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  1. Dsmj89

    Will 18"x9" +42 Offset fit?

    On stock suspension yes.The day you decide to lower, start looking into fender rolling, or just slightly dropping it and keeping the settings on the suspension stiffer than usual, if it's an adjustable suspension.
  2. Dsmj89

    Stock block // 93 octane pump gas results 592awhp

    Excellent work Chicken.
  3. Dsmj89

    Performance cams in a stock engine w/ stock ECU.

    Dropping in cams will not get you barely any power gains. If i were you i'd follow the tech guide and go from there. When you get to the point where you want to make 350+ then cams can come in to play to help.
  4. Dsmj89

    2G Need advice on best alternator

    When my alternator failed on a 96 gsx i had, i went to the junkyard and pulled an alternator off a 97 galant, worked perfect. As long as the alterantor came off a 96-98 galant, it will fill with no problems.
  5. Dsmj89

    What should I get for my next mod?

    Ditch the safc and get dsmlink. Also get yourself some 1200cc injectors. With dsmlink the car will handle te big injectors very nicely, plus you will have room to grow in the future. And I would do a Walbro 255 at least. Also don't forget your other normal bolt one like fmic, intake and what...
  6. Dsmj89

    Will 3000gt n/a brakes fit on 2g Gsx ?

    Found locally 2g gsx brakes for $20 both front sets. Works great again. Thanks guys.
  7. Dsmj89

    Will 3000gt n/a brakes fit on 2g Gsx ?

    My driver side front brake caliper went bad and I need to replace it as soon as possible and was wondering if a brake caliper from a 3000gt n/a will fit ? I have a 1996 Eclipse Gsx.
  8. Dsmj89

    Bottom line on oil filter housing for 98 GST

    You can just replace with a hose from your local auto parts store.
  9. Dsmj89

    new to dsm but not new to cars accidently bought 1990 fwd laser

    If you're not going to be satisfied with it, i say get what you really wanted in the first place. Never settle for less.
  10. Dsmj89

    Do i have to buy dsm link?

    If you're getting a 95, chances are most likely it will already come with an eprom ecu, so all you will have to do is have it sent out to Ecmlink to have them socket the ecu and install link on it. If you want to go a cheaper route, you can always look for a 98-99 black box, buy yourself the...
  11. Dsmj89

    allow me to introduce myself...

    Hi Lucas welcome to the forum. What mods do you have ?
  12. Dsmj89

    High idle and dies at stops

    Posting this up for a friend.His car : 1995 Eclipse GST Mods : 98 blackbox ecu, 20g turbo, 3" exhaust, walbro 255, speed density, 1g cas(factory 2g cas went bad), fmic, fiav bypass plate.The car has a high idle, usually between 1500-2500 rpms. Also, every time he comes to a stop the...
  13. Dsmj89

    Punishment racing fmic for 2g

    Here is what i did :
  14. Dsmj89

    Punishment racing fmic for 2g

    I used the bumper support crash beam and modified it so the intercooler hangs by it. Came out clean. For autos, you will have to angle the long pipe a little more towards the driver side to make it fit with the big bulgy auto tranny, but it will work, i did the same thing to a friends auto gst.
  15. Dsmj89

    Punishment racing fmic for 2g

    Ypu could have saved a lot more money if you had bought the kit from cxracing on ebay. Same exact thing minus the bar.
  16. Dsmj89

    Punishment racing fmic for 2g

    Jumped on the CxRacing fmic kit again, arrived today. Basically the same as the pr kit, minus the bar.
  17. Dsmj89

    Custom Short Throttle Cable

    Thanks Nate. All it takes is some creativity and you can save money in many ways.
  18. Dsmj89

    Custom Short Throttle Cable

    Just got done finishing up the bracket. Unwelded it from the old throttle cable, wire wheeled it a bit and bolted it right up.Complete.I also verified that i am getting 100% WOT. :thumb:
  19. Dsmj89

    Help me get to 450 Hp

    No need to complicate it for him, I have friends who are at 450 and above on stock 1g and 2g throttle bodies, running 35r's and hx40's, cams and e85 and are making 450+, 500+.All he has to do is get a good set of 1200 or 12500cc's, e85, more boost and get it dyno tuned. Done.No need for race...
  20. Dsmj89

    New to dsm, questions about 2G mods?

    Tech Guide: 2G 4G63t Upgrades - DSMtunersAlso, stay away from ebay brand exhaust manifolds and turbos, they will fail quickly. Your factory 2g exhaust manifold with a good porting would flow betetr and not crack compared to the flimsy megan one.And for 350, i would recommend upgrading to a...
  21. Dsmj89

    Let's talk 4G63 Turbo Oil Feed / Supply Locations- ALL TURBO BRANDS

    Sounds good, thanks Justin. I have a small 16g so i guess i will go with the feed from the OFH then.
  22. Dsmj89

    Let's talk 4G63 Turbo Oil Feed / Supply Locations- ALL TURBO BRANDS

    Was going over this thread and back in the days and Justin you said to feed any MHI turbo from the head. Then you said through message that anything above stock boost pressure to run it from the OFH.I'm confused as to where to run it now since i will be buying a new stainless steel line soon...
  23. Dsmj89

    Help me get to 450 Hp

    Get some fic 1250cc's, crank the boost up a little, retune it, should get you to that mark.
  24. Dsmj89

    Hard to start

    If you replace your coolant temp sensor get an OEM one. Auto parts store ones are hit and miss.
  25. Dsmj89

    cxracing turbo manifold

    CXRacing isn't a bad company. There are certain things like their intercoolers and downpipes which are good to use. But when it comes down to something like the exhaust manifold, which is holding quite a good amount of weight from the turbo and o2 housing, you want something that will not crack...
  26. Dsmj89


    You can go on ebay and find a kit that cxracing sells for $285 shipped that will let you keep your fog lights. But for the t-25 you will have to fabricate a u-pipe or buy one online to make it work. Other than that it is a straigh bolt on.Here is a link to it :Eclipse 4g63 Talon 2G 95 99...
  27. Dsmj89

    Custom Short Throttle Cable

    Didn't see a post where anyone did a short firewall to throttle body cable for a 2g so i decided to post up a pic of my modified cable i did yesterday afternoon.Still missing the bracket on the cable so i can bolt it down to the manifold but it is working great.All that was needed to be...
  28. Dsmj89

    I'm back in the game :-)

    Lol never say never. But why not ?
  29. Dsmj89

    I'm back in the game :-)

    Well i'm back in the game, after some much needed relax time, i am more confident than ever to finally come back and stay for a very good while in the DSM game and not give up.Some of you may know me, and some have asked when i was going back, well here i am. And this time i finally went...
  30. Dsmj89

    Hose clamp on shifter cable....could this be causing all my problems?

    This exact same thing happened to my friend's 97 talon tsi.By putting in a clamp is it ok to run it like that or is it really required to shell out the $$ for another set of cables ?
  31. Dsmj89

    My engine build

    Sweet I like those news. Tomorrow I will give you the update Bogus.
  32. Dsmj89

    My engine build

    Starting point.
  33. Dsmj89

    Cabin air filter?

    Deadpool - 90-99 DSM do not have cabin filters.
  34. Dsmj89

    My engine build

    Definitely, i will be coming to you throughout my build ! I'm still mindblown from all that excellent info in all your threads, a million thanks and as soon as i get the head correctly freshened up/milled and get ready to purchase parts i will come to you for advice hands down :DAs the...
  35. Dsmj89

    4G63T Head oil port mod

    This is some serious great stuff Bogus, awesome write-up !
  36. Dsmj89

    My engine build

    Wow bogus just went through all your threads quickly and that is some serious great info ! I really appreciate those links and the heads up on the surfacing part as well ! Thanks a lot bud.
  37. Dsmj89

    My engine build

    Thanks jjrock, good to see you bro ! Glad you're still around :)Next i am going to take the head to the machine shop to get freshened up and stripped of all the stock parts to make way for future goodies.
  38. Dsmj89

    My engine build

    Great, thank you.
  39. Dsmj89

    My engine build

    Gotcha bogus ! :thumb:If i use the 2g thermostat housing i would have to use a 2g water pipe, correct ? And would it work and mate up to the 6 bolt water pump when it's all together ?
  40. Dsmj89

    My engine build

    Hello all. Been a while i haven't been in the DSM game like before, might be a little rusty so i would appreciate any help and feedback anyone gives me.Planning to build a 6bolt block/7bolt head combo for next year to swap it into a 2g.I picked up a 2g head for $70. Did a little cleaning to...
  41. Dsmj89

    Starting issues - No / Doesn't / Won't Start - MERGED

    Fully charge your battery. take off your starter and take it in to get tested. If all is good, put it back in. Do a boost leak test as well, spray soapy water on every coupler, injector seal, tb gaskets,etc. If all the above checks out fine, then go ahead and re-attempt starting it. It will...
  42. Dsmj89

    New to Site

    Welcome to tuners.
  43. Dsmj89

    Clutch pedal sticking down

    Thanks spidergst.
  44. Dsmj89

    Clutch pedal sticking down

    Thanks dreamt that info helped. I'll tell my friend to start looking into replacing both the slave and master at once.
  45. Dsmj89

    Clutch pedal sticking down

    Haven't checked the return spring, i will look into that. And the slave cylinder is the oem one, has never been touched.
  46. Dsmj89

    Clutch pedal sticking down

    Hey guys how's it going ? Been working on my friends talon lately, and yesterday i had another friend install a new clutch on it.Problem is, before and even still after the new clutch, after you step on it WOT and shift the pedal sticks to the floor, in turn not allowing you to get in gear...
  47. Dsmj89

    New to the DSM scene

    Welcome to the forum bud. Remember to do all your maintenance first, including a full timing job and water pump, and you'll be on your way to a good start.
  48. Dsmj89

    Back AGAIN with another DSM

    Thanks man will do.
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