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  1. Mitch41

    My turbo got stolen need some advise

    Thank you. OP. I would take this as a sign from the man upstairs.
  2. Mitch41

    Analog Wideband vs Digital

    I'm running an analog aem wideband. Works great and logs to ecmlink/dsmlink just fine. Digital would probably be easier to read on the fly.
  3. Mitch41

    will a hx35 from a cummins truck work?

    There was never one designed for gas engines.
  4. Mitch41

    1G Front Mount Kit

    Haha yuuuup. Take a hit on shipping then it goes back up for more money always funny.
  5. Mitch41

    New daily driver suggestions. Need help

    Pretty rude to people trying to help. You probably won't find a not overpriced, sporty, import, that the bank will approve.
  6. Mitch41

    Heat barrier gaskets

    You're fine. Jdm vehicles didn't have egr ports on the intake manifold. That's how they were blocked when they left the showroom floor.
  7. Mitch41

    Starting issues - No / Doesn't / Won't Start - MERGED

    In my experience huge vacuum/boost leak allows it to start then dies.
  8. Mitch41

    possible vac leak locations

    If you have no boost leaks, you should have no vacuum leaks. This is of course my very uneducated opinion, so take it as you would like.
  9. Mitch41

    Starting issues - No / Doesn't / Won't Start - MERGED

    Protip: don't fall in love with your mom. Step 1: Boost leak test the car. Don't know how? You'll find a guide on here.
  10. Mitch41

    New turbo installation=low boost/bad a/f ratios.

    If a boost leak test has leaks, Your car will run like shit.
  11. Mitch41

    1G Front Mount Kit

    Sold to MJcanada :)
  12. Mitch41

    1G Front Mount Kit

    Hey guys. I'm located in Canada and wanting to sell my front mount kit. Here's a link to the ad: I am willing to ship! Let's get this gone!
  13. Mitch41

    Car/ racing Halloween costume ideas?

    In for pics.
  14. Mitch41

    Engine acts like theres a vacuum leak, but no boost leaks?

    "You will get some blowby in the crankcase while doing a boost leak test. Your turbo seals seal with oil pressure, so when your doing a boost leak test the air is escaping throught those seals and leaking through the oil return line up to your crankcase. You will also have some blowby through...
  15. Mitch41

    Engine acts like theres a vacuum leak, but no boost leaks?

    Mine takes over a minute to lose pressure from 15-20 psi, and that's with a beaten motor and a non-rebuilt turbo... Something is wrong if you are getting that much pressure coming out the valve cover breather. Even when my PCV valve was toast (I could blow through it with my mouth), it still...
  16. Mitch41

    Engine acts like theres a vacuum leak, but no boost leaks?

    Was there absolutely no boost leaks? How long did it take to run down? How is your spark? Have you checked it at the coil pack, and at the plugs? Have you checked the plugs out? Are you running rich on one cylinder? Is there moisture one one of the exhaust cylinders on your manifold when left...
  17. Mitch41

    First Attempt at Car Photoshop

    Why not just smoke the tail lights in the real world instead of photo shopping :p
  18. Mitch41

    To continue or get rid of it...

    Easy easy. If you need some extra bolts contact vtec_this ! They sell assorted bolts quite regularly! Will definitely help
  19. Mitch41

    Have you checked your Blinker Fluid lately?

    Great video this applies to many makes and models!
  20. Mitch41

    Wtb parts Toronto

    I have a holset I could part with for 375 if you're interested pm me.
  21. Mitch41

    exhaust manifold

    I have one off an early Evo. Has a small crack that doesn't leak. Let me know if interested.
  22. Mitch41

    runs on 4 then a few sec later on 3 HELP!

    Check to see if you are getting spark from the coil pack. When it is "running on 3", then One by one, remove the plug wire, letting it jump from coil pack to wire... See if one is sparking way less or not at all.
  23. Mitch41

    Open Downpipe- Who does it?

    Here's a quick video of running open o2 housing:
  24. Mitch41

    WTB Odyssey PC680 Battery or Equivalent

    Got hold of one locally :)
  25. Mitch41

    Open Downpipe- Who does it?

    I ran open o2 housing wasn't loud. At idle.
  26. Mitch41

    Open Downpipe- Who does it?

    I ran open o2 housing wasn't loud. At idle.
  27. Mitch41

    New to the forum, but not Dsm's

    I don't understand at all... All turbo components except the turbo and piping? So what manifold/header are you running? What ecu? What size injectors? Do you have an intercooler on your car, but not piped in? What about the oil feed & drain and coolant lines...
  28. Mitch41

    Quick newbie question on PM's

    Never seen this before but sounds unlikely. Try again :)
  29. Mitch41

    1G Boost leak test

    Check your idle speed controller area throttle body gasket...
  30. Mitch41

    How can I fix this?

    Light aluminum and rivets? That's what I do. Every day.
  31. Mitch41

    disapointed with dsmtuners forum

    I ride moyorcycles too.
  32. Mitch41

    Ummm what is this?

    Blinker fluid.
  33. Mitch41

    Boost gauge

    Hey I have one works good pm me I can send pics if you like?
  34. Mitch41

    FS/FT: 2g AWD Welded Center Differential MAKE OFFER

    Got a price you're looking for? Let me know.
  35. Mitch41

    Wiper Sprayer? Seriously?

    Early Evo's came with this from factory. It's safe. It works. It's neat.
  36. Mitch41

    WTB Odyssey PC680 Battery or Equivalent

    Hey guys I'm looking for an Odyssey PC680 battery or other equivalent battery to do my relocation. Anyone have one they bought but haven't installed? Or used it but didn't like it? Let me know, I can help you help me! I'm from Manitoba!
  37. Mitch41

    Less power after EVO 16G Upgrade

    Don't you need a tune every time you swap turbos???
  38. Mitch41

    Big block switch to DSM

    I understand you're a mopar guy but the dsm tuning world is not about the 420a!!!
  39. Mitch41

    El caminotalon????????

    Looks legit.
  40. Mitch41

    Help me find a new oil cap!

    Some places sell Evo 8 caps if you're looking for a newer style!
  41. Mitch41

    I really hate letting people work on my car.

    I was charged (somewhere locally) 6 hours labor for a tech to google my alignment specs for my car. Even though I told them to call if they had any questions. I was really wondering why my car had to be kept overnight for an alignment, even though I had an appointment. Also of note. Probably two...
  42. Mitch41

    DSM Daily Driver Success/Horror Stories

    I believe my car is reliable. It was in a front end collision. So that doesn't exactly help with the reliability of things in the front you would think. However. 20,000+ km and I've had to replace my coilpack (used junkyard parts), and clutch slave cylinder (had a minor leak, lost pressure...
  43. Mitch41

    DSM 4G63T Shortblock in EVO?

    It won't fit at all. Engine isn't even the same orientation?
  44. Mitch41

    Soon to have boost controller Questions

    Yes it can make a huge difference. Before you fit it I suggest you get a proper mechanical boost gauge. Also you should find out what the safe boost level is depending on your supporting mods. Me, I'm running 15 pounds on my small 16g turbo. It seems reliable enough. With a fuel pump and rewire...
  45. Mitch41

    Car Loan?

    Someone who actually understands the game of money :) thank goodness!
  46. Mitch41

    Car Loan?

    At 11 dollars an hour I'm not sure I could save a penny on top of gas and my cell phone... Lol
  47. Mitch41

    JDM bolt ons

    Bring it to Canada, I'm nice and close to the border I'll insure it for ya, then you should be able to get across the border and drive it like normal.
  48. Mitch41

    Fareware DSM !

  49. Mitch41

    JDM bolt ons

    Well if you decide to bring the parts Over to convert... Let me know. Cause I want the hood and front bumper!
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