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  1. Nicklepage1010

    Godspeed FMIC?

    +1 on the VRSF kit
  2. Nicklepage1010

    doesnt want to keep accelerating almost like rev limiter??

    Hook up that wideband and go for another drive. Then come back and tell us what its reading when this happens.
  3. Nicklepage1010

    plasti dip the rest of the rims?

    i think those would look way better in a dark bronze. Props for taking the time to do this! i wouldnt have the patience.
  4. Nicklepage1010

    Car is SUPER rich and I'm not sure why

    Are you on the stock 2g MAF?
  5. Nicklepage1010

    snap shog with dsmlink

    Dont use that snap shot shit. A friend of mine had one plugged into his 99 wrangler and it fried is computer. Google search it ruining things before you plug it in.
  6. Nicklepage1010

    Maine Checkin

    yeah! thats me man
  7. Nicklepage1010

    Contact with compressor cover, input?

    Dammit. well i have the thing ripped apart now, i have the rebuild kit and plan on rebuilding it myself. Ive heard good things about the Gpop shops balancing. Can anyone recommend anyone else?
  8. Nicklepage1010

    Contact with compressor cover, input?

    So i just picked up my evo 16g, and tore the compressor cover off to find this: Ive been told i can re use my compressor cover, but how about the wheel? is it damaged too bad to use it? the turbo needs a rebuild anyway, just trying to save some money.
  9. Nicklepage1010

    need an advice on how to remove stripped front o2 sensor

    File two sides down a bit and use a pipe wrench.
  10. Nicklepage1010

    Help with changing o2 sensor

    If you can fit it in there, find yourself a flare nut wrench.
  11. Nicklepage1010

    STM Tax Return Sale!!

    Nope. They sure are cool though. If you get the black ones, be sure to use some sort of plastic washer underneath. I didnt, and i had the paint chip.
  12. Nicklepage1010

    Where to get a timing belt kit in Canada?

    These are not parts you want to cheap out on. I got mine from STM | STREET TUNED MOTORSPORTS | DSM | EVO | SUBARU | PERFORMANCE & DYNO TUNING (STM)
  13. Nicklepage1010

    Interior sound deadening

    Eaaasy hoss, it was just a question.
  14. Nicklepage1010

    keep it or junk?

    Its cool to see people sharing their love of cars with their kids. Glad to see you're going to keep it.
  15. Nicklepage1010

    keep it or junk?

    Looks like someone put a decent amount of time into it. Id sell it to someone who will appreciate it and buy yourself a 4G63 Powered car.
  16. Nicklepage1010

    Interior sound deadening

    What is that shit? tinfoil?
  17. Nicklepage1010

    Big rust spot with small dents repair help

    Sand all of that rust off with 320 Grit, Fill the holes with body filler, sand the filler smooth with a sanding block, smooth out with 400 Grit, spray with self etching primer. Its just starting to brown with surface rust. Try not to use a really low grit so to not gouge the metal really bad.
  18. Nicklepage1010

    Maine Checkin

    Bullshit, another DSMer?! were spreading like wildfire.
  19. Nicklepage1010

    What set up can I go?

    He should probably go ahead and not do that, and go with DSMlink, that way he can run the biggest injectors he can afford, and has a more DSM user friendly system.
  20. Nicklepage1010

    AFPR REccomendation?

    I bought my A1000 for $100 shipped. Cant beat it
  21. Nicklepage1010

    Fuel pump seal

    Lol no i meant what does the bottom look like, where it hooks to hose, and then the pump.
  22. Nicklepage1010

    Fuel sending unit to AN fitting

    Any updates on this? Im ordering my tank to rail kit this weekend and would like to order the AN fitting too. Does anyone have a setup that worked fine for a -6 AN setup? (I dont have access to a welder)
  23. Nicklepage1010

    Fuel pump seal

    inside. BTW, what fitting are you using on the top of that thing?
  24. Nicklepage1010

    Sick Dsm how do you fit rims like this on your 2ga or 2gb eclipse??

    Same size wheel, different offsets effect - Is it bad to run Staggered on AWD??? - NASIOC Staggered rims on a evo???? [Archive] - - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Forums Would you like any more?
  25. Nicklepage1010

    Sick Dsm how do you fit rims like this on your 2ga or 2gb eclipse??

    your wheel offset has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that your car is an AWD.
  26. Nicklepage1010

    Sick Dsm how do you fit rims like this on your 2ga or 2gb eclipse??

    Any offset wont hurt the fact that youre AWD, its having a staggered setup (17s in front 18s in rear) type of deal that will destroy your drivetrain. It WILL however, take a toll on your wheel bearings.
  27. Nicklepage1010

    Restoring talon bumper

    I got it off in one piece with a lot of patience. It will be going on as soon as i can source a set of 2ga headlights.
  28. Nicklepage1010

    Maine Checkin

    There are a few of us. We have a page on facebook that would probably be more helpful
  29. Nicklepage1010

    Im unable to send you a PM regarding the spoiler due to your PMs being blocked.

    Im unable to send you a PM regarding the spoiler due to your PMs being blocked.
  30. Nicklepage1010

    New DSM'er 98 GST

    Come on man, you didn't even mask off the wires before you spraypainted the plastic fans?
  31. Nicklepage1010

    body kit for the 2g rs what do you think

    Convert the car to a 2gb talon. It has a very aggressive style to it
  32. Nicklepage1010

    Random Upgrades

    Hes aslo a grammatical genius, had you not noticed. I doubt this goal will ever be achieved, good luck with getting any sort of support here-on-out. If you look around a little bit, you'll notice the powerplant of choice on these forums is the 4G63 because the 420A is ridiculously expensive to...
  33. Nicklepage1010

    600hp daily turbo setup help

    Are you aware of the number of people with 600HP Daily driven cars? That being said, go with the HX40. Its Tried and true.
  34. Nicklepage1010

    gauge pillars

    I feel dumb asking this, but can anyone translate this to grammatically correct english?
  35. Nicklepage1010

    420a engine build First DSM build i

    hahahaha omg burnnn!!! ;) Just spend money on making the car more driver friendly. You can pick a turbocar when you can afford it. It looks to me like they're getting cheaper every day.
  36. Nicklepage1010

    95 TSi AWD Build (Shiva)

    This thing looks great Wes. Im going the same route, but a lot slower. Is there anything you would have done different so far?
  37. Nicklepage1010

    Restoring talon bumper

    okay, so ill leave it alone then!
  38. Nicklepage1010

    Restoring talon bumper

    So today i went and picked up a 2gb talon front bumper from a guy a couple towns over. He said that where the eagle emblem was had been shaved, and that it would need to be redone. after getting home with the bumper and getting all of the bondo out i found this i also used the bondo to...
  39. Nicklepage1010

    PS request, new color?

    hahaha no the other way around Thanks, ill check that out
  40. Nicklepage1010

    PS request, new color?

    So, im pretty much going for the same exact look as Gofers car in the picture above. If someone could possibly photoshop this color and change the caliper color to orange, i would be in your debt!
  41. Nicklepage1010

    Painting Bolts/nuts

    Why not just buy some stainless steel bolts instead of having to repaint them every time they need to come out?
  42. Nicklepage1010

    New DSM'er 98 GST

    Better send that thing in for a balance.
  43. Nicklepage1010

    2g Air diversion plate

    It's raining out, and my prototype is made of cardboard. I have the day off tomorrow, ill bolt it in, and buy my metal tomorrow!
  44. Nicklepage1010

    2g Air diversion plate

    i do too! i think thats what it was designed for
  45. Nicklepage1010

    Racing seats for tall people?

    The two things to account for are really the height of the seat, from the bottom of the seat cushion to the top of it, and the type of slider you're going to be using. There are a few companies that make lo profile sliders, but you'll have to do a little research on them.
  46. Nicklepage1010

    2g Air diversion plate

    So since i had the day off, i decided to see if i could find a cooling plate/Air diversion plate online for my car (2gb) and guess what? nothing came up! I for one, would have been buying one because that gap around the latch area is unsightly. I plan on tracing it onto either aluminum and...
  47. Nicklepage1010


    Its okay, i remember when i had MY first beer :p this car kind of looks like a fat 2gb Talon. I think the strakes would look cool too
  48. Nicklepage1010

    Help. How to install the HID.

    well since you didnt tell them you had aftermarket headlights, they probably gave you the kit to fit the stock ones. Im willing to bet your aftermarket headlights are an H1 type, whereas the factory headlights are a 9006 type. Im also willing to bet your new HIDs are a 9006 application.
  49. Nicklepage1010

    Help. How to install the HID.

    You probably have the wrong bulb type. Do you know what style bulb your headlight takes?
  50. Nicklepage1010

    16G Turbo fins broken - what to do?

    You sell it to me, for like 20 dollars. No, but really, Bud is spot on.
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