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  1. stillrunning

    ECMlink setup going ok BUT could do with some extra advice as im going in circles i think (limited knowledge)

    I'm not familiar with DSMLink itself but have been tuning my cars for quite a few years now with the likes of SCT, HPtuners and using the blackbox ecu with my dsm.Some things that might help your thought processEverything is really tuned with air, meaning if you need more fuel somewhere you...
  2. stillrunning

    ECUflash Carrying on the Ceddy Legacy - Electronic Boost Control for Under $50

    Appreciate the feedback!My car is very mild with a 14b turbo, definitely not pushing any limits at allYeah I've been logging WGDC which is how I see it ramp to 0 or whatever I have the WGDC set toIt doesn't just drop abruptly to 0 in an instant, it does a linear ramp down if 2500 is 100%...
  3. stillrunning

    ECUflash Carrying on the Ceddy Legacy - Electronic Boost Control for Under $50

    Yeah it's pretty cool to have the controller function as part of the tuning with the ability to manipulate the boost curveAfter tinkering with it more though the load based control doesn't seem to be taking on my setupI can manipulate the WG duty cycle to achieve whatever manifold pressure I...
  4. stillrunning

    ECUflash Carrying on the Ceddy Legacy - Electronic Boost Control for Under $50

    Just wanted to follow up that I finally got around to trying this out and that it works! :thumb:Will continue to experiment with it as I have timeThanks again for taking the time to bring something new to the dsm ecuflash community
  5. stillrunning

    ECUflash Carrying on the Ceddy Legacy - Electronic Boost Control for Under $50

    Wow, very cool and awesome work!!!I ordered the solenoid and pigtail and will hopefully get to try this outHaven't had to touch the tuning on my car in about two years now, will have to get back in the grooveThanks again for your awesome work
  6. stillrunning

    Thank you to ExtremePSI

    Just wanted to give props to a supporting member of this siteFuel pump went out on my 2g the other day in a home depot parking lotDidn't hear fuel pump buzzing so after checking various things I pulled the rear seat to access fuel pump access cover and tap the cap hat, fuel pump would...
  7. stillrunning

    ECMlink Weird Idle and Cruise AFR

    I can't read your logs personally but the ecu will always try to trim the afr to 14.7 during cruise/idle/light throttleIf it's not adjusting the short term ft during the rich situations it's probably not going into closed loop operationIf I remember correctly coolant temp generally needs to...
  8. stillrunning

    Spyder 2g Spyder Roof Repair Kit

    I'm pretty sure I got mine from JNZ tuning a long time ago, can't remember if it was aftermarket from them or a mitsu fixThe original arms didn't have the cables to help pull that bow back to make sure it folds into place and if it didn't fold down it just got crushed and bent while lowering...
  9. stillrunning

    2G Blackbox ecu flash port wiring questions...

    95 won't have the flash port next to the obd2 port since the ecu in 95 was not flashable, you usually add a pin and wire to the ecu harness socket which then goes to the tactrix flash port plug which has a headphone style plug, not sure of which pin number on the ecu offhand You would need to be...
  10. stillrunning

    ngk and their statement on anti seize

    I can understand the issue with over torquing, hardware usually has a specific dry, oil & say moly lube torque value with dry needing the highest torque due to friction and moly being the least torque from less friction.That being said I've used anti seize over the years and really have not...
  11. stillrunning

    ECMlink 99gst ecu in 97gsx

    I have a 98/99 blackbox on my 97, no repin of anything was needed, to be able to flash it you need to add a pin to enable flashing
  12. stillrunning

    Thoughts on GReddy type FV

    Turbosmart also has a 1g flange BOV, I run the dual port version, I think it's the GTR version that uses the Mitsu style flange, been a long time since I bought the one I have, kompact series Just another optionEDIT: TS-0203-1026 is the one I used, dual port, 1G style flange and orientation...
  13. stillrunning

    ECUflash Upgrading injectors today latency values

    In a nutshell no it's not going to be calibrated, if it was that simple nobody would be tuning anything running a stock MAF, plug in injector data and call it a day done but it's not that simpleIt'll run sure with the correct injector data only but odds are the fueling is going to be offTo...
  14. stillrunning

    ECUflash Upgrading injectors today latency values

    Personally I'd would be graphing with your WBO2 & AFRMap scaled the same along with MAF hz When the hesitation happens you should be able to notice it in the graph right away Note the MAFhz the hesitation, probably lean, is happening and add airflow with MAF smoothing at that point I would work...
  15. stillrunning

    ECUflash Upgrading injectors today latency values

    By all means make changes to get an understanding of what it does and the effects but it's not something you'll want to change once you start dialing in your MAF, it will just throw everything off Its something you won't need to mess with again You'll be dialing in your MAF to get the correct...
  16. stillrunning

    2G Aftermarket headlights question

    I have those headlight too, I had to harvest the wiring harness from the factory headlights and just wired halo power to my headlights The halos were not even noticable with the headlights on but if you want the halo's for visual effect you'll want to wire them separate from the headlights...
  17. stillrunning

    ECUflash Weird AFR change

    Going SD probably isn't going to fix the issue you are having, MAF's work absolutely fine and are very easy to tune/calibrate Both ways give the ecm a form of airflow estimation from which it calculates the proper amount of fuel to apply If either SD or MAF are not properly calibrated then the...
  18. stillrunning

    ECUflash Weird AFR change

    Evoscan doesn't know anything about your actual tuning break points which is why your maps don't match up between ecuflash and evoscan, you have to load your tune settings into Evoscan so it displays the same break points and values The graphing function is by far better for spotting oddities in...
  19. stillrunning

    ECUflash Weird AFR change

    The fuel maps are only for open loop operation, like initial startup, heavy throttle and WOT, they don't affect your cruising at all If everything is working as it should the ecm will always trim the AFR to 14.7 except for a short while after startup where it runs in open loop If you're seeing...
  20. stillrunning

    Why anti-lag instead of supercharger?

    Turbos are the most flexible, can adjust hp on the fly or dial it back and are probably the most efficient overall at compressing airCentrifugal superchargers are just basically belt driven turbos and have a very linear boost curve that goes with rpmPositive displacement superchargers have...
  21. stillrunning

    ECUflash Injector latency values

    With flash you will use MAF smoothing to dial in your air fuel calibrationWorks basically like any AFC, you alter reported airflow from the MAF and the ecu will do the calculations to apply the correct fueling for the reported airflowIn closed loop the ecu is always going to use O2 feedback...
  22. stillrunning

    2G Low Voltage, The Electrical Illiad

    I doubt your ECU has much to do with the alternator failing.The 2g style mitsu alternators are subpar overall and the way they ECU applies a duty cycle to the regulator to reduce alternator output to reduce engine loading is a really poor way to address engine loading.I run a galant 90amp...
  23. stillrunning

    ECUflash HELP fuel trims and battling richness

    In order for LTFT's to update the coolant temp needs to be at least 180 degree otherwise you'll just be using STFT's. With your level of mods it should be running fine. Make sure you have no major boost leaks otherwise you're chasing your tail Since you have an AFPR double check your fuel...
  24. stillrunning

    2G Car Smoking After Engine Built

    Do you have any pictures of the cross hatch pattern after you honed the cylinders?The cross hatch is what helps to control oil, too steep top to bottom and oil control is bad as well as too shallow/flat and oil control is badYou generally want around 45 degree cross hatch referenced from the...
  25. stillrunning

    1G Needs some help with the w4a33....

    I haven't messed with a dsm automatic but have worked with plenty of ford and gm. If it was a ford or gm product my first guess would be the torque converter may not have engaged the transmission pump and is binding under thrust load, just what it sounds like to me.
  26. stillrunning

    General Wideband recommendations

    I use the AEM analog style wideband gauge with ecuflash, works perfect.
  27. stillrunning

    Proper Compression Testing

    WOT You are trying to fill the cylinder with air which will be compressed by the piston. Best way to achieve that is to eliminate the restriction create by the throttle blade and let the cylinder breath as naturally/easily as possible.
  28. stillrunning

    ECUflash Ceddy mods help

    When I paid I automatically got an email with the files attached.
  29. stillrunning


    The AFC is going to allow you to alter your MAF curve at different rpm break points, tuning software dials in the curve in a similar manner with quite a number of other options to more effectively tune the engine. At the end of the day the amount of airflow the ecm determines is filling the...
  30. stillrunning

    2G Stock boost controller "mod"

    The factory BCS basically bleeds off some of the wastegate signal when open so you build more boost, when the BCS closes it sends full signal/pressure to the waste gate so it opens at whatever spring pressure the WG operates at.
  31. stillrunning

    2G Why is this ran like so?

    The only real issue I see with using manifold pressure is the wastegate actuator will see vacuum as well as pressure. It will achieve the same basic result really, set pressure opening the wastegate from manifold pressure rather than turbo compressor housing or charge pipe. What you see on your...
  32. stillrunning

    2G Convertible top

    Probably remove the top drive motors, one on each side, around the rear speaker rear window area, under the trim.
  33. stillrunning

    Metal gaskets >>>>

    Composite gaskets really work fine allot of times as they can conform to less than perfect surfaces better but they tend to settle, loose compression and then blow out. If using a composite style gasket it's always a good idea to check the bolt torque after some heat cycling. MLS gaskets don't...
  34. stillrunning

    2G Compression test

    I'm guessing something weird is happening if all you get it 75-60 across the board with a "good/normal" running engine. Did you let it spin over long enough, it takes a couple cycles per cylinder. You'll normally see the gauge move upwards after each cylinder cycle before peaking out/stop gaining.
  35. stillrunning

    ECUflash Fan Temp Controls

    Do you have a cooling issue. High Off is the temperature that High mode will stop. The engine temp is largely controlled by the coolant thermostat, if you have a lower temp thermostat you would then consider lowering the fan on/off temps. And if I'm not mistake with ECUFlash you want to make...
  36. stillrunning

    2G Compression test

    You don't need to mess with the fuel at all, when you push the throttle wide open during start the injectors are off for flood clearing. You want to have all the spark plugs removed Install the pressure tester so that oring seals if it uses an oring, doesn't have to be really tight Push the...
  37. stillrunning

    How to come up with a compression ratio?

    Compression tester will basically tell you engine starting compression not the actual compression ratio. As mentioned above static is basically predetermined by the hard parts used and is not changed by mods externally of the engine. Dynamic compression can vary based on cam timing and VE of the...
  38. stillrunning

    2G Smoke during engine braking

    During downshifts/high vacuum/throttle blade closed you should be seeing higher cylinder/manifold vacuum, during which time oil and crankcase vapor can be getting drawn past the rings or intake valve seals & guides due to the high vacuum.
  39. stillrunning

    ECUflash Got tuned not what I was expecting

    Air & fuel make power, you're at 16 psi on stock injectors.
  40. stillrunning

    Clutch fingers worn (pics)

    Seems like something went wrong with how the TOB was attached to the fork causing it to be crooked, whether it was that way form installation or somewhere later on.
  41. stillrunning

    HKS or really unknown cam ID

    My HKS cams where stamped with the specs and stamped with IN & EX on the hex rather than engraved, I think it was the later cams where they started using the part numbers instead.EDIT: here is a link where I posted a picture of mine...
  42. stillrunning

    2G Spark "blow out" after 5000RPM

    Work on dialing in your MAF correction or VE map first, that's the first thing I would do, WB02 feedback should equal commanded AFR Personally I would simply your life and what you're looking at by not using big maps until you are into big map territory. Simplify your AFR map instead of all that...
  43. stillrunning

    2G Spark "blow out" after 5000RPM

    Personally I never had an issue running NGK wires, not baller boost levels but I've run them fine up to ~30# without issue.
  44. stillrunning

    What Turbo is this? [Merged] Turbo ID Identification

    I recently picked up a TD05 20G turbo, just wondering if anyone might know where it's from based on the only stamping on it outside of the normal mits casting numbers, (TR.JG 20G). It also seems to be clipped on the turbine, any guess on the degree of clip from the pictures. It has a new Mits...
  45. stillrunning

    General Ceddymods

    You need the mitsu flash plug, on my 97 I had to add a pin to the ecu plug which then plugs into the tactrix adapter with the headphone plug but seeing that you have a 98 you should have a 2nd plug by the obd2 plug. The Tactrix will give you OBD2 access for logging but for flashing you also need...
  46. stillrunning

    2G need new convertible top

    It's a full day job really, it's not rocket science but it takes a bit to wrap your head around what needs to be done, more intimidating than anything. I recently did mine and the toughest thing to me was getting the rear bow centered with the top, the very last rear bow that tucks under the...
  47. stillrunning

    Bad 1st gear syncro. Looking for opinions.

    Can also be bad bearings on the intermediate shaft, mine was kicking out of first and grinding, it was from the bearings being shot. It's hard to say what it will need until you open it up. May want to get a new 1st gear as well as the 1-2 hub and slider if it's been grinding a while as well as...
  48. stillrunning

    2G 99 convertible top won't retract or move

    I've never been able to manually retract the top on my spyder, always needed to power the motors. The resistance is from the motors and you will hear the gears & motor turn if you apply constant steady force against the top. They're bad about shearing off the roll pin that locks the pinion gear...
  49. stillrunning

    2G Still Overheating

    Thermostat is very probable, cheap and easy, just replace it.
  50. stillrunning

    1998 gst Question?

    Slowly dieing fuel pump maybe, just a shot in the dark, but without fuel you have not running engine and sometimes fuel pumps die slowly rather that suddenly.
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