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  1. Goldenugget

    1g gsx project

    The early cars are a little strange and came with a LSD or ABS and mine has a LSD. So I did not have ABS to worry about. Everything just bolted up for me. I believe you can just ditch the ABS and run a non ABS proportioning valve. I also upgraded to a 3g booster and master cylinder. The booster...
  2. Goldenugget


    They look fine. Like said before just check with plastigauge.
  3. Goldenugget

    1G Lifter question

    I just did BC280 cams, springs, retainers, HLA, and revised lifters. When you first start it up just wait a couple of minutes for the lifter to quite up and carry on doing what ever brake in procedure you planned on doing. I would not worry about letting it idle for a couple of minutes on a...
  4. Goldenugget

    1G Battery relocation question

    I planed on doing a trunk mount battery with kill switch and after a lot of research figuring out how i want to do it i ended up just buying the JM Fab large low mount battery kit. Looks and fit great and you dont need to worry about any of that stuff. If you dont need it in the trunk i would...
  5. Goldenugget

    Haltech Haltech Elite Trigger setup

    I got it all figured out. Rookie mistake. CAS was out 180. I am running the evo 1 presets and ign1a coils in direct fire. Works great.
  6. Goldenugget

    Haltech Haltech Elite Trigger setup

    I have a 90 gsx with an elite 1500. I am having an issue getting it started and i am staring to think it is a trigger setup issue. Can anyone share what they are using for trigger settings on an elite ecu. All the wiring has been checked, timed in with a timing light, im getting spark and fuel...
  7. Goldenugget

    1G Running a AWD as Front wheel only

    It does the opposite of that. I have the 3.5 inch aluminum one. It replaces the first 2 sections and lobro joint and retains the factory rear section with rear carrier bearing. Zero vibrations over 100mph with solid carrier bearing bushings.
  8. Goldenugget

    1G Running a AWD as Front wheel only

    I just had to rebuild my drive shaft and after I added up the cost of all the parts. 3 universal's, labro boot, and 2 carrier bearings. I just got a driveshaft shop driveshaft. You still need 1 carrier bearing and 1 factory universal. If it's in the budget it's so much easier and you never have...
  9. Goldenugget

    1G Performance Possibilities with these mods.

    You will find the limit of the factory fuel system very quickly.
  10. Goldenugget

    General Air-Fuel Ratio

    I have never seen a lm-1 semi permanently installed. I find it highly unlikely the wideband is the cause of any of your issues.
  11. Goldenugget

    Fixing up the forgotten

    I would just make sure your deck surfaces are as clean as possible. Just dont mechanically clean them in any way like a power tool of some kind.
  12. Goldenugget

    Rocky Mountain Race Week

    I think i have seen that car before. I think its 4G63 swapped.
  13. Goldenugget

    2G Spark "blow out" after 5000RPM

    Just my opinion you target AFR is really rich all over the map. Im not saying thats your problem but it cant help. Do you have any way to datalog AFR?
  14. Goldenugget

    I bought a thing...

    They probably said that right after they said "hold my beer". That had to be exciting in the car when that happened.
  15. Goldenugget

    Heli-Coil Stripped Cam Caps Question

    I would just repair the damaged ones. Look into a machine shop doing the repairs so they can get everything located properly. The last thing you want is one of those holes a little off. It may be cheaper than you think.
  16. Goldenugget

    2G Spark "blow out" after 5000RPM

    Whats the gap on the plugs and what do they look like when you pull them? Could be fouling out from to rich of a AFR. 10.2 is very rich for that moderate amount of boost.
  17. Goldenugget

    Drag Week 2G DSM - 8 Second Street Car

    Awesome build man. I plan on running a Haltech 1500 in my car with drive by wire. Just a fyi to everyone a 4g eclipse e throttle body bolts right up to a stock dsm manifold. It requires some porting because the 4g gt throttle body has a larger diameter but it has the same bolt pattern. I am...
  18. Goldenugget

    1G Purchase advise, 1992 Talon AWD automatic

    Sounds like a good deal to me. I drove 3.5 hours to get my car and just got a uhaul trailer ware the car was and dropped it back off at a local uhaul when i got home.I think i payed $85.
  19. Goldenugget

    Must be spring..

    Was just at a local cars and coffee and had the only one.
  20. Goldenugget

    2G Help with connector

    The knock sensor is on the back of the motor under the intake manifold.
  21. Goldenugget

    1G ECU not powering on, no 12v at ECU pin 110.

    Do you have the full ECU diagram?
  22. Goldenugget

    Drag Race Build my journey to a 9sec street car

    Yeah I just replaced every ware item in my suspension so I’m kind of starting from zero with my alignment. Ill let you know what I end up doing.
  23. Goldenugget

    Drag Race Build my journey to a 9sec street car

    Awesome build man. Do you do anything special with your wheel alignment?
  24. Goldenugget

    1G Performance Alignment Settings

    Any recommendations on an alignment for a drag setup?
  25. Goldenugget

    1g gsx project

    Hey Everyone. This is my 1990 GSX. California car with almost no rust. Replacing all of the suspension and brakes first thing. RTM subframe bushings ES bushing kit Active toe elimination kit Stainless brake lines 2g brakes Kyb gr2 shocks Megan springs Wheel bearing Ball joints Sway bar link...
  26. Goldenugget


    Goldenugget submitted a new DSM Profile : Goldenugget Read more about this vehicle here...
  27. Goldenugget

    Street Build Goldenugget

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