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  1. 19Eclipse90

    1G Can someone ID these OEM springs

    Only partially helpful, but there's what the FSM states about coil identification:FRONTREAR
  2. 19Eclipse90

    1G (90) no spark /light spark

    How's your ECU look?Check all of your connections and ensure all grounds are good.
  3. 19Eclipse90

    GVR-4 VR4 Galant Tranmission ID

    That is a little strange, but maybe not worth the effort trying to figure out the history of it all. The transmission for that VIN was originally a W5M33-2-NQBK. It would use the same transfer case as the W5M33-2-NQBM that you have pictured. I would assume that this was a replacement unit but...
  4. 19Eclipse90

    Cool Shelf Find

    Terrible picture, but MMNA had one in the display case at the plant in Normal, IL. This was taken at the last M.O.D. event in 2015.Never even thought about trying to get it from them since they basically cleared house of everything else that year. Coulda, woulda, shoulda...
  5. 19Eclipse90

    2G 1997 Spyder Transmission Code for rebuild kit

    The Spyder 2.4L auto transmission is a F4A23-2-UPQ5, part number MD974426. The Mitsubishi part number is for a rebuild kit is MD974425.
  6. 19Eclipse90

    1G 6 bolt timing belt tensioner oil leak

    Have you checked the oil galley plugs on the belt side of the head? Marked up this picture from RRE's website for a visual.
  7. 19Eclipse90

    After 22 years, I finally sold my DSM

    The saying used to be that, "You'll be back. They always come back."Twenty-two years is a good amount of time in the game. Hopefully you don't regret getting rid of it!
  8. 19Eclipse90

    1G Intermediate shaft/jack shaft

    The intermediate shaft itself is the same for auto and manual 1Gs.
  9. 19Eclipse90

    1G FWD vs AWD Clutch Pedal Assembly Differences

    It's a turbo vs. non-turbo difference in the pedal assemblies, not a FWD vs. AWD. I ran into the same discrepancy when swapping my '90 N/A to turbo way back when.
  10. 19Eclipse90

    2G alternator and AC belt length

    belt size for alternator an water pump and other belt ac, power steering
  11. 19Eclipse90


    That's no fun whatsoever - hopefully your insurance takes care of you!
  12. 19Eclipse90

    Looking for Cad files / stl files

    I've got a file for a 1G intake manifold flange. Only thing I wasn't able to really verify was the radius in the corners of the ports, but they are pretty close by visual comparison after using what I had to arrive at this. Radius gauges would have been nice...I had planned to use the 2D...
  13. 19Eclipse90

    2G Not getting boost, but turbo spools

    The wastegate could be stuck open. :idontknow:
  14. 19Eclipse90

    1G Bad ecu or something else?

    And the question must always be asked - do the cases match the boards?
  15. 19Eclipse90

    1G Timing questions.

    You're going to find yourself in Newbie Graveyard territory with questions like that. ;)Short answer is, YES! Very easy ways to determine if you have a 6- or a 7-bolt. Here's some threads to start with: 6bolt or 7 bolt [RESOLVED] Oil Pan Identification 6 Bolt or 7 Bolt? Do i have a 6 bolt...
  16. 19Eclipse90

    1G Engine oil on slave cylinder

    What goes here?The OEM replacement plugs come with thread sealant on them.
  17. 19Eclipse90

    1G Carrier bearing stud, did you shear yours off? Here's how I fixed mine!

    They aren't made with a spring, but here's a couple different M10 x 1.25 split dies available: Uncoated High-Speed Steel Screw Thread Die 1-1/2" OD, M10 x 1.25 mm Right-Hand Thread Titanium-Nitride(Tin) High-Speed Steel Screw Thread Die 1" OD, M10 x 1.25 mm Right-Hand Thread M10x1.25 Metric Fine...
  18. 19Eclipse90

    2G Spyder starter wont engage the flywheel

    I've got nothing more to offer other than that would be the correct flywheel PN to match up with your FWD turbo transmission. Hopefully some others with experience using that flywheel will chime in.
  19. 19Eclipse90

    2G Spyder starter wont engage the flywheel

    As @pauleyman mentioned, GSX and GS Spyder (N/T) axles are both 25-spline at the diff. The GST and GST Spyder axles are 27-spline at the diff.what is the axle spline count on a 97 gst? 95-99 2G GS-T Axle Spline Count?
  20. 19Eclipse90

    2G Spyder starter wont engage the flywheel

    KF5M332SPZT is a 2G FWD Turbo transmission. It was used in both the GST and GST Spyder. If that's the transmission you have, just look for a 7-bolt, FWD turbo flywheel.It will be a different flywheel than what your 2.4L Spyder GS came with and is likely what you keep running into.
  21. 19Eclipse90

    1G Timing questions.

    Opening up the head bolt holes should be all that's needed to install a head from a 7-bolt engine on a 6-bolt block.You say you have a '93 - that should have been a 7-bolt to start with?Nothing changes for the timing procedure when you change the head. Follow the proper procedure for the...
  22. 19Eclipse90

    2G Spyder starter wont engage the flywheel

    That's a FWD turbo transmission. So the reason it wasn't engaging is because the AWD flywheel is a smaller diameter than the FWD. Hence the different number of teeth.Get a turbo FWD flywheel and you'll be good to go. Still never told us why you couldn't have reused the original, but at...
  23. 19Eclipse90

    2G Spyder starter wont engage the flywheel

    Why can't you use the flywheel that came with your car?The AWD flywheel has 106 teeth. The FWD has 110 teeth. If you were trying to use the AWD flywheel with a FWD transmission, it would not engage. If it is truly an AWD transmission, there's something else strange going on.
  24. 19Eclipse90

    Aftermarket oil cooler setup

    Only looking into it a little bit, it sounds like something like that might work. The only thing I can say with certainty is that you're introducing more possible leak points going this route rather than simply using a housing built for an external air cooler.
  25. 19Eclipse90

    Need a new c.a.s.!

    Oh, I don't disagree. Personally.But it beats swapping over a whole engine harness. ;)Some people aren't comfortable doing wiring, so just letting people know that there is an option out there that is plug and play.I was able to get a new 1990 CAS from RockAuto for my car a couple years...
  26. 19Eclipse90

    Aftermarket oil cooler setup

    7-bolt evo III oil filter housing in a 2G
  27. 19Eclipse90

    Aftermarket oil cooler setup

    Damn, Marty! You run oil lines all the way over to the passenger side of the car (original SMIC location) just for a cooler? OMGFor a 7-bolt, you would need an Evo III or Evo 8 or 9 oil filter housing.
  28. 19Eclipse90

    Need a new c.a.s.!

    Sheridan Engineering does offer a conversion harness for us '90 folks to use a '91-'94 CAS.See 1991-1994 CAS in a 1990 Adapter Harness
  29. 19Eclipse90

    1G 90 GSX hard cold start

    Plug gap would be the other thing I'd suggest double-checking. If everything else truly checks out, it can't be anything but spark.
  30. 19Eclipse90

    2G Oil in coolant

    No idea if they've come down in price, but the link that @dustyboner provided has a quote stating that a new one was running around $200.
  31. 19Eclipse90

    2G Oil in coolant

    This is what I thought as well. It's been a hot minute since I've actually looked at one but it makes perfect sense and falls in line with what I seem to remember.
  32. 19Eclipse90

    2G Oil in coolant

    In addition, if the cooler is suspect: How to test an Oil Cooler
  33. 19Eclipse90

    1G 90 GSX hard cold start

    O2 sensor will throw a code. I've read it may not if the heater goes out.Oxygen (O2) Sensor Connector from Ohm RacingMight check your coils and power transistor unit.
  34. 19Eclipse90

    Talon digest veterans?

    There's a couple such folks around. And we all appreciate the pioneers that had to struggle through a lot of the problems many of us have experienced over the years!Aw4g63, landoawd where you at. All members from the early 2000's check in. Is the website dead?
  35. 19Eclipse90

    2G FP Manifold fitment issues

    You will appreciate having taken care of it before buttoning things back up. Do it once and do it right!
  36. 19Eclipse90

    2G FP Manifold fitment issues

    I also had fitment issues with a FP manifold but I wasn't sure if it was the manifold or because I had just repaired some exhaust manifold stud holes that had stripped out and the repair jobs weren't perfectly straight. I, like @DSMPT , enlarged the holes I needed to enlarge on the manifold...
  37. 19Eclipse90

    Rest in Peace Tom Noonen

    Wow, unbelievable...My deepest condolences, Noonen family.
  38. 19Eclipse90

    93 fwd galant rear disc swap question

    I would imagine you would use the ones from the Galant since it's a longer vehicle. But that's just a gut feeling.
  39. 19Eclipse90

    2G Are master & slave cylinders the same between GST and GSX?

    They are the same on the 2G.On the 1G, the AWD and FWD slave cylinders have different bore diameters, though the master cylinders are the same.
  40. 19Eclipse90

    420A Looking for a shifter cable part

    I'm not sure what part(s) you are referring to based on your description so I can't answer that. That PDF should lead you to part numbers with which you can check on parts websites for availability.
  41. 19Eclipse90

    420A Looking for a shifter cable part

    2G Eagle Talon (and Chrylser Sebring, Dodge Avenger) Parts CataloguesGive those a check - no VIN required. Just make sure the pages you're looking at are referring to the Talon and not the Sebring or Avenger.In any case, using Mitsubishi ASA or CAPS or any Mitsubishi parts website does not...
  42. 19Eclipse90

    2004 subaru outback

    I'm a fan, also, so I share the same mindset that most are worth saving. But I also haven't dove real deep into them.Lately, LKQ and Pull-a-Part have both had 5+ Subaru varieties in their yards and, from what I've seen, the Outbacks generally go untouched other than the interiors.
  43. 19Eclipse90

    New Member - Steve M from Missouri

    Very neat setup! Excited to see what you end up doing, especially if you go with the 4G63!
  44. 19Eclipse90

    AWD-Swapped Mirage Shell - I need help

    LIL EVOThere should be plenty of info out there. And while all of "us" aren't always knowledgeable about Mirages, there's some basic fit and function questions that we may be able to help with. Don't be afraid to start asking!
  45. 19Eclipse90

    Quick and easy way to paint cam gears/sprockets

    Or stuff cotton balls in the gap where the vice grips are at. Beats nothing. :idontknow:
  46. 19Eclipse90

    Newbie 3000gt

    While it is a nice looking car (----and it is, a nice looking car! :thumb:) , it is the single overhead cam version which isn't the best base to try modifying. Obviously, it's your car so you can do what you want.If you want more power, I would suggest at least switching to the double...
  47. 19Eclipse90

    2G Everything needed galant 6bolt in 2g Auto

    2G intake manifold will not seal on a 1G head: intake manifold difference
  48. 19Eclipse90

    Resolved Balance shaft delete bearing

    That looks like it's to the outside of the block, isn't it? If that's where you have it, it's absolutely fine. The port you want to block is going towards the main oil gallery. See this thread as a reference: Blocking off oil galleyReferring to that thread, the 1/8 NPT plug is to the...
  49. 19Eclipse90

    I'll take "Name this bracket for $200", Alex.

    Mount for the original air filter canister. See below, #14.
  50. 19Eclipse90

    How many DSM´s are left

    Like others, I rarely see them on the road. 2Gs more than 1Gs. I generally only see one other 1G and it has been owned by the same high school teacher in the area for at least the last 18 years, 1.8L Laser. Got passed by a 2G on the highway recently and the guy was ecstatic to see me rolling...
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