at Throttlebodys.Com For a very reasonable price he does a complete TB tear down, rebuild, TB seal replacement, gaskets etc. Great communication and very fast turnaround time. For the $$ it was worth...
  19. SeaveeDSM

    2G 7 bolt evo III oil filter housing on a 2g

    Yes you can, but the EVO 9 OFH still only has ONE 1/8" port for either a switch or a sender, not both. The EVO8 OFH has NO 1/8" port at all.A cut and paste quote from turbosax2 the OP of the thread you linked above:"The Evo 9 OFH has 3 ports: two 3/8" BSP and one 1/8" BSP. Evo 8...
  20. SeaveeDSM

    2G 7 bolt evo III oil filter housing on a 2g

    After searching, this old thread I think is the most appropriate place to post this updated info for use of an EVO III OFH on a 7 bolt 4G63T engine.For my '98 GST, I very recently swapped my OEM OFH for an EVOIII OFH and used an external air cooled oil cooler as well. My OEM housing had...
  21. SeaveeDSM

    What Cooling Setup Are You Using To Keep Temps Down?

    See my post #6 in the following thread: post #20 here: my post #23 in this one too...
  22. SeaveeDSM

    Missing cap on injectors?

    The "cap" you are referring to is one of the injector seals. You can get an injector seal kit here:FIC | FUEL INJECTOR CLINIC | INJECTOR SEAL KITI am not quite sure if that seal kit will fit other brand injectors or not (I have FIC injecotrs). Do you know what brand injectors you have...
  23. SeaveeDSM

    Ditching Aluminum Radiator for OEM

    It is the fans. Get two SPAL puller fans and you will likely be fine. See my post dated 3/12/12 at this other thread for specifics:, and I recently did the simple mod of having both fans turn on (even with...
  24. SeaveeDSM

    New to the Forum GS-T owner..questions..?

    Nice meeting you the other day. Check your home email - I answered you earlier this afternoon.The stumbling upon acceleration/boost issue might also be your spark plug cables or the spark plugs themselves.Since you have about 120K miles and have no real way of knowing what past...
  25. SeaveeDSM

    which tuner

    Especially in the case of DSMs, there is absolutely no doubt at all to go with ECMLINK over an AEM setup.The majority (by far) of modded DSMs use ECMLINK. This is one of its HUGE advantages over AEM becuase you can post logs on the various forums and get help online from other users (free)...
  26. SeaveeDSM

    Important: Improvements on Saturn Alternator Swap

    The above is from your post #7 in this thread. There is a correction to the above: On the Dorman pigtail (part #85854) for these Saturn GM CS alternators, the pigtail's black wire is actually the "F" and the brown wire is the "L".
  27. SeaveeDSM

    Replaced power window regulator and motor assy - with pic

    Actually no one before said it but glad it was of some help.
  28. SeaveeDSM

    Coolant Temps all over the place....

    Given you seem to have done all the rest correctly,+3 on bleeding the air that is likely in the system.Start the car cold, let it run with the cap off (A/C off but heater lever to full hot side so the water is flowing through the heater core also). You will likely see at the open...
  29. SeaveeDSM

    cooling fan question

    Don't bother with a pusher setup - there is not enough clearance between the A/C condenser and the radiator for them to fit and pushers are less effective than a pulling system as well. Putting pushers on the outside of the A/C condensor IMO would be innefective at properly cooling the radiator...
  30. SeaveeDSM

    Front Bumper Cut outs? (Cooling)

    That would probably be me.And for the OP, the cutouts make a HUGE difference on keeping the temps dowm. Before the cutouts, even with my pair of SPAL hi flow fans, ceramic coated EM, 02 sensor housing and turbo exhaust housing and with DSMlink running both fans on full hi all the time my...
  31. SeaveeDSM

    Door Handles Help! [Merged 11-7] broke broken eBay replacement repair handle outside

    Take that clip off carefully, dont force or pry it off, grab the closed end with pointed pliers and slide it off. You can easily crack the plastic "seats" where the clip rests in place if not.
  32. SeaveeDSM

    Sqeaky POS 2g Door Panels

    Try sprinkling some talcum/baby powder over the back of the panel, all around where any parts join together. Then move and bend it a bit to get the powder between the joints.No this is not a joke, this is a remedy for squeaking wooden floors and it may work on this.
  33. SeaveeDSM

    Door Handles Help! [Merged 11-7] broke broken eBay replacement repair handle outside

    I can vouch for the repair kit - it is awesome and really pretty easy to install. Follow the thread linked in a post earlier above for the how-to on getting the handle off. Also, if you are looking at a junkyard, the handles (and the sunroofs and a number of other parts) from a mid to late...
  34. SeaveeDSM

    wierd clicking

    Yes.If the ISC is bad, either go the cheap route and get another used one from a junkyard, or get a brand new Mitsu ISC that is upgraded over the original ISCs used in our DSMs here:main pageTheir ISCs are about 1/3 the cost of getting them at a Mitsu dealer. The link above is for...
  35. SeaveeDSM

    Broward DSM Meet

    Anyone from Miami driving up to the Broward meet today?If you want to ride up together, meet me at Tropical park in about 30 minutes - at 11:45PM. Sorry for the short notice..
  36. SeaveeDSM

    Going to Speed Density this weekend

    Guys, I did NOT do the SD switch and the tune. A guy named Jose Clavijo up in Orlando did it for me. Jose is a freakin WIZARD with DSMs. I've never met anyone in Miami with even close to his degree of knowledge and expertise on these cars (hence why I took him the car for the original build...
  37. SeaveeDSM

    Going to Speed Density this weekend

    Just got back and the SD switch is finished.The bad news X2:1) The dyno place was closed2) The entire way up except for about 15 seconds I drove on the turnpike at about 74 mph - posted limit is 70. But then Murphy's Law and bad luck - for literally about 15 seconds ONCE I did a...
  38. SeaveeDSM

    Broward DSM Meet

    I'll try to make it.
  39. SeaveeDSM

    WTS FIC 950CC injecotrs + boost gauges

    Selling my 9050cc injectors $200 That price is $100 off what they are retailing for new now.Selling because I am switching to Speed Density tomorrow and also already on E85 and moving up to FIC 1350s. The 950s I got brand new and they have a total of about 15K miles on them and work...
  40. SeaveeDSM

    Going to Speed Density this weekend

    I will post a few pics and hopefully link the video and a few basics of the process but I am not directly doing the work or the tuning, Jose Clavijo is. I do have some basic undestanding of what all is involved but I don't have nearly the level of knowledge or expertise to make this a "how to"...
  41. SeaveeDSM

    Going to Speed Density this weekend

    Will be running the car back up to Orlando this Friday to have my friend and Orlando's resident DSM guru Jose Clavijo switch me over to SD. I've been running off the stock 2G MAF with FIC 950 injectors and tuned on E85. The slightly cooler weather and denser air now in late fall has my IDCs...
  42. SeaveeDSM

    Miami DSM Meet

    The weather forecast for this weekend is terrible.Saturday (today) will be worse wiht 80% rain chance. Sunday is slightly better but still shitty.Sunday: A 50 percent chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 81. Breezy, with a northeast wind between 18 and 20 mph, with gusts...
  43. SeaveeDSM

    VRSF or Greddy?

    Look at my dynosheet link. On the exact same tune, when I switched from the Greddy long route to a Punishment Racing short route FMIC I picked up 18 HP on the dyno. That was despite ambient temps being 10 degrees hotter on the day I tested with the PR FMIC. With the PR FMIC I was also able...
  44. SeaveeDSM

    Rattle in engine bay when cold starting

    Could it be the starter motor's gear not disengageing cleanly or quickly enough from the flywheel when its cold at the initial startup ?If the car is lifted - and propely supported with jack stands - can you hear it more clearly from underneath?
  45. SeaveeDSM

    Miami DSM Meet

    Assuming I can make this meet, I'll bring my Honda generator for power and my dremel tool with cutters and grinders and if someone wants me to cut their bumper vents for them I'll do so. Price will be a cold beer and $1 for the time and gas in the generator ;)
  46. SeaveeDSM

    Saturn Alternator Swap Pictures

    There is another thread about the swap at the link below. Post #104 on page 4has a bunch of good pics:
  47. SeaveeDSM

    Miami DSM Meet

    We all drove from the initial meeting point in the Grove first over to Miami Marine Stadium on Key Biscayne and then from there over to the BK on South Beach on 5th Street.Everyone agreed that the Marine Stadium spot would be a great one for the next meet. There is a beach literally...
  48. SeaveeDSM

    Glowshift Gauges good or bad?

    Sorry but he is not.For things like RPM and boost an analog gauge can be interpreted faster at a glance or out of peripheral vision than a digital read out. In a race or drag strip situation the split second longer time of having to look at and interpret a number - while taking your eyes...
  49. SeaveeDSM

    3 teens killed in street drag race in Miami

    Three teens die in apparent drag-racing crash - Doral - MiamiHerald.comTwo dead girls, 17 and 15 years old and a boy 17 - all killed in a stupid and dangerous street race.The driver - 19 years old - survived unhurt. Prior to this he already had racked up 16 traffic offenses and is now...
  50. SeaveeDSM

    3 teens killed in Miami street race

    Three teens die in apparent drag-racing crash - Doral - MiamiHerald.comTwo dead girls, 17 and 15 years old and a boy 17 - all dead over a stupid and dangerous street race. The driver who is 19 years old and already has SIXTEEN prior traffic elated offenses, survived unhurt and is now facing...
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