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  1. Tha Fella Dylan

    Wheel bearing already? Again?

    Update to anyone who may read this down the road. Dont buy the cheaper parts. I learned the hard way, again. Two weeks ago i replaced my wheel hub assembly again. Last night it busted again on the expressway and almost totaled my car and came close to dying. Cheaper parts are not worth it.
  2. Tha Fella Dylan

    Wheel bearing already? Again?

    So here's the story: (Drivers side, Front, FWD, NT) Before winter came, I decided to do all the maintenance before the lovely Michigan cold weather prevented me from doing stuff myself. In that process, I discovered I had a bad wheel bearing. The auto parts store here only had one brand...
  3. Tha Fella Dylan

    Need Suggestions On Wheels For My 1G

    Black dsm's with gunmetal rims look good. I would maybe do some Volk te37's. simple rim that looks good.
  4. Tha Fella Dylan

    Plasti Dip

    Lol what?
  5. Tha Fella Dylan

    Plasti Dip

    Lol. X2. I put 5 coats on. Removed it after a week. It was a bi***. Super easy but a pain in the ass if you skip the prep work.
  6. Tha Fella Dylan

    EVO rims 235/45/17

    I have Evo Enkei's on mine. My profile pic shows the fit. Awesome wheels!
  7. Tha Fella Dylan

    Plasti Dip

    I dipped my 2g in matte white. Prep work is more than half the battle. After awhile its a bi*** to remove. Ask me how I know. Lol
  8. Tha Fella Dylan

    95 gst

    Damn dude. Is that rattle can on the skirts? Looks good lol
  9. Tha Fella Dylan

    1998 GSX Street/strip Build up

    I watch 1320 Video's YouTube channel all the time on their coverage of the 2k events. Always looked for 2gs but never seen one. Keep us updated man!
  10. Tha Fella Dylan

    wheel fitment help (stance)

    Lol that car is sweet. Looked at the for sale ad many times on Xceed. X2 on stance being about the wheels. XXR's?
  11. Tha Fella Dylan

    2G eclipse srt rear lights conversion idea

    Just replaced my tailight on my '13 Malibu and it ran a couple hundred bucks for the factory part. I couldn't imagine how much SRT part would be. It looks sweet though!
  12. Tha Fella Dylan

    High Flow Cat engine code?

    Anyone have this setup installed? Curious about it for my daily. Worried it might be too ricey.
  13. Tha Fella Dylan

    need some opinions on new paint job.

    Solid color cars are the best. The stripes are for dodges! Lol and alotta ppl will flame it on here. Sounds like an awesome color though. Do what you want with it though buddy, at the end of the day you drive it, not us.
  14. Tha Fella Dylan

    Products the DSM crowd would like to see made

    Painted pillar pods for us tan interior guys.
  15. Tha Fella Dylan

    Help with Rim Choice (w/ PS Pics)

    # 1. Flows better with the car.
  16. Tha Fella Dylan

    96 Eclipse Gs Clean Build

    Looks awesome man! How many cans did it take to do the BMW?
  17. Tha Fella Dylan

    1999 Eclipse GSseX Road Race Build

    Great journal! Can't believe I just read the whole thing. Seen your YouTube vids also, keep up the good stuff!
  18. Tha Fella Dylan

    suggestions on new custom sticker

    Lol. My car sits next to lifted Chevys and and a 5.0 Mustang. I have to drive an hour to find other tuners. I have a "danger to manifold" sticker underneath my hood. Haha. I like the mitsubishit sticker.
  19. Tha Fella Dylan

    suggestions on new custom sticker

    Shitsubitchy. What my friends call my car.
  20. Tha Fella Dylan

    2ga Talon wing removal.

    I have a thread on here. But mine was the eclipse low rise. Had both kinds of holes on mine during removal.
  21. Tha Fella Dylan

    Most embarrassing DSM moment?

    I took a girl out in my auto and somehow bumped my overdrive button on the highway at 80 Mph and sent my rpms to 7500. She hit her head off my dash, luckily my airbag didn't deploy. Terrible night.
  22. Tha Fella Dylan

    merry christmas everyone!!

    That thing is awesome! My gf got my Evo 9 Enkie's powder coated for me. Happy holidays everyone.
  23. Tha Fella Dylan

    New Ride, What do i got here.

    Bought from T_scott from the Tri-cities area? That guy didn't cheap out on anything. One clean ass GSX. Good luck with it!
  24. Tha Fella Dylan

    1G ball joints

    Oh boy. This sounds like Xceed. Lol I wouldn't do it.
  25. Tha Fella Dylan

    High rise spoiler. Installed. Doesn't look right.

    I've been messaged a few times about that but never got an answer out of him. He did 100% of that part, including the grinding. The whole thing was done in 2 days.
  26. Tha Fella Dylan

    High rise spoiler. Installed. Doesn't look right.

    For those who are considering doing it, it's not hard at all. The most difficult part is figuring out where to drill the holes. Me and my friend did the whole install in about 30 mins. My spoiler was rattle canned flat red but I shot some clear coat on it and it looks great now. If you have...
  27. Tha Fella Dylan

    Plastidipped my car.

    ^ lol show me this.
  28. Tha Fella Dylan

    Plastidipped my car.

    It would take a good amount of force to peel up. My brother dipped his jeep rims and rashed them a few times before it peeled up. That or a sharp edge. Touching up is easy.
  29. Tha Fella Dylan

    Plastidipped my car.

    Lol. The white seemed to be thinner than the black. Took more costs to cover up existing colorRemoving it after a long period of time becomes more difficult as it does what rubber does, becomes brittle. Don't make the same mistake as me and skip taping off. It's a cool look though. Good luck.
  30. Tha Fella Dylan

    Plasti dipped my winter car

    Ill post up pics when I get home. It looked good but its a difficult color to use covering up other colors. The biggest issue I had was the blotchy look, after 13 cans and no help on the issue I peeled it off. :( spraying over a primer car is a terrible idea. The removal becomes 100 times more...
  31. Tha Fella Dylan

    How do i make carbon fibre parts

    I've been looking over some ideas on the same thing for my spare hood. Has anyone had any luck with the vinyl? And where did you get it from?
  32. Tha Fella Dylan

    Cleaning. Simple green. Scared....

    Peeled off to the areas where it got thin. Just breaks off. It's a bi*** in small areas.
  33. Tha Fella Dylan

    Cleaning. Simple green. Scared....

    I recently plastidip'd my car and the over spray is EVERYWHERE. Even with taping everything off, this crap is everywhere. Would simple green (diluted of course) be safe to use on the entire car? Or would this not work on latex paint? Everything means windows, trim, tailights, etc.... Looking for...
  34. Tha Fella Dylan

    Plasti dipped my winter car

    Dipping my car white today. Was red but clear coat peel has made it look like shit/pink. I'll post up pics when I'm done with my 2g.
  35. Tha Fella Dylan

    Plasti dipped my winter car

    Damn! That was just plastidip spray paint cans? How many cans did you end up using? Looks amazing!
  36. Tha Fella Dylan

    Plasti dipped my winter car

    Do you have to buy the gallons online? I'm interested if it can be purchased locally.
  37. Tha Fella Dylan

    Rim color choices?? Opinions needed.

    That's awesome man. I thought about doing the same for my red 2g. Where'd you get enkei decals?
  38. Tha Fella Dylan

    What color rims for a Green car?

    8 yr old thread..... 0.o bronze looks good.
  39. Tha Fella Dylan

    Back from tire shop with bad news

    I just spent two days trying to replace my hub assembly. It's easy as hell but if you live with rust, good luck. I took it to a shop and they did it for 50 bucks because I had the part already.
  40. Tha Fella Dylan

    Front Body Kit Grill

    You can't post on a performance forum about aftermarket cosmetics without expecting to get burned. I even shook my head at your bumper. But with that being said, try photoshop with different photos. The only Mits I've seen pull off bumper grills was the Evo 8. Good luck! If you mess up, there's...
  41. Tha Fella Dylan

    Door trim pieces: HELP getting it back on! Last post.
  42. Tha Fella Dylan

    Wheel bearing, a DIY or no?

    Made my appointment to get her fixed. If the play on the wheel is mainly from 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock, this is a wheel bearing issue right? I just wanna double check.
  43. Tha Fella Dylan

    Wheel bearing, a DIY or no?

    I just finished doing my tie rod ends guys. Thanks for all the input. But for who asked, I prefer to do things myself. It gives me knowledge and practice for the future. Some people are okay with paying people to do the work but I like to learn. I hate shops messing with my car. My last mechanic...
  44. Tha Fella Dylan

    Wheel bearing, a DIY or no?

    One last question. For the tie rod ends, if I was gonna remove the wheel to adjust it. Do I just remove one with the steering wheel straight? This is gona take a whole....,smh
  45. Tha Fella Dylan

    Wheel bearing, a DIY or no?

    Lol I know. I'm gonna buy the whole assembly. Cani adjust the tie rods with wheels mounted?
  46. Tha Fella Dylan

    Wheel bearing, a DIY or no?

    Ahhh. Scotty Kilmer says to loosen the nut and just turn the rod. I guess this might be easier than I thought. Have you done it with the wheel still mounted?
  47. Tha Fella Dylan

    Wheel bearing, a DIY or no?

    UPDATE: The wheel bearing ended up being my problem. I replaced the oem tie rods because they were shot. Now my tires sit like ducks feet. The fronts stick out. I've read the alignment threads but they don't mention how to adjust the tie rod ends. This whole thing has angered me. I've read and...
  48. Tha Fella Dylan

    Boost gauge wiring help

    Cigarette lighter worked for mine. Easy to get at also.
  49. Tha Fella Dylan

    Freshly Painted, now to the wheels...

    Nice job. I plan on respraying mine too. What size tank did you use? My profile pic has "phantom grey" paint on my Evo 9 Enkei's. Its a nice dark gunmetal color but still shines. It's a Toyota color though. Lol.
  50. Tha Fella Dylan

    Wheel bearing, a DIY or no?

    Is that what it was for you in that video? And you mentioned that the ball joint and out tie rod end are the same part. Is that true?
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