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  1. Roberti 2G

    Its been a long while.

    Its been a long while.
  2. Roberti 2G

    Sold the 2G a few months back, bought an Evo. next DSM will be AWD and ill still continue to...

    Sold the 2G a few months back, bought an Evo. next DSM will be AWD and ill still continue to Support DSMtuners for life.
  3. Roberti 2G

    Blown Clutch

    I am probably close to 300whp and that the high side. I put a 6 puck in. Idk who did the clutch before me.
  4. Roberti 2G

    Clutch job in progress.

    Clutch job in progress.
  5. Roberti 2G

    Blown Clutch

    So about two weeks ago I went to look at some Evo's took the DSM for the trip and clutch let go on me coming home after a few hours of driving a large hill. Got the car home and took it apart that night, the problem was the center hub rivets all fell out. I have had some rattling for some time...
  6. Roberti 2G

    2G new flywheel step hieght??

    What he said
  7. Roberti 2G

    2G new flywheel step hieght??

    I didn't see that you asked that. My bad I would have it checked that's just me though.
  8. Roberti 2G

    2G new flywheel step hieght?? Not the hard to use Google before you post.
  9. Roberti 2G

    dsm value?

  10. Roberti 2G

    2G places to mount a manual boost controller?

    I have mine zip tied to my intake pipe.
  11. Roberti 2G

    Looking to hear the turbo more...

    The 2g 02 housing is just fine to make moderate power, it's an upgrade to the 1g, port it to gasket match and it'll flow even better and keep its durability of cast iron.
  12. Roberti 2G

    99 gst k&n filter

    The green will get you there. Make sure all you maintenance is done and the engine is healthily enough to make 350. Stick to what a proven and it'll be a lot easier to meet that goal. Since you have a 99 you can use ECU flash and Evoscan for tuning.
  13. Roberti 2G


    Good luck OP. Custom cars has some good systems and specs on them.
  14. Roberti 2G


    The FWD ones are usually .25 inches smaller then awd downpipes , my Apexi really only is 2.75 inches if you look up the specs since its FWD. Lol up the specs and covert mm to inches to get the real pipe size you are going to get.
  15. Roberti 2G

    99 gst k&n filter

    I had exhaust, dp, intake pipe and k&n, MBC, 14b, and AEM WB all [email protected] 15 psi no problems at all. Tuning is not needed until you get injectors and larger turbos at 15+ psi
  16. Roberti 2G

    Who's owns this gem? (Craigslist)

    FP posted this on Facebook a few days ago. Shits funny
  17. Roberti 2G

    99 gst k&n filter

    I've run K&N on all my cars, never one problem.
  18. Roberti 2G

    Is this a legit 16g? With pics

    Closer view of number after 01 in the blank spot, that is the one that tells the difference. Looks like 47 to me pretty sure that is evo3 16g. Need some of the hotside also.
  19. Roberti 2G

    Resolved AEM wideband questions

    I run front o2 stock, AEM in dp pre flex, rear o2 stock but not used my WB uses that pin at ECU.
  20. Roberti 2G

    Soon to be 2g owner =D

    That sounds like strut tower rust, it's common but it's not good. You'll have go take care of that asap. Good luck I'm a fellow GST owner I enjoy mine.
  21. Roberti 2G

    New to G2!

    I have a LG G2!
  22. Roberti 2G

    2G Just made an account here and found a car finally!!

    Looks really clean. Pretty sure you just look at the rear end and it has a LSD marking
  23. Roberti 2G

    1G Help me bring this DSM back to life! :)

    Sounds like your on the right track to bring the car back to life. Possible that it's more wiring issues a too since that's what you've been fixing to this point. Good luck.
  24. Roberti 2G

    11 sec. 500+hp fwd

    Remember to do that maintenance on the injectors every so many months with that corn. Been a lot of info lately about it destroying injectors.
  25. Roberti 2G

    Resolved dsmlink doubts

    Buy it or see if there is one in the classifieds that comes with a ecli. I got mine for like 550 with ECU V3full. It was a great deal. Sometimes they pop up just saying.
  26. Roberti 2G

    Misfire at higher boost

    It's most likely your plugs/gap they should be gapped at .028 if not even closer. NGK BPR7ES like said earlier for higher then stock boost levels.
  27. Roberti 2G

    What spoiler is this?

    Looks retarded to me. High rise or winless FTW
  28. Roberti 2G

    Coolant leak w/ Video - water pump?

    Definitely the water pump or water pipe to pump. That's a lot of leakage so it's not just the weep hole.
  29. Roberti 2G

    2G Boost builds, but no power!

    When my car did this it was the knock sensor, it was not installed correctly by the PO. 12 psi is what the 14b was made to run that's stock boost level. Easiest way to get to the knock sensor is from below just FYI.
  30. Roberti 2G


    Either one works just fine. I have Apexi but it came with it when I bought it.
  31. Roberti 2G


    Megan racing
  32. Roberti 2G

    Dsmkauai's (Sleepy G) 91 gvr4 #1633

    Super clean man. Looks really good.
  33. Roberti 2G

    GSTwithPSI Galant VR4 1837 of 2000

    Love the VR 4!
  34. Roberti 2G

    Evo III 16G

    I'm happy with my B16g since I only have 40$ in it after a few rebuilds and sales. Pulls much harder then the 14b I had at 20 psi. Slaping a e3 wheel on it and 10 mins of effort on the compressor housing will be an upgrade as well.
  35. Roberti 2G

    what should I use to paint middle "taillight"

    Clear coat is a must. Wet sand 2000grit and polish it with a compound. I am doing a body color match on mine, just got paint mixed today.
  36. Roberti 2G

    Wanting a dsm, could use some help

    My best advice is to find a local Dsmer from this site with some knowledge and find out if they donyt mind helping you look at the car when you do buy it. Get as much reading on common things wrong with these cars. Have some tools to do your own work, I don't trust anyone working on my car but...
  37. Roberti 2G

    Need my turbo to downfire

    That looks pretty good. Better then my buddy's work on my exhaust.
  38. Roberti 2G

    quick tstat question

    Lower hose
  39. Roberti 2G

    Broken bolt in turbo oil return line

    Like Jus said a center housing and rebuild kit will run you much less then a good turbo should cost you. It's so easy to rebuild then too. I talked to Jus about buying a 20g ended up selling my 14b flipped a small 16g and now I have a B16g that I built from the ground up. I have 40 dollars in...
  40. Roberti 2G

    Broken bolt in turbo oil return line

    I would pickup a new center housing an file a PayPal claim for the false advertising of the turbo.
  41. Roberti 2G

    breaking up under boost

    Yeah sounds like a boost leak.
  42. Roberti 2G

    Brand new turbo very slow spool

    Something isn't adding up. Back track all your work. You for sure it's hooked up right to the boost controller and the lines are switched.?
  43. Roberti 2G

    gasket matching exhaust runners

    I did this on my stock manifold but not my FP it flows better just on design alone. But you should benefit from it if out port it just takes sometime to do it right with good carbide bits.
  44. Roberti 2G

    GVR-4 Intermittent no start, I'm stumped

    I thought mine was the solenoid and think it still might be. I redid my negative battery terminal and seems to start every time. Just today it did it again. I will Prob swap the starter solenoid and starter the one I'm using is from AutoZone and has a warranty. This is what I replaced last year...
  45. Roberti 2G

    Crunchy Clutch Pedal 2g Talon

    Could be the throw out bearing engaging the pressure plate.
  46. Roberti 2G

    GVR-4 Intermittent no start, I'm stumped

    Mine is doing the same thing. I also have a turbo timer installed.
  47. Roberti 2G

    2G how to tune a 2 nd gen

    Is this a question or a statement? You need to search some threads.
  48. Roberti 2G

    2G how to remove this part from turbo (pics)

    I have a spare if you break it and need one. When I took mine off I did it from the oil filter housing side and pulled it through. I believe there are one or two holding tabs on the block if I remember correctly. Good luck PB blaster is a must.
  49. Roberti 2G

    Say something about the person above you. Pt II

    Knows I like big butts that aren't blacked out.
  50. Roberti 2G

    Judge Valve cover

    There are other sources for sure I was just throwing it out there. I support the vendors that deserve support that's all.
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