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  1. ErikTande

    4g64 engines in generac generators

    That's crazy! Are they wide blocks or narrow block 4g64? I would assume the crank would work. Can you find any service documentation or anything?
  2. 2g fogs with bezels

    For sale 2g 2g fogs with bezels

    $115 shipped
  3. t25 turbo w/ wastegate

    For sale 2g t25 turbo w/ wastegate

    $100 shipped, includes everything pictured (o2 housing, exhaust housing, wastegate, lines, heat shield, etc)
  4. ErikTande

    2G snapped the ole' timing belt : P

    Just a little update, I finally popped the head off last night, and the timing belt was NOT the cause of the failure. A rocker got loose and wedged itself between the head and the exhaust cam, locking the cam in place, which then shredded the timing belt.I have a video on my instagram...
  5. ErikTande

    Hx35 6.7 Cummins turbo

    It's a killer turbo, stick with the twin scroll, you'll love it. I just made 460HP with my hx35 on a bone stock motor. Walbro 450, 1000cc injectors. I did like 4 install videos that will give you a general idea of a few of the things involved. Just search "Hx35 dsm turbo upgrade" on youtube.
  6. ErikTande

    ECMlink Making a custom map just for getting a good CO2 emissions readout

    Do you have access to e85? That will help get a cleaner burn as well.
  7. ErikTande

    Fp exhaust manifold coatings

    VHT is awesome stuff. I painted my manifold like 6 or 7 years ago, still holding up. Just clean it up and rattlecan it. Be sure to follow the baking instructions.
  8. ErikTande

    Garage renovation

    Paint EVERYTHING white. I'm even going to paint my floor white. And yeah, put as many lights in as you can, I have 8, looking to add more 😁This!!!! Keeping everything white makes a giant difference in light as well.
  9. ErikTande

    Street Build 1997 Talon TSi OEM+

    Gorgeous! More process pics!
  10. ErikTande

    2G snapped the ole' timing belt : P

    When I did the timing belt on my 1G Eclipse I found the same thing, the balance shaft belt had broke and been wadded up for a long time, but never hurt anything.I've never had the oil pan off my Talon. I'll definitely check that out when I tear into though.
  11. ErikTande

    2G snapped the ole' timing belt : P

    That's not part of what's on the inside of the timing belt? I assumed it was akin to the steel belts from steel belted radial tires.
  12. ErikTande

    2G snapped the ole' timing belt : P

    Which part shouldn't be there, 1 2 or 3? or something esle? I thought those were all just parts of a mangled timing belt.
  13. ErikTande

    2G snapped the ole' timing belt : P

    Thanks! I'll give 'em a call. My car is a 97, just to be sure, I need a 97+ head if I don't want to change any wiring, right?Are you talking about the thin strip that's left? You think it was rubbing on something and that's why it split? Or are you looking at something else?I haven't...
  14. ErikTande

    2G snapped the ole' timing belt : P That the right one?
  15. ErikTande

    2G snapped the ole' timing belt : P

    Yeah, you'll want the whole kit, Extreme Psi sells a bundle:
  16. ErikTande

    2G snapped the ole' timing belt : P

    Oh it's even worse than that. I even had the timing belt off to replace the cam sensor, and I was like, meh, it'll be good for another year. Slap it back on!I was dead wrong loI
  17. ErikTande

    2G snapped the ole' timing belt : P

    It'll need a new head for sure. I'm gonna do it myself. New head, new head gasket, arp head studs, oem timing belt kit, water pump, etc.I'll probably be getting a head from Rix Racing, but I found I can also get one from Autozone for like $600 bucks...
  18. ErikTande

    2G snapped the ole' timing belt : P

    300HP is pretty easy to make on stock components. Composite head gasket will be fine. I'm on a composite on my 1g with ARP head studs and making 460HP at the wheels :thumb:
  19. ErikTande

    2G snapped the ole' timing belt : P

    Already ordered LOLAlmost everyone was sold out, JNZ had them listed though.Got the timing belt kit from Extreme Psi ordered too.
  20. ErikTande

    2G snapped the ole' timing belt : P

    well shit LOLare all 2g heads the same? i definitely bent valves. gonna try source a local replacement head.don't push your timing belt kids : P
  21. ErikTande

    1G Coolant filling reservoir.

    Get a good radiator cap. Like the 1.3 bar (18psi) ones, see if that helps.
  22. ErikTande

    A real shootout at the dragstrip

    But he wasn't with the guy that died? Dick move, God.
  23. ErikTande

    A real shootout at the dragstrip

    I feel bad for the guy that died. This is a stark reminder to immediately move away from conflict. Even verbal conflict. Don't try get a closer look, don't pull out your phone, don't try even try to help. Leave immediately. Things can escalate faster than you can react.
  24. ErikTande

    Bosch 1680cc (160lb) Injectors

    Got them cleaned and flow tested, 3 of them flowed 149 lbs per minute (1564cc) and the other one is at 152 (1596cc).I'm not too worried about the 30cc difference (should I be?) so I'm going to pop them in the car and rock them.
  25. ErikTande

    Bosch 1680cc (160lb) Injectors

    You sure about that? I'm almost certain the metal part on the inside is just as long. A shorter cap would just fail to cover the entire metal part then. I'll take a cap off and take a pic later, I need to replace the caps anyway.And after thinking about it for a bit I'm guessing the longer...
  26. ErikTande

    Bosch 1680cc (160lb) Injectors

    Can I run these injectors? They're Bosch 280150837 . The reason I ask is they are a bit longer than stock. I got them on the classifieds here like 3 or 4 years ago.Thanks!
  27. ErikTande

    2G What to look out for to avoid being stranded?

    AAA. I finally got it last year, used it twice already. Worth it's weight in gold.
  28. ErikTande

    2G Megan coilovers rear is bouncy

    Yeah, what are the spring rates for the 2g FWD megan [email protected] I ask because the spring rates on my 1g AWD Megan coilovers were 12k/10k, (675lb/560lb) which is INSANELY stiff. Undriveable on the street IMO. Like shaking your tits off uncomfortable, even on the softest damper...
  29. ErikTande

    1G Window trims... longshot

    I used plasti-dip on mine. I managed to find a new drivers side in 2013, good luck finding one now. The plasti-dip is like 8 years old now, still looking good TBH. here's the link:
  30. ErikTande

    4G63 in a 1997 Saturn (what axles?)

    While have the spare engine, I have nothing else.So I'm currently on the lookout for a rusted out or wrecked, but running, 1g FWD. That way I have basically everything I need, engine, trans, ecu, shifter, etc. If I find one for the right price, it's game on. :D
  31. ErikTande

    4G63 in a 1997 Saturn (what axles?)

    Yep, mine has about 300k on it. ^_^ A couple days ago it's not starting though, sounds like just whirring. It's probably just the starter, but my imagination was having fun with the idea of a 4g63 in it. :D
  32. ErikTande

    4G63 in a 1997 Saturn (what axles?)

    DISCLAIMER: bench racing threadI have a spare engine from a 1991 TSi that I'm tempted to do a silly engine swap with (FWD). Obviously I'll need custom engine mounts, custom plumbing, etc.But what axles would I need?I assume they need to be custom made, one end to fit the DSM trans and...
  33. ErikTande

    Heavy Metal Toxicity

    Heavy metal Toxicity:
  34. ErikTande

    Rising Price of the older DSM's

    Yep, it's following the trend of all 90's imports, they're all going up. My chances of ever owning a 90's supra or NSX are gone LoL
  35. ErikTande

    2G Who wants a big SMIC? gauging interest

    I'm still in.I have a Supra SMIC, has intercooler tech really gotten better in the last 20 years?
  36. ErikTande

    Spotify issue - need computer wizards help

    I really miss the youtube comments, they were awesome. Comedy gold, and the timestamps were super helpful.I just watch on spotify with a web browser and adblock so I don't get ads.
  37. ErikTande

    RTV for 1G DSM oil pan: Ultra or Optimum Black?

    I used Permatex Ultra Synthetic Gasket Maker on my new oil pan last year, it sealed up perfect with no leaks.
  38. ErikTande

    Tuner Battlegrounds Competition Vote

    Nice! How did you do the bumper lights?
  39. ErikTande

    Runaway Truck Ramp

    Here's a CO one:
  40. ErikTande

    99 GSX Rebirth/Clean-Up/Build

    ^^ Yep, that was the right move. It's not like a Datsun 2000 or something where you'll literally never find another donor car. While these cars are getting harder to find, fixing a rotted out shell at this point just doesn't make any sense. Way cheaper and much less of a time sink to just...
  41. ErikTande

    Daily Drive

    Good news! I love this build thread, you're putting in a bunch of work and it's awesome to follow along, thanks!!!
  42. ErikTande

    Probably need new flywheel, recommendations?

    ACT Streetlight. I picked up a used one in the classifieds here for like $100. I absolutely love it. Revs awesome and not too light for daily driving and stop and go traffic.BTW I bought it for the same reason as you, my OEM flywheel was far beyond resurfacing.
  43. ErikTande

    Decent wash/wax for initial cleaning of long-neglected car?

    Any of those products are good, it's all just soap. Can't go wrong with turtle wax with carnauba either.I prefer to start with dish soap if the car has been sitting a long time. It cuts through built up and dirt fast and will strip all the old wax off the car, leaving a clean slate for new wax.
  44. ErikTande

    2G OBD missing on 97 talon

    It's located up under the steering column to the right of the steering wheel. You pretty much have to lay on your back to see it.
  45. ErikTande

    2G 2G Manual Trans Dummy Plugs

    Pretty sure there isn't. I'm also pretty sure your manual transmission fluid isn't going to drastically change temp whether you're cruising or doing pulls. There's not much generating heat, unlike an automatic transmission.
  46. ErikTande

    John Freund Racing Thanksgiving Sale! 20% off your entire order!

    That car though.Is there a high rez version of that so I can use it as a wallpaper on my pc?**EDIT** nm found it in your build thread : D
  47. ErikTande

    Loud "pop" sounds while opening doors

    Thanks for the info! This has been driving me nuts.I found the oem parts on of all places'll update this thread when I get them and get them installed.
  48. ErikTande

    Flatout Suspension

    Thanks for supporting us! If I had the cash I'd be all over your prototype offer. I'd love some coilovers for my 2g with near stock spring rates, like 300 front 200 rear. I like how the car rides on public roads stock, i just want to drop it like 3/4 an inch. :cool:97-99 OEM Stock 2G...
  49. ErikTande

    Resolved front/rear O2 sensors - A/F while driving - emissions

    Replacing the front o2 sensor fixed it, I passed emissions today. Brought my unburned fuel (CO GPM) from a 50 to a 6. Thread is resolved.
  50. ErikTande

    Resolved front/rear O2 sensors - A/F while driving - emissions

    got the o2 sensor replaced, i have a voltage reading now on my obd2 scanner, so i'm heading back to re-test emissions tomorrow.
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