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  1. Techn0Nut1996

    DSM in DSM

    Well, it’s been over a year since I’ve posted an update and that’s because there isn’t really much to say about the DSM. I haven’t really had any time to play with it sadly. My wife and I bought a house and that took up the majority of the beginning of 2020 and we added a few more cars to the...
  2. Techn0Nut1996

    99 GSX Rebirth/Clean-Up/Build

    Damn Brady, you’re going all out! I love it! Can’t wait to see the finished product! Meanwhile, I haven’t even touched my car yet this season lol!
  3. Techn0Nut1996

    Galant VR-4 Restoration

    Thank you for saving it!! Can't wait for you guys to get it back on the road :thumb:
  4. Techn0Nut1996

    Techboy's 99 4G63

    ^ Car is looking fantastic!
  5. Techn0Nut1996

    2G M/T prothane motor mount bushings orientation?

    Where did you purchase those bushings from?
  6. Techn0Nut1996

    What did you do to your DSM today?

    Let it run for a while to keep the battery alive while it’s in hibernation. Boy am I itching to drive it again..
  7. Techn0Nut1996

    Special CarbonFiber

    Mine fit great, and it’s such a cool piece! I want to skin the wiper arms now though because they stick out lol
  8. Techn0Nut1996

    2G FEEDBACK - Center Console Switch Panel/Cup Holder

    I’ve always wanted to make a switch panel to replace the ash tray, haven’t gotten around to it yet. Great work!
  9. Techn0Nut1996

    3D Printed Bumper Risers | Purchasing Thread

    Looking forward to see what you come up with, good luck sir!
  10. Techn0Nut1996

    1997 Spyder GST

    Welcome to the group!
  11. Techn0Nut1996

    Brought in 5 new cars with TONS of parts!

    The inside door handle screw cover? Driver side, black?
  12. Techn0Nut1996

    3D Printed Bumper Risers | Purchasing Thread

    First of all, thank you for actually testing your product and showing what they can do. I think it's awesome that you took the info given to you and used it constructively and not getting all upset that someone was questioning you like 98% of the internet does. So keep that up, the community...
  13. Techn0Nut1996

    Special CarbonFiber

    They are awesome, 10/10 would recommend.
  14. Techn0Nut1996

    Build at 18

    Love the underflow, hope you have other plans for the car as well!
  15. Techn0Nut1996

    DSM in DSM

    Special Carbon Fiber Inc. put some pictures of my car on their site for their products! If I would have known the pictures would be used on a company website I would have taken better pictures lol!
  16. Techn0Nut1996

    Project Nicole, 2gb AWD Talon Spyder

    I am so excited for you!!! I really hope they show up!
  17. Techn0Nut1996

    Project for the wife

    Way cool!!
  18. Techn0Nut1996

    Project Nicole, 2gb AWD Talon Spyder

    To me this just screams classic scam.. But I have heard this being the case many times with Carbonetics. From what everybody says it is worth the wait if you are patient. Not the best way to run a business though, if he needs more help to complete projects he should gain some employees or...
  19. Techn0Nut1996

    New to Me GS-T

    Nice, looks good!
  20. Techn0Nut1996

    Project Nicole, 2gb AWD Talon Spyder

    If Special Carbon Fiber has what you need I would always order from them first. I have 3 of their products on my car and I love them. Had them in my hands withing a few weeks of ordering too. Sad part is they don't offer as much as Carbonetics does. I talked with the owner of SCF, and they plan...
  21. Techn0Nut1996

    highest asking price Ive seen yet

    I've always wondered what would happen if you did the opposite.. So posting a $3000 car but forgetting a 0. If someone offered you the $300 would you have to accept? I'm assuming if the poster is a dealership then they would have to honor it but on CL I would imagine it would be easy to get out of.
  22. Techn0Nut1996

    New to Me GS-T

    Not my style personally, but not the worst thing I've ever seen either.
  23. Techn0Nut1996

    highest asking price Ive seen yet

    Found the supposed car from "The Hangover" listed for over $40k, it was also a GST. That is crazy to me..
  24. Techn0Nut1996

    Wide body ZR4

    Hell yea, awesome pictures!!
  25. Techn0Nut1996

    New to Me GS-T

    Have you done basic maintenance? That and the vacuum leaks definitely take precedence over the mismatched tires at this point.
  26. Techn0Nut1996

    New to Me GS-T

    Glad to see you saving it, good luck!
  27. Techn0Nut1996

    DSM in DSM

    Welp, RIP the Accord.. Bit of a long story, but essentially I was trying to dodge another accident and merged into a semi I didn't see in my blind spot. Very scary at highway speeds. Luckily a good friend of mine was selling his moms car since she recently moved and couldn't take it with her...
  28. Techn0Nut1996

    2G Found the connectors

    Nice work, was going to tag the same link. One of the most helpful threads on here if ya ask me.
  29. Techn0Nut1996

    Wide body ZR4

    What an awesome build!! Thanks for such an extensive thread, made for a fun read at work!
  30. Techn0Nut1996

    Least favorite thing?

    My biggest complaints with my car are the previous owners... Spent a lot of time fixing other people mistakes/short cuts.
  31. Techn0Nut1996

    8 minutes of 4g63T for your entertainment

    Neat video, thanks for sharing!
  32. Techn0Nut1996

    2G Cruise Control is Faulty

    Old post, but did you end up finding the issue? My cruise control worked when I bought the car and stopped working when I pulled the TB out. I have a hunch that I have damaged the vacuum lines.. Just wanted to see if you were able to get your issue resolved.
  33. Techn0Nut1996

    2G New to me DSM

    Host the photos on a website like photobucket or Flickr, then copy the sharing link. Took me a while to get it figured out too.
  34. Techn0Nut1996

    2G New to me DSM

    Welcome and good luck!
  35. Techn0Nut1996

    Street Build Last of the Barcelona's (98 GSX)

    One day my paint will look this good again.. Hopefully at least LOL Are you going to make it to ICC this year? I wont be able to since they have had to change the dates so many times. Poor guys can't seem to catch a break with the flooding.
  36. Techn0Nut1996

    Street Build Last of the Barcelona's (98 GSX)

    One day my paint will look this good again.. Hopefully at least lol
  37. Techn0Nut1996

    DSM in DSM

    I believe it was 310 shipped. Here is the link:
  38. Techn0Nut1996

    DSM in DSM

    I hope everyone has had a great summer! I haven't done much to the car other than drive it and enjoy it. My buddy shot a quick video of the car, it was a lot of fun to make and he got some cool angles! He was also the first person to drive the car besides myself since I bought it, it was strange...
  39. Techn0Nut1996

    99 GSX Rebirth/Clean-Up/Build

    The little details go a long way!
  40. Techn0Nut1996

    2G EDM Eclipse

    Awesome, and congrats on the garage! They help immensely!
  41. Techn0Nut1996

    When will the dsm's go up in value??

    I personally do not think these cars will ever bring in what 240s are, the drift tax really spiked their value out of control. Then again, I'm sure some people said the exact same thing about 240s and look what happened.. Yea these cars are relatively inexpensive, but I find the value in the...
  42. Techn0Nut1996

    DSMs on the Dragon

    My father and I did this years ago in his turbo NA Miata, and I have been wanting to get my Eclipse out there. Hoping my wife and I take a road trip one of these summers and do it. Wish I could join, but if anyone else is on the fence I highly enjoy making the journey. It will be worth it.
  43. Techn0Nut1996

    2G Boosted Fabrication Front Bumper Supports

    They were as of a few month ago.
  44. Techn0Nut1996

    2G Boosted Fabrication Front Bumper Supports

    Hey I do now lol. If anyone else is wondering.. Boosted Performance Front Bumper Support
  45. Techn0Nut1996

    DSM in DSM

    The coilovers are on! Still waiting for them to settle but they ride good and the car feels so planted.
  46. Techn0Nut1996

    2G 98 GSX, strange no power issue

    Check your connections near the battery and make sure they are all making solid contact, same goes with any grounds that the car uses.
  47. Techn0Nut1996

    Let's See Your Personalized Plates!

    I'm sure I am not the only one running a personalized license plate, so lets see them! I love custom plates, it is fascinating how creative some people are able to get with theirs! Feel free to post the description/reasoning behind your plates too if you wish! I'll start it off, mine is pretty...
  48. Techn0Nut1996

    99 GSX Rebirth/Clean-Up/Build

    I saw the pics on IG, congrats on moving into your new place! It looks great. I just moved as well, and finally have a garage!
  49. Techn0Nut1996

    DSM in DSM

    Pushed the car hard on a cruise this weekend, but took the times to slow down and grab this picture! Happy 4th everyone!
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