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  1. Hi Ceddy sorry to bother you man I have a 99 GST Spyder 5spd at the dyno waiting to get tuned...

    Hi Ceddy sorry to bother you man I have a 99 GST Spyder 5spd at the dyno waiting to get tuned but my tuner is saying even with all the tools such as the Tactrix 2.0 cable and everything he is unable to tune because he doesnt have access to the XML Files. I'm not trying to sound dumb but I dont...
  2. Odd misfire?

    Ok my freind I'l check that out thank you.
  3. Misfire, No power, Studdering, Pics and Vids!!

    Thanks for the help man.
  4. Misfire, No power, Studdering, Pics and Vids!!

    Hey my friend I have a 99 GST Spyder and it always says misfire in cylinder 1 and 4 new plugs gaped 0.28 new coil packs, msd wires 8.5mm, do you honestly think the ignition control module needs replaced and if so where is it located? thanks
  5. Odd misfire?

    Hey my friend I have a 99GST Spyder and I have replaced coil packs Coper NGK 0.28 gap plugs, MSD Wires 8.5mm, new injectors, cam sensor, crank sensor, I cant stop getting over and over cylinder 1 Misfire, and Cylinder 4 misfire, and random misfire codes never cyliner 2 or 3. Check Engine. what...
  6. Random Misfire Code

    Thats really helpfull man I'l check it out and I have a rebuilt 7bolt.
  7. idle issue

    What size injectors are you running are they to big for your tune or are they stock, and still running too rich mabye.
  8. Random Misfire Code

    Man my car is constently showing Cylinder 4 misfire, i will clear it then it says, Cylinder 1 misfire then il clear it and then it says random misfire detacted, its so anoying timing is right, spark plugs are correct, wires are good, coilpacks are good, what else is there I'm with you man but...
  9. 1g cuts out at full throttle

    Try replacing your fuel pump with a walboro change fuel filter and make sure your injectors are clean
  10. Boost creep fixed. Still running uber rich..

    Just a question have you ever thought of tuning your car through a flash tune like with a Tactrix cable to your laptop go for a run down the interstate log it to your computer then email it to a company like Jestrtunning then they work out a tune custom for you email it back to you then you run...
  11. Slight miss/blip at idle

    Since you already replaced the plugs try replacing the coil packs and go with a MSD 8.5mm wire set mabye get better spark.
  12. Evo3 16g. 650cc injectors enough?

    If your gonna use DSMLINK you can push those 650cc to the bone I dont see why you cant reach your goal.LOL
  13. Tuning Issues

    My friend I feal your pain my car acts exactly like yours but mine has 550cc injectors, AEM Fuel Rail, Fuel Lab fuel pressure regulator, 255 Walboro Fuel pump, 16g Turbo exhaust and intake and on top of all its completley untuned. I wish I knew why our cars sputterd and smelt like raw fuel my...
  14. running rich with new 16g?

    Becarful if you go bigger with the injectors because without engine managment you will hit fuel cut.
  15. Which/What gauges should I get? [Merged 12-6]

    AEM Wideband, AEM Trueboost, AEM oil pressure
  16. vac leak location?

    Also check your boost controller and BOV of course after we get Sandy out of the way:thumb:
  17. Running terrible

    I'm glade you found your problem but if I may give you a peice of advice get yourself an AEM Wideband that way you can monitor your cars running habits when it runs properly and then you can tell when it runs worse what it idels at and how rich or lean your running.
  18. Can I install an 255 walbro fuel pump without a fuel pressure regulator?

    I went with 255 walboro fuel pump, PTE 550cc injectors, AEM Fuel Rail, Fuel Lab FPR, all I can say untuned is horrible gas mileage, smells and runs really rich, and I sometimes hit fuel cut and in first gear I can only push 10psi of boost but all the other gears 15 psi I wish I never messed with...
  19. safc for $100, is it worth it

    I would get it so small tunes but like you stated earlier the dsmlink is a much greater way to tune the car especially if you end up with huge injectors.
  20. Car farts/vibrates when slowing down in reverse?

    If your car has ABS it could have a ABS sensor that connects to the rear hub bearing assembly even if the wheel bearing seems fine you might stll want to replace it do to the sensor might be shot good luck.
  21. oil return bolt broke, turbo destroyed?

    I'm sorry to here your trouble buddy but I bought a brand new 16g turbo and for some crazy reason the oil feed hole was an off size and I couldnt thread the proper fitting into the turbo so I took it to a local machine shop and he filled the hole with thick grease and slowly taped the hole out...
  22. WOT brick wall and im stock??

    Also try replaceing your fuel pump to a Walboro 190 or 255, mabye yours is going bad.
  23. O2 housing bolts

    Its also good to check for any leaks around the welds as well while your there.
  24. Can you Confirm my Guess?

    Man I hope you didnt spin a rod bearing beacuse of the knocking.And the smoke could be the cause of a turbo going bad mabye you have metal in your oil check it out good luck man.
  25. Starting issues - No / Doesn't / Won't Start - MERGED

    Did you replace your crank position sensor and cam position sensor.and test your starter and can you turn your crank by hand to make sure its not locked up.
  26. shifting issue help

    Replace every bushing that belongs to the shifter base all the way to transmision mounts, linkiage brass bushings, drain the fluid examin it flush it change it.Of course check your flywheel and clutch, and slave cylinder.
  27. Engine Noise / Ticking, Knocking, Tapping MERGED

    Try doing a small tune up like change your spark plugs, msd ignition wires, and factory OEM coilpack. please dont buy a cheap aftermarket coilpack like I did you will end up replacing it twice go OEM on that part. See if that will quiet things done good luck.
  28. Boost leak? fuel cut? compressor surge?

    check your bov for vaccum leaks all your pipes for any holes. Is your fuel pump stock are your injectors bigger and do you have an AEM wideband gauge to check if you are way too rich and then that could be why your hitting fuel cut, and as you already know that is very harmfull to your engine.
  29. effects of a hole in vacuum line

    Thats ausome that your running 15psi on a stock turbo, but defintly a vacum leak is a turbos worst enemy about once a month I look under my hood and check thoruly for any vacum leaks, cracks, and anything popped off or unplugged you never now and check your BOV for any leaks.
  30. Paint cost?

    If you dont have alot of damage to the body and its already primed take it up to Macco they painted my GST Spyder for $430.00 they did a great job no complaints over one year ago.
  31. Best place to buy new alternator

    When it comes to the electronics on these cars I only go OEM, get the right alternator from the dealer the first time, I got one from Autozone had to swap it out 3 times finally got tired and got one from the dealer.
  32. Is this 16g blown video

    Buddy I know your tryin to stay on a budget but please dont take a chance and blow your turbo on your engine beacuse your gonna through metal shards into the oil and into the engine mabye you can get a rebuild kit, or have somone rebuild it for you good luck.
  33. Starting issues - No / Doesn't / Won't Start - MERGED

    My friend I like the fuel pump you went with but you may need to go with bigger than stock fuel injectors because your pump is a good size bigger than stock so its sending alot of fuel up to the injectors and it might not be distributing the fuel correctly mabye it sends it back to the pump and...
  34. electrical problems headlights and radio

    Sorry about your bad day buddy but I actually had the same problem with my car it ended up being I wired the wires up wrong please double check.:)
  35. Mysterious oil leak

    just throwing it out there did you check the gaskets from your oil return pipe from the turbo to the oil pan.
  36. Engine Noise / Ticking, Knocking, Tapping MERGED

    Just when you think its a lifter it could also be a rod bearing starting to go out please check the bottom end as well.
  37. Help, need some advice on next step

    As you know these cars can be quite a pain so please make sure its worth your time and money or mabye pass on this one and look at another one in better shape good luck.
  38. talon will crank but won't turn over.

    Sorry about your crankwalk buddy happended to me I have a place where you can get a rebuild Kar King Auto, Engines and Transmissions Specialist Home page good luck man they were affordible and reliable for me.
  39. ideal ride height for best handling?

    My freind I wouldnt lower it past 1 inch that way you get the look your going for, and you are still able to get around town without losing your front bumper I learnd the hard way 2inch drop on my 99 GST Spyder too hard to drive and enjoy.
  40. engine bay clean up

    You could try a product called Simple Green you can pick it up at Autozone, and pressure wash it out preferably hot steaming water.
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