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  1. Clutch job

    I am in baltimore sadly :/
  2. Well my Ebay 20g didn't last a 100 miles it already has in and out play

    Suprise suprise, an ebay turbo did not last. . . No you can't. You need to machine the CHRA.
  3. speed sensor issue

    So my speedo works but dsmlink shows 0mph. I tried a new speed sensor and still same issue. Any advice? Thanks.
  4. GSX_TC1's 91 Galant VR4 #550/2000

    Mike, the car looks badass as usual!! By far my favorite Galant!
  5. No compression on Cylinder #1

    Make sure you bleed those lifters! But there is some excellent advice in this thread. Bleed lifters, do a leak down test, and another comp test. I had a buddy recently bleed his lifters when he swapped in some 272's, cyl 1 only had 30psi compression. After bleeding the lifters, it went up to...
  6. Say something about the person above you. Pt II

    Lurks around the forums to find "easy fixes"
  7. Secondary/Collector Sizing

    Told you so! lol
  8. where are all the dsm people in Harford/Baltimore county??

    LOL yes he is! Get him Tony!!!
  9. Any meets coming up

    Im down for Irev!! Getting the new setup in the works now :)
  10. WTF 6 bolt walked again in 1 mile!!!!!

    Looks like the thrust was not seated properly.
  11. where are all the dsm people in Harford/Baltimore county??

    ^ BWAHAHAHAHA. I already gave him a head gasket :)
  12. Trboblu - 1995 Eagle Talon TSi AWD

    Damn this is such a BEAUTIFUL CAR!!!!!
  13. Clear your PM's

    Clear your PM's
  14. Any meets coming up

    At my work garage. . .. Its in parkville.
  15. Any meets coming up

    We can get a weekly meet going at the garage :)
  16. Wow, has it really been this long...

    I don't know you, but glad to hear you miss the good ol dsm's :). Nice GTO btw, I have ALWAYS been a fan of gto's, that is my soft spot for american muscle lol. . . Nice truck as well.
  17. Clutch fork too far to the left post slave install?

    Was your flywheel properly stepped?
  18. Any meets coming up

    Yeah Chris, where at? The only dsm meet's that I know of, quite over a year ago lol. Although, there should be another started. . .
  19. WTB 15" light weight rims and slicks

    Am looking for a set of 15" light weight rims, no bends/cracks and a set of slicks. Shoot me a price/pics. Thanks.
  20. WTB 15" light weight rims and slicks

    Am looking for a set of 15" light weight rims, no bends/cracks and a set of slicks. Shoot me a price/pics. Thanks.
  21. Twisted axle splines

    No clue, always possible but somehow doubt it :/. Only one person had it before me, and it was an elderly lady. Only had 48k miles on it.
  22. Twisted axle splines

    Yeah, ive never had to replace any axle until this one. I do find it odd. Happen to know a "possible" cause? And yes it was all the way in the tranny (that's NOT what she said)
  23. Twisted axle splines

    Jack, this was a OEM axle, not a cheap auto parts store one. . .
  24. Twisted axle splines

  25. Twisted axle splines

    Retaining clip is there, and axle was tight in the tranny.
  26. Twisted axle splines

    Yes it is
  27. Twisted axle splines

    So upon my clutch swap, noticed the splines on my front axle were "twisted". . . Too much torque is what I am guessing? What else can cause it?
  28. Is this cam unable?

    I have seen worse. Polish it and call it a day. I have a buddy running ones much worse, with no issues. . .
  29. FS:Wiesco hd 8:5;1 pistons and Manley rods need sold ASAP!!!!!!!

    Why in the post before your last one you only wanted $600, and next post is raising it $35? Wouldn't you lower it $35 instead of raising?
  30. VRSF website issues

    Working for me too. Clear your cookies and cache. . .
  31. Spring IREV MIR June 9th...

    Ill go, after a quick retune :)
  32. 16g or 20g what to choose

    Sell the 16g and go with the 20g. And yes, if you got it second hand, I would recommend getting it rebuilt to for piece of mind. I mean, I don't know about you, but I hate redoing the same thing over and over again. Do it once, do it right.
  33. Why 260hp on 272 with 9:1 comp

    Before jumping to conclusions. . . What kind/size of restrictor did you have? MHI turbo's do have to be restricted if feeding from the ofh with NO balance shafts. . .
  34. Tial 50mm BOV Spring Selection

    I am at 14hg with my hks 272's.
  35. Need Clutch Help!

    Is it still slipping in boost?
  36. really? wtf.

    Lol. Good thing I blocked ad's. . . Who know's what would have pop'd up on mine :)
  37. has anyone here run pennzoil synchromesh for 3+ yrs without problems?

    Ive been using syncromesh since I bought my car 5 years ago. Trans shifts nicely, and no issues thus far. . .
  38. What clutches are you guys using 400-500whp

    Was a brand new clutch setup, perfect stepped flywheel (measured by my machinest, and me). IDK if it was just a bad disk, or it did NOT like the stroker, but it just did not like to bang gears or launch. Pull on pull it held great. Again, I am NOT dissing XTD, it is an excellent clutch for...
  39. What clutches are you guys using 400-500whp

    Here are some pics of my old XTD. . . Those weren't even the bad ones. One-2 pads had NO pads on them at all. This clutch only has 3-4k miles on it, and been to the track ONCE. Never dropped the clutch, but launched it correctly. It would not grab for sh!t. If I tried to shift faster...
  40. 2.3 stroker cam question

    I love my HKS 272's. Trapped 128 in the 1/4 on my setup with only 7* of timing though :/. Great all around power IMO.
  41. Need Clutch Help!

    Did you replace or shim your pivotball? Did you check the clutch fork? New tob? Where does the fork sit in the window on the tranny? Also for bleeding, use this method, its excellent and worked for me. Also remember to use ALL 4 bolts to hold the tranny to the block. Even the one in the...
  42. What clutches are you guys using 400-500whp

    ^ Ill give you some info. . . The XTD is a great clutch for only $180 (I got it for $150 by talking to them). But it did NOT like launches, or "banging" gears. As soon as I let off that clutch it would not hold for sh!t. But from a couple wot pulls and shifting, it worked perfect. I have a...
  43. What clutches are you guys using 400-500whp

    I had my XTD trap 128 in the 1/4. HATED the launch though, would not shift for shit lol. But let me know how that act/xtd combo works out. . .
  44. new clutch/flywheel troubles

    Any other advice? All new component's and it still drags at around 5.5-6k, and grinds everytime going into reverse (not releaseing 100%).
  45. new clutch/flywheel troubles

    All splines are lubricated. As for putting the tranny on, it went on fine, but had to pull it out slightly so I can put the transfercase on, because my down pipe was in the way. But ive done that for years with no issues. (Not that I am ruling out a warped clutch disk). Am going to try your...
  46. new clutch/flywheel troubles

    Yes as per jacks video. If I turn the rod anymore, it closes off the bleeder valve. When looking at the clutch assembly under the dash, what exactly do I look for for wear? I am going to try a new slave and re-reblead again (bled this damn thing soo many times already).
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