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  1. 97gst_spyder

    My old car...

    So this is random. Has anyone seen or know who bought my car? 96 AWD Spyder, purple, tan top, gray leather, auto. The guy that bought it years ago was on this forum, from Big Springs, TX.Just wanna see if its for sale....
  2. 97gst_spyder

    Milage curiosity

    Goddamn, seriously low miles. You sir have a keeper.
  3. 97gst_spyder

    2G A/C Control Unit ECU

    For the compressor temp switch, I do not think its replaceable. Now I've had the connector be loose and that cause no ac or intermitten ac. Also for the 95-96 ac buttons vs the 97-99 ones. They are not backwards compatible. If you use a 97+ one in a 95-96 you will only get Econ mode.
  4. 97gst_spyder

    Critique my order

    You don't need the OEM dowel pins. The ACT kit comes with them. Also I never had any issues the the fidanza flywheel, it was used also. But if your planning on running one on a dd, I would get the aluminium flywheel kit from FP. It protects against issues with the bolts digging into the metal...
  5. 97gst_spyder

    AWD Conversion/Swap Guys Enter Here - Advanced. [Merged 2-07]

    Yes and no. Depends on how pretty you wanna make it look. I left the tank in, and tin-snipped out a square.If you wanna do it factory looking. You would need to drop the tank, cut a circle out with something.
  6. 97gst_spyder

    3g upper/lower control arms??

    So is that a factory 3g GT rear swaybar? Or a larger aftermarket one?
  7. 97gst_spyder

    FWD GST swap to a AWD GSX? Basic [Merged 2-07]

    I did it to my spyder with no power tools but a dermal for the subframe bolt holes...Car was in the driveway for 8 days. I did it after work everyday. So if I took a couple of days off it would have been 2 days.Also I went from a 5-spd to an auto. So I had to swap alot more than someone...
  8. 97gst_spyder

    whater cooling

    A water to air ic is cheaper than any high end air to air ic's. Also the iat's will stay more consistent over an air to air.Water to Air IntercoolerGood for 600hp, just call them and they can switch the core out for a larger one that will support 700+.
  9. 97gst_spyder

    Auto Tranny Slipping?

    Unplug your tps, and clean it. Plug it back in and test.
  10. 97gst_spyder

    Auto Tranny Slipping?

    Take od off, and drive it. If its better then the end clutches are shot. 30min fix.Whatever you do, do NOT bring your car to aamco....
  11. 97gst_spyder

    Tie Rods, Enkeis, Pep Boys Sucks, I wanna Scream

    NEVER use tuner lugs on a factory mitsu wheel. They WILL work loose over time...If your running factory 5 spoke GST wheels, you already have the correct lugs. They are the same from 1989-2012+....Who the #### powder coats a wheel with the weights on there?!? External wheel weights are a part...
  12. 97gst_spyder

    rebuilt auto transmission problems

    Its time for you to check for tcu codes via the obd2 port. You can use a special (expensive) code scanner, or an analog multimeter.There is a thread about it on here, also on While your looking at the car, check the tps on the throttle body. If that sensor ####s up, all hell will...
  13. 97gst_spyder

    Engine stand bolts

    You can also use the main bolts off a 6 bolt. They are a perfect fit.
  14. 97gst_spyder

    Spyder Rear quarter window -Spyder [Merged 4-8]

    The junk yard..... My best friend snapped 2 of the 3 rollers on the window plate when he was down some how. I ended up finding a Spyder in the junk yard and got the plate off the window.You can use vice grips/robo grips to unscrew the plate from the window.
  15. 97gst_spyder

    T25 Gsx vs. 2011 camaro SS

    But for the 13sec or less, I'm free.
  16. 97gst_spyder

    Loud/rough grinding from rear end at 28-39mph...

    I've started having a loud/rough grinding noise from the rear end. It happens everytime I go through the 28-30mph while accelerating. NEVER happens during decel.This grinding also sometimes happens when I'm accelerating above 50% tps...This is not from the front at all, just to throw it...
  17. 97gst_spyder

    AWD Conversion/Swap Guys Enter Here - Advanced. [Merged 2-07]

    I've never seen a difference in them either. It worked the first time.
  18. 97gst_spyder

    Handling Issue?

    When you go from a tire with a soft and large side wall to a tire that has a stiffer and smaller side wall there are going to be alot of differences in handling.Have you had the alignment ever checked? The new tires have alot more traction than the old ones, and do not flex like the old ones...
  19. 97gst_spyder

    Evo VIII Cams in DSM? [Merged 5-9] 8 cam

    You are the mother####ing man! ^^Really, no joke. I might be installing them this week now!
  20. 97gst_spyder

    Bad Gas Mileage [Merged 9-6]

    I got 350-400 miles a tank when I was FWD. Once I went AWD, I'm lucky to hit 250.....If the mileage went down after fixing the leak, you either A - are in boost alot more than you ever were before. Or B - now have a nice leak at the turbo to manifold gasket...
  21. 97gst_spyder

    Caster 1.0 degree driver side 5.0 degree passenger

    If your caster is that bad. Then something is bent, or wore out (curved arm bushing).Mine was 2.8/4.7 iirc. I have the curved arms that need to be flipped.Have you looked at your arms/bushings at all?
  22. 97gst_spyder

    Pulley Problems

    Lets start with.... what problem are you having with the pulleys?
  23. 97gst_spyder

    How to: 420a Saturn Alternator install

    Just so everyone knows. You can run a stock 4g63 alt on a 420a using the same method. It also has a built in regulator.
  24. 97gst_spyder

    Rare part on your car

    I hate you and your factory mud flaps.... On a spyder!
  25. 97gst_spyder


    Why dont you bypass the clutch switch? Or take a wire from the battery to starter solenoid? You could also get a multimeter and test the ign wire that goes to the starter. Its a Black wire with a Yellow stripe. It should be located under the thermostat housing, if your wiring is stock. It will...
  26. 97gst_spyder

    Lithium batteries

    CCA's? Have you measured them? A stereo shop should be able to test it.
  27. 97gst_spyder

    Important: Improvements on Saturn Alternator Swap

    If you do NOT have any exhaust leaks, no cooling issues, factory heatsheilds installed, and have a some type of effective heat sheild on the back of the Saturn alt. You will be Fine....I have a shitty Advanced alt. NO issues. Rev it to 7500 everyday. DD 75 miles a day. Temps have been in the...
  28. 97gst_spyder

    Spyder Alignment/Ride Height Issues (again...)

    Bringing this up from the dead.I'm still having the same issue. I swapped some factory struts onto the car and it still leans...Any new ideas?
  29. 97gst_spyder

    Need new alternator, anyone tried a Beck-Arnley?

    Are you unplugging the battery before attaching the positive cable on the alt ? I killed one Saturn like that.Also the Saturn's single fan is better than both internal fans.
  30. 97gst_spyder

    Need new alternator, anyone tried a Beck-Arnley?

    Just go get a Saturn one and be done with it. I've been through both oem and Saturn ones. Saturn when protected from heat (make a cheap heatshield) and not overtighened will last for what seems like forever. Plus I have 14.4+ volts at idle.
  31. 97gst_spyder

    Important: Improvements on Saturn Alternator Swap

    Also, none of those stores carry the pigtail on the shelf anymore.... I dont think they car order it either anymore...
  32. 97gst_spyder

    Tubular rear subframe - Input needed

    I want that so bad. Actually, I need it. My awd rear subframe is falling apart...
  33. 97gst_spyder

    Spyder top components

    They are the first things to break on our tops. THen the rear aluminium arms.
  34. 97gst_spyder

    Spyder top components

    The kit is on ebay, MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE CONVERTIBLE TOP REPAIR KIT 1996-99 | eBay.If yours are broken, I'd ask the seller if he has any of 2nd beam mounts left. He made some out of metal, factory is plastic and they break even if there are no issues.
  35. 97gst_spyder

    Important: Improvements on Saturn Alternator Swap

    Glenn, I noticed that most of the time it's a heat related issue with them dying. If you look at a mitsu next to the Saturn one, there are a few differences. Ones is the bearing is exposed on the saturrn, so exhaust heat fries the grease. Second is that the regulator is external too, just...
  36. 97gst_spyder

    Check valve brake booster line ???

    Yes, something like that should work fine. I ran one from for a year or so with no issues.
  37. 97gst_spyder

    AWD Conversion/Swap Guys Enter Here - Advanced. [Merged 2-07]

    That's what I did. I also riveted the rear mount. Both are fine. I just blew the front axles yesterday, and they haven't shown an issue.
  38. 97gst_spyder

    Engine reinstalled (bleeding radiator) question

    It can take up to 20-25 min to bleed out all the air. Also, after you drive it and let it cool again, check it again.
  39. 97gst_spyder

    [RESOLVED] (somewhat) Lower ball joint is gonna give me a heart attack.

    Great video! BTW works for all ball joints, even the lower ones.
  40. 97gst_spyder

    How to: 420a Saturn Alternator install

    What wire did you hook to the battery? The larger red field wire?
  41. 97gst_spyder

    Low Vacuum - Idle is fine...

    Well after going through the engine again with a few DSM buddies all night and morning. We came to the concution that A, the intake cam was out of time some how.... After 5 tries we got it timed correclty. Also, its an auto now. So if the car is in P/N the vacuum is 17.4-17.5 at 900 rpm. In...
  42. 97gst_spyder

    where to find fuel pump hanger

    There is no room for that in a 2g awd sender. I've been trying to figure this out myself. No barb will fit in there and NOT move the pump down.
  43. 97gst_spyder

    Low Vacuum - Idle is fine...

    We went over everything again. Nothing...Thanks Delta! The only thing we have not checked was the mani bolts again.... If that does nothing, then leakdown test I guess.
  44. 97gst_spyder

    Low Vacuum - Idle is fine...

    The boost gauge is on the 'p' port on the tb. Same as it's been for 3 years. Also my Omni power 4 bar in the mdp location reads the same.Update - vacuum was at 5.7psi, 11.4inhg. After bumping the idle up to 900 rpm's we got it to 6psi, 12inhg. Can a tune really fix something like this if there...
  45. 97gst_spyder

    Evo8 ECU No Response Error...

    Even though both are new does not mean that they're voltage is making it to the ecu/obd2 port. I have 14.5 v at the battery/fuse box. Ecu is only seeing 13.2. Have you checked the voltage at the ecu connectors? How about the obd2 port.Let us know!Also, have you tried differenet USB ports on...
  46. 97gst_spyder

    Low Vacuum - Idle is fine...

    EGR is blocked off. Stock engine.
  47. 97gst_spyder

    Low Vacuum - Idle is fine...

    No emissions. Everything is capped off. But I'll try a blt at the tb.
  48. 97gst_spyder

    Low Vacuum - Idle is fine...

    We blocked off the Pcv and breather. Removed and capped brake booster off, nothing.
  49. 97gst_spyder

    Good Place To Buy Smal OEM parts

    JNZ has awesome customer service! Great prices, and fast shipping.
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