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  1. AlaskanDsm

    A little goes a long way

    Thanks for the kind words! And seriously, personal injuries really take their toll on everything and everyone! I appreciate you wanting to pass something along as it's that thought that counts. I don't want you to part with money that you could use elsewhere for your own care! I just want you to...
  2. AlaskanDsm

    A little goes a long way

    Hey guys and gals! It has been a while since I have been active much on this site. Unfortunately, I come with some bad news (about myself). On Saturday September 5th, I had to undergo a below knee amputation of my right foot due to a serious infection of my entire mid foot after 20 months of...
  3. AlaskanDsm

    Coolant leak w/ Video - water pump?

    It could also be the o-ring from the water pump to the water pipe. There are not many places on that side of the engine for a large coolant leak over there. Because the water pump is behind the timing cover, it will simply run down the inside of the timing cover and then spread the leak out over...
  4. AlaskanDsm

    Sold Free DSM parts/Stuff and very cheap parts

    I want to thank everyone who PM'd me about these parts. They are all gone now.
  5. AlaskanDsm

    Replace the AC tensioner Pulley Bearing

    Updated URLs/Info for 2014: Here is some good info on the bearing if you are interested. Old: New: Attached PDF Specs for 6301-2RS Bearing As well as check out NSK for...
  6. AlaskanDsm

    Sold Free DSM parts/Stuff and very cheap parts

    Hey DSMers, I am moving out of state AND I no longer have my DSM. This makes my collection of DSM parts expendable. I am giving most of my parts away with a couple that I am selling really cheaply. These are not yet posted on Craigslist yet (unless previously posted prior to this offer). The...
  7. AlaskanDsm

    FS: 1991 Eagle Talon TSi AWD - Sold

    Hey guys, Never really thought this would come to pass. I am looking into selling my car as I am buying a new car. I am trading in my car for much less than this car is worth unless someone wants to buy the car. I have posted the Carfax for anyone who is interested. I can give some background on...
  8. AlaskanDsm

    Monthly DSM Meet Chander, AZ In-N-Out Burger

    Well, I don't even get off work until 10... Soooooo I doubt that anyone will still be left.... Especially since people seem to think that it is getting cold out when it is just finally starting to get nice out ... :D
  9. AlaskanDsm

    Prothane Engine mount busted?

    So I heard back from the manufacturer. They responded well under 24 hours to my warranty request email and immediately offered to replace the two inserts that were broken in the same color. They also offered to replace all four insert sets across all of the mounts at no additional charge and I...
  10. AlaskanDsm

    Prothane Engine mount busted?

    As an update... all warranty information, paperwork, receipts, pictures have been submitted. It is in the hands of the manufacturers at this point. I am confident that this will have a positive resolution but until then, I will just keep everyone up to date on this no questions asked, lifetime...
  11. AlaskanDsm

    Prothane Engine mount busted?

    If I recall correctly, there is a metal sleeve that the bolt goes in. There is no direct contact between the mounts and the bolt. As far as the manufacturer goes, I got a reply and they are asking for pictures of each mount and the warranty form. I need to get the pictures tonight so I can...
  12. AlaskanDsm

    Prothane Engine mount busted?

    Just to clarify.. These are polyurethane. Without thinking, when I originally made this thread, labeled the inserts incorrectly. My apologies. And for the purpose of the thread I am just keeping the discussion more aimed at the issue and not at any manufacturer. I am working at a resolution...
  13. AlaskanDsm

    Prothane Engine mount busted?

    No they are good mounts from a reputable place. They aren't cheap mounts either. I just happened to snag them on a group buy for Black Friday in the past. But I'm just concerned because I think 2 of the 4 mounts that I have are having cracking/crumbling issues with the polyurethane. I haven't...
  14. AlaskanDsm

    Prothane Engine mount busted?

    So as to an update.... I have been busy and have not had the time to follow up on this issue until now. I reached out to the manufacturer of the mounts and they are requesting that I fill out the warranty claim and send pictures of the problems. I plan on sending the pictures and form out...
  15. AlaskanDsm

    tuning for MPG

    Start reading! start [ECMTuning - wiki] Videos: ECMTuning, Inc. You can also post logs in the Tuning and Engine Management section of the site for more help with your tune.
  16. AlaskanDsm

    tuning for MPG

    What tires and rims are you running on at 60PSI?
  17. AlaskanDsm

    tuning for MPG

    He has ECMLink V3 Lite... Which is much better than a SAFC (IMO).... Just saying. It is the last sentence of the OP's Post. However, you both have valid points. E-85 is not supposed to be used in the stock fuel system of the DSM. But if you replaced certian fuel components, you will be able to...
  18. AlaskanDsm

    Lost 2nd 4th and reverse

    Time for an AWD swap?? haha
  19. AlaskanDsm

    Getting pissed --- Front Turn Signals

    If you have the option.. just try to swap the relay/fuse from another working car and see if that remedies the problem.
  20. AlaskanDsm

    Getting pissed --- Front Turn Signals

    Correct... there is a mod I believe you can do to get them to blink. Stock they do not.
  21. AlaskanDsm

    Getting pissed --- Front Turn Signals

    If he turns on the Hazards and they are working in the back, then my assumption would be that it is already plugged in... But it never hurts to make sure the connector isn't loose :thumb:
  22. AlaskanDsm

    Lost 2nd 4th and reverse

    Have you tried to move the shift assembly on the trans by hand with the cables disconnected to see if it is maybe in the transmission and not the shifting assembly?
  23. AlaskanDsm

    Wastegate actuator rod

    I guess you could. I have no experience with this as I just drive my car easy to keep out of the boost. I personally wouldn't do this long term as again I have no idea how this would effect the car or if it would improve gas economy. Someone else would have to chome in as to why or why not this...
  24. AlaskanDsm

    Horrible vibration. 4 bolt swap, and car has been sitting

    Do you feel the vibration in the steering wheel? Flat spots on the tires (although you checked them) would cause you to feel the vibration in the wheel and not just the car. Does the wheel move slightly from side to side while driving? And this is just a straight shot in the dark, but maybe you...
  25. AlaskanDsm

    Wastegate actuator rod

    Okay sweet! :thumb: And yes.. something always seems to have an issue some place or another haha.
  26. AlaskanDsm

    Wastegate actuator rod

    You could try to drill it out... Or if you have a small enough punch, you could try to get it out that way. I would drill as a last resort but that is my opinion.
  27. AlaskanDsm

    Rear Deck Cover

    Thanks go to AK Thunder for sending me these pictures.
  28. AlaskanDsm

    Wastegate actuator rod

    First, welcome to DSMTuners. Second, the actuator arm, The one with the hole at the end, goes over the flapper rod, connector, etc? (Put the piece sticking out through the hole :D). Then behind the actuator arm on the flapper, you would put a pin there to keep the actuator arm from falling off.
  29. AlaskanDsm

    Rear Deck Cover

    I know about the strut towers and how it is supposed to sit inside the hatch area as I currently have it installed :p (my fault for not mentioning that above). I am more curious as to HOW the strings attach or hang from the hatch. There do not appear to be any "mounting" points for the strings...
  30. AlaskanDsm

    Rear Deck Cover

    Hey guys, I have my deck cover from my car but it looks as if it has seen a bit of use over the years before I have gotten it. It looks as if it should attach to the hatch somehow but I have no been able to figure out how it is supposed to do so. I would be grateful for anyone who can post some...
  31. AlaskanDsm

    College budget build help.

    I tend to say that I like to get things done as cheaply as the right way allows.... even if it isn't cheap at all.
  32. AlaskanDsm

    Back from tire shop with bad news

    Just to point this out... In Fairbanks (further north than Wasilla), we do not use road salt at all. They just lay down crushed gravel on the roads for traction. I would imagine from my time in Anchorage that the result is the same in Wasilla. The only difference would be getting closer to the...
  33. AlaskanDsm

    FML I needed new paint but not like this...

    I have a question... First, are all the splotches on the paint just from Bugs? haha And second, it doesn't seem like it has that same sheen as the rest of the car. I understand it was rattle canned, but I am curious to know if you had tried wet sanding it after you got done with the clear coat.
  34. AlaskanDsm

    Prothane Engine mount busted?

    @ 007jimmy - The front and rear are solid. Same as the one pictured as they are a set. @ spool4fun - Yea! That is why I contacted the manufacturer. I knew they had a lifetime warranty. They have been a fantastic product and I am still very happy with them, But this also has me concerned. They...
  35. AlaskanDsm

    Prothane Engine mount busted?

    They are also polyurethane mounts. The front mount from visual inspection looks fine. The rear mount is currently difficult to see while at work.
  36. AlaskanDsm

    Prothane Engine mount busted?

    ***CLARIFICATION*** Accidentally labeled as Prothane when in fact, the inserts are simply polyurethane material. ******************* I looked under the hook of my car today to check a coolant leak i notice on my quick lunch run from work. I looked under my hood today to find the following...
  37. AlaskanDsm

    WES_393's Hose Spa Recirculation Tube MOD

    FYI for those have a 1G, If you do not have the 2G MAF and intake pipe, this cannot be done appropriately as it will melt... I know. :ohdamn:
  38. AlaskanDsm

    Fuel cut, boost leek, need help.

    Is your BOV currently recirculated after the installation of the Blitz Bov? If it is not, You must have it recirculated unless you have your MAS AFTER the BOV. By meaning of recirculated, the outlet of the BOV had a hose that connected it back to the intake. This hose must be on the BOV.
  39. AlaskanDsm

    afr gauge reads 14.6 almost constantly

    Although I have an AEM gauge, I recently had a similar issue only mine was stuck on one number only. the cable on the back of my gauge came unplugged. I plugged it back it and it was fine. It is a quick and easy check just in case.... **edit** I need to have my dang eyes checked. I even read...
  40. AlaskanDsm

    Wide band install

    You could have just continued this conversation in your other thread... but I'll be nice. First, just so you are aware, A LOT of your questions, if not all, have been already asked and answered here on DSMTuners. I suggest that you try to use the search feature in the forum. There truly a lot...
  41. AlaskanDsm

    safely boosting

    Each car is different and so there is no definitive answer to your questions. Also, from the information that you have in your profile, I am not sure if you have the supporting modifcations for the T3 Turbo. Such as, do you have appropriate injectors to support that turbo and if so what size. Do...
  42. AlaskanDsm

    Car Overheated / Overheating / Overheats [MERGED]

    Just a thought of course, but it is always possible that the FMIC is keeping enough fresh air from hitting the radiator which could be causing an overheating issue... Do you have AC in your car still?
  43. AlaskanDsm

    stock FMIC?

    Don't you mean SMIC? @ miguelmcv Should have refreshed :ohdamn:
  44. AlaskanDsm

    aem wideband sensor stuck at 14.8

    Just went out to look at it. It had just come unplugged from the back of the gauge. Just got it plugged back in and there are no more problems.
  45. AlaskanDsm

    aem wideband sensor stuck at 14.8

    Ever find the solution to this issue. I am having the same issue. I just haven't gone back out to check to see if it came unplugged. Will be doing this soon too.
  46. AlaskanDsm

    Starting issues - No / Doesn't / Won't Start - MERGED

    Well the basics would be Fuel, Spark, Compression, and Timing (with the given Air). If you have verified that you are getting Spark and fuel, check compression and timing to be safe. But if you think that you are pig rich, let it sit for a bit with the plugs loose or out with a rag covering the...
  47. AlaskanDsm

    Engine miss

    I would agree with you if you had more than one cylinder that was causing the problem. If you had two cylinders not firing, I would think that possibly the coil pack or the transistor may be the issue. Being as this is only effecting one cylinder, I usually would be something more related to...
  48. AlaskanDsm

    Anyone try the ebay fuel pump rewire kit?

    As far as I understand it, there should be no "prime" in the stock wired system. The fuel pump I believe only comes active when the car is set to the "Start" position. So even with a rewire, the electronic control shouldn't initiate the fuel pump until you actually try to start the car.
  49. AlaskanDsm

    Is this timing correct?

    true.. I have teh BSE as well but it helps diagnose when you are a tooth off or less... I did it to my car so I have all timing marks lined up regardless. Here is a picture reference I have for you. This is of course from a conversation...
  50. AlaskanDsm

    Is this timing correct?

    This may help since you have the engine out of the car. If you look at the timing marks dead on, they should all line up across the top of the head where the valve cover would sit. This is a good help as well. Also, looking at the picture, isn't the oil sprocket supposed to be lined up with...
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