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Search results

  1. manny402

    For Sale Valve cover

    $50 bucks no cracks
  2. manny402

    Sold 1998 Gsx automatic

    $8,000 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse gsx clean and clear title 123,500 miles automatic. All season tires, both front tires are brand new. Motor and tranny are in good condition 95% stock minus 16g/intake/bov. Everything works as it should, no check engine light only problems are some exhaust leaks and...
  3. manny402

    Drag Race Build 2g awd swap forward facing 6466

    f***in legend man!
  4. manny402

    Drag Race Build 2g awd swap forward facing 6466

    I know you’re on the stock tranny but What transfer case/drive shaft/axles are you running?
  5. manny402

    For Sale Carbonetics ab hood

    Selling my brand new carbonetics carbon fiber hood. It built up some blemishes from sitting in the garage, I don’t know how. It has a small crack and will need some adjusting for it to fit rite. These hoods retail for 700 plus 200 for shipping I’m only asking $600 for it. Local pickup only...
  6. manny402

    Sold Quarter masters clutch

    Quarter masters twin disc clutch for a 6 bolt awd. It’s in good condition with lots of life left in it. Price is $600 (402)452-9091
  7. manny402

    For Sale Gauges,oil catch can

    3” vband Downpipe $50 Auto meter Oil pressure gauge(mechanical) $80 Auto meter Oil pressure gauge (electric) $105 Oil catch can $80
  8. manny402

    For Sale Cobalt oil pressure gauges

    Selling 2 brand new in the box cobalt gauges 1 is electronic and the other is mechanical. $80 for the mechanical gauge(full face display) $100 for the electric gauge
  9. manny402

    For Sale Cobalt Gauge & jmf cop

    Auto meter cobalt mechanical oil pressure gauge brand new in the box $80 Jmf coil on plug setup (no harness) $140
  10. manny402

    2G Unknown Transmission?

    I checked on mine it definitely has no stamp on that area
  11. manny402

    2G Unknown Transmission?

    I purchased this transmission back in ‘07-‘09 around that time, on this website. It was purchased from a guy named Justin, he told me it was a shep stage 4 transmission, me being young and naive I went ahead a bought it. I used it for a few months with no problems, I parted out the car and and...
  12. manny402

    For Sale Sirroco 3/4 radiator

    small ding at the bottom but never had a problem with it, works perfectly fine. $200 shipped and PayPal
  13. manny402

    Drag Race Build 2g awd swap forward facing 6466

    Have you checked the Turbo seals? sounds like oil is getting into an exhaust.
  14. manny402

    Drag Race Build 2g awd swap forward facing 6466

    Updates on the build? That car look wicked clean.
  15. manny402

    Street Build project second chance panda

    If you were in Omaha i would've gave you a hand.
  16. manny402

    Street Build project second chance panda

    By the way nice build, it's coming along nicely
  17. manny402

    Street Build project second chance panda

    No sir that was not me. I have no clue what your number is. I was just reading your build journal and seen that you had a rear diff. For sale
  18. manny402

    Street Build project second chance panda

    Still have the 2g rear lsd differential?
  19. manny402

    Project Red Bull (first build help)

    Today installed a evo 9 steering wheel. Looks and feels so much better then the big bulky stocker.
  20. manny402

    Project Red Bull (first build help)

    Torque 3 times to 65? What's the reason for that? Just asking...
  21. manny402

    Project Red Bull (first build help)

    I have heard of the tire screaching problems people have with welded center diffs. on short turns but I have drag radials on stock gsx wheels so it shouldn't be a problem for me. As for the pic you see my car in that huge garage, it was there just for body work. It's back in my garage now ready...
  22. manny402

    Project Red Bull (first build help)

    I've spent all of last year ordering and collecting parts for my 97 gsx (parts list below). I've owned the car for about 8 years now, long story short, my transmission gave out so I put the car in storage and decided to built it from the ground up. The car is now evo 9 red, with all black 99 gsx...
  23. manny402

    95 TSi Build - wire tuck / brake line tuck / engine bay shave

    I remember this build to bad the pics don't work anymore, I would LOVE to review the build once again.
  24. manny402

    Street/Strip '90 GSR-4 build

    Very! Very! Clean car. Lucky you.
  25. manny402

    New motor *Help*

    Now that I can do. Very useful information. Thanks again I appreciate it
  26. manny402

    New motor *Help*

    Wow I would of never thought of that. No such thing as over kill, better to be safe then sorry. The problem is I don't have access to those materials.
  27. manny402

    New motor *Help*

    I purchased a built motor 4 years ago. My question is, when installed can I fire it rite up or is there something special I have to do before turning it on? Take into consideration it was sitting in a garage winter and summer. Also its a full long block put together ready to drop in. Any advice...
  28. manny402

    Ankle Deep, Head First.

    Clean Shell. Good luck bro.
  29. manny402

    Another red 2g build

    Here are some updates on my build. Been busy with work and school. Here are some updates on the body its self Shaved off the antenna and rear wiper arm Rally red paint job HTA gt3582 turbo kit So I picked this engine up some time ago and its been sitting for about 4...
  30. manny402

    8 sec 1gb auto awd panda build

    What clutch setup are you gonna use?
  31. manny402

    Oil catch can mounted locations

    I relocated my battery to the back and was left with plenty of space for a custom catch can. Im still working on that, as soon as I get it mounted I`ll post some piks.
  32. manny402


    I have to see some piks! Im also down for the group buy.
  33. manny402

    Show your brembo brakes

    gprix1 Hey what rotors did you use for the front?
  34. manny402

    painting my car - color choice

    I'm getting my car painted as we speak, I went with a 2006 evo red paint. I'll have piks up as soon as its done. All for $1200 not bad.
  35. manny402

    Gloss black or flat black?

    Ive always been a fan of flat black, its a simple color.
  36. manny402

    Clutch decisions....

    Tmz southbend hmmm... Ive never heard of that clutch I'll definetly look into it.
  37. manny402

    AWD information

    In my opinion don't fight it just pay it. It's just a ticket you don't wanna waste your time going back and forth fighting a ticket. Pay it bro and get it over with.
  38. manny402

    Clutch decisions....

    Personally I prefer a.c.t over any clutch(for daily use) try a 2100 clutch, I bet you'll like it.
  39. manny402

    What do you think of this clutch?

    My guess is, its the transmission.
  40. manny402

    shifter feels sloppy

    Interesting I'm trying this out tomorrow. Good info guys.
  41. manny402

    whining noise (not alternator or p/s)

    Your timing belt is probably on to tight, try loosing it alittle but be careful not to losen it to much.
  42. manny402

    2G FP HTA88 on a DD?

    I just got my hands on a fp gt3582 and let me tell you something for its size it spools fast! ive seen people well over 600hp running on this turbo. Look into it bro...
  43. manny402

    Best tuning software

    I agree with wes_393, dsm link is very popular. But if you ask me I love aem ems, there is so much you can do with it!
  44. manny402

    Help identify this BOV

    If it were up to me, I'd ditch that one and get a turbo xs rfl. Sounds amazing trust me you won't be disappointed.
  45. manny402

    Which 2G frontmount?

    Im running a slowboy racing Fmic. Works and looks awesome! look into that bro.
  46. manny402

    what does a SAFC do?

    Good info everyone, I just learned a whole lot more about my safc!
  47. manny402

    Will this Differential Fit my car?

    I'd tear your transmission apart and weld the center differential.
  48. manny402

    95eclipser's 1999 GSX - Street/Track Build - 2009-Present

    Why are you switching over to ecmlink? I thought aem ems was better??
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