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    4g64 to 4g63T

    Since we dont know which 4g64 you have, I would guess it is a 7 bolt. The point is you will not be turning your 4g64 into a 4g63, you still would have a 4g64, your thread name is misleading and confusing. Maybe you can change it. Mandy ,
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    2G FINISHED! 4G64 Sohc w/ 4G63T head

    Well the reason for my request is that there have been all kinds of numbers posted about this combo. Some as high as 14 to 1. Thanks Mandy
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    2G FINISHED! 4G64 Sohc w/ 4G63T head

    Did you measure static or at least cranking comp on this motor. Mandy
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    420A 4g63t engine & transmission swap

    Dont, read and you will see why.
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    2G FINISHED! 4G64 Sohc w/ 4G63T head

    Nice set up, have you done a cranking comp. test after adding the new head?
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    Uneven bearing wear

    Very true hot tanking was prohibited many years ago due to pollution, I said hot tank as a common language in the trade but it is really an oven nowdays.Mandy
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    Uneven bearing wear

    For sure have your block hot tanked, your crank looks like it needs to be cut, there are some good marks on there, take to machine shop and maybe it may just need polishing, let them make the decision. WE sometimes try to save a few bucks and pay the price later, have rods check by machine shop...
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    GMB water pumps?

    I think he is referring to something else.
  9. arrowhead

    GMB water pumps?

    Care to share this pump trick?
  10. arrowhead


    Nice glad for you, I am sure you are going to enjoy this car a lot,mandy
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    Street Build 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse (RWD LS Swap)

    Looks good, I made a hood out of fiber with the 2 humps also without the scoop, I have made a new one but with vents instead of the humps. Mandy
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    78 Chevy LUV Build w/ 4G63T

    Very nice congratulations. What are those engine mounts? Mandy
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    Subscribe to my DSM youtube channel!

    Did you forget what mother told you about talking with your mouth full?
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    Upgrade path for an old school noob.

    Open track days are a lot of fun, this usage would change things, I am talking about strut braces, a member of this forum makes them and it should be one of the first things I would add. Look at the track layout and see how many turns are left or right, this will tell you about mods to fuel and...
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    2G Very High Oil Pressure After Rebuild

    Did you change the gauge, Or added a new one?
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    Upgrade path for an old school noob.

    More is not always better for a road course, more so if it is a small track, you already have the base for a good , powerful engine. Try to get true 16 g or similar but not chinese, use your eprom ecu and go with ecmlink, run speed density and run e85 if available,you can sell the injectors you...
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    2G Very High Oil Pressure After Rebuild

    SO you did something else to the engine besides the oring. I dont think putting more miles on engine is going to help that much, you need to do the oil pressure mod on your oil pump. Deleting the balance shafts is probably the reason for the problem.Mandy
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    1G Weep hole keeps leaking 3rd water pump

    Hope that solves your problem, still ?
  19. arrowhead

    1G Weep hole keeps leaking 3rd water pump

    You may have to go to an underdrive pulley on your wp, I am sure you dont turn your KIA or your ALTIMA, the same RPM, RPMS will also kill wp, alt, ps. Do all the above about cleaning your system, but maybe start looking for an underdrive pulley for your next one.Mandy
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    420A Under drive pulley and belts

    Go to any auto part store and find your belt , this is not rocket science get familiar with the nomenclature of the brand you prefer, the part number on the belt will tell you , number of ribs and size of belt, the first number or letter will tell you it is a multi rib, the second set is how...
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    1G Weep hole keeps leaking 3rd water pump

    A long shot, have you check pulley damage.
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    Baby's got back!

    Congratulations on a very clean car, not many left in that condition. By the way I am sure we are close to each other, I stay at a house close to Marlin stadium, which I am repairing and the other by eureka drive.
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    2G Acceleration failure and error codes

    Your last post did not translate. Mandy
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    2G 2G DSM 8.8 IRS rear subframe kit

    Jake 8.8 are really not that heavy, they are lighter than an rx8 one, dont know how heavy are ours, the Expedition one is different on the front mounts and a little heavier than the Mustang.
  25. arrowhead

    fan of hondas. now in the Mit world

    Welcome, have a friend from Curitiva, he is very involve with the road racing groups and the stock car racing guys, since he is the rep for Bilstein, I will have him get in touch with you. Mandy
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    ECMlink Idle issue after injector install.

    Your injectors probably are not the problem, it sounds like a tuning issue. Post a log.
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    2G Evo 8 motor swap: 2g ecu

    The other way around, always from inside the car, not outside.
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    3G Sway bar size

    Easy way to check size of sway bar. Use the open end of wrench.
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    1G Crank polishing at home

    The crank is not ground down, it is only for polishing, it will not reduce its strenght , this is the last procedure when a crank is cut all the time. Knife edging is not recommended, unless it is a full race engine, not a daily nor a once in awhile pull, like I said a dedicated race engine.
  30. arrowhead

    1G Questions about oil change

    If you are thinking of dropping the oil pan, do it now and start fresh, you will be able to get a better idea of what you have, and then proceed with your oil changes. Just about any brand oil will suffice for your first or second change. You could add a quart of tranny oil, mineral spirits...
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    Spyder repair/replace list for 20+ yr dsm

    Agree 100% you will get better quality and perfect fit.
  32. arrowhead

    Plasti gauge measurement

    If crank had been cut, the machine shop should have stamped the new size on the crank. I think there is a misunderstanding between parties. Mandy
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    GSC Power Division Race Balance shaft

    Take your pictures now, so we can all see the damage.
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    Street Build 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse (RWD LS Swap)

    Glad it is coming along, hope you have pictures of steering and suspension soon.
  35. arrowhead

    Street Build 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse (RWD LS Swap)

    Glad you posted today, I was about to ask for updates. Keep up the work.
  36. arrowhead

    Head gasket options 40+ psi

    You will probably need new guides and seals also, besides your valve job.
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    Street Build 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse (RWD LS Swap)

    Although not my position to reply, the subframe does not need to be cut out, I have taken measurements of this same engine and the inner space between the subframe and it shows plenty of space. In the Miatas the same cuts are done to the firewall and the very backend corners of the frames, and...
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    Street Build 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse (RWD LS Swap)

    Nice start, I think you have started something that many wanted to do, but for many reasons have never tried. I disagree with most of what was posted in your other thread, your dad is probably and old time Hot Rodder and this does not seem to him as a big deal. The complete firewall wont have to...
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    My fuse box relocation (project log)

    Go RWD and end the tranny misery.Mandy
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    2G chassis brace

    How did we go from bottom of car to the top? If you really want to tighten the car, the first add on I would get are the fender braces made by a member here, "greengoblin", but you have to get them as soon as he starts making them as they go pretty fast. I dont have them on mine as I go from the...
  41. arrowhead

    2G chassis brace

    These are the measurements--depth 1 7/8--width 5 5/8--length 42 1/2. For the price I dont think they can be beat. Brandon look at your floorboard they are probably raised the same amount as the bottom. This is a great add on as our cars are weak in this area. Mandy
  42. arrowhead

    2G chassis brace

    V8 roadsters makes braces for Miata and by their measurements they should fit, call them and find the exact numbers. Mandy
  43. arrowhead

    98 talon tsi road racer

    Same here.
  44. arrowhead

    98 talon tsi road racer

    Had nothing but problems, City made me move cars, so now I have them stored away hope to find a place to work on them, I have also had health problems. I have made a new hood and bumper mold and had the parts made, I also made one for a Miata, also a trunk that fits an NA and NB, besides...
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    Road Race Build 2G Auto Time Attack race build!

    It is still a polycarbonate. How are you going to refuel or maybe only fuel up, funnel, can with a spout? If you are using a close to stock tank location, I think the best is the stock filler. Even a 5 galon can at that height gets pretty heavy, but if you like it there, fine with me.
  46. arrowhead

    Road Race Build 2G Auto Time Attack race build!

    I really dont like the idea of the fuel filler neck, I would not place it on the quarter window. I think you will have spillage all over the plexi and down the side of the car, if later you want to go to a dry-break system, the plastic will not hold up to a dump can.Mandy
  47. arrowhead

    Is A 4500# Winch Enough?

    You will be border line, winches are rated on a straight pull, which will not be your case, it will depend a lot on trailer height, ramp angle and attachment point on the car. Dont ever unclutch, going up or down. Make sure noone is behind car, it may sound bumb but I have seen accidents...
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    78 Chevy LUV Build w/ 4G63T

    Very nice clean work, congratulations.
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