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  1. ThunderChild

    Tv shows with dsm

    There used to be a thread like this, couldn't find it.Hanging with the kiddo, watching Scrubs, and noticed a dsm in the background. S6, episode 21, couple minutes from the end as Keith is carrying Elliot off after her bachelorette party to what I believe is his car. Red 1ga, can't see any...
  2. ThunderChild

    Tesla turbine rims on 2g? Opinions?

    Look very similar to 4g eclipse rims...pictured are some on my gst spyder. 18x7.5 IIRC, perfect offset for the 2g flush setup.Turbine designs have a diminishing return for cooking effect due to potential high/low pressure differentials. Brake ducting is far more important and reliable.
  3. 1990 ecmlink package SOLD

    For sale 4G63 1990 ecmlink package SOLD

    Ecmlink v3 ecu with tuning cable package, was originally a 91-94 ecu that was repaired and partially modified by motoguys garage to work with a 1990. They didn't finish the modification, and I had it sent to ecmlink for ecmlink and to finish the 90 mods.Hasn't been used since receiving it...
  4. 2g gst convertible top weather seals SOLD

    For sale 2g gst convertible top weather seals SOLD

    Have convertible top weather seals for a 2g gst and/or spyder, bought them in case I needed them for my project, and now the project is being parted out.Includes windshield surround and all convertible top edge pieces.$150+ shipping and pp fees.
  5. 97 eclipse GST BNIB a/c parts SOLD

    For sale 4G63 97 eclipse GST BNIB a/c parts SOLD

    Have some brand new a/c parts for a 97 GST spyder project that isn't going to get finished.BNIB condenser, reciever/drier, compressor and compressor lines/hoses. Almost every piece of the a/c system for a 2g, and if desired I could probably pull the rest of the stock parts off the car if...
    $15.00 to $140.00
  6. 2g 7 bolt fwd ACT flywheel SOLD

    For sale 4G63 2g 7 bolt fwd ACT flywheel SOLD

    Freshly machined 2g 7 bolt fwd lightweight flywheel, parted out project and no longer need this.Great shape, text 2082907584 if interested.$120+ shipping and pp fees.
  7. ThunderChild

    1G Way overdue for timing belt replacement?

    Replace it now. 23 years on a belt is asking for destruction.
  8. ThunderChild

    Help me identify these wheels

    Apologies, that's not the name. I had written a post, then had to edit it as the info I posted was incorrect.I cannot brand these wheels for you unfortunately. Is there a reason you need the brand (need a replacement etc.) Or are you just curious?
  9. ThunderChild

    Help me identify these wheels

  10. ThunderChild

    1G Can't find eibach pro kit 1G AWD

    It's been 9 years...
  11. ThunderChild

    4G63 in a 1997 Saturn (what axles?)

    @spyderdrifter I was considering this for another project of mine, though the thickness of the bearing was my particular issue. Good thought though!
  12. FWD 27 spline quaife LSD SOLD

    For sale 4G63 FWD 27 spline quaife LSD SOLD

    2g gst spyder 27 spline quaife LSD, from the AMB aero hill climb fwd replica car. Bought for project that isn't going to get finished. Great shape.$750+ shipping and pp fees.Text 2082907584.
  13. 97 gst spyder 5 speed SOLD

    For sale 4G63 97 gst spyder 5 speed SOLD

    2g gst spyder transmission, 5 speed manual fwd, 130k miles, good shape.$300+ shipping and pp fees.Text 2082907584.
  14. Intercooler

    For sale 4G63 Intercooler

    Intercooler core for sale. Piping and couplers sold. Core has dings but is functional. Came off a 2g, most likely cxracing or the like.$100+ shipping/pp feesText 2082907584.
  15. Bastard 20g turbo SOLD

    For sale 4G63 Bastard 20g turbo SOLD

    Brand new, never run 20g, billet KTS ext. tip compressor, kinugawa 9 blade turbine, oem rebuild kit, evo-X CHRA, evo3 gt compressor housing, ebay turbine housing.. assembled and balanced by Justin Whitesell. Easily 400+ hp bolt-on, stock appearing turbo. Was for my 2g gst build, not going to...
  16. 2g gst engine SOLD

    For sale 4G63 2g gst engine SOLD

    2g engine build, won't be finishing the build due to family responsibilities and lack of time. Price doesn't include shipping/pp fees. If sold as individual pieces, shipping and fees will be additional unless a total is agreed upon by both parties.1. Freshly machined 2g cylinder head. Stock...
  17. ThunderChild

    2G Very High Oil Pressure After Rebuild

    Personally I'd your max pressure is t over 90psi at full rpm, I wouldnt worry about it. My suspicion is clearances are tighter amd you're seeing some higher pressure as a result. As long as you don't go insanely high, no harm and enjoy the security of knowing your bearings have plenty of film...
  18. ThunderChild

    4G63 in a 1997 Saturn (what axles?)

    If the dsm axles fit a Saturn hub, great. Custom axles are definitely an option if not. But I'd say the hub knuckles are close enough to try and mock up at least.Saturn DsmPictures not my own, grabbed from Google.There enough similarity I'd be looking at frankensteining that a lil...
  19. ThunderChild

    4G63 in a 1997 Saturn (what axles?)

    What about using the entire hub/knuckle assembly from a 1g/2g? Might be easier to do that than custom axles.
  20. ThunderChild

    Aftermarket valve cover...?

    May not even be a VC issue, I suspect I have a CAS issue, but I'll have to see when I dig into it. PCV issue may be compounding also.
  21. ThunderChild

    Aftermarket valve cover...?

    I installed the CAS after the cover, as I did most of this work at the beginning of last year. Once I tear into it I'll try to reply back. That car is on the chopping block for selling/partout as it is.I am running a black top CAS. Hall effect. I've previously run the green top optical with...
  22. ThunderChild

    Aftermarket valve cover...?

    Touching back on this. I like the cover, but I have a pretty heavy leak from the passenger rear corner by the CAS. Not sure if it's the valve cover or the CAS itself, haven't had time to dig into it. I know I'm having some crank case ventilation issues, but haven't had time to try my remedy at...
  23. ThunderChild

    4g63 ac delete help

    I mounted my Hallman pro MBC in place on the a/c switch...
  24. ThunderChild

    2G Relocating Stock Side Mount, convince me I'm wrong

    Not worth the effort. The slightly shorter routing would be negated by the potential temperature increase. I'd be trying to cool it down more than shorten routing. Hard pipes would be slightly better, but even that is splitting hairs.Just make sure the core is clean inside, fins are straight...
  25. ThunderChild

    Resolved Nippon racing pistons ltd.

    Iirc, I did use some nippons in my mazda kl build, but it's been a while. They never had a problem as far as I saw, and I punished that poor thing.
  26. ThunderChild

    Resolved Nippon racing pistons ltd.

    Nothing wrong with npr pistons, used them a few times for various builds, including a dsm. They're made well, just inspect them like you would any other.
  27. ThunderChild

    First time DSM Owner

    I'd be checking hard on how bad that rust is...I see alot just in the couple pics, and can only imagine what's hiding behind the rocker panels.If the chassis is solid, then move onto spending money on t-belt and engine management etc. But if the chassis is swiss cheese, find a solid shell first.
  28. ThunderChild

    Henry from Idaho (I got rods from you)

    Thanks all, @503oneG pmd
  29. ThunderChild

    Old gas: How bad is it and what to do with it?

    I drove a 2010 crown vic I bought a couple years ago that hadn't run/been started for 6 years. Same gas, fired right up and ran fine. Put 91 non-e in it when I drove it home almost 200 miles, just to be safe, but drove it almost 20mi before that with no issue.My point is, if the tank is sealed...
  30. ThunderChild

    420A Dying randomly while driving.

    Have you checked the coil pack? Sounds like an ignition related problem. Usually I'd say this a dead giveaway for a crank sensor going bad, but if your replacement is recent, of decent quality and not already oil fowled (and the wiring isn't oil fowled/shorting) then I'd start looking at the...
  31. ThunderChild

    2G 2g gst with auto awd trans?

    Iirc, you can run the awd auto without the t-case and rear driveline and it will function fine, but you may need to have the center diff welded to have it work correctly without burning up the viscous coupler. I'm not versed enough in autos to give you a definitive answer.
  32. ThunderChild

    Aftermarket valve cover...?

    I did, and overall it's good. I got it installed, but had an issue with the catch can/pcv system I had, so bought parts to upgrade to a -10an/calan setup, but haven't had time to do any of the work.Moving, new baby prep, new job(s), otheraother priorities andland of time in general are in the...
  33. ThunderChild

    1G High Rolling Resistance

    I agree with Matt. Sounds like drivetrain bind from a welded or picked-up center diff.
  34. ThunderChild

    1991 Plymouth Laser RS

    It happens to the best of us, long as you are ready to go through the motor and redo it correctly, shouldn't be too bad!Keep at it!
  35. ThunderChild

    W4A33 front diff in W5M33

    Understood, I'm interested as my next plan is a tq build and cruising rpm being low would be great.
  36. ThunderChild

    W4A33 front diff in W5M33

    Awesome, thanks Hiroshi! Biggest reason I was curious is the auto front diff is vastly different from the manual, though I have considered seeing if custom work could be done to make it usable. Honestly I believe thetthe ringbring gear is too large in diameter, and a custom pinion would need to...
  37. ThunderChild

    W4A33 front diff in W5M33

    Just curious since you stated it, but you're saying you ran the auto front diff/ring gear, or the 2.864 ratio? I'd be interested to know what the 2.864 came from, galants?
  38. ThunderChild

    1995 Eclipse GSX - 2.3 Stroker 400WHP

    Hadn't seen this thread till now, impressive attention to detail, looks amazing!
  39. ThunderChild

    The right thing to do.

    Frankly the first friend needs a reality check and deserves a little bit of a kick in the ass for trying to drop someone, let alone another friend of yours.I've had other freinds do this to ppl I didn't know, and I always tell my friends upfront that it's messed up and wrong.
  40. ThunderChild

    2G 6 Bolt Rear Main Seal Dowel Pins

    Try this on most engines and you'll end up with a huge leak. If you remove seal plate pins on a Ford modular, your seal plate can move all over when tightening down the bolts.
  41. ThunderChild

    2G 6 Bolt Rear Main Seal Dowel Pins

    They align the seal housing to the block so the seal isn't biased radially and leaks.They're pretty important, if the engine isn't installed in the car and completely hooked up, I'd pull the trans, clutch and FW and redo it.
  42. ThunderChild

    2G 4g64 Swap, Model years?

    Partially correct. The DSM head will physically bolt to the 4g64 (or even Evo block) and vice-versa, an Evo/Kia head will bolt to a DSM 4g block. The issue arises when blocking oil drain holes, which IMHO is trivial when doing these swaps. @JayRome may be willing to shed some light on this more...
  43. ThunderChild

    Opinions on my cam and head journals

    The head looks fine to me, and the cams can be polished and probably be fine. but if they're stock, it's so easy to find more stock cams in perfect condition, there's no reason not to get different ones or aftermarket.
  44. ThunderChild

    That time your project went BETTER than expected...

    Slamming together a 91 eclipse from bent valves to completely rebuilt engine in 6 days working on it after my normal job, as well as brakes, wheel bearings, suspension, batt drop etc etc... Fired up on the first try and sounded amazing, better than my talon did when first run.I have a strange...
  45. ThunderChild

    Resolved TB identification help please

    You can pick up a small tap kit and grub/set screws to match at any home depot, lowes or ace hardware for about $15-20. I have a set I use to make oil feed line restrictors and plug small ports, believe the tap set was Stanley brand.
  46. ThunderChild

    2G 4g64 Swap, Model years?

    If this is for a rwd application, I recommend getting any fwd 2.4 block you desire. The Mazda trans is alright, but for real purpose (and torque) you want to use bill hincher's adapter and a Toyota r154 transmission, or a jeep ax15 converted to 2wd with r154 or r150 output shafts.
  47. ThunderChild

    85.5mm Headgasket

    Iirc, the stock gasket accommodates up to 86.5, possibly 87mm bore.I've loosely been researching gaskets for a 2.4 build, and I recall reading that somewhere.Either way, a felpro gasket should work for a .020 overbore, these engines aren't like a SBC/SBF etc., they don't need a specific...
  48. ThunderChild

    Need help with my 4g63t sand rail

    The MAF is there, second picture where the air filter is, it's housed in there.I second a BLT. We will need more info on what it is/is not doing to help with diagnosis. Ecu inspection would be a good idea considering they're susceptible to corrosion and blown caps, and this is in a rather...
  49. ThunderChild

    Bearing clearance hardware question

    As @jakelandry said, use the hardware you intend to install, otherwise measurements will be different. Arp recommends multiple tq cycles before final torquing anyway.
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