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  1. 95 talon owner!

    I thought my 95 was really unique, but you have quite the color there for sure! Welcome to the DSM family!
  2. 2G Just a beginner

    I was a newbie when I bought my car as well, and unfortunately I didn't ask for the same info that you have. Ended up winning a bid on 95' Talon AWD, sight unseen with little information about the cars condition at ~200k miles, for 5900$. To be fair, it is a kinda rare trimmed car. The rare...
  3. Scared to drive my car

    The reason I got into these cars in the first place is because it was my dream car. After driving it, I realized that I wouldn't want to drive anything else for the rest of my life. Pretty much entirely got rid of the scare factor for me, but I totally understand the scare factor for you...
  4. 1995 Eagle Gigglebox

    No clue, I'm gonna go look at it sometime this week. My guess is yes but not 100%
  5. 1995 Eagle Gigglebox

    Posting again because of more progress (sorta, progress just means spending more money).The engine turned out to be very out of spec in respect to the bore. So, I'm now getting forged internals with a bit of an extra bore. So that "stock rebuild" I was talking about before is now not stockLOL...
  6. Closed

    Wanted 05'-06' Outlander Brake Caliper Brackets

    I got stuck halfway through the bigger brake conversion only to find out OEM outlander brackets are on backorder. I need a new set ASAP. They need to be in good enough condition to consider putting on a car, if they are rusted over, I dont want them unless they are easily savable. (I already...
  7. Baby's got back!

    Man, what a car. Quick question: Are those just stock headlights with a sort of LED bulb inside them or some ebay projector type light? I want that same effect on my car, looks badass!
  8. Closed

    Wanted 1g 14b Turbo

    If you have a fairly clean 14b turbo off a 1g with little to no shaft play, DM me and I'll be happy to take a look at it. I live in TN and would be willing to take about a 1-1:30 hour road trip to pick it up, otherwise it'll need to be shipped. We can discuss prices in DM's
  9. 1995 Eagle Gigglebox

    I'm back again! The engine is now with @IHeartMyHonda undergoing a mostly stock rebuild. Nothing too crazy in the engine, just a time to get those compression numbers back to something healthy! In the meantime, I have a lot of work to do on my car myself as well. Both doors arent opening from...
  10. 1995 Eagle Gigglebox

    Been a while, but I'm back! Currently working my ass off during my summer vacation to raise enough money for an engine rebuild. No forged internals or anything, just a mostly OEM rebuild. I'm sending the engine off to get rebuilt by someone that isn't me so it gets done right.However, while...
  11. 2G More Engine Problems (4G63)

    It has happened once again! After about a 15 minute drive, I let it sit for 20 minutes, and came back and turned the car on. This time the car started at about 500 rpms and never bogged out, and had a very noticable lump in the idle. Felt a lot like a misfire from inside the cae. I’ve attached...
  12. 2G More Engine Problems (4G63)

    A bad electrical connection is very likely, although it is something I will have to get to the bottom of later with the proper research. The car never threw a single CEL at me when it was starting rough, which I found very interesting.Certainly good to hear! My dad was telling me the same...
  13. 2G More Engine Problems (4G63)

    My engine loves to act up... I was in my car, with the the battery on so the Air was running, as well as the radio, when I then tried to start the car. The car started with a bit of a jolt, and ran at 100-200 RPM's for about 2 seconds before bogging out and dying. "Weird" I thought, so I tried...
  14. 2G Installing a sunroof?

    Hey all! As you can see from my profile, I have a 95' Talon TSi with a hardtop (or slicktop) roof. As cool/rare that is, it sucks not having the sunroof on the car. It'd also be nice to have especially with Tennessee weather being hot as hell and not having A/C at the moment. I have no idea how...
  15. Looking for my old 1990 Talon TSi AWD

    Man, when I was looking at DSM's to buy before I got my Talon, this was literally the story of my life. I feel like FB should do a better job of getting sellers to respond, or just weeding out the bots and scammers.
  16. 1995 Eagle Gigglebox

    Well, I took the car to @IHeartMyHonda to get the tranny replaced, with a boost leak test and a compression test to go with it, as well as some more minor maintenance . the good news: the "new" tranny is in. the bad news: there is piston ring failure on cylinder 1, which is causing compression...
  17. 1995 Eagle Gigglebox

    To those interested, I'm posting a spreadsheet here with the current known problems.
  18. Where does everyone buy their wheels from?

    If you check my vehicle profile, you can see that I have some cheap knockoff wheels. Well, they honestly don't look that bad, even though I'm not really sold on them. However, those wheels also currently have snow tires on them. I figure that after I replace my transmission, radiator, and other...
  19. 1995 Eagle Gigglebox

    I also got a new front bumper which will go on when I go and get a paintjob. Can’t wait! +10 points to the person who can guess the exact year this bumper is ;)
  20. 1995 Eagle Gigglebox

    I do plan on cleaning the car up and taking a bunch of new pictures. The current pics are from the eBay listing we got it from lol
  21. 1995 Eagle Gigglebox

    None yet! I want to fix a bunch of stuff first, like the Cruise Control delete, My AC compressor, Black Paintjob, etc. No racecar plans though.I had only read about it, when I saw it in person for the first time I 100% thought it was gray. Its a bit faded, but it is brown!
  22. 1995 Eagle Gigglebox

    Probably what I meant to say, just said it wrong.I was actually changing my profile as you responded, so it is done!
  23. 1995 Eagle Gigglebox

    Big update here: Replaced all seals, belts, rollers, and clutch system with the stuff in the first picture. (Southbend stage 1, oem parts, coolant flush, tranny oil replacement, etc.) The second picture is a failed attempt to fix a slippery clutch, and a successful oil change. (Don't bash the...
  24. 2G My 95' Talon AWD clutch is heavy

    Well! This thread has been dead long enough, it's time I update it! I got a bunch of parts (all of which you can see in the picture), and drove the car to a guy near me to fix it. This includes a southbend stage 1 clutch, new clutch fork, pivot ball, and everything in the picture. The water...
  25. 2G My 95' Talon AWD clutch is heavy

    Just compared the current slave to the old one. Completely identical. We continued to work on it for a bit longer, even attempting to re-bleed the slave, but only made it worse. Clutch is now softer than it was earlier, and 2nd still grinds bad. 1st is still a bit tough as well. Clutch still...
  26. 2G My 95' Talon AWD clutch is heavy

    Here is what I bought:
  27. 2G My 95' Talon AWD clutch is heavy

    Do you happen to know the part number off the top of your head?
  28. 2G My 95' Talon AWD clutch is heavy

    Ah, that could be my issue. O’Reilys had a slave in stock that “worked for a 1995 Talon TSi” so maybe thats my issue. I’ll check what part it was, although it should have been a Luk unit from what they told me. I’ll also re-adjust the clutch pedal as well and see what happens. My issue will most...
  29. 2G My 95' Talon AWD clutch is heavy

    @pauleyman I sent a picture of the slave into the clutch fork at the top of this page. Still cant push in the slave, feels like punching a brick wall.
  30. 2G My 95' Talon AWD clutch is heavy

    Yeah, its all the way left, like alll the way.
  31. 2G My 95' Talon AWD clutch is heavy

    So to do that, i have to get inside the clutch fork and put a washer behind the pivot ball, correct?
  32. 2G My 95' Talon AWD clutch is heavy

    I cannot push in the slave by hand, here is a picture
  33. 2G My 95' Talon AWD clutch is heavy

    I read that as clutch and not slave. Give me a moment
  34. 2G My 95' Talon AWD clutch is heavy

    Ok. I can push the clutch in by hand, but its quite difficult. I’ll send a picture.
  35. 2G My 95' Talon AWD clutch is heavy

    Update 2: Officially changed and bled the master and slave cylinders. Clutch pedal felt better at first, but then I tried to shift to second and the gearbox buzzed at me. Yes we bled it properly, and the clutch feels better, but First is tough to shift into, and second will always buzz. The way...
  36. 2G Maintenance on my new DSM.

    And thats why this forum exists LOL
  37. 2G Maintenance on my new DSM.

    Thanks for the tip! I did clean the interior with some Armoral plastic & dash cleaning wipes, and gave it a good vaccum, but the carpet is pretty nasty so I definitely gotta clean that. Engine bay is clean-ish, but does need a good-ol scrub. Also there is a hole in the catalytic converter and...
  38. 2G Maintenance on my new DSM.

    Dont worry, my dad is a lot smarter than I am! He talked me out of purchasing stuff at the moment, not like I have any money to buy stuff anyways lol. I have read countless forum post on here about matinence, matinence, matinence, and while I told myself I’d do it, i got a bit caught up with how...
  39. 2G I forgot to introduce myself, and my ‘95 Talon TSi...

    Man... I’ve been on these forums for a couple weeks now and never decided to post on this forum thread, so here we go!I have been looking at Eclipses for months now. After watching a video about them on Donut Media’s youtube channel, I absolutely fell in love with the car. Couldn’t get my mind...
  40. 2G 200k Eagle Talon Thrust Bearing replacement?

    Hello again! Of course, now that I’m in the process of repairing the car, my mind began to wander. My eagle talon has 200k miles on its motor, and I am 99% sure the previous owners never rebuilt the engine. So, that means its time for thrust bearing replacement right? I wont even have anywhere...
  41. 2G My 95' Talon AWD clutch is heavy

    My parents bought me a triple A card 2 christmases ago. Guess who we called to help us!Thanks for the tip! I really gotta look into that more because I’m still fairly new to this kinda stuff. I also was informed this morning by my dad that I explained my issue wrong. Im just some dumb...
  42. 2G My 95' Talon AWD clutch is heavy

    Just a little update: Driving down the road with my dad and the car stopped shifting into gear because the clutch wasn't engaging at all. So, after some swearing, we threw it into neutral and pulled into a parking lot. Looked under the hood to see brake fluid (from the master cylinder reservoir)...
  43. 2G My 95' Talon AWD clutch is heavy

    Well, the clutch was replaced, but it was nearly 2 years ago. That might explain it a bit.
  44. 2G My 95' Talon AWD clutch is heavy

    Perfect, thanks a bunch! :applause:
  45. 2G My 95' Talon AWD clutch is heavy

    From what we could see, it was sitting correctly. I plan on putting it on jacks soon so i can link some more pictures then. I also plan on rebuilding the master cylinder soon because it needs to be rebuilt. What else might solve the problem?
  46. 2G My 95' Talon AWD clutch is heavy

    unfortunately thats about all I could get without lifting the car. Also discovered some leaking oil :hellyeah: but thats besides the point.
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