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  1. project_tsi

    Official 2014 Shootout Photo Sharing Thread

    Yes post hereYes post hereYes post hereYes post here.Yes post here. Post them all here.Yes post here. Post them all here.
  2. project_tsi

    Official 2014 Shootout Photo Sharing Thread

    Anyone with pics of my 1g? :sneaky:
  3. project_tsi

    clutch pedal worn out. ugh

    I've done 3 1g pedal assemblies and didn't think it was that bad of a job. I've welded all of them and have no money in repairing them. Removing the driver seat is key. I'm a big guy too.
  4. project_tsi

    I'm going bigger than funk master flex..even my TV has a TV...

    My build isn't much of a build. Best buy special ASUS G73 with an extra 2gb ram (8 total) and a 128gb SSD primary HDD. And a hacked version of win7 ultimate. My hdd transfer rate was a 5. something before the ssd swap.
  5. project_tsi

    powdercoated intercooler

    Don't PC it. Anodize it if anything.
  6. project_tsi

    Jeep Liberty and Grand Cherokee recall publicized for airbag problem

    Unless this recall hasn't officially been released yet, it's not even real. I have yet to see a liberty or grand cherokee come in for a recall airbag module. I've seen about 500 liberty's for the rear control arm recall though.There is a huge airbag module recall, the L01. But its for 08...
  7. project_tsi

    Aluminum Rods for a Daily Driver.

    BME Forged Aluminum Rods
  8. project_tsi

    top end parts list suggestions?

    I run 272's with stock springs still and rev the car out to 8200-8300 and is perfectly fine.You won't have an issue running the COP without a ign. box at your power level. When you start blowing spark out at high boost is when you need a box or swap back to stock.
  9. project_tsi

    ARP Fasteners

    Cool vid, but its obvious she knows nothing about fasteners.
  10. project_tsi

    Balance Shaft Belt Broke (AGAIN)

    Balance shaft bearing could have spun and it has a tight spot or possibly even locks up and throws the belt. Either way leave the belt off until you are able to delete both shafts.
  11. project_tsi

    Motor mount question

    Yes. Definitely.
  12. project_tsi

    LSD verification?

    No DSM trans have an OEM LSD front diff.
  13. project_tsi

    1GB Talon TSI 16G, on methanol

    Tyler that 16g is still on its last leg right?
  14. project_tsi

    1GB Talon TSI 16G, on methanol

    EXTREME PSI : Your #1 Source for In Stock Performance Parts
  15. project_tsi

    odd 4g63 top mount ic

    4G63 Topmount IC from the factory? - DSM Forums: Mitsubishi Eclipse, Plymouth Laser, and Eagle Talon Forum:
  16. project_tsi

    DSM/EVO Shootout 2010

    '10 Shootout was the best shootout for me so far, and that was my 5th year. Good times, great people, fast cars, tall drinks, indoor water parks and lots of smokin hot females. What else can you ask for for a sunday afternoon in northern Ohio?My crew drove up and arrived mid day Friday. We...
  17. project_tsi

    Does anyone know what happened to that White Evo Saturday Night?

    The evo that ran was silver with a carbon wingless trunk, and he was also at the truck sunday putting down some pretty quick times.
  18. project_tsi

    soild motor mounts?

    I run them and I love them. Really helps with engine movement even more so than prothanes.
  19. project_tsi


    I run an Eclipse CD7200 mkII in my truck and an Eclipse CD8443 in my eclipse.
  20. project_tsi

    Muffler Shop RA-tard

    Your pretty local to me. I can take you to several shops around me that will do 3" on your car for cheap.PM me if you wish
  21. project_tsi

    RMDSM lip *No longer in production*

    In his defense, the link does say "no longer in production"It should read "temporarily unavailable".
  22. project_tsi

    Look what the UPS man dropped off today

    The stock balancer is just that, a balancer. Or in better terms, a harmonic dampener. It absorbs the engines given harmonics and internal vibrations. By doing this, it helps protect the engines main and rod bearings, as well as internal rotating components.The solid aluminum pulley does...
  23. project_tsi

    Look what the UPS man dropped off today

    That is one hell of a deal for that sweet ass elmo ball!
  24. project_tsi

    RMDSM lip *No longer in production*

    Good, those things kept cutting my legs. Sharp little bastards.
  25. project_tsi

    My other passion - Car Audio

    Thanks very much. I've been trying to find a job somewhere where I can start doing this for a living but its pretty difficult in my area. It's what I love to do and I'm pretty good at it.
  26. project_tsi

    My other passion - Car Audio

    This is the only vid I have so far. It pulls nice hairtricks but she had her head too far in for most of the vid.YouTube - Dodge Ram Blowthrough Hairtrick!!! 2 RD HW 18's, RD D9, 6th Order Bandpass DC 270xp alt,
  27. project_tsi

    My other passion - Car Audio

    Fully fiberglassed inside of box with bracing, 45's, paint, etc.Grew some balls and cut the hole in the truck.Had to make my own custom wiring solution for the subs.Subs test wired to a .5 ohm load.Got it all in the truck.With the fiberglass cover on.Inside look.Rear...
  28. project_tsi

    My other passion - Car Audio

    Some of you may know I've been into the car audio scene for a while now and I've done a few pretty loud and elaborate installs. Well I just completed my most extensive install to date, and its in my Ram.For this install the goal was simple, to get the truck loud as fawk and look good doing...
  29. project_tsi

    Output shaft came out of trans

    Put the T-case on.
  30. project_tsi

    New tre transmission

    Its torque that kills trans', not HP. Building a trans to hold 900whp or 10k Rpm's is really not a issue, but anything past 375 ft lbs of torque all sorts of bad stuff starts happening. The case is too weak and the gears can't handle the misalignment.
  31. project_tsi

    Best Shot of your DSM

  32. project_tsi

    Rare part on your car

    I've got a rare Taboo SS clutch fork, one of the first sets of RH C5 Evo 18's, and a very rare Switzer SMIM.
  33. project_tsi

    Rods That Can Handle 700 Crank Horsepower

    Any of those rods you list are fine for your goals. Whatever set you can get the better deal on, pull that trigger.
  34. project_tsi

    Blown head gasket.

    If its a bare head (no cams, valves, springs, etc), its much cheaper. Last one I had done was only $8 per cylinder, so $32. If its a complete head and they have to do a bunch of labor count on it being a bit more one the pricey side. You may also need a valve job and new seals while its out as well.
  35. project_tsi

    2jz-gte Rwd 2g Gsx

    Lol on the rickroll!Anyways I'd like to say a little something. Disregarding everything that was what engine is better than the other, etc, this is going to be a fun project, and I'm eager to see it completed. I enjoy custom swaps regardless of the reasoning. I've seen a IIRC 2jz (may have...
  36. project_tsi

    My compound turbo set-up

    Paul's car has been down for the majority of the past month or so. He's had to cancel a dyno appointment twice so far and we are trying to make sure the car is perfect before scheduling another dyno.He's been battling some trans/ clutch issues (all that low end tq finally getting to it), and...
  37. project_tsi

    my $200 awd talon

    Not too bad for $200 buddy!A few years ago, I picked up a non running white 92 AWD Talon, 6 bolt engine 4 bolt rear, 5 speed from a local shop that doesn't know much about DSM's. The car was fairly clean and well worth the, get this...... $250 I paid for it. I trailered it home and began...
  38. project_tsi

    2jz-gte Rwd 2g Gsx

    Who's "we"? You got a turd in your pocket?
  39. project_tsi

    811awhp on an FP 35RHTA

    Ask the guys across the street.
  40. project_tsi

    SOLID front/rear aluminum motor mounts!

    For those of you with solid aluminum mounts, have you noticed a much greater transfer of noise into the car?A few weeks ago I installed the timing belt side aluminum mount, and noticed a type of "rattle" now coming from that side of the engine. Nothing else bad has come of this, just the...
  41. project_tsi

    two Bosch 044 fuel pumps?

    2 044's ran in parallel with a -8 feed should easily support 1000hp on gas.I run a intank 300lph supra pump feeding an 044 ran inline along with -8 feed.
  42. project_tsi

    Oil Squirters? [Merged 8-9]

    When I built my 2.3L I blocked off the squirters. Ran it for over 15k miles w/ no issues.The squirters are designed to cool the stock cast pistons. Any aftermarket forged piston has been built and designed around not using any type of squirter to cool it, so its not required.
  43. project_tsi

    Need advice on fuel pump.

    This is incorrect. 2 pumps in series will not promote as high of volume as 2 pumps in parallel but its still higher volume.You will need larger than 1000cc injectors in order to run a 30r at high boost on E85.I would drop in a Bosch 044 intank, or run a new fuel system and run your 255...
  44. project_tsi

    warped Cylinder Head

    They shouldn't charge you more than $50 to machine the head flat.
  45. project_tsi

    Quarter Master Clutch - Sneek Peek Prototype design twin-disk!

    Tim, I want that. No wait, I NEED that clutch!
  46. project_tsi

    My new 93 GSX - So Clean!

    No real plans to track it yet. My insides tumble every time I think about launching with this GVR4 1st gear. And you know me, if I can't go all out, then I won't race it at all, so no "trap speed" runs for me.But maybe we can get the V3 installed in time, get the boost cranked up and the...
  47. project_tsi

    My new 93 GSX - So Clean!

    Here's a flick'r link where you can view some of these and a few more pics, and download high res pics as well.DSM. - a set on Flickr
  48. project_tsi

    My new 93 GSX - So Clean!

    Here's more pics.
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