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  1. DSM98GSX

    my98gsx's 1999 Eclipse GSX

    I really enjoy your build! Great looking car and hood to know about the Vamos rear DS loop possibly interfering with the new sub. I am going that route soon and have the loop already.
  2. DSM98GSX

    ***** NEW PRODUCT V2 Bumpsteer kit 2G ***** (CLOSED)

    I'll add a set to mine as well Bobby. Why not!? I think after all this I'm only missing your front subframe and some control arms!
  3. DSM98GSX

    Ultimate 1G & 2G DSM Brass Shifter Pivot/Cable/Base Bushings Set (28pcs)

    I need to find out what others I need and then I'm sending a PM! Thank you so much for doing this!
  4. DSM98GSX

    ***** NEW PRODUCT ***** 2G, 4 point front under brace / subframe brace *****CLOSED*****

    I have one for sale that's never been installed. Opted to go with Bobby's front subframe instead so this won't work for my application. DM me if interested.
  5. DSM98GSX

    *** Future Product*** 2G Tubular front subframe (interest and details only thread)

    Bobby, The 4 point brace is a complete redesign from the one I got from you a while back that will only work on the stock subframe correct? If so...anybody not interested in the front subframe but wants a 4 point, lemme know! Lol. I guess I'll be ordering your front subframe to go along with...
  6. DSM98GSX

    ***** NEW PRODUCT V2 Bumpsteer kit 2G ***** (CLOSED)

    Seeing how I was asking for this, I'm definitely in! Sending you a deposit now!
  7. DSM98GSX

    Street Build 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse (RWD LS Swap)

    I am definitely following your build. As an engineer, I always appreciate when people think outside the box and push the envelope. Really interested to see what you guys do with the front end though as I completely agree with Bobby. Keep the updates coming!
  8. DSM98GSX

    2G ***NEW PRODUCT*** Quaife rack and pinion AKA Quickrack, W/Optional EPS kits (CLOSED)

    I'm totally down for the bumpsteer v2 kit! Count me in
  9. DSM98GSX

    Important: Improvements on Saturn Alternator Swap

    I put some good info on a turnbuckle setup at post #416 on page 17 also if you need a different alternative.
  10. DSM98GSX

    Flatout Suspension

    Welcome to the group and can't thank you enough for offering this! Few questions. I run a 98 GSX for reference and have been running a standard yellow Koni with Eibach spring. 1) What kind if a price range are these sitting at? I know this can be a loaded question as options and customizations...
  11. DSM98GSX

    Sheridan Engineering Engine Harness Plugs

    @brads yes that was me! I appreciate the quickness in getting everything sorted out! I definitely appreciate you doing this to help the community!
  12. DSM98GSX

    Sheridan Engineering Engine Harness Plugs

    Thank you @19Eclipse90! I appreciate the tag. Hoping to get an order made and knew someone here would know!
  13. DSM98GSX

    Sheridan Engineering Engine Harness Plugs

    Has anyone been able to get in contact with Sheridan Engineering lately? I needed to order some engine harness plugs and have sent some emails with no response? All that's listed on his website is the company email so not sure what route to take. Thank in advance
  14. DSM98GSX

    Door-Mounted Gauge Pod [3D Printed] | Interest

    I'll +1 on the stock replacement pieces if you make those! my originals broke and even the new-ish ones I bought are broken, just not as bad. If you make a 3D printed part out of ADA I'd be down to buy!
  15. DSM98GSX

    IPS Switch in the TPS

    Thanks for the input. I'll wire it up as normal and once the car is running, I'll know for sure!
  16. DSM98GSX

    IPS Switch in the TPS

    I'm trying to figure out a few things. I've converted to a Haltech Sport 1000, custom engine bay harness, using the 2gb TPS on a S90 TB. I want to keep my cruise control but haven't had the ability to test everything together. My main question is: the built in IPS in the TPS sensor ties into the...
  17. DSM98GSX

    AEM Kiggly 12 Tooth trigger Car won't start

    There seem to be a good amount of people here that have installed these and I was hoping to get some insight on how the routing of the wiring was done with the V3. Does it come out of the backside of the timing area like the 2g's or does the wiring come out of the front where the oil filter is...
  18. DSM98GSX

    *NEW PRODUCT* AF 2G Spare Tire well delete panels!

    I had done this a few years back and was also worried about the weight. So I added a 90* 1in x 1in aluminum angle and riveted it in place. It has seemed to support my fuel sump setup, battery (located in the center), and woofer box when I have it in lol. Just an idea if anyone was needing it!
  19. DSM98GSX

    2gb bumper thickness

    Odd question, and since I am not in front of the car I cannot check myself, but would someone be able to report back with how think the front bumper is (specifically the lower lip area) in mm. Thanks in advance! -Nic
  20. DSM98GSX

    2G ***NEW PRODUCT*** Quaife rack and pinion AKA Quickrack, W/Optional EPS kits (CLOSED)

    If anyone is interested in selling their kit, let me know! Missed out on this awesome opportunity!
  21. DSM98GSX

    Road Race Build 2G Auto Time Attack race build!

    I always go back through your build just to keep me hoping on my build! That and you build quality!
  22. DSM98GSX

    2G rear tailgate thermo formed poly-carbonate window (1 window)

    Well in that case! Thanks to all that have ordered for the good of the community
  23. DSM98GSX

    2G rear tailgate thermo formed poly-carbonate window (1 window)

    Bobby, Do you know if they made a mold for future orders? Want to get one of these when I get the CF hatch ordered. Thanks, Nic
  24. DSM98GSX

    3D Printed Bumper Risers | Purchasing Thread

    Are you still taking orders for these?
  25. DSM98GSX

    2G Billet Aluminium Handles

    These things will be a life saver once I get them installed! So awesome that you did an upfront buy to help people out and I hope more see the benefits from this! Such a small thing that can have a large impact.
  26. DSM98GSX

    FREE BILLET 2G Door Handles

    Hell ya Tony! Awesome thing to do for the community!!! 1998 GSX
  27. DSM98GSX

    Group Buy - Billet Green Top CAS Cover.

    Whatever happened to these? Did the buy ever happen or did it fall apart?
  28. DSM98GSX

    2G Adjustable tubular Rear upper suspension arm / wishbones, With R/C adjustment. (Closed)!!!!!

    I'm definitely in on the next run. Subscribed to this thread so I know when you're ready for the next batch!
  29. DSM98GSX

    1G Extremely High Oil Pressure (Fresh Build)

    I'm surprised no one mentioned this yet but with high oil pressure, make sure you're not running the pan low until you figure out what's going on. These engines notoriously hold a lot of oil high up in the head and don't drain properly. I've done the Kiggly HLA on the head as well as the oil...
  30. DSM98GSX

    What gauges should I get?

    Depending on budget, there are a lot of great options that have already been mentioned. I have 5 gauges (3 pillar , 2 frog eye) that I use: Defi D'link w/controller - boost, oil pressure, fuel pressure AEM wideband Stewart Warner shift guage Good thing about the Defi guages is you can daisy...
  31. DSM98GSX

    Important: Improvements on Saturn Alternator Swap

    I opted for the 1 wire 200 Amp as well. Made it extremely easy to do considering my wire tuck. This is by far the best alternator I've had in the Eclipse. My main concern was the swap to EHPS (Electro-Hydro Power Steering) system was going to draw too much in a lower amperage setup near idle and...
  32. DSM98GSX

    My fuse box relocation (project log)

    Corey, the washing part is a pain; as expected. I have a thick mat I lay over the engine so water doesn't pool on the VC or sit on the mani. The waxing is a bit different. They angle of the louvers aren't so extreme of an angle you cant get the pad in there, but you do have to do it backwards if...
  33. DSM98GSX

    My fuse box relocation (project log)

    Just wanted to give you some motivation on the hood louvers. I have never seen another hood like mine and also never had any heating issues with it. I run a pretty big DVDT FMIC, A/C condenser and aluminum radiator. I will say that the cost to have it done is pricey. I've asked a few companies...
  34. DSM98GSX

    Important: Improvements on Saturn Alternator Swap

    I don't have a picture of it but since I have my battery relocated to the trunk, I rewired from the alternator back. I used (I think) 1/0 welding wire. Probably a bit overkill but the outer protective coating in the engine bay is what I was considering. When you run any kind of wire next to a...
  35. DSM98GSX

    Important: Improvements on Saturn Alternator Swap

    Ripper, After years of fabbing and modifying, I can tell you a sharpie is your best friend! So that I knew where to clearance, I literally colored the area's I thought were hitting and got it mounted as best as possible then moved it up and down a bit to "etch" the sharpie area. This told me...
  36. DSM98GSX

    Important: Improvements on Saturn Alternator Swap

    I'm glad I was able to help you guys out with this! DJ, Yes, the stock power steering pump should fit without an issue as the turnbuckle sits in the same position as the stock one. Obviously I haven't fit it with it due to my electronic power steering setup, but I don't see a problem with it...
  37. DSM98GSX

    Important: Improvements on Saturn Alternator Swap

    I wanted to keep my A/C. I live in Arizona and having A/C is a big deal! As for heat, the mani will be coated and I can always build a shield if I need to. This was just an alternative for those wanting stock location.
  38. DSM98GSX

    Important: Improvements on Saturn Alternator Swap

    Hey guys, Just wanted to put an update in here for those that are doing this swap. I converted my system to the 200 AMP 1 wire self exciting alt from motorcityreman. I'm running a high amp EHPS system with a few other things so wanted the high amp output. I also didn't like the idea or look of...
  39. DSM98GSX

    2G Headlight/fuse box wiring

    Hey guys, Got another wiring question. Been a while since I pulled all the wiring and car isn't at the house but all the wiring is. My question s on the main fuse box with specifically headlight wiring. I've rewired the box to supply the main 40 amp headlamp fuse for the headlamp relay (+12V...
  40. DSM98GSX

    2G 98 fan relay wiring

    I was hoping you'd be the one to chime in. I've seen a few of your post and liked your explanations. I knew the stock fans were 3 speeds and the mt and auto use different settings etc. So for what I'm wanting to do: I'm using the stock 4 pin relays to control 2 spal fans. (Took out the 5 fan...
  41. DSM98GSX

    Defi-Link/fuel pressure linked

    I have a defi-link system that reads fuel pressure but also need my haltech to read the same fuel pressure. I know there are 3 wires for these sensors (power, ground, signal). Could I just tap the signal wire from the defi sensor into the AVI input on my haltech? I don't want to run a T for 2...
  42. DSM98GSX

    2G 98 fan relay wiring

    Hey guys, so I've got a question related to the wiring itself. I've deleted most of the stock wiring for the fans and am wiring my Spal fans to turn on with my haltech at different degrees. Problem is, the harness was pulled while the car wasn't running so I can't test for ground/switched...
  43. DSM98GSX

    Posted Build

    DSM98GSX updated DSM98GSX's Eclipse GSX View updates to this DSM profile...
  44. DSM98GSX

    Posted Build

    DSM98GSX updated DSM98GSX's Eclipse GSX View updates to this DSM profile...
  45. DSM98GSX

    Hood vent installation and CF hood painting

    My venting on my hood is so extreme that there are 5 rows of louvers. I don't have a single large hole like the vent here, but a large amount of smaller ones. I figured while driving, a coated mani shouldn't be effected but if I ever stop and it's raining I'll have to use a waterproof "blanket"...
  46. DSM98GSX

    Speed density (wire tuck)

    No I ditched the boxes and made my own grounds. I actually made a total of 3 harnesses in the front. I made an engine harness and right/left fender harnesses. Knock sensor you don't need using E85 and I don't really plan on running regular fuel. O2 sensors are gone since I'm using an AEM WB. The...
  47. DSM98GSX

    Speed density (wire tuck)

    Didn't know if you had received or how much farther you've gotten on your harness 303_2G. You can ditch the noise thing attached to your stock IM as you don't really need it. I believe it was to help cancel engine noise being heard in the radio but I've never heard anything come out of mine...
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