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  1. DSMboostin15

    Crossed into the darkside - I got a Civic

    So like the title states, I had to move away from DDing the Talon and move into something that was newer, more reliable, and gets better gas mileage. Since the 2011 model year is drawing to a close, dealers are looking to move the last of their stock so I was able to snag a great deal...
  2. DSMboostin15

    Phantom Knock?

    I'm having trouble trying to figure out my knock issue during light acceleration.My '91 TSI AWD is basically stock (stock MAF-unhacked with silencer removed, stock boost-BCS resrictor removed, stock injectors) except for an AFPR, 255 pump, and DSMlink run through my '90 ECU. Link is set up...
  3. DSMboostin15

    Coil Pack Problem

    As the title states, I'm having what appears to be a coil pack problem.Background: It started last week after I was driving for about an hour. It was running great and I went to meet a friend for some food. Went out back to start my '91 TSI afterwards and it sounded like it was running on 2...
  4. DSMboostin15

    Anyone in West Lafayette/Lafayette, IN?

    I've seen several DSMs here in West Lafayette/Lafayette, IN but I haven't been able to stop anyone and talk. If anyone wants to get a meet going, PM me and let's set something up.
  5. DSMboostin15

    Custom GSX AWD Badge

    I've seen this once before on here, but now I've come across them on ebay. If anyone is looking to customize their car's exterior, these are spot-on replacements for the B-pilar sticker and are apparently customizible. Eagle Talon Mitubishi Eclipse Laser AWD Custom Emblem:eBay Motors (item...
  6. DSMboostin15

    DBA or RacingBrake Rotors

    Has anyone heard of either DBA or Racing Brake front rotors? I'm thinking about doing the 3kgt brake upgrade on my '91 and I'm going to need larger rotors. I see that Extreme PSI has DBA "street" rotors for slightly more that Power Slots and MAPerformance has RacingBrake drilled and slotted...
  7. DSMboostin15

    [RESOLVED] ABS Brake Bleeding

    I have to replace my passenger rear caliper since it is sticking on my '91 TSI AWD with ABS and I just want to make sure that the bleeding process is the same for ABS and non-ABS cars. The FSM doesn't show a different process, just the one process similar to bleeding the clutch system...
  8. DSMboostin15

    Another "Wiring Prosport Gauges" Question

    Alright, I'm still a little hazy when it comes to wiring the electrical boost and oil pressure non-peak/warn gauges in my '91 TSI with the anti-theft system. The way that Prosport wrote the wiring directions is a little poor. Are the RED wire a constant +12V and the WHITE wire a switchable...
  9. DSMboostin15

    Adjusting rear caliper

    Like the title states, is there anyway to adjust the rear caliper body laterally to fit over the pads? I was trying to replace the rear pads and rotors on my '91 AWD and I can't get the caliper body to slide down over the pads. I've already compressed the piston into the body, so there is plenty...
  10. DSMboostin15

    Anyone looking for an TSI AWD

    Just to let you guys know, I found a '95 TSI AWD for sale in Northwest Indiana/Southwest Michigan and it's not to terribly priced with decent miles and decent shape. I'd buy it, but I have too many cars sitting around my house so it's a no-go. If anyone who happens to be looking for one, PM me...
  11. DSMboostin15

    Prosport Electronic Boost Gauge wired in DSMlink

    I've been doing some research on Prosport gauges and I'm thinking of going with the electronic boost, oil pressure, and wideband gauges for my Talon. Since the electronic boost gauge uses a pressure sensor to read vacuum/boost, can I tap into the signal wires and wire them into DSMlink instead...
  12. DSMboostin15

    Prosport Electronic Boost Gauge wired into DSMlink

    I've been doing some research on Prosport gauges and I'm thinking of going with the electronic boost, oil pressure, and wideband gauges for my Talon. Since the electronic boost gauge uses a pressure sensor to read vacuum/boost, can I tap into the signal wires and wire them into DSMlink instead...
  13. DSMboostin15

    Nasty boost leak causing knock

    So I did a BLT the other day and I found that I have a nasty boost leak coming from my VC breather filter and when I pull the dipstick, the leak changes to there or if I remove the oil cap, the leak moves to there. This means that my piston rings are fried right, since there is excessive...
  14. DSMboostin15

    Broken Pressure Plate Fingers

    Well I finally got a call from the dealer as to why my clutch wouldn't disengage when the pedal was depressed on my FWD. Apparently from what they said is that the pressure plate fingers were broken. I'm not exactly sure of the extent, but they just said that they were broken and it took out the...
  15. DSMboostin15

    [RESOLVED] AWD Front Axle Removal

    So I'm trying to replace the front driverside axle on my AWD and I can't get the axle disconnected from the IM shaft. The CV boot is completly torn and when I disconnected the strut from the knuckle, the spider/axle came out of the torn boot and now I have the axle in two pieces - one hub and...
  16. DSMboostin15

    [RESOLVED] Bad Timing Belt Tensioner

    So I've finally had time to take apart the new car and check for a rattling noise coming from the timing belt side. The guy I bought it from said the original owner told him that the rattle could possibly be the timing belt tensioner. Upon closer inspection, the tensioner looks to be shot. As...
  17. DSMboostin15

    Clutch Failure

    So I was on my way to do some Christmas shopping and for some reason, the car won't shift into any gear. I pulled over and turned the car off. The car will shift when the engine isn't running, but when you try to start it in gear, the car lunges forward, almost as if the clutch isn't...
  18. DSMboostin15

    Well I've finally done it...

    After 4 long years with the GST and no traction, I'm saying goodbye to FWD for I have found a MINT, STOCK '91 TSI AWD for a great price. The guy I'm buying it from is the 2nd owner, who bought it in June from the original owner, who did all the maintence and has all the receipts. All it needs is...
  19. DSMboostin15

    Get together in the Purdue University area

    I was thinking about starting a get together in the West Lafayette/Lafayette area. Since I'm down here for school, I need to meet some fellow DSMer's so I don't go crazy. Let me know if you guys want to start something.
  20. DSMboostin15

    Crank Pulley Failing?

    I'm pretty sure I know what the answer is, but I just want to be sure. Just a few days ago, my car started making a metal clinking sound-similar to someone hitting a metal tube with a screwdriver. So I talked with some of my friends and one says that it could be my crank pulley going out. Then I...
  21. DSMboostin15

    1g Stock CD player

    I just got a stock AM/FM, cassette, CD player from my friend's 94 Laser. The radio works fine, but when I put in a CD, it won't read the disk and I get an error message. Now I know that the stock CD players aren't that great, but I have a Pioneer that came with the car, and it doesn't work well...
  22. DSMboostin15

    Faulty O2 sensor

    I just finished installing my new O2 sensor and at idle, the voltage cycles like crazy. I knew that they cycled at idle, but I thought that they cycled at a more steady pace. It's almost like the ECU doesn't really know what it wants. Maybe I'm just used to my old O2 sensor, which I think was...
  23. DSMboostin15

    Help wiring electric fans

    Alright, I just installed my new Punishment radiator and wired up the fans by cutting the stock fan wiring and splicing the new fans into the pigtail. The problem is that when I let it go through a complete heat cycle, the fans don't kick on like they are supposed to. I've looked through the FSM...
  24. DSMboostin15

    Equal Length Half Shafts

    So I think my tranny is on its final days. Lately when I put the transmission in reverse and let off the clutch, it shudders really bad - like something is loose or ready to shear off. But as luck would have it, my friend has a '91 FWD tranny lying around and since he has misc. AWD parts, he's...
  25. DSMboostin15

    Install Aeromotive AFPR on fuel rail

    I'm finally going to upgrade my fuel system and I've been looking at different install pics on the install pic thread. I've come to the conclusion that I want to install the regulator directly to the fuel rail for a clean install, but I'm not sure which fitting to use. I'm looking at this one...
  26. DSMboostin15

    Need help with calibrating MAFT with DSMlink

    Like the title states, I'm finally calibrating my MAFT with DSMlink. I've already adjusted the 50Hz slider to +8%, but when it comes to the 150Hz slider, the STFT and LTFT-Lo still read the same value (0.0%) as it did when I adjusted the 50Hz slider. And a side note here, for idle tuning, should...
  27. DSMboostin15

    [RESOLVED] Replacing Throttle Plate Screws

    So once again Mitsubishi decided to screw me by using Phillips screws instead of bolts/machine screws. I managed to strip both screws that hold on the throttle plate. I've found that some people have used an impact driver to get them out, but I feel that the screws are beyond doing this. Since I...
  28. DSMboostin15

    Back from the Chicago Auto Show

    Had some great stuff this year... GT-R, ZR-1, EVO X. But the best cars were one of the first DSM's to roll off the assembly line in 1990 and the 1,000,000 eclipse to roll off the line. As an added note, the 1990 has 5708 miles, a GS w/ 4G63, tan interior, and is an automatic.
  29. DSMboostin15

    Confirmation of paint code

    I just found out that Mach V has OEM touch up paint and I want to confirm that I'm getting the right one. I'm positive that it is paint code B14/PB4. It came on 1990 Eclipses and Lasers under the names Maui Blue Metallic Clearcoat and Bright Blue Metallic Clearcoat, respectively. Here is the...
  30. DSMboostin15

    Difference in Clutch Slave cylinders?

    So I just got my new slave cylinder and it's different from the one that came on the car. I checked with Autozone for a 1990 Eclipse and they came up with 2 different ones, one for a FWD and one for an AWD. Well the one that Mach V sent me was presumably one for an AWD. Well I called them to...
  31. DSMboostin15

    How to install Ground Control coilovers on KYB AGX shocks

    I'm starting to get really annoyed with this. Is there anything on here on how to install the Ground Control coilovers on AGX shocks. The instructions that came with the coilovers are very poor and don't really help at all. For instance, in regards to the rears, it says to place a urethane...
  32. DSMboostin15

    Dead Clutch Master Cylinder

    I've done some researching on this and I think I've found the culprit. Lately my clutch has been really soft, engaging right off of the floor, and getting harder to shift into gears - as if the clutch wasn't fully disengaging. I bled the system and it's still doing this, so I crawled under the...
  33. DSMboostin15

    Did DSMotorsports go out of business?

    I was just wondering if DSMotorsports went out of business. I placed an order from them a couple of weeks ago and I received an invoice email about my purchase. Well I called them on Monday, before noon, to check on my order, and I was told that the number in the email was disconnected. So I...
  34. DSMboostin15

    Aftermarket Cams on stock springs and retainers

    I've done some searching on this and I can't seem to get a definite answer. I'm looking at an AWD that needs some work done to it, and since I'm pulling the head on it, I was going to do a little head work on it while its off. Now the question is can you install an aftermarket cam and still use...
  35. DSMboostin15

    KYB AGX on just the front

    I need new front shocks on my 1g and I was planning on getting KYB AGX's all the way around. Since I don't have sufficent funds for all of it right now, I was wondering if I could get away with running just AGX's on the front and stock shocks in the back?
  36. DSMboostin15

    Reset Autometer Guage

    Does anyone know if you can reset the needle on an Autometer boost guage? For some reason mine became 6 psi off about a week ago. Has this ever happened to anyone before?
  37. DSMboostin15

    1g Rally Talon

    I don't know if you guys have seen this, but I was looking at race cars on ebay and I came across this. It's very well done.
  38. DSMboostin15

    PDA died!

    My Palm just died and I lost all my info and programs. Does anyone know where I can get another copy of MMCD for free? I need it ASAP. Thanks.Ryan
  39. DSMboostin15

    Exhaust question

    I just installed my new 3" turbo back and now I think I'm experiencing boost creep. When my car is at idle, the boost gauge reads 21 in Hg, which is what it did before. But when I rev up the car in neutral with no load to about 5,000 rpms, the boost gauge only reads like 3 psi but my BOV sounds...
  40. DSMboostin15

    1g Fog Light Switch Fix

    Here is another way of fixing the broken fog light switch. Taking a closer look at the problem with the switch, I noticed that the problem was that a small piece of molded plastic broke off of the switch housing. And when I was testing the bulb of a spare rear window defroster switch, I noticed...
  41. DSMboostin15

    Exhaust system question

    Ok so I'm looking to finally get my exhaust and I don't quite know what to get. Any feedback would be great. I currently have the stock 14b and I plan on getting either a small 16g or a big 16g sometime in the future. I'm looking to get about 300-350 hp and I've been searching and the consesus...
  42. DSMboostin15

    ECU Question

    Here's the problem. My non-EPROM ECU has just kicked the bucket and I got a free non-EPROM from one of my friends but it is from a 91-94. My car is a '90 and I know that in order to run a 91-94 ECU all you have to do is switch pins 6 and 14. And if you want it to run the tach perfectly, you just...
  43. DSMboostin15

    Exhaust manifold question

    I just got an exhaust manifold from a friend but I'm not sure if it is a 1g or a 2g, he didn't know either. There are no cracks in it and I held it up to the manifold on my car and they look similiar. Are there any differences that are visible from the outside of a 2g manifold to tell it apart...
  44. DSMboostin15

    Turbo Going Out?

    I noticed that the other day when I started my car, blue smoke started coming from the exhaust pipe for about a second. I know that it's not the valve seals or valve guides, because I changed them in December along with the head gasket. And if the piston rings were starting to go out, wouldn't...
  45. DSMboostin15

    Don't know what's wrong with my transmission

    I was at the strip the other day and now something is wrong with my transmission. It has trouble going into every gear and will grind occasionally. I checked the clutch fluid and it was at the full mark. I haven't checked the transmission fluid yet but it sounds like the shifter fork isn't...
  46. DSMboostin15

    Euro-Spec Parts

    Hey I was just wondering if anyone either is/knows someone who is selling European parts. I checked ebay Germany and there wasn't anything, besides I'm a little hestitant buying parts from across the ocean. With monetary values changing all the time, I don't want to get ripped off. Anyway, I...
  47. DSMboostin15

    Yet another datalogging question

    Now before anyone says to do a search, I already have and I'm still a little confused by the whole thing. I know that a Palm m100 PDA is pretty much what everyone uses, but I'm in college and I don't want to spend any extra money that I don't have to. I have a laptop, Dell Inspiron 6000, and I...
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