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  1. PieEyedPiper

    1G SAFC isn't getting power, but works on alternate pwr source

    Has there been any alterations to the fuse box?
  2. PieEyedPiper

    Innovate MTX-L wideband Question

    The Innovative MTX-L supports native narrowband simulation. It will function in the front o2 location with a factory ECU, it's the logging of the wideband data that you will have to figure out if you do not yet have a form of tuning/fuel management.
  3. PieEyedPiper

    Car falls flat on face at around 5-6k rpm

    I would first ensure you can pass a BLT and that your plugs and wires are in good order. This may involve regapping, replacement or swapping with other parts for testing. Put that boot gauge in though ASAP.
  4. PieEyedPiper

    2G front control arm bushings

    Yeah, best to just replace the arm. They're not very expensive if you shop around. Try Rockauto. Avoid eBay. The recall is for the front lateral arms only.
  5. PieEyedPiper

    Alignment a little crazy

    Just looking for clarification on that alignment sheet, is the "before" the same as the "after" that doesn't fully show? I'd have a hard time swallowing that the car drives great with almost 2 degrees of toe in the front. This would also explain why the steering wheel is not centered - the tie...
  6. PieEyedPiper

    2G front control arm bushings

    Going bad can be relative. What are the goals for the car? Depending on which bushing it is, you may or want to replace it (SOL if it's #5). I'd suggest first doing a visual inspection of your tires to determine if you are experiencing any undue wear in relation to the opposite side. This could...
  7. PieEyedPiper

    GVR4 Allignment trouble

    Glad you got it sorted. What were the main differences between the fwd and awd knuckle? Height, or was it dimensionally different too?
  8. PieEyedPiper

    GVR4 Allignment trouble

    If the SAI is indeed 4* out, then I would have to guess that there is a damaged component but that doesn't allow for your scenario where all the control arms/knuckles appear to measure out fine. If the SAI has a >1* discrepancy between sides I generally start thinking damaged components, as you...
  9. PieEyedPiper

    Popping sound while turning,help

    Ceasarlcase, Please fill out your vehicle profile so we can better assist you. Ensure the axle has been fully seated. If you had bad balljoints, the alignment shop should have noticed and would have likely refused to align the car. This does not mean they aren't bad. Did you get an alignment...
  10. PieEyedPiper

    What to do with my GSX

    Am I correct in understanding that your thrust play is currently .007? Your post indicates .07, which is a lot. One meets the description of "trashed" while the other is within service limit. This may or may not affect your decision.
  11. PieEyedPiper

    Pulling my engine(FWD)

    Indeed. More pics! How'd the axle go? If it's not already out you might need to pry it out, there is a circlip. Alternatively, some have better luck with a chisel and mallet or twisting a screwdriver between the opening.
  12. PieEyedPiper

    2G Name that ticking noise that sometimes happens!

    You will be hard pressed to decide between a napa gold/wix or the OEM. Rockauto sometimes has really good deals on OEM filters though, so you might check there.
  13. PieEyedPiper

    Tedspec 9sec dsm vs built fftec gtr... Cali street cars

    Thank you very much for the offer and the candid commentary on shop politics. Keep up with the videos!!
  14. PieEyedPiper

    Tedspec 9sec dsm vs built fftec gtr... Cali street cars

    LOVE seeing this! Especially since calling up FFTec 2 weeks ago to be told they don't wanna play with DSMs anymore. :(
  15. PieEyedPiper

    What happend here?

    Or it was hard work done by the Admin. Feel free to look here, here and here.
  16. PieEyedPiper

    Innovate MTX gauge wiring

    They make SPDT relays in various amperage capacities. Some quite huge. I'm sure a sufficiently large relay will work fine for your purposes.
  17. PieEyedPiper

    Head turners!

    please do.
  18. PieEyedPiper

    Over heating every situation. Is different

    You're sure this overheating condition is not a result of blocked airflow to the rad (read: FMIC)? Many folks experience such things when running with a FMIC and slim fans. Slim fans, great on paper, but IMHO should really only be used when the stock fans do not provide enough clearance, there's...
  19. PieEyedPiper

    operation temperature problems

    About 6 mo. late but it is not necessary to ensure the heat is on and blowing with a DSM. DSMs do not have a heater valve that regulates heat with water flow. The heater core is seeing full coolant flow all the time. Why bother 6 mo. later? Completeness and to save someone the headache of...
  20. PieEyedPiper

    1G clutch pressure fluctuations

    I just wanted to clarify that only 2g's have the relief hole in the master cylinder that can cause 2g pedal pump- up issues. The fluctuations are likely to be air in the lines, but it seems to me you have bigger fish to fry at the moment...
  21. PieEyedPiper

    2G Rack and Pinions all the same in all 2gs

    All of the 90's take the same rack. From 91-94 the non turbo and the turbo manual trans cars take the same rack. And from 91-94 the automatic turbo cars take the same rack. 2g turbos all take the same rack. 2g non-turbos all take the same rack. The two are not directly interchangeable because...
  22. PieEyedPiper

    2G Does my clutch fork look ok? Video included

    The guy you really want to hear from is Tim Zimmer, Twicks69. Having said that, and at risk of him embarrassing me, I'll still have a go at it. ;) A little play in that clip that holds the fork to the ball is normal. Mine have all been like that and I've been through 3 or 4 of them, hasn't...
  23. PieEyedPiper

    shudder when decelerating. Help!

    Exhaust noises from a split open downpipe and falling off muffler are sure to produce some interesting sounds, especially in a tall gear coming off the highway. It's certainly possible that what you hear is related to that but it might be in your best interests to do some basic tests on the...
  24. PieEyedPiper

    1G boost is bobbing

    My knee-jerk response would be boost leak test. In case you've already performed an in-depth blt, is the sunpro mechanical or electric?
  25. PieEyedPiper

    Venting or recirculating bov?

    That is venting. I trust you understand the consequences of such?
  26. PieEyedPiper

    Wheel hits SMIC

    I may be incorrect, but from the photograph, it appears that the SMIC is not mounted correctly. This may have been done intentionally for pipe routing but should be correctable by using the stock mounting hardware. In other words, take it out and see what's going on with the mounting. As for...
  27. PieEyedPiper

    2G Clutch pedal keeps moving

    "after about 10 minutes of driving it keeps engaging closer to the top of the pedal" this stood out to me. It's possible you're experiencing 2g pedal pump-up. Just something else to cross off the list. - near the bottom.
  28. PieEyedPiper

    Antenna and electrical question

    At first I thought that was related to the antenna/hatch antenna but that plug appears to be for the optional disc changer located in the trunk. If you trace it back you will find it to be fed through the passenger side and exit into the trunk with small black patches of adhesive tape to anchor...
  29. PieEyedPiper

    1G Banjo bolt bandaid - is this safe?

    jared_gibbs, please fill out your vehicle profile so we can better assist you. By the sounds of it, you would be 100% cutting off oil supply to your turbo. Strongly not recommended. Justin is the expert, but I imagine you will seize your turbo before you made it to work. The turbo still spins...
  30. PieEyedPiper

    2G Clutch pedal keeps moving

    eclipse012, please fill out your vehicle profile so we can better assist you. At first glance this sounds like a case of worn hydraulics or air in the lines. I would first inspect the master and slave to see if they are leaking at the boot, if not, try to bleed the system and see if the issue...
  31. PieEyedPiper

    ceddy mods Check this out, but in the meantime hang out around here: and make friends with VelocitàPaola MS1/Extra is the preferred term for MSnS, I'm just old.
  32. PieEyedPiper

    ceddy mods

    MSnS would be to go to tuning solution for 420a's.
  33. PieEyedPiper

    alignment second opinions

    green97gstspyder, please fill out your vehicle profile so we can better assist you. At > 1* difference may indicate that something is bent or worn. Inspect your front suspension components before moving forward. Like fast fred mentioned, there is likely a reason why there is such a discrepancy...
  34. PieEyedPiper

    Pressure plate whine sound

    Have you ruled out the hydraulics? It is very common for them to start to honk/squeek or even growl.
  35. PieEyedPiper

    2G Rear camber adjustment (Math guru needed)After getting new tires and replacing nearly control arm on

    Nothing personal, in the least, but there was a day that I, too, thought that that type of kit would save me a headache or at least allow me better adjustability. Boy was I wrong, even if it does have better/easier adjustability. I even went as far as writing a rage fueled article about it...
  36. PieEyedPiper

    2G Rear camber adjustment (Math guru needed)After getting new tires and replacing nearly control arm on

    Good god, haha. I honestly didn't expect to see that in your profile - but I should have with that join date. Well done sir. With a car like that I would shoot for a more aggressive alignment. At least -2* in the front. What kind of driving do you do? What tires are on it?
  37. PieEyedPiper

    Who runs -2° front camber on their DD?

    Toe was zeroed out and camber was the only influence on tire wear. Driving habits are 45 miles on the highway 4-5 times a week with a 15 mile "spirited" drive on the weekend. The car was aligned 3 times during this period, and even though I left the shop with zero toe I always had some when I...
  38. PieEyedPiper

    2G Rear camber adjustment (Math guru needed)After getting new tires and replacing nearly control arm on

    -1.2* up front is nice, but I would want more. But then again, I don't know anything about your car. Would you mind filling out your DSM profile? A nice rear camber ratio is 2/3's or even 1/2 the front camber. I wouldn't really recommend going much less than -1* in the rear though. Those are...
  39. PieEyedPiper

    2G Rear camber adjustment (Math guru needed)After getting new tires and replacing nearly control arm on

    Calculator ready! ;) Or if you're really in the mood for an acronym, have at it! The knuckle is what you want to measure rather than the tire/wheel. The knuckles measures right around 24" so we can just use that. Then it's just tan(x)24 = washer thickness, where x is the desired amount of...
  40. PieEyedPiper

    Who runs -2° front camber on their DD?

    Just thought I'd update. Been running -3* front and -1.xx* in the rear for the last 25k or so. The result is fantastic grip up front, especially with +6* caster. I have no idea what my camber gets to be when under the curve but it must be huge with caster set like that. The bad? I've worn into...
  41. PieEyedPiper

    Scrunchy/Squeaky Clutch pedal with VIDEO

    Sorry if I've misinterpreted whats happening, the video was.. long. ;) Hydraulics can be a tricky thing sometimes. For instance, I have an identical situation on my gf's '00 Honda Civic. It's on my fix it list. Find the source of the squeak. Is it the master? Is it the slave? Both? Is it the...
  42. PieEyedPiper

    2G Evo 8 Maf and injectors in 2g

    There are a couple of users who have done this swap without (much, if any) additional tuning - but they also had Link/ECUflash. Does that mean that it will be safe for every car? No. Did each of the folks who've done it take readings, make logs and investigate if it was safe for their cars...
  43. PieEyedPiper

    Stock springs with Koni's lower perch?

    I'm positive there is though on the AWD parts. ( I actually thought that fwd and AWD were the same for this application) but I have seen it in person. Koni yellows can have 2 perches. One in OE location and one ~1 inch lower.
  44. PieEyedPiper

    2g Random Misfire Code (no 6bolt)

    Sorry for typos. Phone won't let me edit. "Cool pack" sounds interesting.
  45. PieEyedPiper

    2g Random Misfire Code (no 6bolt)

    Have you replaced or swapped wires around? Have you changed the cool pack on the offending side? What plugs are you using? I would not suspect cas/cps/flywheel issues for a cylinder 4 misfire. I might also expect to have 2 cylinder misfires if one of the coils is bad but I won't make a strong...
  46. PieEyedPiper

    Balance shaft tough to turn

    You may or may not be looking at a new front case.
  47. PieEyedPiper

    Balance shaft tough to turn

    At first glance i'd suggest an immediate BSE, but only so long as you're certain the issue isn't int the pump. If there is resistance, one of the two are borked.
  48. PieEyedPiper

    What did you do to your DSM today?

    Today I removed my driver's side outer cv shaft. Took me about 45minutes, all-in-all. Separating the outer shaft from the half shaft though was a pain. Weapons of choice? Pickle fork and a rock hammer. (..seriously, who took my mallet?!?) Orielly's decided to send the replacement back to...
  49. PieEyedPiper

    4" exhaust - yes or overkill ?

    Thanks Hal. ;) :rolleyes:
  50. PieEyedPiper

    definitely supposed to be a PM. haha

    definitely supposed to be a PM. haha
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