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  1. SnoopySLR

    Peel and Seal "Dynamat" on the cheap DIY Guide

    Posted this on WRXTuners because I now have a wrx... but I wont ever forget where my roots are. Figured all you guys would benefit from this too.Left is Peel and Seal. Right is Dynamat Extreme.So, I've searched the internet over and over... and I could not find anybody...
  2. SnoopySLR

    Megasquirt Install problems.

    I'm having questions/issues with wiring my voltage regulator that came with my megasquirt kit.In the diagram they gave me(above) I didnt know how I keep my factory wiring that powers my ECU and my fuse box under the hood. I'm keeping my factory ECU to control my gauges and misc stuff...
  3. SnoopySLR

    Cheapest place to get fuel injectors

    I'm looking for the best deal on a set of 550-650cc injectors for my 2gNT. Accel or RC would be cool, but I'm open to other brands as long as they have good reviews.Second question, should I replace my OEM Fuel Rail? I'm trying not to spend a fortune here cause I just got new seats and a...
  4. SnoopySLR

    Ebay Racing Seat

    I just bought These seats off eBay and I just wanted to give some feed back to the community about them.They are very nicely made and sturdy, the only problem with them is the size. I'm 6' tall and I have pretty wide shoulders. My shoulders dont let me sink into the seat. This makes...
  5. SnoopySLR

    MSnS fuel delivery questions

    I just ordered myself this MSnS kit and I was wondering about the FPR. I currently have a vortech 12:1 FMU on my car and I'm wondering if I'm going to have to get a 1:1 FPR before I can run my car.I've been sucking in as much information about the MS as I can in the last week, and I'm...
  6. SnoopySLR

    97+ ECU questions, HELP!

    Well guys, its been some time since I've posted in here. My baby has been on hold for a while, but the time has come to where I can finally get it going again.Here is the problem. Coil1 (ECUpin2 Blk/Blu) will not fire. I've went thru every possible thing it could be, chased ever wire...
  7. SnoopySLR

    I really hate my car....

    Well, I just got everything finished. No more boost leaks, no vac leaks, everything working just the way it should.I was getting on the expressway and SNAP, there goes my timing belt. 1800 miles on it, and it snapped... wtf... Its a Goodyear Gator Back, so I'm getting ahold of goodyear...
  8. SnoopySLR

    Need a new winter car. Can someone help!

    I'm so bummed. I had a 89 Olds to drive as a daily driver, and the dang thing blew up. I think it has a cracked cylender head. Don't feel like ripping the engine apart to fix it. Does anyone have or know of anyone who has a Quad 4 engine. I wouldn't mind pulling the motor and dropping a...
  9. SnoopySLR

    97 Talon ESI parts

    I'm parting my car out. I'm not sure if this is the proper place to post this message, but I got absolutely no response from the classifieds. I figured a lot more 420 guys will see it here.Check my parts list, everything is going. Star Stage 2 kit, motor, everything. PM me please
  10. SnoopySLR

    Are Nology Hott Wires any good?

    Anyone ever seen the most expensive set of spark plug wires out? Nology Hott Wires. Anyone have them? Do they really make that big of a differance?
  11. SnoopySLR

    Build N/T or get a TSI?

  12. SnoopySLR

    I'm about to give up... Please help!

    Well guys..I still can't get it running. Here is the story.. .please help me!Timing belt snaps, so I pull the head and put it back together. Now she doesn't want to fire up. I found that 1 & 4 are not firing. First thought, plugs...then wires. Both are good. Then I thought Coil (I've...
  13. SnoopySLR

    ECU Cooked

    I think I need a new ECU.Pin 2 is for signal for Coil #1, and its getting nothing out of the ECU. Pin 3 is for Coil #2 and its getting signal fine, just not Coil#1.If anyone has a solution to this that might prove the ECU isn't bad, let me know.If anyone has an ECU for a 97-99...
  14. SnoopySLR

    ECU hum?? wtf?

    I noticed my ECU making a humming noise. Never noticed it before, maybe cause I always got music, aircompressor, people yelling, and gangwars going on in my garage. It was really quiet when I noticed it. Is that normal?
  15. SnoopySLR

    Help me out!

    This is an odd request, but I believe I know what is wrong with my car :)Can someone measure a sparkplug and tell me how long the threaded area is?I believe I was given the wrong spark plugs and thats why my engine wont turn over... the piston is smashing into the spark plug cause its...
  16. SnoopySLR

    Never buy a Goodyear Gatorback Timing Belt

    This is what happens when you have a pos goodyear gator back belt... 1800 miles and this is what happened! Mopar from now on!
  17. SnoopySLR

    My Talon... best friend or worst enemy?

    Well, I finally got my talon running again. One thing after the other. I was hoping to make it to the Shootout, but my clutch blew. I got my new one installed the day before the shootout, but of course, the car wouldn't start after I got it finished. Missed the Shootout. The week after the...
  18. SnoopySLR

    Starting problem. 2GNT... stumped.

    Well, I got my new clutch installed yesterday. All set to test drive it and click... no start. So far I've checked everything I can think of.Starter Connection, its getting both power and ground All connections I disconected durning install All fuses Battery power is goodI'm...
  19. SnoopySLR

    Paint questions. What color.

    Never wanted to do this (I hate these kinds of threads), but I'm painting my car this winter and want some feedback.What color would you guys recomend. 1.Yellow 2.White 3.Orange 4.Lime Green :rolleyes: 5.Brighter Red 6.Deep Blue 7.Black 8.Bright Blue 9.Something like that new...
  20. SnoopySLR

    To the GSX in Michigan who killed the Vette!

    I'm driving along... when I see a C5 and a GSX siding at a light. The guy in the GSX says "What you got in that?" Vette retard replies "A big ass motor... what you got in that piece of shit?" GSX guy says "About 25 pounds of boost, bi***!" Green, and boom... GSX smokes the vette... I was...
  21. SnoopySLR

    Finally Finished Motor!

    Here it is! Got my new engine all installed and running. Here are some pics. Still haven't finished the interior, but its close.
  22. SnoopySLR

    Timing belt not staying on Cam Gears...

    I got my motor all finished up and found something very interesting. For some weird reason my timing belt wants to travel towards the valve cover. It'll get about half of the belt off the gear, and I'm not about to see if it goes farther.I took all of my timing belt covers off, but those...
  23. SnoopySLR

    Rebuild finished, but won't start

    Will people... I got the motor installed. I turned the key and.... nothing.....I jumped the battery cause I believe it was low, still nothing.I've tested and have fuel pressure and spark. The motor is spinning good, nice and smooth. I get short blurpy backfires every 10-15 turn overs...
  24. SnoopySLR

    Getting $1000 back from taxes!

    I can't believe how much I'm getting back in taxes this year! I did it right to, cause I had H&R do them for me!I know what I'm getting (new seats, FP and EGT gauges, and exhaust), but what do you guys think I should get?
  25. SnoopySLR

    Bent Valve!!! Aarrgghh!!

    I was installing my new crane valve springs... I put my valves in the tumbler to clean them up, and look at what the dumb machine did to one of them....Luckly its just one valve. Does anyone have a old exhaust valve laying around I could buy.... stupid Satan (dealer) wants to charge $50 for...
  26. SnoopySLR

    Will a HAHN 3" DP fit a T3/T4??

    I'm wondering if HAHN's new Down Pipe will fit on a STAR kit? It has that new V-Clamp on it, so I didn't know. Hahn did a nice job on that piece.I wish star did more developing on their kit.... ah well. Thats why Star is cheaper I guess.
  27. SnoopySLR

    Best 420a Shop?

    well guys, the engine is stripped to its bare block. The piston rings are GONE, just like I thought. My question is, who is the Master Machine Shop for the 420a? I've found some really goot 4G63 ones, but none for the 420a. I don't want someone not familier with my head, doing head work...
  28. SnoopySLR

    Who has the nicest 420a engine bay?

    I wanna see who has the best/cleanest/nicest 420a out there.Not saying mine's the best, but I'm proud of it.Lets see what everyone else has. Turbo, NA don't matter!
  29. SnoopySLR

    Gas in Oil... Tell me there is an easy solution...

    Ok, I just put my turbo kit on. I took it out yesterday and it missed once, then dies about 30 sec later. Turns over, but won't start. Took my oil cap off today and oil smells like fuel REALLY bad. I think I know what this means, but don't want to face it yet. Piston ring or worse, piston...
  30. SnoopySLR

    VORTECH FMU Help! Install question

    I just got my turbo, and we can't figure out how to hook the FMU to the lines. The FMU accepts hoses with clamps and the fuel filter has bolt style fittings. Anyone know where to find some instructions, or offer some help?
  31. SnoopySLR

    I'm BOOSTING NOW!!!!

    Got me my Star Stage 2 today. Almost done installing it, have to tap the oil pan, install FMU, and put downpipe on. Looks awesome! Can't wait to take it out for a spin!
  32. SnoopySLR

    Blowing Oil out Breather Filter?

    I think I know what it means, but I'm hoping there is a easy solution to this problem. I just finished putting my car back together. I ported the Intake manifold, blocked the EGR, and got a 60mm TB. I drove it for maybe an hour, only getting on it once. I started hearing a ticking noice, but...
  33. SnoopySLR

    Modern TB HIGH IDLE!! HELP!!

    I just got my intake manifold ported, and a 60mm TB from Modern Performance. I just put everything back together and started it. My idle is at 3k and it fluxuates. I was wondering if anyone else had this happen? I also blocked off my EGR. What could be causing this. I just replaced my IAC...
  34. SnoopySLR

    Where did everyone buy their STAR kit from?

    I was wondering where everyone got their STAR kit from. I'm thinking of getting it from overboost, but I want to know who else would be good. I really want to know who ships the fastest. I don't want to buy it next week and get it next winter.
  35. SnoopySLR

    Where did everyone buy their STAR kit from?

    I'm trying to find who sells the STAR kit, and who has the best price. More than price, who ships the fastest. I don't want to buy it and not get it until winter. Thanks guys!
  36. SnoopySLR

    Lookin for Black Projectors on a Red Car W/CF Hood

    Anyone ever seen a pic of a 2g with a CF hood and black projectors? Post it here if you could. I'm thinking of doing it, but I have to see it first. Thanks!
  37. SnoopySLR

    Wow! Prothane Motor Mount Install!!

    God, I've done some hard jobs before, but these mounts gave me more problems than putting a clutch in by myself. I wish I could drive my car and try them right now, but I'm waiting on my intake manifold. Just wanted to warn anyone who might want to do the motor mounts. Its a job. Anyone else...
  38. SnoopySLR

    I've been cured from Ricer!!!

    I've been into DSM's for a while now. I guess I was kinda going through a "ricer" stage. Well, I decided to make some serious changes. I took my wing off, my graphic, and my sound system. I still need to weight everything, but I'm guessing I shaved about 140 lbs out of my car. Then I...
  39. SnoopySLR

    Just Out Of Storage!!!!!

    Finally got my car out of storage. I did a lot this winter. Headers, MSD Coil pack, MSD 8.5 wires, new NGK Iridium spark plugs, switched to Royal Purple Natural Oil, Pulled AC out. Some new things in the interior. Gauges, neons, and 2 new 10" Xtant subs, which I still have to build a new box...
  40. SnoopySLR

    Can't Decide. Rebuild or Sell!!!!

    OK, people. I am getting up there in milage. 120,xxx. I need to make a choice. Sell or just go all out. Here are my options.1. Sell my car. I have some people who are looking. Some are very serious. If I sell it, I'm going to buy a Porsche Boxster. I found a couple really cheap...
  41. SnoopySLR

    Getting a TSI AWD. Got a few Questions

    I've had my ESI for 2 years now. I love it. I always said I would never get rid of it. Well, I changed my mind. I went for a ride in my buddies new GSX. He only has a 3" exhaust, New intake, and new BOV. I couldn't believe how fast it was. I instantly made up my mind to get rid of my ESI...
  42. SnoopySLR

    Rear Running Lights not working! Help!

    I don't know whats going on, my rear running lights aren't working. Anyone know why this would be. I checked the bulbs, their all fine. Anyone know whats going on????
  43. SnoopySLR

    Build N/T or get a TSI?

    What do you guys think. I have an ESI with 120,xxx miles. My question is should I rebuild and turbo my engine, or should I get a 2g TSI and switch all my parts to it. I'm looking at about 7500 to rebuild and turbo my engine. I don't plan on running more than 10 psi if I build the 420a. Or...
  44. SnoopySLR

    Silicone Sleeves?

    Anyone know where to get the silicone sleeves to hold intake piping together. I need 2 blue ones.
  45. SnoopySLR

    NEW PICS!!! What do ya think?

    I FINALLY got my car out of storage! I've been workin hard. Tell me what you think. I have a VIS Extreme GT Carbon Fiber Hood on the way. Should be here next week. I'll get some pics up with that as soon as it gets here.
  46. SnoopySLR

    SAFC Tuning?

    I just hooked my SAFC back up. Its running rough, really rough. Anyone good at tuning these things. I'm not having much luck with it. Thanx!
  47. SnoopySLR

    People With Apex Safc!!!

    Does any one know what color wires are the air flow send and return. Apex doesn't say and I can't find the diagram for my ecu. Please let me know. I need it before I pull my car out for the winter.
  48. SnoopySLR

    Anyone Have Instructions on wiring a Apex S-AFC

    I have an Apex S-afc controller. I did some rerouting of my wiring and now I can't find my install sheet. Does anyone know where to find a detailed instruction sheet for a 420a.
  49. SnoopySLR

    Stop Rice-ism

    The more I'm on this site, and out in the community, the more I hate the term "rice". What is rice? Is it stuff from autozone or is it stuff on someone's car you don't like. I've seen some of the coolest mods on this site. Like the "custom angel eyes" that SHUWA29 built. Those are sweet...
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