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  1. VelocitàPaola

    420A High oil pressure blowing filters

    I wouldn't say 101 psi, for instance, is a dangerous pressure, but we don't know how high yours is because your gauge can't read more than 100psi. I would guess that it's much higher if the oil filter is bulging. The oil pump is such a critical component, I just wouldn't trust an eBay part for...
  2. VelocitàPaola

    Nardini lathe problems

    I agree that you could probably build your own from discrete components. I would use 1N4007 diodes since their Vrms and If meet or exceed the parameters of the part you have (700V vs. 220V, and 1A respectively). Their Vrrm is a little lower (1,000V vs. 1,300V) but without knowing anything more...
  3. VelocitàPaola

    420A High oil pressure blowing filters

    He said "well past 100 psi", which makes me wonder if his gauge only reads up to 100 psi.
  4. VelocitàPaola

    420A High oil pressure blowing filters

    I don't usually advocate throwing parts at a problem without tracking down the culprit first, but if it were my car, I'd get a known good oil pump. The Melling M190 is the model that used to be most popular among 420A owners. It goes for $91 on RockAuto as of 4/2021.
  5. VelocitàPaola

    420A Changing the head

    Gotcha. Sounds like you have a good handle on the problem then. If you already have a remanufactured head, you should be good to go after you get the head studs, head gasket, and upper gasket kit.
  6. VelocitàPaola

    420A Changing the head

    Along with the gaskets and head studs, you might want to consider a new timing belt, tensioner and water pump, depending on how old those components are.Your car is losing 1-2 quarts of oil while it's parked (i.e. engine is off)? Am I reading that correctly? If your cylinder head has a crack...
  7. VelocitàPaola

    420A Timing adjustment

    Did you check the alignment again after tensioning the belt last week? A lot of times it looks like it's aligned until you tension the belt.The belt shouldn't stretch so much that it throws your timing out of alignment by any appreciable amount. Since you have adjustable cam gears, though...
  8. VelocitàPaola

    420A What is needed for megasquirt?

    The v3.0/v3.57 boards have two crank sensor input circuits: one originally designed for VR sensors and one designed for Hall effect or optical sensors. The VR circuit is a bit more versatile and works well enough for Hall effect (like in the 420A) and optical sensors with 0-5V+ outputs, so they...
  9. VelocitàPaola

    Looking for DSM owners in Japan

    Old post, I know... But while they were certainly assembled in Illinois, but I'm almost certain they were sold in Japan.
  10. VelocitàPaola

    Turbo my 420A

    Agreed. I didn't mean literally any hose, I meant any fuel injection hose (and any vacuum hose, etc.). It doesn't need to be a particular model or from a particular source.Again, agreed. I was thinking of miscellaneous hardware for mounting things like the FMU, etc. when I wrote that. I do not...
  11. VelocitàPaola

    Turbo my 420A

    Sorry Tim--like Chris said, it's nothing personal, I'm just trying to stick to a rule we've had in this sub-forum for a long time. We used to have people come here and ask about how to do something, and the threads would often devolve into an argument about if it should be done at all...
  12. VelocitàPaola

    Turbo my 420A

    Guys, just a friendly reminder that we have a rule about no "sell it and get a 4G63" responses in this forum. The rule is stickied to the top of the forum for your [email protected], you'll probably get more helpful replies if you post a more specific question. Lots of people have...
  13. VelocitàPaola

    420A Recurring Valve Cover Gasket Leaks

    I'm not necessarily convinced a vented cap wold fix your problem, but it wouldn't cause any more of a leak than that little red breather filter you have. The crankcase isn't sealed, otherwise the PCV system wouldn't work.
  14. VelocitàPaola

    420A Radiator Options

    That looks pretty similar to the one I got from I just found my receipt, by the way. It cost $120 back in 2006!
  15. VelocitàPaola

    420A Radiator Options

    Maybe they're just "new old stock" or knock-offs these days, but there are definitely aluminum radiators out there for the 420A.
  16. VelocitàPaola

    420A Radiator Options used to sell an all metal radiator for our cars. I think they were around $120--granted, that was 10+ years ago, so they would probably cost a little more today. I did a little digging and found that the online component of the company was bought by sometime...
  17. VelocitàPaola

    Edz Swap

    The information you're finding is that old because I don't think much has changed since then. I never did the swap, but as far as I know, you'll have to fabricate your own passenger side motor mount and notch a 2.4L oil pan to get it to fit.
  18. VelocitàPaola

    420A Nitromethane powered 420a...

    Thanks to @motomattx for a great answer. The Wikipedia article on "Top Fuel" also has a nice summary of the technical aspects of these cars. I guess anything's possible with enough time and money, but it doesn't sound remotely practical to me.
  19. VelocitàPaola

    420a wideband

    This is the one I'd buy if I were in the market for one today:
  20. VelocitàPaola

    420a injectors

    There's not much of an advantage to running aftermarket injectors if the rest of the fuel system is stock. I'd go for an aftermarket fuel controller/EMS or even an FMU/S-FMU before getting new injectors.
  21. VelocitàPaola

    Rear disc brakes and 14" rims?

    I don't think I ever had 14" rims on my car after I upgraded to a rear disc setup, but I found this post from way back in 2005 that claims 14's will fit fine:'s another...
  22. VelocitàPaola

    what 420a manual transmission fluid can i use?

    I'm not sure if you can find the original stuff anymore. Modern sells the Mopar ATF+4 now. Their product page notes this:
  23. VelocitàPaola

    420A Replacing 97 RS Block with Neon Block

    You should be able to use a 95-99 Neon block with your head, that's correct. I believe you can use 00-03 blocks too, with some caveats, but I don't remember the details. As motomattx said, the SRT-4 is a different beast.
  24. VelocitàPaola

    420A Performance Fuel Pump Replacement

    I'm sure there are newer options these days, but Walbro 255lph pumps are the old standard:
  25. VelocitàPaola

    420A Cam Cap Replacement

    But they never asked for the caps? What good is it to have just half of the bearing surface machined?
  26. VelocitàPaola

    420A Cam Cap Replacement

    I'm not sure what they could've machined without the caps...
  27. VelocitàPaola

    Eco modding ideas?

    Apparently this guy got his hands on a legitimate programming tool used by Chrysler engineers and can indeed change the values inside these ECU's. To what degree they can be changed, or how effective it is overall, I don't know. He's been pretty tight-lipped about it all, but this is old news...
  28. VelocitàPaola

    420A Fixing a mess.

    You can put both the AFPR and FMU in the engine bay, yes.
  29. VelocitàPaola

    420A Fixing a mess.

    I would put the AFPR wherever the stock FPR is--it depends on your current fuel line configuration. The rest can stay the same as in the diagram.The only other thing I would add is this: if you're planning on running a return line in a late model fuel system ("configuration #1"), then I would...
  30. VelocitàPaola

    cammed but not cammed lol

    I would do that first, then fix your CEL, before doing anything else.
  31. VelocitàPaola

    cammed but not cammed lol

    Why not check your timing?
  32. VelocitàPaola

    420A ARP & Eagle questions

    Yes, for future reference, per the page I linked:Updated above for clarity.
  33. VelocitàPaola

    420A I need help 420a turbo

    Just FYI, you will destroy your engine if you try running boost without some way to also control fuel, whether it's an FMU or otherwise. Adding an FCD without fuel management is asking for trouble.No, but there must be a million threads about how to install FCD's and FMU's in these forums...
  34. VelocitàPaola

    420A I need help 420a turbo

    I've had better luck with electronic FCD's. There's a used HKS unit for under $50 here:'ve also seen a few HKS knockoffs on AliExpress for about the same price.There's actually an S-FMU--which will give you more flexibility...
  35. VelocitàPaola

    420A I need help 420a turbo

    FCD + FMU is probably the cheapest option. You can still find both of them on eBay.
  36. VelocitàPaola

    New megasquirt install and no spark or fuel

    The vehicle speed signal is a direct connection from the VSS to the speedometer. You might have to give the sensor power (+8V, IIRC) and ground if you removed the factory ECU altogether, but it should work otherwise.
  37. VelocitàPaola

    New megasquirt install and no spark or fuel local parts stores should have them in stock too.
  38. VelocitàPaola

    420A ARP & Eagle questions

    I believe the studs are hand tightened. The nuts should be tightened to 85 ft-lbs with ARP "Ultra-Torque" assembly lube in three equal steps. See here:'s been a while since I rebuilt my engine, so you might want to double check this, but I...
  39. VelocitàPaola

    420A What is needed for megasquirt?

    I can't remember where the idea originally came from, but I think it was from Vortech or a similar company that sold a supercharger kit for the Neon. They suggested using a VR-125 voltage regulator from a late 1980's Dodge Omni. It turns out that works pretty well, so it has been the standard...
  40. VelocitàPaola

    420A What is needed for megasquirt?

    The stock ECU controls the alternator. If you take it out, you need an external regulator.
  41. VelocitàPaola

    420A New to DSM

    Take a look at GSGoinFast's guide again. If you're following his lead, you can get by with an FMU. A wideband would be helpful to keep an eye on your air/fuel ratio, otherwise the FMU is all you need.
  42. VelocitàPaola

    420A New to DSM

    I'm really glad that you got into the hobby and found a relatively clean car, but I think you'll find the forums a little more useful once you have more specific questions. The links you posted are a good starting point. Once you figure out whether you want to buy a turnkey kit or piece together...
  43. VelocitàPaola

    420A Turbo my 420A

    There is tons of information on this subject--just do a quick search and you'll find it. These forums are for specific technical questions, so please feel free to post again if one comes up.
  44. VelocitàPaola

    '95 fmu install

    It depends on how lean it's running. The FMU adds fuel at a linear rate, but engines don't necessarily consume fuel linearly, so the discrepancy would cause a lean or rich condition. I would probably start by checking the fuel pressure and AFR with a wideband O2 sensor. If the engine is unsafely...
  45. VelocitàPaola

    420a sputtering

    It could be. I'd put my money on a problem with one of the oxygen sensors. Is the upstream sensor installed and working? What did you do with the downstream sensor?
  46. VelocitàPaola

    Will this cause problems?

    It might help, but I really don't like the angle of the pan fitting.
  47. VelocitàPaola

    Will this cause problems?

    Ah, that explains it. I haven't seen that kind of manifold in a while.IMO, the fitting on the pan needs to be a little lower and angled downward, or at least parallel to the ground, and the turbo center house needs to be clocked.
  48. VelocitàPaola

    Will this cause problems?

    Is the image flipped? It looks like the intake and cold side are on the passenger's side.That oil return looks a little dicey. It's supposed to work by gravity, so the outlet should really be lower than the inlet; it looks almost perfectly level in the picture. I don't think the elbow should...
  49. VelocitàPaola

    Whats recommened now days to tune with?

    You would have to wire them all yourself, including Megasquirt. I think MS's biggest draw is that it supports the 420A crank trigger pattern natively, so you don't have to install an external crank trigger. Plus there's a lot of community support.
  50. VelocitàPaola

    Thanks! Glad I could help!

    Thanks! Glad I could help!
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