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  1. KDittoe

    2G Looking for a spyder tonneau boot cover for my dsm

    I think I saw @dacowgod list one on his facebook page the other day, check him out at
  2. KDittoe

    Aftermarket Alternator

    I’ve been running this 180 amp alt in my Spyder for a while and it’s been great. I have a multi-amp sound quality system that I compete with and it’s been working well
  3. KDittoe

    General Blackbox to evo 8 ECU
  4. KDittoe

    General Blackbox to evo 8 ECU

    You can download the CeddyMods base tune and tweak that.
  5. KDittoe

    General Blackbox to evo 8 ECU

    Same here, I've been flashing mine for months and no issues.
  6. KDittoe

    General Blackbox to evo 8 ECU

    I talked to English a few weeks ago about tuning my black box and they said that they won't do it because they have a higher probability of bricking the ECU, and they don't want to deal with that on their dyno.
  7. KDittoe

    2G Exterior’s interior detail

    I've been using Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Wax with good result
  8. KDittoe

    2G SRS light issue

    My issue was that I replaced the steering wheel with a non-airbag QD wheel, so there was no way to reset the SRS light and keep it off. I believe that the SRS module is separate from the OBD-2 system and needs a specialized reader to read and reset the faults, but I may be wrong.
  9. KDittoe

    2G SRS light issue

    Here's how I fixed my SRS issues: 1: Remove instrument cluster 2: Remove SRS bulb 3: Drink beer and relax
  10. KDittoe

    ECUflash Anyone local to Portland-Salem areas

    They might be closed for the ‘rona
  11. KDittoe

    ECUflash Anyone local to Portland-Salem areas

    English Racing in Vancouver is one of the best known DSM/Evo tuners in the Northwest.
  12. KDittoe

    General Wideband o2 reading really rich.

    If your front O2 sensor is bad it could cause the AFRs to be off.
  13. KDittoe

    1996 eclipse gst it worth it?

    I paid $800 for my 98 GS-T Spyder, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I replaced the top myself with a new one, it only took me about 10 hours total and it looks great. If it has a bad paint job you can always dip the car for a few hundred dollars.
  14. KDittoe

    2G 2G Spyder C1 Hard Top

    Depending on price I'd definitely be interested in picking one up
  15. KDittoe

    New to forum: 99 Spyder n/t no power to anything

    Did you have your battery tested?
  16. KDittoe

    2G 2g keyless entry problem

    Make sure that the sensor is installed on the back of the drivers door lock assembly. Also, when you push the button on the remote to lock or unlock, you have to push and hold the button, not just press and release.
  17. KDittoe

    2G Fuel pressure solenoid valve P1105

    I think it was around $20 shipped
  18. KDittoe

    2G Fuel pressure solenoid valve P1105

    I got mine from Miller Import Parts
  19. KDittoe

    Spyder Rescue

    Like I said previously, there was a considerable amount of maintenance that needed to be done to get the car back to a reliable condition. I didn't take a lot of pictures of this portion of the build because its not the main focus of the thread, but everyone has seen tons of pictures of timing...
  20. KDittoe

    DSMers in Lacey/Olympia area?

    I finally got the car "finished" for now and driving great. I'll stop by your coffee shop this Sunday if you'll be there.
  21. KDittoe

    Spyder Rescue

    Here's a little history about this car and what I plan on doing with it. I bought this car from a coworker who drove it daily for many years. It was just another cheap beater car for him, and he neglected it like most do with cheap cars. Aside from some ugly 20" rims, the car was mostly stock...
  22. KDittoe

    Spyder Rescue

    KDittoe submitted a new DSM Profile : Spyder Sound Quality Competition Car Read more about this vehicle here...
  23. Spyder Rescue

    Spyder Rescue

  24. KDittoe

    Project Nicole, 2gb AWD Talon Spyder

    Just read your whole build log and I enjoyed it. I bought a neglected 98 Spyder at the beginning of the summer and I've been working on getting it up to 100% over the last few months. Threads like this are great because they show us what works, and what doesn't which helps us save time and...
  25. KDittoe

    DSMers in Lacey/Olympia area?

    Is anyone going to RADWood this weekend at the Lemay Museum?
  26. KDittoe

    DSMers in Lacey/Olympia area?

    Thanks for the offer, but I bought some new wheels and tires last week.
  27. KDittoe

    DSMers in Lacey/Olympia area?

    I don’t care if they’re stock, or just something period correct that looks good. Thanks and I’ll try to make it down to your coffee shop sometime. If the Spyder is in work I’ll drive down in my BRAT instead
  28. KDittoe

    New DSM owner in the PNW

    Hi everyone, Ive wanted to get a DSM for almost 20 years, and I’m finally at a place in life where I can make that happen! I have a coworker that had a “well used” 2G Spyder GS-T with a lot of questionable work, mods and basically neglected for most of its life before he got it. He got a new...
  29. KDittoe

    DSMers in Lacey/Olympia area?

    Hi guys, after 20 years of looking I finally joined the DSM world. I just picked up a 2G Spyder GS-T from a coworker and it has the ugliest rims I’ve ever seen in my life. Does anyone know anywhere local to find some stock or decent looking period correct rims?
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