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  1. LovinBoost

    Evo 8-10 Brembo Calipers DSM Conversion (for 1g too)

    The brackets are the same for 1g's and 2G's. :)
  2. LovinBoost

    Evo 8-10 Brembo Calipers DSM Conversion (for 1g too)

    That is a great write up! :) Nice work!
  3. LovinBoost

    Evo 8-10 Brembo Calipers DSM Conversion (for 1g too)

    The more information the better!!!! :)
  4. LovinBoost

    Getting my transmission rebuilt by Jacks or TMZ

    I didn't think that Jacks was working on DSM transmissions any more?
  5. LovinBoost

    Quarter panel

    Did you try That is our local forum. Arnie the parts whore might still have some parts laying around.
  6. LovinBoost


    I never heard of it before? I might go to this now that I know about it. :) And Hey fellow WIDSM'er.
  7. LovinBoost

    a wisconsin member's 2g intro!

    Welcome! I'm also from WI. Make sure to check out our local fourm @ You will find tons of local help there and not to mention all the parts whores if you need something. :)Shane
  8. LovinBoost

    1997 GST Cheap. Some one save it

    It has been flagged for removal?
  9. LovinBoost

    Exhaust manifold to turbo gasket

    I make them as well. Support your freelancers. :) You sir have a PM. :)
  10. LovinBoost

    Your most recent welding pics

    LOL I know! He is DAMN good at what he does! It also helps when you are working with awesome quality parts that are actually CNC'd and have the proper finishes.
  11. LovinBoost

    Your most recent welding pics

    Simply beautiful!
  12. LovinBoost

    Your most recent welding pics

    Now YOU can lay a nice weld! Keep up the good work! :thumb:
  13. LovinBoost


    Thread fail.
  14. LovinBoost

    Car broken into

    I hate people who steel things! Did you notify the police about this? It is also a good thing that you wiped your garage door codes. Good luck busting their ass!
  15. LovinBoost

    95 Lancer GSR auto build the long way

    Good luck with the build! I love your car! :)
  16. LovinBoost

    Your most recent welding pics

    What do you mean by CNC cutting? What machine are you using to cut the material?
  17. LovinBoost

    Custom exhaust manifold build

    This looks fawing Baller! I love it!
  18. LovinBoost

    Some Body Mod in RUSSIAN

    I don't care for the back end of it but the front is not bad. There had to be so much time in that thing.:)
  19. LovinBoost

    Victim of a careless driver (crash pics)

    Your car is pure sex!
  20. LovinBoost

    please be careful traveling

    It is sad to see young life being taken. :(
  21. LovinBoost

    Words of wisdom

    I LOL'd when I read this!
  22. LovinBoost

    WEST COAST DSM: I need some testimonials from ACTUAL customers...

    Top places to go: Magnus English Racing ETS RRE
  23. LovinBoost

    WEST COAST DSM: I need some testimonials from ACTUAL customers...

    DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH CHRIS CANADA aka WEST COAST DSM, he is still doing business under that name as of six months ago. He is a hack job that does not know how to work on cars and does everthing half asked and shitty. He did a group buy on this site and for PS3's when they first...
  24. LovinBoost

    Got screwed buying a part, does Paypal actually refund?

    Paypal will refund your money after the "claim" and or "dispute" is finished. I have been screwed as well and I got about 80% of my cash back. Just be calm with them, they are very professional.Keep us all updated with the progress, also notify the mods on this site as to what is going on...
  25. LovinBoost

    Victim of a careless driver (crash pics)

    Glad you are ok! That is great that you actually covered all of your aftermarket parts! Nice work!
  26. LovinBoost

    tool brand

    I use a Craftsman torque wrench and Matco and Craftsman mix for tooling.
  27. LovinBoost

    nw dsm shootout

    He is like a STD that will not go away.
  28. LovinBoost

    nw dsm shootout

    That guy is a scammer! Beware of him. He was banned from DSMTalk a while back for stealing peoples money. I had the police sent to his house and pressed charges against him for his theft against me.Shane
  29. LovinBoost

    Evo 8-10 Brembo Calipers DSM Conversion (for 1g too)

    I make brake adapters as well. Pm me for more info. I don't want to thread jack.
  30. LovinBoost

    (PS3)Playstation Network ID's

    Spooolin69I play Modern Warfare 2, Skate 2.....The list goes on and on.Is there a "Master list" on this site?
  31. LovinBoost

    how much boost

    You must not have the 21 layer Kevlar coated pipes like mine came with stock as mine is running 114.82 PSI stock. :hellyeah:-Shane
  32. LovinBoost

    My New Avenger

    It works and that is all that counts!
  33. LovinBoost

    Is 400awhp possible without aftermarket internals?

    Swap out your turbo with at least a 50 trim and add a FMIC rarther than a smic. Cams would def help the cause out though.Shane
  34. LovinBoost

    DSM Powered Dragster

    You Sir are my Hero!! You rock!!
  35. LovinBoost

    Official 15th Annual Shootout Pic Thread

    Most of the parts have arrived for the new build: Eagle rods Wiesco Pistons JMF Race SMIM ARP everything 44mm wastegate exct............. The turbo that I have selected is the FP 3052. I also purchased the O2 housing as well. It will look exactly like this:I will be doing a...
  36. LovinBoost

    Official 15th Annual Shootout Pic Thread

    That was my car that broke. Here is the story that I posted on let's start this off with this.... I live in Wisconsin which is about 8 hours from Norwalk Ohio. My bestest buddy and I drove down in my Laser to witness the spectical that is the DSM Shoot Out. We left on...
  37. LovinBoost

    F- UPS (little vent)

    I've had good luck with Brown...I've had more hastles with the USPS than any other place!!
  38. LovinBoost

    Official '06 Shootout Follow-up Thread - post your photos here

    Here is my favorite picture of the whole shootout>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Shane
  39. LovinBoost

    Mitsubishi Diesel Engine

    This is a very interesting topic, I'll get my search on for you and good luck finding a house!!
  40. LovinBoost

    Night shift anyone?

    I work 4:30pm until 4:30am Monday through Thursday. Then I have 3 days off =) P.S. I'm the lead laser operator in the shop and I'm on nights?? weird ha Shane
  41. LovinBoost

    Street Racing:looking At Jail Time!

    You need to ask for a "dean hearing" they will look at how much you make and give you a REAL ATTOURNEY not a public defender, then they will just take a set ammount out of your paycheck until the fee is paid off. Good luck to you. Shane
  42. LovinBoost

    Who else finds themself doing this?

    I do the same thing!!! I go around town and hiss and then make bov sounds at the end. It's not that bad but I have a friend at work that has a probe turbo and he does it to, but he has a rfl bov and he makes a much louder noise than I do, and to take the cake I have my 4 year old son doing it...
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