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  1. 1G Who can tell what's wrong with my car? Excel files attached

    It looks like your o2 sensor is not cycling at all. This would cause the car to run very poorly. What is your mod list? I am assuming that this is a 1g car because there is no reading at all for rear o2.If you're running all stock components, then the datalogger is telling us that the o2...
  2. 1025/2000 Galant vr4 Street Build

    The Honeymoon is Over 😭😭😅So at this point, the car is running pretty hit or miss. Takes forever to build boost and feels like an absolute turd until it builds about 4500rpm. I decided to turn the boost down and get the tune ironed out. Well first off, boost won't turn down. I have...
  3. 1025/2000 Galant vr4 Street Build

    The PO had #2 welding wire running to the trunk - attached under-car running along the frame rails and secured using the old rear powersteering line clamps. Cool deal. I went to advanced auto and picked up a battery box and a 125amp fuse. I used a rear shock tower stud for ground. Here's some pics
  4. Saving a GSX

    The drives side mount does basically nothing as far as upgrades go. It's the front and back engine mounts that matter. Keep the drivers side and trans mounts stock unless you enjoy PRYING them out and back in every time you mess with them. I hate the poly drivers mount on mine. Wish it was...
  5. Dsmkauai's (Sleepy G) 91 gvr4 #1633

    ....the end?? I just read through 8 pages what happened man!!?? You gotta finish the story lol!
  6. 1025/2000 Galant vr4 Street Build

    Did the free fuel filter "mod" where you line up the fuel exit-hole of the banjo bolt with the fuel line.Also painted intake/added VC breather barbs. Chose clear lines for now so that I can easily see if it's blowing any oil through.
  7. Street Build 1g build - The Real Life Trials and Tribulations of building a DSM

    I did it to my awd 1g. Imo it doesn't make it much different. A little easier than no ps but not a huge change. I love the idea of not having extra fluids, hoses and pumps tho so I will recommended it 10 times outta 10 👍.
  8. Injector seals failed

    I've seen this before.... the boost is hitting the fuel cut and blowing out the rivets of the manifold pressure which causes the fuel to bust out through the seals. Turn the boost down Skippy 👍
  9. ECMlink 2nd gear wot log shitty timing... why?

    Well, I tried leaning it out a few pulls after this and it just seemed to run out of steam and not pull as hard. Was about 11.1 afrs during that pull and it showed 2.5 degrees of knock. Also lost 40hp according to link... felt like it too hahaI guess I'm just uneducated. I thought that the ecu...
  10. ECMlink 2nd gear wot log shitty timing... why?

    I just set my base timing (had to advance it actually) No boost leaks fic 850s e85 42psi base fuel pressureTook the car for a run and the ecu pulled timing like crazy once i went wot. Before correcting the base timing, car would see 16-18 degrees full timing during pulls. What gives?
  11. ECMlink IDCs Dropping to 0% During WOT Pull

    Thanks guys! I must have checked the box by accident!
  12. 1025/2000 Galant vr4 Street Build

    I had been wanting to change the yellow valve cover. It's not too bad but I'm not a huge fan. I DO like the "mitsubishi" on it tho. I will be prepping it sometime to put it back on, but, it was pushing a tiny bit of oil out of the oil cap during boost, and I had a couple spares laying around...
  13. 1025/2000 Galant vr4 Street Build

    When I did my boost leak test a couple weeks ago, I fixed all leaks except for the throttle body shaft seals. They weren't leaking bad, but I decided now was the time to attack them and hoped that it would also help with getting the car tuned better as it was giving me fits when it came to...
  14. ECMlink IDCs Dropping to 0% During WOT Pull

    FIC 850s 255HP Rewired 42psi base fuel pressure e85 (hard to say one station had e56 recentlyHappens at all boost levels and 1st-3rd gears. At first I thought it was just spark blowout until I took a closer look at the log. Happened out of nowhere. Did a boost leak test and all clear.EDIT...
  15. General Safc2 adjustments

    You shouldn't have to adjust it that much. You COULD if you wanted to, to make use of every single hp possible, but most ppl just get it set and leave it alone.
  16. 1025/2000 Galant vr4 Street Build

    For whatever reason, a well-made J-pipe always seems hard to come by. Looks like you got set up tho 👊.Whenever I decide to take the IM off for cleaning/wire tucking, I will cut the line down closer to the rack. Eventual plan is to "miata mod" the rack. Did it on my current 1g and I like the...
  17. 1025/2000 Galant vr4 Street Build

    When I pulled the trans the 2nd time, the trans mount bolts slid right out of the transmission,, so I had to drill and tap those and go up to a bigger size bolt :banghead:.While I had the turbo off, I decided to ditch the ps and bracket, along with cutting off the mount bracket. The rear ps...
  18. 1025/2000 Galant vr4 Street Build

    So, off comes the trans again! As I'm working underneath, I realize that you can't even tell I power washed this stuff just a month before when I had it off! Last time I just assumed the oil mess was from years of vc gasket leakage. Started looking there, ended up, hereThe bottom center stud...
  19. 1025/2000 Galant vr4 Street Build

    Well, next order of business was to get a new clutch. I remembered xtd was a thing when I got out of the game so I hopped on ebay and started looking around. Ended up buying a "spc" brand "stage 3" 6 puck sprung disc for $50 shipped and a 2300lb xtd "stage 4" pressure plate for $65 shipped. The...
  20. General 93 Eagle Talon TSi

    Read this and then read it again and then again. Welcome and good luck.
  21. General 93 Eagle Talon TSi

    Without a mas or o2 sensor, the ecu will make the car run in "open loop" mode. It will run like TRASH until otherwise. The reason it started right up after an ecu swap is because the ecu had time to reset itself. (You can do the same thing by disconnecting the battery under hood for 90 seconds...
  22. EgoThief

    You will be fine running just one fan. Especially the stock fans they move a lot of air.
  23. 1025/2000 Galant vr4 Street Build

    Drove the car for a couple weeks just enjoying it, cleaning it up a little and getting back into the swing of ecmlink and of wrenching. Crazy how much I have forgotten 😬😅. So far the car was crazy inconsistent, but ran "mostly good". I ended up doing a boost leak test, fixing some leaks, and got...
  24. 1025/2000 Galant vr4 Street Build

    Got the car home and didn't even try to start it. Probably a little crazy of me,, but the PO is a mechanic and both his brother and boss have gvr4s, so I trusted that the trans needed to come off.Pulled it (what a greasy filthy mess!) and found a clutch spring had popped out.Replaced it...
  25. 1025/2000 Galant vr4 Street Build

    Got into dsms and onto this website back in 08' when I was 21. (Pls don't look over my old cringy broke-noob posts 🥴🤣)Started with a 1g n/a and then had a really fun 1g fwd tsi from 2008-2010. Had a really perfect awd that I flipped off a loading dock during an ice storm in 2010. The next...
  26. 1025/2000 Galant vr4 Street Build

    This is the Build Thread for 1025/200 Galant vr4 Street Build.This is the mod list the car had when I purchased it.1g rod 2g piston combo Link v3 Fic 850s 255 pump rewired Aeromotive afpr Evo3 16g Evo8 fmic Gm 3" mas Cyclone intake mani (not hooked up) 2g exhaust mani Full 3" exhaust 4-bolt...
  27. What brand exhaust manifold is this?

    After some searching for Hafe manifolds I found you are correct. Thanks
  28. What brand exhaust manifold is this?

    Been out of the game for quite some time and don't remember this one
  29. 4G Montero Builds?

    When I was 18 I worked as a service porter for a mitsubishi dealership. Someone used to bring in their manual trans montero with 260k miles often and it was in great condition. I loved that thing and have wanted one since.First I've heard that they came with a 4g64 though! Now I really want one!
  30. New Everything but clutch won't shift

    Have you tried adjusting the clutch pedal assembly under the dash?
  31. 1G 2g Dual Piston Calipers on a 1g

    Use mitsubishi outlander rotors for even more gains. 2003-2005 outlander iirc?
  32. Street Build 1G Build: Return of the DSMer!

    Early on you replaced the steering rack with "upgraded steering rack". I see you don't have a ps pump so is that a de-powered rack you're using and how do you like it?
  33. Does Size Matter? 2.5" vs. 3" Exhaust discussions. [merged]

    Sooooo..... Care to explain the jetta dyno testing results?
  34. How do you run lower than stock psi with 1g parts

    Stock boost uses the bcs to make it around 11psi. Wastegate pressure is around 9.
  35. How do you run lower than stock psi with 1g parts

    Run a vacuum line from the j-pipe (off the turbo) to the wastegate actuator.
  36. Does Size Matter? 2.5" vs. 3" Exhaust discussions. [merged]

    Quoted for truth. awdcoupe, I can't believe you've been so patient. Where the hell are the knowledgable moderators? 6 yrs ago this thread would've turned out completely different.Also I love how no one has commented on the link to the shop dyno testing exhaust differences. Although I'm sure...
  37. Convert Hydraulic to Manual Steering rack?

    I did the "miata mod" and did NOT reweld, after talking to someone who had over 15k miles on their rack. I haven't got to test it out yet unfortunately. Hopefully that time will come soon. The work itself is pretty easy.
  38. Does Size Matter? 2.5" vs. 3" Exhaust discussions. [merged]

    Haha gone a few days and whew! I never said my car made more power by adding the exhaust restriction, just that it was MUCH funner to drive, but I guess that's just flat out impossible, I just "had other things wrong with my setup", and somehow tossing a muffler on fixed them LOL .94awdcoupe...
  39. Does Size Matter? 2.5" vs. 3" Exhaust discussions. [merged]

    I too have felt the lag/loss of low end power when I ran an open 3" down pipe on my 14b with 7cm housing. First drive after bolting up a dual chamber muffler directly to the downpipe I noticed a HUGE improvement in drivability/low end response.
  40. Boosting base FP to force more injector flow

    A lot of this depends on how much boost you're running. They'll probably be harder to tune with a higher base pressure too
  41. Street/Strip *Project Stick* again :(

    Love this build. How's it ride with the new suspension compared to before?
  42. 10 year hibernation, this is a rebirth of a 92 talon.

    Excited to read more. The teal DSMs are my fav
  43. 1992 1G Rally recce/Course opening car

    Dude more info! Congrats
  44. 2G Outlander brakes

    Told my wife to order me a set before I posted this.....and she didn't.....and now they're gone! :banghead:
  45. 2G Outlander brakes

    Waaaabaam!!! Mr307282 - Support Front Brake Caliper For Mitsubishi: Automotive
  46. Cheapest bolt on downpipe that will bolt on to stock cat?

    eBay, however idk if it will bolt up to the stock exhaust or not.
  47. 2G Early '95 Vented Rear Brake FAQ (Discussion/PN)

    Sorry if I missed it, but is this mod 1g friendly as well?
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