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Search results

  1. Sad Day - No More DSMs for Me

    I know the feeling. Had a 92 Plymouth AWD for 12 years. At 75 though it was getting hard for me to fix things on it. Moved over to Corvette, let the dealership do everything.
  2. Ring replacement without machining?

    Sounds to me it's valve stem seals. Worn rings will smoke all the time.
  3. Closed loop stumble

    I think he was referring to the 80psi fuel pressure. Think it should be around 42 psi.
  4. timing belt confusion...

    Can't really do a complete elimination with the engine in the car. Simplest solution is to remove the front BS belt and leave the shaft in place. Several of our vendors sell just the stubby shaft. Lot cheaper than buying the kit.You also won't have to go the problem of high oil pressure...
  5. Help Identifying rods

    They're awful short if he's comparing them to 1g rods in the picture #4.
  6. 2G bal shaft delete

    Both. Rear shaft is replaced with a stubby. You can leave the front shaft and just remove the belt.
  7. 1G Spark Plugs

    Thanks guys, told the guy that at the store. I'll try the 7s. Couple of my 6s had scorch marks on the porcelain.
  8. 1G Spark Plugs

    Quick dumb question. I've always ran NGK BPR6ES plugs. Picked up plugs yesterday and they gave me NGK LZTR4A-11. Supposed to be a compatible replacement plug. These plugs look to be about 1/2 -3/4" longer than my normal plugs. Can I use them, worried they may hit the piston.
  9. 1G 1990 Eagle Talon Tsi KEYS???????

    Hatch latch is the easiest to remove. Think mine cost $35 to get made. Just call a locksmith in your area and ask how much.
  10. Resolved What is this PS bolt!

    What am I doing wrong, went to that link, clicked on the link to download and it takes me to the Dell site.
  11. Fuel, Spark, Timing , Clean Grounds*No Start*

    Owl, can you get on base? You have a bunch of local members that could help out. Don't know who is deployed right now but a post in the local section couldn't hurt.
  12. 1G Part# request

    Thanks a bunch. Had the clutch replaced a few years back, guess they left them out. Why I was wondering if they were needed. Fingers crossed Chrysler has them. No Mitsu deal;er in my area.
  13. buying a cl built motor? or rebuild mine?

    It's always going to be a tough decision. If every thing he said checks out and it seems legitimate, I would go for it. At $1500 your looking at what used JDM motors go for on Ebay. Being 71 y/o though, I'm always leery of those deals that are too good to be true. Do your research. Might...
  14. 1G Part# request

    Putting the transmission back on the engine and saw the dowel spacers are missing. Are they necessary? If so, can I please get a part # for them. Hopefully the Chrysler dealer will have them.
  15. 1G No-start headache inducer

    Check the continuity of the wiring in the CTS. Wires are old and brittle and break easily. Also check the wiring coming out of the MAF plug in.
  16. 1G No-start headache inducer

    My car is down right now so I can't check. I'm pretty sure the boost guage should go to 1/2 way and stay there. You said your cel comes on for 5 sec, boost gauge go up and then drops. I think that's your problem. As I said, can't check mine to see the proper operation so hopefully someone...
  17. buying a cl built motor? or rebuild mine?

    Hard decision. Who built the engine, how long ago. I always wonder why someone puts that kind of money into an engine, then wants to sell in cheap.Just to make your decision more difficult, check this post out.'t...
  18. 1G Engine reassemble order

    Got the engine on the stand, head and internals installed. I was planning on installing the timing components and button up the front. Question is if I do that, when I install the flywheel, the engine may rotate counter clockwise and screw up my mechanical timing.If I install the flywheel...
  19. 1G 1991 Plymouth Laser RS

    ouch!! Believe those TCU's are pricy
  20. Yet another issue with the clutch.

    Puzzling, a worn pivot ball shouldn't cause you to lose pressure. A few years back I broke one of the forks off of the pivot arm and still had pressure, just couldn't get the clutch to release.
  21. Yet another issue with the clutch.

    You can look on youtube for Jaffromobile. Shows how to adjust the clutch and I think it shows where the fork sits. Should be slightly past 1/2 toward the drivers side. Wierd that it happened just after throwing the exhaust on. When mine did that it was leaking out the back of the master...
  22. 1999 Eclipse GST problem & codes - help

    Rubber bushings where the shift cable hooks onto the arms on the transmission look worn to me.
  23. General repair costs?

    Labor rates in my area run $80 an hour. Doubt if they're much cheaper in your area.One of the best things you can do is learn to do the repairs yourself. I would first get a repair manual that covers your particular vehicle. It contains step by step instructions on how to replace worn and...
  24. Shortblock Options

    Contact bogussvo on here. He's about the only machinist I would trust to do things right. Let him know what you want, he'll give you a price for a rebuilt short block to your specifications.
  25. Turbo problem

    If the car was running fine before the timing belt change, chances are you didn't get the mechanical timing set correctly. Probably a tooth or two off at the cams. Timing belt change doesn't affect the turbo system.Will let an expert jump in on the turbo problem. Mine has always worked for...
  26. 1G Stuck Valve Guides

    Agree with taking it to a machine shop. The seats need to be recut anyhow.
  27. bearings

    Different pistons has no affect on the main bearings size either. It's possible the machinist is talking about rod journals, but again it would be over sized, not under and 20 thousand, not 2.
  28. Radiator Support Replacement How To

    $200 is a great price, especially with him replacing the hood. Almost too good, make sure it's not a scam where he takes the money upfront to get "parts" and never shows up again.
  29. stubby shaft

    Thanks guys, you're a life saver.
  30. stubby shaft

    I'm trying to order a new stubby shaft threw NAPA. I had MD103510 as the part number but they can't seem to cross reference it. Can someone give me the correct part# or tell me the year and size of the Mirage engine it came in.Also could use the part# of the Transmission axle seals, both...
  31. New Member Here

    I have one out of a 4g63, just pay shipping. PM me your address
  32. sparklies in oil

    UpdateFinally got the block pulled and disassembled.Now I'm really confused. Ordered in a new front case because I thought my stubby shaft had eaten up my old one. It measures the same as my new one. The little indentation where the driven sprocket sets is what I thought had caused the...
  33. ACT 2900 "not shifting"

    sounds like your adjustment rod is turned out too far, not allowing fluid to go back into the master cylinder.
  34. 2G Wheel Problems

    Unsure what bolts you lubed. Need to clean out the guide pin and lock pin holes and lube them up. Probably also have a warped rotor which will cause shaking when you apply the brakes.As above, best to replace the caliper than go thru the hassel of rebuilding one.
  35. 2G need timing help 4g63t

    Before you tear everything apart, pull the plugs and rotate the engine with an extension in #1 plug hole. Go slow when the dowel pins are close to the top and stop when the extension quits moving up. Then check the marks.A bad harmonic balancer can slip and give the impression the timing is...
  36. 2G Wheel Problems

    Agree, sticking caliper, probably the guide pins.
  37. fuel pressure regulator for oil

    Depends on how you done the BS delete. If you left the front balance shaft in, oil pressure won't rise much.Most people that block off the front balance shaft ports cut the spring in the OFH and port it to lower the pressure to acceptable levels.The stubby shaft you put in has the groove...
  38. sparklies in oil

    HELP Bogus!!!!Need some guidance. Was going to replace the front seal due to oil leak and found sparklies in the oil when I drained it. Pulled the front case off and found the driven gear had ate into the housing. Got a new front case ordered.What worries me is the material that has gone...
  39. horrible problem after timing belt change

    Wolf, Bogus is the guy we always go to for advice. If the head was just done 3-4K ago, why did it need a timing belt change in the first place. The belt is always replaced after a head job.It's your car, do it however you want. You have received some excellent advice over the past 8...
  40. horrible problem after timing belt change

    Cut Wolf some slack. Initially he knew he was in over his head doing the timing components and took it to a shop. Granted you don't need all the special tools to change a TB, BUT we've done them so many times we know what works. At least he was trying to do proper maintenance on the vehicle...
  41. Resolved timing belt problem

    Check the cam caps and make sure the arrows are pointing correctly and are in the correct order.
  42. horrible problem after timing belt change

    If the piston is at TDC and the marks line up, mechanical timing is OK. The mark may not line up on the front cover if your harmonic balancer is bad and has slipped on it's ring. It could show timing being off when all that really happened is the mark slipped. With the piston at TDC it...
  43. horrible problem after timing belt change

    Just take the top timing cover off, pull #1 spark plug, insert an extension and rotate the engine clockwise until the piston is at the top. Check the alignment marks on your cams. If they aren't lined up straight across, you are out of mechanical time.The only thing the shop can tell by...
  44. Shifter cable update

    And good luck. I'm hoping the shift fork isn't broken. Takes a lot to pull a cable apart.
  45. 1G Water pump problems??

    Water finds the path of least resistance. Normally the radiator cap opens under pressure and lets the coolant into the overflow bottle. If the ring you mentioned not sealing is the one on the water pipe, it will leak near the alternator, not into the timing belt area.Perhaps the mounting...
  46. Transmission problem...

    Sounds like you broke the 1-2 shift fork. Check your cables to make sure one of them didn't come off.
  47. 1G Idle position switch

    Thanks Tmoney. Electronics are way over my head. I try following the steps posted on here but when they don't work, I'm lost.Grew up on points and condensers. Thought I was in hog heaven when I was one of the first to put a record player in my 60 chevy.
  48. 1G Idle position switch

    Completely lost adjusting the idle position switch. The posts I found said to adjust the switch until the test light comes on, then turn 15/16 more.With the switch all the way down or all the way up, key on, engine off, I never get the test light to light up.Used a multimeter, shows 12V on...
  49. rust underbody

    Strut towers can be repaired. Problem is if they are in bad shape, chances are there is more rust present. check the rest of the car out and make sure the underbody and frame rails aren't rusted out.
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