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Search results

  1. What Are You Watching?

    What are you guys watching to stay entertained during the Pandemic? Please share the name of the program, where to watch and what it's about.
  2. Most Affordable Appearance Upgrades

    What are the most Affordable Appearance Upgrades that really enhance your rides look?
  3. Katzkin Leather Seats Covers

    Is it just covers or does it include extra padding for worn seats?
  4. Outlander 4G63t swap?

    I have a 2008 Mitsubishi Outlander I would love to Supercharge or Turbo the V6.
  5. 2G Very High Oil Pressure After Rebuild

    What type of oil are you using and is it the correct viscosity? Quality oil and filters can fix issues like this.
  6. Garage Queen

    Beautiful job man you really put blood, sweat and tears into the build!
  7. Vanity Plates

    I dunno bros vanity plates paint you as a target.
  8. 1G Where can i get tcu terminals

    Check Rockauto, Amazon, Carid, Autoanything, and
  9. 2G I forgot to introduce myself, and my ‘95 Talon TSi...

    Welcome to the Mitsu World you will love them!
  10. 2G 200k Eagle Talon Thrust Bearing replacement?

    If it ain't broke don't fix it! Some of the best advice from ASE Master Techs. Stay on top of easy things like regular maintenance.
  11. 2G Maintenance on my new DSM.

    Be sure to change all Fluids, oils, Filters, and and spark plugs to start. I always recommend getting an Interstate Battery.
  12. Transforming Into Drift/Overlander/4X4/OffRoading/Urban Beast

    I came here cause you guys seem to know whats up with Mitsu.Every penny I spend on my Isabella is worth it to me, I remember walking for so long before I ever had a ride. Now I will never let her down.I might even pick up a 3000GT In Green if I can find someone to steal it from their grave ;)
  13. What Other Hobbies Do you guys have?

    Besides Automobiles ;)
  14. Superchargers On Mitsubishis?

    I have the V6 if anyone has experience with it let me know please considering dual superchargers or Turbo
  15. Transforming Into Drift/Overlander/4X4/OffRoading/Urban Beast

    I am still trying to figure out how wide and fat I can go on oem suspension.I was thinking of some Bull Bars Like these: some Overlanding Baskets Like This: Throw An...
  16. Outlander Engine Strut Bar/Brace

    Thanks Bro!Which would you pick because I never wanna buy this part again:Mitsubishi Outlander Strut Bars at Andy's Auto SportOr
  17. Outlander Engine Strut Bar/Brace

    Anyone know where to get quality aftermarket Engine Strut Bars/Braces for the Outlander?
  18. Ive never been to an official race track

    Maybe one day there will be a nice local track one can only dream.
  19. Ive never been to an official race track

    I want a real track the ones that complete a course a drift track that you can drift on :) it could also have a drag strip for people that only know how to race is a straight line.
  20. Ive never been to an official race track

    But a real track not does not only mean drag, I want a drift track.
  21. Security Systems to Stop Your RIde from Being Jacked

    Honestly guys I dont like people messing with vehicles that I spent my whole life paying and modding I feel like people have no respect for your stuff anymore. They just wanna steal someone elses life work.
  22. Where Do You Supply Your Tools From?

    Honestly I started with Craftsman when I was in Tech. but I could not afford it at the time so I had to return my tools. Now I have a hodge podge of Husky, Kobalt, and what ever else I can find at decent price with the most bang for my buck. I just check all the reviews a good tool is a good...
  23. Ive never been to an official race track

    A race track is a race track.
  24. Ive never been to an official race track

    I wish we had a track close by I would go every day and practice hell even if it was mud I dont care.
  25. Tuner insurance

    I am trying to lower my insurance rates because things are getting super expensive, have you guys used anything else besides Hagerty that was cool with Tuner Vehicles?
  26. Tuner insurance

    Does Hargaety cover leased vehicles as well? Looking to keep my DSM but will need a work truck.
  27. Wheel Color Opinions

    I would go Bronze, Gunmetal, Gold, Racing Green
  28. Security Systems to Stop Your RIde from Being Jacked

    What are the best security systems that you guys use so people do not steal your hard work?
  29. Where Do You Supply Your Tools From?

    You can never have enough tools so I wanted to ask you guys where and which brand of tools you guys like to buy?
  30. Superchargers On Mitsubishis?

    I just wonder if I can still get HKS parts in the USA.
  31. Top Wheels and Tires For Drifting

    I have not used all the tire brands yet but im still trying to find which ones feel the best, what are your go to favorite brands?
  32. Ive never been to an official race track

    How does it work do you pay each time you go on the track? What are the most competitive race tracks?
  33. Superchargers On Mitsubishis?

    Beautiful, I love seeing clean engine work. I wonder if they can help me on my build do you know the racer or shop name that can give me advice?
  34. Good DSM Youtube Channels to Watch

    Which DSM Youtube Channels do you guys watch?
  35. Recommended AUTO transmission rebuilders?

    Anyone good at rebuilding Trans? Where have you guys taken you Mitsus for Trans work?
  36. Superchargers On Mitsubishis?

    Cool thanks bros. I still have not decided Turbo Charge or Supercharge I just want more power and the better reliability.
  37. Decent wash/wax for initial cleaning of long-neglected car?

    My go to favorite local product is the Turtle Wax Ceramic Line but on the go I like to use Miracle Wash by AMSOIL its just spray and wipe and leaves a nice quick clean shine.
  38. Hi! i think this is a DSM. JDM 1995 Mitsubishi chariot

    Nice man throw on some wheels and nice tires and you are set :thumb:
  39. 2G New guy who wants to buy his first project car

    Dont sleep on 3000GT, Lancer Evos, Lancer Wagons, Gallants, Diamantes :sneaky:
  40. What is this car worth / Is this car a good deal?

    Before you spend cash on it take it for a test driver also have it inspected by a shop they usually charge $50 bucks or so but its worth it because if they find something wrong you missed with the vehicle then you can use that to bargain down the price :cool:
  41. Superchargers On Mitsubishis?

    I know turbos can be done but what about Superchargers? Has anyone ever supercharged a Mitsubishi?
  42. Which Brands Do You Guys Recommend for Suspension Parts?

    I am looking for quality springs.
  43. Off-Roading Armor

    Any of you guys Weld Off-Roading Armor like skit plates and shields for the undercarriage?
  44. Xbox or PS?

    I started off with Snes 16 bit but I always had Genesis, Nintendo 8 bit, Atari I played once or twice because my cousin had one, the all time goat were Dreamcast, N64 then I got a PS1 and played Ridge Racer until the system overheated. Both PS and Xbox are awesome I think PS is for people who...
  45. 2G Anyone interested in a Carbon Fiber roof?

    Cool, do you do Hoods as well?
  46. Top Wheels and Tires For Drifting

    In your opinion and experience what are the best wheels and tires for drifting?
  47. Xbox or PS?

    Which system do you guys prefer and why? Which games do you like to play the most?
  48. Spotify issue - need computer wizards help

    If you ever have those issues uninstall reinstall is the fastest best fix
  49. Tuner insurance

    Which insurance companies have you guys used in the past and which do you use now? How much do you pay a month? How is their customer service?
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