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  1. twicks69

    Resolved Is this clutch and pressure plate saveable? Less than 2k miles on SBC

    Depth micrometer works just fine, otherwise a straight edge bar with dial indicator works just fine too (zero'ing out at step, then dropping to friction surface like RRE has in their old post - ).
  2. twicks69

    2G What pistons should I get??

    Is this a 6 bolt or 7 bolt 4G63 w/ 100mm crank? What bore size? What wrist pin size?CP catalog - Page 85 and 86 has shelf options - am able to get CP no problem, they are all special...
  3. twicks69

    Resolved Is this clutch and pressure plate saveable? Less than 2k miles on SBC

    Typically ACT's are 0.6065-6080" out of the box new.
  4. twicks69

    What in the.. Can anyone tell me what this is?

    Take EVERYTHING apart. Expect to be changing out and cleaning every single thing or replacing components. Radiator, heater core, oil cooler, all water lines, head, block, throttle body, water neck assembly, etc. Personally I would remove everything and replace. That has to be the worst block...
  5. twicks69

    2G What pistons should I get??

    CP and Diamond should both make one, or a custom one for you. Considering my custom stroker pistons are from both of those companies.
  6. twicks69

    OEM Speedo ring gear MD717879 Discontinued. I am manufacturing new ones. App: Quaife KAAZ Differentials.

    As a heads up, Mitsubishi finally discontinued the MD717879 speedometer ring gear that is used for all aftermarket LSD front differentials (KAAZ, Quaife, Wavetrac) for the F5M33, W5M33 DSM transmissions along with the W5MG1, W6MG1 3SI transmissions.I am in the process of manufacturing a batch...
  7. twicks69

    2G New Clutch Jerking

    Sounds like flywheel choice, and your vehicle's tune.
  8. twicks69

    2G New Clutch Jerking

    Is this the K536SSXTZ/B dual friction Kevlar/Ceramic disk kit you purchased from me in 2019?
  9. twicks69

    2G New Clutch Jerking

    Adjustment should be around 0-2" from floor for it's disengagement range. It sounds like you are over-extended on your master cylinder adjustment rod. Could lead to partial disengagement of the pedal at pedal-up, jerkiness, etc. Adjust the rod out (into the pedal, away from the master)...
  10. twicks69

    So I just bought a RVR fwd manual transmission for my gst-spyder

    He has a GS-T Spyder, which already tells us it is a 95-99 Eclipse GS-T with 27 spline front axles in a F5M33-2-SPZT transmission.But yes, OP, please fill out your vehicle profile.Thanks, TMZ
  11. twicks69

    1G 1991 Won't start

    It should. What specifically are you looking for in detail?
  12. twicks69

    So I just bought a RVR fwd manual transmission for my gst-spyder

    Also, a 2g fwd F5M33 trans is not worth $1100 or whatever they were asking. Especially an unknown condition one with unknown model information. And especially a F5M31 or F5M22. Beware of JDM auctions for this specific scenario, you will be better off buying local/ in-country.Do some searching.
  13. twicks69

    Evo 1 transfer case.

    If it is a W5M33-2-WQFE, W5M33-2-WQGE, W5M33-2-WQWE, W5M33-2-WQYE (all the Evo 1 options from factory), you will need a 1991-1996 23-spline input sleeve, 24/22 tooth gearset with 1.090 ratio.Again, IF the transmission has not been opened up and the final drive swapped, or the transmission has...
  14. twicks69

    So I just bought a RVR fwd manual transmission for my gst-spyder

    You need the model code off the top, it NEEDS to be a F5M33-2-xxxx. I believe most JDM FWD RVR are either F5M31 or F5M22. You will NEED the identification marking on the bellhousing (flat rectangular spot between the top two mounting bolt holes.Please reference the attached photo for...
  15. twicks69

    2G Jack's transmission rebuild extras

    I'm slammed guys, not trying to miss emails but I have 3 months easy of work sitting here to do, and a bazillion business response emails to deal with. I cannot keep up with all of it and sometimes people have to understand that. I'm only a 1 man show, and on limited hours during the current...
  16. twicks69

    Straight cut housing for Quaife ATB Central LSD QDH9B

    I do not have any PPG center diff housings here to send in. I only have customer ones for builds I am working on.You can contact Fernando @ Ostar Performance and ask for a part number and price quote for the 4 spider housing.
  17. twicks69

    1G F5M22 30 or 36 tooth 3/4 synchros any way to tell?

    What is the exact build month and year on your door VIN plate? ASA software will not be able to look up your VIN because it is Mitsubishi software and you have an Eagle Talon N/T. I know, it's dumb, but that's how it goes. Knowing the month and year, not just a generalized year, will make it...
  18. twicks69

    Oil plug missing

    3/8" BSPT plug - MD040338
  19. twicks69

    New modular clutch wont go into gear

    Did you replace your clutch fork or clutch fork pivot ball while you had the transmission off? The 420A / SRT4 clutch fork pivot balls are notorious for excessive wear because it is a 2 piece pivot ball with plastic cap that egg-shapes over time. The part is typically upgraded to either a...
  20. twicks69

    Bearing Part Number Cross-references

    Yes, I can put sealed ones on if you want. I have them in stock.The -2RS means both sides have plastic seals protecting the bearing.The C3 is a normal tolerance bearing, C4 is a higher clearance tolerance. Both will work fine in this application.Koyo is an excellent brand, but all in...
  21. twicks69

    Bearing Part Number Cross-references

    As a heads up, with the rear diff pinion bearings be sure they are specifically the "c" versions, as the contact angle is different from the generic number 32207 and 30305 bearings. The standard 30207 bearings for the rear diff carrier though are a standard item and work fine.For the front...
  22. twicks69

    Straight cut housing for Quaife ATB Central LSD QDH9B

    You could see if Ray @ KAAZ would be [email protected]
  23. twicks69

    Straight cut housing for Quaife ATB Central LSD QDH9B

    The PPG housing has a tooth OD of 4.210", OD at root to root of tooth is 3.530", with the 4 spider posts, there is only 0.040" of material at it. I know it would be a bit different with the quaife housing, but the PPG housing has a max OD above the teeth of 4.00", if they are using the 3.44"...
  24. twicks69

    Straight cut housing for Quaife ATB Central LSD QDH9B

    Well, here's pictures of the PPG 4 spider housing, you will see how thin it gets.
  25. twicks69

    Sway bar size

    Yeah I was looking on that forum and it looked pretty darn quiet.As for the measuring, being that there are 3 variations, it would be definitely wise to check before ordering.Good luck!TMZ
  26. twicks69

    Sway bar size

    Well OEM front bushing is MR589816 but doesn't say in ASA, and the rear bushing is MR272717 (looks like 19mm). You will need to measure to see if it is 16mm, 18mm or 19mm for the front sway bar. The front is likely 16mm being the Spyder, but you should measure first. Or simply ask the question...
  27. twicks69

    420A Transmission end bearings

    Stay away from All State Gear. They still have not resolved my order from a month ago with over a dozen emails sent. Their kit also came with fiber lined 3/4/5/R synchros.I've used Transmission Parts Distributors before for other applications, did your kit come with full brass synchros for...
  28. twicks69

    420A transmission pops out of gear in 3rd
  29. twicks69

    420A transmission pops out of gear in 3rd

    Dude. Just replace the entire trans.
  30. twicks69

    420A transmission pops out of gear in 3rd

    Again, this thread is regarding 2G NT 420a NVT350 / A578 / F5MC1 transmissions, not the 4G63T F5M33 / W5M33 transmissions.The ones I mentioned are non-Sulphur additive non-corrosive gear oils above (again, for use in the F5M33 / W5M33 transmissions)...
  31. twicks69

    420A transmission pops out of gear in 3rd

    Almost every fluid on the market nowadays is GL-5. For the stock power level 4G63T cars on a F5M33 or W5M33 transmission, the OEM spec is Eneos Multigear GL3/4/5 85w90 dino oil. I typically have customers run Redline 75w85NS (no slip version) or Redline MT-85 (GL-4), and Redline 75W140NS for...
  32. twicks69

    RTM Racing out of business?

    No, they are in business. Their site got hacked a couple days ago.From their facebook page - STILL DOWN Just a short note to let you know we haven't "flown by night". Neither have we committed any crimes or failed to pay our bills! Our servers were hacked, and it became necessary to...
  33. twicks69

    420A transmission pops out of gear in 3rd

    This is specific to the 420a transmission only. The F5M33 and W5M33 transmission uses GL-4 and GL-5 based 80w90 style fluids in stock form. The linings of the New Venture T350 (NVT350)/ A578 / F5MC1 transmission are completely different for friction material which is more like that of an...
  34. twicks69

    420A Transmission end bearings

    Well the bearings are supposed to be 63mm OD but I can tell you that the aftermarket ones typically screw up with the end bearings. The OEM ones are NSK 30TM14NX1. The aftermarket kits have some that specify the sizing, but the BK414WS kit i just received was sent with 66mm OD bearings and was...
  35. twicks69

    420A transmission pops out of gear in 3rd

    Well, only a few things it can be. Internally, your 3rd/4th shift fork plastic pads are worn off/damaged, your synchro lining is wiped out, or your 3rd/4th slider has excessive wear, your 3rd/4th hub and slider snapring is broken and will be killing 4th needle bearing soon. Reference pictures...
  36. twicks69

    Turbo my 420A

    Looks like my brutally honest post #2 was deleted, based on over 20 years of experience in the DSM platform and a business of more than a decade serving.Good luck with your project, you will want to do much more research and budgeting to consider before attempting this modification.
  37. twicks69

    Building a filled block / aluminum rod LR 2.2L 7-bolt, feedback wanted

    I haven't had time to work on it. I pulled my old race engine around end of March 2020, and the stock bare block and all of these components are sitting in my shop on a shelf. The block needs to be punched out before i can do all the grinding clearance work. Customer jobs first, and the...
  38. twicks69

    1G 26” slicks tire pressure?

    Going to the bigger tire will be beneficial above 150mph, but it will put more load on the drivetrain. Thanks for posting the old video of my POS eclipse breaking everything out back. That was a result of running coilovers with too soft of a rear spring (which I changed to a 500# spring...
  39. twicks69

    2G Ppg with spool and quiafe lsd question

    Your output shaft is only going to spin if you are physically engaged in a gear and you are spinning the input shaft. Its a 1x23 input so if you have an evo disk or a dsm 23 spline transfer case input sleeve you can use that to spin the input shaft. You will need to rotate the input shaft to...
  40. twicks69

    Resolved Is this clutch and pressure plate saveable? Less than 2k miles on SBC

    The markings on the backside of the pressure plate look like the disk hub was contacting the backside of the fingers from over-disengagement. Why was the pivot ball shimmed? It likely could have been the issue for this.Contact DJ Pyfer @ SBC, his email is [email protected], he will...
  41. twicks69

    2G Engine bay smells like coolant but no apparent leaks or burning. Any ideas?

    You could also have a leaking FIAV gasket in the throttle body that would seep into the intake manifold.
  42. twicks69

    Trans parts hash mark IDs

    Well you have an early 89-90 style center diff and a 90-91.5 center diff there. I have seen a couple weirdos over the years but please show me your 3rd and 4th gears and profiles along with the intermediate shafts.
  43. twicks69

    RS eclipse worth it or no

    Well, it will never be fast, so save your money and look for a 4G63T AWD DSM instead of a 420a-powered vehicle.
  44. twicks69

    RS eclipse worth it or no

    Don't waste your money. You would be better off buying a cheap K-series Honda.
  45. twicks69

    Trans parts hash mark IDs

    Photos of all of the gears, shafts and center diff gear and the lower pinion oil washer grooves so I can identify please.Was this a JDM gearset or a USDM gearset? Transmission case identification codes as well?
  46. twicks69

    How to properly mount your 2g Rear Diff

    I really haven't driven my car much in the last few years but I have had no issues with my rear end when I was still racing.
  47. twicks69

    Recommended AUTO transmission rebuilders?

    Darren at DTR will be the quickest option. I have a few months of work here to finish up.
  48. twicks69

    Questions regarding checking cylinder compression

    99% of the questions you have asked lately can be found out by searching here, Google with DSMTUNERS in the search query, or on
  49. twicks69

    2G What is this?

    It is the cruise control actuator -
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