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  1. DSMboostin15

    1g shocks all the same?

    Yup, all the fronts are the same from 90-94.
  2. DSMboostin15

    1g shocks all the same?

    The front struts are all the same, the only thing that's different is the spring rate used. The rears, on the other hand, are different between the FWDs and AWDs. There is something of interest though, if you need rear AWD struts, the 2G AWD struts will bolt on. If you find this odd or are...
  3. DSMboostin15

    Front lip question

    There is only one factory lip that came on 1gs. It came on the twin cam, FWD Eclipses and fits on the small bumper only. They were body colored but I picked up one from a junk yard and painted it black.
  4. DSMboostin15

    Factory Key

    I doubt the OE Laser key has the pentastar on it. I still have my OE Talon key and there isn't a pentastar logo on it or the Eagle logo (which would have been sweet). If you want blank Mitsu keys, support our vendors and check out JNZ Tuning. They have them for $10 a piece.
  5. DSMboostin15

    Just bought my first DSM last night

    Nothing like grave digging a 3 year old thread. Keep up the good work guys. :thumb:
  6. DSMboostin15

    Need Better Airflow

    You can make the stock A/C fan fit. You'll have to trim the lower portion of the shroud a bit, but it will work. I was able to cut the lower mount off and trim the shroud. It's a lot of fiddling but it worked great. I'd post pics but I foolishly let that fan go when I sold my old car.
  7. DSMboostin15

    need this toy, who has one?

    I still have the one I bought years ago. The only downside is one of the wheels fell off and I have no idea where it went. It's the only way to achieve 3-wheel motion in a DSM.
  8. DSMboostin15

    evo oil cap

    JNZ sells just the gasket if you need it. I bought one last year and it was only $1.29. There's really no need to replace the whole cap if you don't need to.OEM Oil Cap Gasket : JNZ Tuning
  9. DSMboostin15

    Technical Advice Needed: Turbo Delete

    In regards to the power issue, disconnect your wastegate arm from the flapper and report back. The lack of forced induction coupled with the low compression makes the car very slow, I know from personal experience. I say either keep the turbo or swap in a NT engine if you want it naturally...
  10. DSMboostin15

    Restored 1ga GSX wheels

    Those look really good. I just finished restoring a set of 2GB Talon swirlies so I know how much of a PITA it can be.
  11. DSMboostin15

    Is my boost level normal?

    You should also look into recirculating the BOV.
  12. DSMboostin15

    Koni Yellow front with KYB AGX rears?

    I didn't know Bilstein made struts for the 1G. Do you have a link?
  13. DSMboostin15

    Koni Yellow front with KYB AGX rears?

    Grave digging this thread. I'm in the same boat as the OP with the Koni struts. I've had AGXs on my old car and didnt really care for them. This time around, I have Tein lowering springs instead of GC coils and want to maintain the semblance of a decent ride. Do the 2G rear Konis have the spring...
  14. DSMboostin15

    Biggest fail to EVER happen to a DSM

    Maybe that's what those "reliefs" were that were filed in the head. :hmm:
  15. DSMboostin15

    mustache bar STUDS loose?

    It's the locating/mounting brace that connects part of the rear diff to the rear subframe. It's called the "mustache bar" because it looks like a mustache.
  16. DSMboostin15

    4g63 valve cover iphone case

    Does it crack too if you over tighten it?
  17. DSMboostin15

    How long is your commute?

    My commute is 3 minutes to drive to work with no traffic. What sucks is the 5 minutes it takes me to walk from my car to my office.
  18. DSMboostin15

    Need help with 1g BOV

    I'm assuming that you're talking about the 1g BOV that has the angled nipple. Its hard to tell since your second link doesn't work. They actually come from the factory that way. They were installed on the ABS-equipped cars because the vacuum hose hits the ABS bracket with the straight nipple...
  19. DSMboostin15

    Noble M400 car

    To clarify some things: the Noble is not a true "kit car". It's actually a factory-built car based on a design created by Lee Noble and built in Leicester. The engine is based on the V6 from a Taurus (Mondeo in England) with a pair of IHI turbos strapped to it. The reason it's a "kit car" here...
  20. DSMboostin15

    How to tell what your compression ratio is

    You can either use modeling clay with a known density to calculate the volume or a liquid and measure, at the meniscus, in a graduated cylinder. What's my prize? :D
  21. DSMboostin15

    F' yo Chevy!

    Absolutely hilarious.
  22. DSMboostin15

    3g lifters

    I bought mine from Bruce at Parts Dinosaur. Great prices and service, as always.
  23. DSMboostin15

    Evo I transimission?

    Since your trans is a manual AWD, it's a W5M33 unless Mitsu changed that on the 2gs. The EVO 1-3's all used the same 7-bolt/W5M33 trans set up, albeit with different mounting points, that you have in your car.Now I'm a little confused. Did the half shaft you pulled off the car before removing...
  24. DSMboostin15

    2g turned off in traffic

    It could be your timing. I had mine jump when I was idling. Did about the same thing you described. Your best bet it to line the cam timing marks up, put the #1 piston at TDC, and see if the notch on the crank pully matches the "T" line on the lower cover.
  25. DSMboostin15

    What ICP clamps are you using?

    Do yours have nylon lock nuts or a jam nut on them? If you don't, then they're most likely backing up from thermocycling.
  26. DSMboostin15

    What is the average age on tuners? (Re-Poll)

    Just turned 26 last week. I received my first DSM a decade ago, joined here when I was 18, and have been wasting money ever since.
  27. DSMboostin15

    Are you afraid to change a timing belt? You shouldn't be after you read this.

    I would also like to add that the tensioner bearing MUST be properly preloaded and torqued to ensure proper belt tension. There is a misconception that the hydraulic tensioner is what puts tension on the belt. It does but the hydraulic tensioner's job is to take up slack as the belt stretches...
  28. DSMboostin15

    Post your lowered 1g pics here!

    I'll see what I can do. My car is several states away at my dad's house so it may take a day or two.
  29. DSMboostin15

    Post your lowered 1g pics here!

    I believe it was a little over an inch. I didn't want that large of a drop and Eibach doesn't make the 1g pro kit anymore so Tein was the next best. But they are the priciest of the lowering spring options. It's also important to note that the car is full weight.
  30. DSMboostin15

    Post your lowered 1g pics here!

    Here's my car as she sits now. Currently it has Tein S-Tech springs and GR-2s but those are blown and are due to be replaced with AGXs in the spring.
  31. DSMboostin15

    Convertible 1990 Talon TSi AWD

    Targa has been done as a factory option in Europe. The Eclipse CT.
  32. DSMboostin15

    Dented Wastegate it OK?

    I'm bringing this thread back because I have a similar problem. I had bought a 16g off one of our members and didn't realize the wastegate had been smashed where the body necks down. I tested like the OP did and it did actuate. Finally got around to installing the turbo on my car and it's really...
  33. DSMboostin15

    Factory MOD 2011 September 24th, 2011: (9AM-2PM, Normal, IL)

    Hopefully my Talon will be ready to make the trip down there again otherwise, I'll have to drive my Civic and be relegated to parking in the "other" car area.
  34. DSMboostin15

    Pagani Factory Tour

    My friend has been there. He says it's a nice place and was able to sit in Horacio's personal Zonda.
  35. DSMboostin15

    Old School DSM & 4G63 goodness-Ads, Commercials, Tuning etc.

    I have to take a minute to say "Thank You" for scanning and posting all this stuff. I've been a big DSM dork since I got my first one as a "hand-me-down" from my sister when I was 16, the better part of a decade ago. It's nice to see all the advertisements, tech articles, promos, etc. and makes...
  36. DSMboostin15

    Unrelated to dsm

    I agree with this statement 100%. I've been in industry for a couple years now and this is completely true. Everyone is trying to integrate their systems to incorporate more electronics to get finer, more precise control and better efficiency from existing mechanical designs.I'd hate to say...
  37. DSMboostin15

    Unrelated to dsm

    Mechanical Engineering is a broad field, let alone the automotive end of it. You're best bet is to specialize in one aspect i.e. engine and cooling, chassis and suspension, hvac, control systems, NVH, etc. and then relating it to automotive design. There is a lot more going on than people...
  38. DSMboostin15

    Engine Codes help!

    Doing a quick search, this may help. Post #8 may be particularly useful to you. maybe helpful as well...
  39. DSMboostin15

    1G Plymouth Laser Replica Decals

    too bad I just sold my laser a few months ago.
  40. DSMboostin15

    HID install parts

    You can install the lights yourself. Just pull out the old bulbs, install the "HID" bulbs, plug one connector into the ballast and the other into the existing harness plug. If you can't do that, then you shouldn't be modifying cars.On a side note, these "plug and play" kits are not true...
  41. DSMboostin15

    Old School DSM & 4G63 goodness-Ads, Commercials, Tuning etc.

    I always find memorabillia like this cool. I have several dealer brochures and a pair of HKS catalogs from '93 & '95 respectively that the original owner gave me, along with every receipt - he even kept the transfer case recall letter.
  42. DSMboostin15

    Anybody into e30s?

    One of my good friends has an E21 that he's converting from mechanical fuel injection to EFI and adding an ITB/Turbo combo. It should be sweet when he gets it done.
  43. DSMboostin15

    HE351VE Controller Project

    Looking good. I've been following this thread for a while and it's good to see you're making progress. I'd love to put a VGT turbo on my Talon. Keep up the good work.
  44. DSMboostin15

    just got a Hanyes repair manual

    I don't know how much you paid for that Haynes, but you can pick up a FSM for your exact year on Ebay for a fair price. It may be a little bit pricier than the Haynes, but it's from the factory and has more information than the Haynes.
  45. DSMboostin15

    "Friday" removed from youtube LMFAO..

    When I read the title, I thought that Youtube removed clips of the movie "Friday". I still cant believe that someone charged $2.99 to watch this crap and people actually paid. I remember a time when you had to have talent to be famous. I blame Millie Vanillie and Vanilla Ice for the downfall.
  46. DSMboostin15

    Milage curiosity

    My Talon currently has 167,xxx on it and my FWD has 174,xxx. Curiously enough, I bought both with 137,xxx on them.
  47. DSMboostin15

    what is this on the firewall

    I'm going to say that it's the injector resistor pack. It looks like a shiny rectangular box with wires coming from it. If that isn't what you're talking about, then I'm out of ideas.
  48. DSMboostin15

    Need to replace my sunroof, looks like an OEM??

    I would get some pics but I'm not anywhere near the car. I can talk with my dad and see if he can get some pics and dimensions for ya.
  49. DSMboostin15

    Need to replace my sunroof, looks like an OEM??

    Wow, I thought I was the only one to have an ASC electric sunroof. If it has not worked since you bought it, have you disconnected the switch and verify that you are getting 12v to it? It could be something as simple as a bad switch. Worst case, you have a bad motor. I have never really dove...
  50. DSMboostin15

    Hellaflush Vs Funtional

    That was great.
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