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  1. curt-s

    anyone from winnipeg around here? or close

    spring popped out of clutch disc as well.. fun times. car is stripped, ready to go as a shell for parts or scrap. even found a 1g ecu but it has no harness anymore.
  2. curt-s

    anyone from winnipeg around here? or close

    Looks like my trans finally had enough of my shit and third gear nonsense so I am down and out of the game for a while, perhaps permanently. unless i find a good 2g gsx haha No sense in rebuilding a f5m33 I will be disassembling prior to winter, keeping what makes sense for me to hold onto...
  3. curt-s

    4000 Gt .... Will it happen?

    Tiny, tiny grain of salt to be consumed with anything like this. Nothing more than hopeful fanboyism. Besides, what they did with the Eclipse name over the past two decades, I wouldnt put any hope on them doing something useful with the name. 4000 could very well mean mAh for their next pathetic...
  4. curt-s

    ECMlink Evo 2 Ecu into 1g DSM

    Hard work is what makes it fun. Alternatively, If you want link, you could also find a 2g ecu and build an adapter harness. Plenty of docs for that on this site. Extra input and I wouldnt be surprised if it logged quicker too based on cpu speed. Plus its newer components with more life left in...
  5. curt-s

    anyone from winnipeg around here? or close

    you ever find one? i see they pop up in classifieds usually for about 600usd so, yeah, theres rent vs link lol
  6. curt-s

    Manny The Mistake: A Lesson In The Dangers Of Nostalgia

    Water has a higher surface tension than, say, wd40. Without sufficient pressure to force it though water will not penetrate a seat-valve interface whereas air will quite readily. Also can install the valves and shine a very bright light against the valve face while inspecting the backface via...
  7. curt-s

    What did you do to your DSM today?

    Found why I was getting AFRatioEst spikes to 15000:1.. piss-poor 5v and ground connections for MAP sensor to ECU harness. Have to credit Dave for an old thread he had on ecmtuning's forums that pointed me in the direction of maybe the connection isn't so solid after a number of years and many...
  8. curt-s

    1G Timing belt wear

    Oil pan into front case screw too long? I'd be taking off the lower timing cover now to see what could be rubbing.. perhaps even the idler pulley has a surface defect.
  9. curt-s

    Manny The Mistake: A Lesson In The Dangers Of Nostalgia

    Get it independently checked. Last head work I had done was new valve guides that were done with a busted pilot that they didnt bother checking. All the valves leaked. Just sayin', after all that hell. Rush jobs breed crap work.
  10. curt-s

    What did you do to your DSM today?

    Took it for a new alt shakedown and figured I had my electrical gremlins fixed after a couple hours of driving.. headed home and then I started getting random stuttering at idle (when in motion) or cruise/acceleration. AFRatioEst would spike to 800-something or 15000-something to one for a brief...
  11. curt-s

    What did you do to your DSM today?

    ordered up a replacement wbo2 sensor, some rear suspension bits, and a new alternator sensor is many, many years old and threw a E8 only once but i'm getting ahead of the game.
  12. curt-s

    RIP Curt Brown

    RIP CB 2020 on the books for worst year ever so far..
  13. curt-s

    new jack stands

    Our "Princess Auto", like Harbor Freight Canadian Tire.. whatever gets the car up and looks like it holds. I can imagine how shitty a product like a jackstand must have been produced for it to fail. I have done all sorts of crazy shit to cheap jack stands and they dont even bend. 20 bucks for...
  14. curt-s

    Important: Improvements on Saturn Alternator Swap

    Looks like I will be trying a new alt sooner rather than later.. a few blips in voltage is now turning into long sprints of alt not putting out anything at all. Also entirely possibly the bearings are going in it too, as i loosened the belt a bit and it made such a screech after. Not belt...
  15. curt-s

    1G Starting a 0 mile motor, that's been sitting

    my largest concerns would be is everything really in spec and when they did the work was everything cleaned properly or just hosed off.. turn it over, fresh oil or not, and you might as well have filled the pan with sand.. dont trust sellers. rule #1.
  16. curt-s

    1G Starting a 0 mile motor, that's been sitting

    drain oil, put new stuff in, take off timing belt, spin pump with drill, reassemble. if you feel that worried, as said, take off oil pump and pack it with some assembly lube to "further" protect the gears but they wont be beaten up by a couple unloaded revolutions with a drill. if it were me...
  17. curt-s

    98 Gst FWD Auto and Evo III 16g

    Be prepared to have to use boost-by-gear with a solenoid to limit boost in 1st and 2nd gear, definitely up to and including the 3.5k mark and then ramp up the boost to 5.5k by duty cycle. Don't bother using the boost target as you'll end up more rubber-banding than having fun. 64.5% gives me...
  18. curt-s

    anyone from winnipeg around here? or close

    Interesting choice. I'd personally not do another 1G, AWD or otherwise. I've been somewhat looking for a 2G.
  19. curt-s

    1G RTM Fuel Tank Repair Kit, Company And Kit Anyone??

    Never used the product but RTM is a great company and group of people. Now that Ziggy has the reigns again all is right with the world.
  20. curt-s

    Where does the 1g and 2g dsm stand among car guys?

    I have had one guy in a 2010+ Charger throw a compliment, and usually the 18-29 year olds say "it's sick" or something but I suppose perhaps the most complimenting thing is how threatened everyone and every god damn ricer seems to be when they see it on the street.
  21. curt-s

    Engine break in

    Whats wrong with the lifters now? I would definitely suggest the revised ones as he listed (aka "3g") but this exploding thing you mention is new to me.. anecdotal opinion or actual fact because thousands run revised lifters for all sorts of rpm ranges.
  22. curt-s

    1G Hydraulic tensioner

    doesnt take much to compress it if tension isnt set right. for fun, give the engine a half rotation by hand and see how it sits again.
  23. curt-s

    ECMlink DSMLINK v2 to v3

    absolute worst case, dl a copy of ecmlink v3 software and go page by page and copy everything by hand. the rest of it will be new stuff or stuff that disappeared in v3 because there's better ways of going about stuff now (...then) some settings may also have had a behavior change so those values...
  24. curt-s

    Engine pull then Body Off

    hood, front fenders, doors, trunk/hatch, bumpers thats all you can remove. the rest is seam welded creating a unibody and must be cut apart
  25. curt-s

    What did you do to your DSM today?

    Finished molding and installing the 7" lcd into the double din radio bezel. next up is placement into car and only a small amount of modification there is needed, surprisingly, to allow the 90° hdmi adapter.. just need more than a couple degrees above zero out there to finish up.
  26. curt-s

    2G Low Voltage, The Electrical Illiad

    brushes in voltage regulator? fuse links go bad? thats just going to confuse people. a battery that shit itself will cause havok for the charging system and i myself have had a regulator go bad and cause a 15v+ charging situation and boiled my battery years back..
  27. curt-s

    ECMlink Engine struggling to start with new injectors

    i dont think you meant milliseconds.. ;)
  28. curt-s

    Guess the HP

    259 closest without going over, amirite?
  29. curt-s

    Engine knock around 3000 rpm

    I think it is pretty obvious. Engine rebuild or replacement depending on damage to rod and crank.
  30. curt-s

    Big 16g rebuilt 0 miles

    If its been rebuilt, try to find out who did the work and ask why it was rebuilt. See if you can check or have pictures sent of any alignment markings to make sure it was put back together properly, especially if it wasnt rebalanced on a rig afterward. Personally I would be taking it apart...
  31. curt-s

    1G Best source for replacement knock sensor?

    rockauto has the same part # for the 1990 galant 2.0L which was a 4g63.
  32. curt-s

    2G Idk.... boost

    if a coupling between the turbo and intercooler came off, how did you make 30psi whenever giving it throttle? that would be the worlds largest boost leak.. especially given then that your charge pipes would still somehow pressurize higher than the wastegate could control.
  33. curt-s

    2G Dual oil catch can setup for maximum effect but.... Advice needed

    spare boost gauge you can plumb into one of the existing lines between can and vc? doesnt even have to be that good (napa, whatever) even a spare map sensor and an analog voltmeter would do the trick.. digital rms may not update fast enough and youre just looking for rough values
  34. curt-s

    2G Idk.... boost

    So if you touch the throttle it instantly goes to 30psi? Your description of post events might need some clarification. A leak on the wastegate reference or busted wastegate altogether would kill your effective boost control, definitely.. the rest of the ignition issues are different. with no...
  35. curt-s

    What's in my oilpan?

    Can that even make it down the oil return on a 16g, presuming the line is stock? The big piece I would think would get jammed up, especially in the flex section. That being said, a thrust surface there does appear to be and its pretty small so that would be my guess as well.. Perhaps there is a...
  36. curt-s

    1G Best source for replacement knock sensor?

    Thats the part that worries me - the respnonse. The sensor would be grounded through its body and the sheathing being grounded also helps in terms of EMI shielding. The pieczoelectric element, however, may not react to the same frequencies and the element itself needs to fall within the same...
  37. curt-s

    2G Engine primed fine, but no oil pressure on start up

    assembly lube in the pump at first start is good, at least a film is needed. I mean, your pump is generally empty after letting it sit for a year yet will still build pressure after 1-1.5 seconds. As said, can always take the timing belt off and prime with a drill. A standard 18v cordless with...
  38. curt-s

    General Probably need new mtxl

    The mtx-l version that uses the 4.9 sensor have had many issues. Still hit and miss but definitely more than the old LSU 4.2. Have you checked into "recent" firmware updates?
  39. curt-s

    General Probably need new mtxl

    4.9 sensor version?
  40. curt-s

    General What the preferred Wideband in 2020?

    mtx-l with same 4.2 sensor for somewhere between 4 and 6 years. calibrated once maybe twice a season. solid as a rock but my ground probably could be better..
  41. curt-s

    New product launch: PiLink for ECMLink owners

    Very nice package. As someone who has recently put together the same thing using a 4b and tiny85 for control/soft shutdown, I can appreciate the hard work that went into this. Can I ask what you did for dc-dc conversion of std. automotive voltages and whether you have employed protection for DC...
  42. curt-s

    ECUflash Low idle when engaging the clutch

    Last time my idle dropped like that when I pushed the clutch, I didn't have the upper and lower thrust bearings aligned properly. You certain that was done and it just wasn't slapped together? At idle, a boost leak would raise your rpm due to extra air in the mix, whether maf or sd. A...
  43. curt-s

    1G Replacment fuel tanks for 1G ????

    how does that even happen? how bad does the gas have to be in the forst place and sit for how long before this occurs?! yikes.
  44. curt-s

    White lettering on tires

    does it have to be the manufacturer of the tire? or are you thinking slogan... like "fast even when standing still" "built not bought" or "where'd i put my keys?"
  45. curt-s

    1G Burning oil in boost, help me troubleshoot

    Liquid oil in the elbow off the turbo compressor housing or burnt oil/nastiness on the hot side/around the turbine heatshield could be places to look When in boost or can you take it to higher RPMs while still in vac and not burn oil? Looking for oil pressure being a factor there.
  46. curt-s

    1G Replacment fuel tanks for 1G ????

    Safety would be my first guess. Street legality can also be a concern for those that have that as a worry. Inspections as well. Also, the backends of these 1Gs tend to crumple like a tin can when rear-ended.
  47. curt-s

    Catch can with short route FMIC

    what about down by the subframe on the passenger side above the trans? any room for a custom bracket?
  48. curt-s

    What did you do to your DSM today?

    oh. damn.
  49. curt-s

    ECMlink Please Help With Idle

    Usually that is due to heat. Causes electrical resistances to change (tps sensor) and metals to expand (throttle linkage, idle switch). Also if the throttle cable is very tight, slight shifts in engine orientation do not allow it to return exactly where it was during initial adjustment, causing...
  50. curt-s

    1G 1GA LED Headlight Conversions

    We are glad you are, your efforts are very much appreciated. I am really curious because even though I got new 4x6 halogens I do yearn for better lighting. Even a side by side against the inner garage wall whets the ol noodle of information :D
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