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  1. 96 GSX starter problem / noise / no catch / no start

    I just replaced the motor on my 95 gsx auto with one out of a 98 gst manual. I compared the 2 plates before bolting the trans on and they are exactly the same. I lined both of them up, compared the numbers on them, and they are 100% identical. The difference between AWD and FWD is the flywheel...
  2. 96 gsx 5 spd trans questions

    Could also be your transfer case. Have you checked the fluid in the tcase? Have you pulled it and checked for grinding or sounds when spinning the t case? My buddy had a 97 gsx (before i had mine) and the t case would make a horrible sound like you are explaining while driving. As soon as we...
  3. Car won't run right 2g eclipse gsx

    what happens when you try to go over 35? Does it feel like your hitting a brick wall? Does the car boost fine up to that speed? Anyway to post a video of what its doing and how it drives? What did you take apart to replace the crank sensor?
  4. Unstale rpm's (not only at idle)

    Does the car drive fine and the RPM gauge is just funky and acting up or does the car not have power / throttle response is crap? I saw your post about the throttle response but not sure if you are referring to how fast the gauge responds when you step on the accelerator pedal or the car itself...
  5. clutch engagement issue. or maybe not.

    I have never had to add a shim to my pivot ball for the Fork on any clutch replacement. I have done ACT 2600's, 4 and 6 puck clutches, etc... I kept the factory line from the master cylinder to the frame rail and just replaced the factory small line with a stainless line. I have always just...
  6. Auto tranny car won't move in gear

    When the car is running, check to see if coolant is coming out of the weep hole on the water pump. If it is, then it needs to be replaced. Also check the water pipe where it goes into the water pump. There is a black O Ring that goes around the water pipe before its installed that will tend to...
  7. 2g easy brake upgrade using cobalt ss turbo brembo monoblock calipers

    From what everyone has said in this thread, no, they will not clear the stock GSX rims. I am 99% sure they wont clear the GST rims either because of their design and size
  8. Auto tranny car won't move in gear

    did you check all electrical connections? Shifter linkage connection? When you put the shifter into P, or R, or D, do you feel or hear the trans engaging at all or does it not do anything? Is your fluid filled correctly?
  9. magic water leak

    Can you post a picture of where the leak is exactly at? I have to do a lot of leak tests with collisions and a lot of leaks come from an inproperly installed or seated weatherstrip. Make sure the weatherstrip on the trunk opening is sealed 100% around the lid, make sure its not torn. There are...
  10. P1750 TCU possibly?

    Great job! I am glad you found that cable. I also hope it sloves all of your driveability problems. :-)
  11. 1997 GSX Issue Bucking a Running Like Crap.

    Have you used DSMLink before? Do you have a solid connection between your laptop and the OBD2 plug? Here is a link from ECMTuning that has a lot of great info: The only real way we can help you instead of guessing is to see a log from DSMLink while you are...
  12. Whats my factory color code.

    Good luck with removing that coding before painting the car. Aircraft Paint Stripper might work but its also "illegal" in some counties in California. This would be the easiest thing to do to remove the linex stuff. If not you will need A LOT of sand paper, lol
  13. Whats my factory color code.

    who in their right mind would do that to a car... :-(Just an FYI, its NOT easy to remove. Anytime we do a truck bedside, we have to use 40 grit grinders to remove the lining. Aircraft paint stripper may remove yours but it also looks like they painted all your belt moldings, window moldings...
  14. P1750 TCU possibly?

    low fluid would make it go into limp modeTheres a drain and refill plug on the front bottom area of the transmission, remove the airbox and possibly upper intercooler pipe to get easy access to it.I have left mine stock and not messed with it. You can buy shift kits, stall converters...
  15. 2G A/C not cold

    GREAT job Wrencher :DI have found from pulling down and fixing AC systems that if someone has cracked or replaced AC components in the AC system in the past, the biggest thing that fails are the O rings going into and out of the Condenser since its one of the most commonly replaced items...
  16. Whats my factory color code.

    I already gave him the paint code, I looked it up through my PPG Paint System at work.Its most likely PMG / P75, Wildberry Pearl MetallicThat is what PPG is showing for the car. Its the only color code / color descrption even close to the color of his door jambs.
  17. P1750 TCU possibly?

    How many miles are on your car? Has trans or Torque Converter ever been rebuilt or replaced? Trans fluid should not be brown, it should be a transulcent red color.Did you check your ground cables? Your negative battery cable? Are they not frayed and bolted down tight?If you are boosting...
  18. Intake Manifold "P" line unplugged

    not a problem at all, glad to be able to help :-)
  19. 2G A/C not cold

    Being in the bodyshop industry, your best option is to take it to an AC Shop. They will run a vacuum on the whole sytem for 30 minutes or so to check for leaks and also the proper amount of vacuum being pulled. If your AC system has a very light vacuum, or none at all, then its because of a leak...
  20. clutch engagement issue. or maybe not.

    Do you have any slop in the pedal? Does the clutch disengage when you start pressing the pedal or does it only disengage almost to the floor?When I had my ACT2600 and Fidanza flywheel, It would engage literally right off the floor. I preferred it that way so I never messed with it.As...
  21. Intake Manifold "P" line unplugged

    I ripp out all my exhaust components anyways on my DSM's. It will not cause any ill effects at all. They are all just small vacuum lines for emissions reasons.The A & M lines control the EGR and such. The P line helps with the Charcoal canister below your battery since you have a 1997. If...
  22. Whats my factory color code.

    its under the hood on the passenger side of the firewall. Most of them fade out but you might be able to see it.Its most likely PMG / P75, Wildberry Pearl Metallic
  23. P1750 TCU possibly?

    You can take your car to a local auto parts store (Auto Zone, O'Rielly's, NAPA, etc...) and most will test your alternator / battery to make sure its good. You can also start the car at night and turn the headlamps on, stereo, etc... pretty much put a full drain on the system. If your headlamps...
  24. 1997 GSX Issue Bucking a Running Like Crap.

    60 psi?!?! 60...??? Someone correct me if I am wrong but at 60 psi, i would imagine all your couplers would blow off, possibly damage throttle body seals and turbo seals? That is a MASSIVE amount of pressure to have in your intake system.I kind of get a sense that maybe you are not doing...
  25. Intake Manifold "P" line unplugged

    I took your picture and circled where to cap. Its the metal tube where red line with the screw attaches to.You shouldnt have an open hole or nipple on your intake manifold because you have a 97 not a 98. The 98 and 99, the red hose / p line was moved from the throttle body to the intake...
  26. P1750 TCU possibly?

    Since you are located in California, Craigslist has a lot of TCU's for cheap, as does Pick N Pull. I just went to my local Pick N Pull and they had 3 turbo dsms, 2 auto GST's and 1 manual GST. You can find a TCU pretty cheap.TCU Part # is different for the Non turbo to the turbo models so...
  27. 1997 GSX Issue Bucking a Running Like Crap.

    Have you recently disconnected or reset your Eprom / DSMLink? I forgot to save it one time, pulled the battery, and when i hooked it back up, I forgot I had to change all my injector settings, etc... before I could get the car to run correctly.
  28. 1997 GSX Issue Bucking a Running Like Crap.

    I couldnt tell by the video (at work right now) but are you running an AFPR? I couldnt remember from your profile. I post from DSMLink would help a lot.The video really only shows either fuel cut or a boost leak. When you did the boost leak test did you do it on the compressor housing of the...
  29. 1997 GSX Issue Bucking a Running Like Crap.

    Well where do i start, lolSounds like you have a lot of things going on.First off fix that exhaust leak, sounds horrible!You state that you have DSM link, have you hooked it up and made sure you have all the settings correct for injector size, etc...?have you done a boost leak...
  30. Intake Manifold "P" line unplugged

    OP, do you have a nipple on your intake manifold as synthetek posted with his diagram up above?if not i would trace it back down the back of the manifold and get a black nipple cap for now and cap it at the metal 3 tubes that come up the back of the intake manifold. synthetek is right, that...
  31. Wastegate ? Can i use this on my gsx

    Good catch! Yes you need to flip the waste gate. Try to find that pipe or you might be able to look at forced performance or extreme psi to see if they sell one. Or I would take it to an exhaust shop and have one made, probably wouldn't be too much
  32. 2g easy brake upgrade using cobalt ss turbo brembo monoblock calipers

    Any update on this? I am definitely interested as to how this turned outThanks
  33. Wastegate ? Can i use this on my gsx

    Yes as long as you hook up the vacuum line. The 2 bolt flange on the bottom is for the dump / exhaust tube. I would recommend you get one so that when the wastegate opens it doesnt dump hot exhaust right into your fans / radiator / p.s. pump or anything else in the vacinity.It didnt come...
  34. Intake Manifold "P" line unplugged

    Just like synthetek said, your P line is not off the TB, that hose either connects to the intake manifold or is for some other part of the evap system. Look at the label on your hood, trace all the hoses and see which one came undone. You can then hook up whatever you need to reconnect all your...
  35. Auto tranny car won't move in gear

    Make sure all your electrical plugs are 100% seated, also try dielectric grease in each plug. I find this helps a lot for making contact especially with older and dirter harnesses.Did you put the shift linkage on correctly to the trans? Can you move through all positions without and tension...
  36. Auto tranny car won't move in gear

    sounds like you didnt install the Torque Converter correctly. How did you align the torque converter to the transmission prior to installing onto the motor? What type of A/T fluid did you use?
  37. Car Overheated / Overheating / Overheats [MERGED]

    hmm...Squealing could be the AC Belt / Compressor / Clutch if it has seized or is getting close to seizing. Did you spin the water pump pulleys with the belts off? If so how much resistance was there? Did it spin freely or kinda rough?You may have a blockage of some sort in the block or...
  38. Car Overheated / Overheating / Overheats [MERGED]

    Everyone has had great suggestions, good job! :-)My 2 cents.... ;-)I highly do not recommend running just water. It is extremely corrosive and you have no idea how many times at the body shop I have empied radiators and the water was brown and rusty.Water boils at approx: 212F 50...
  39. Oil Pump

    I would start with the ticking coming from the 3 missing turbo bolts. Your picture shows that he is missing 3 bolts that holds the turbo to the manifold. Are you sure you were not hearing the exhaust leak that would definitely be coming from there?Also why is the upper timing cover missing...
  40. Alternator wiring question

    Does the starter work correctly each time you go to start it? If so i pretty certain your issue does not have anything to do with your starter repair as you have the solenoid wire, the cable from the + terminal straight to the starter and the ground from the starter that normally grounds the...
  41. Found N/T Pistons in my 2g GSX?!?!

    I have attached pictures of the pistons. These are the only pics i have right now of them. There are no oil squirters in this motor at all and everything installed is off a 2g motor. If this is really a 1g 7 bolt motor, would that explain the oil leaking onto the timing belt from around the oil...
  42. Found N/T Pistons in my 2g GSX?!?!

    I dont want to bust the shop / person online as it was their "engine rebuilder" who rebuilt the motor and sold it to me personally. I found some very interesting things / questions about the internals / block that i will be posting with pictures in a bit!
  43. Oil leak, beating the dead horse

    Where did you have the pan overtightened at? You didnt accidently strip any holes out did you? Just trying to maybe overstate the obvious incase you missed something. Do you have anyone that can come give you a 2nd set of eyes on the leak?
  44. Found N/T Pistons in my 2g GSX?!?!

    I will have to get my digital camera and take a picture of the cross hatches on the cylinder walls. I will also post pics of the bearings, crank, journals, rods, etc... tomorrow when i get the motor all the way out. To me, for all the 4g63 motors i have seen, the "cuts" into the cylinder walls...
  45. Found N/T Pistons in my 2g GSX?!?!

    So a couple years ago i bought my 97 GSX from a craiglist guy who said the timing belt broke while he was driving on the freeway. Long story short, i got the car for dirt cheap knowing the motor was trash. I found another "rebuilt" longblock from a mechanical shop in the bay area. I pulled the...
  46. Should I Push Start

    Maybe i was thinking of the difference between the A/T and M/T starters, idk...If they are the same starters but have different flywheels, are the AWD and FWD trans bellhousings spaced differently for the starter mounting?Either way i guess you are going to have to drop the trans again...
  47. Should I Push Start

    I know that but wouldnt it be easier to just get an AWD starter? When i helped convert my buddies GST to a GSX all we did was swap flywheels and got a GSX starter. I might be mistaken but wouldnt that be easier than dropping the trans?
  48. Part number for A/C belt idler

    If you have a 2.0l N/T the part number looks to be MB439777. If you have a 1.8l N/T it looks to be MB439774. These are shown to be the "Tension pulley" for both motors.
  49. Should I Push Start

    What flywheel did you accidently install?
  50. Getting back in the Dan world

    Where under the back seat would you hide a sub and amp? There is no storage "under" the rear seats unless you mean in the hatch area?
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