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  1. Vander Nars

    95 talon wrong sized bearings?

    same as me im still looking for a dsm
  2. Vander Nars

    Which Turbo Should I Get [merged] What Turbo

    true, ill check there just figured id ask since this was turbo section.
  3. Vander Nars

    running lean, exhaust leak questions

    rather sure an leak after the after the o2 sensor wont cause it to run lean.
  4. Vander Nars

    Prothane Engine mount busted?

    thats crazy that both of them broke like some said bad batch maybe.
  5. Vander Nars

    Which Turbo Should I Get [merged] What Turbo

    what is around the max whp does the 14b put down?
  6. Vander Nars

    Which Should I Fix First

    fix everything at one time
  7. Vander Nars

    95 talon wrong sized bearings?

    alot of dmg could have been done by running the wrong bearing id avoid buy that car.
  8. Vander Nars

    Valve Cover ideas

    yeah but I just cant see spending that kinda money for billet vc.
  9. Vander Nars

    Weird AFR

    yeah id say running in the mid to low 9s is super rich, i dont know this platform that well but im guessing the sweet spot for these engine is what around 11.5 to 11.8 ? thats where it is for the my engine but I still run my just a lil richer due to mileage.
  10. Vander Nars

    Valve Cover ideas

    ^ that one is really nice and like the 2.0
  11. Vander Nars

    Car cuts out under boost then kicks back in

    Just a guess could be spark blow out or ## injectors are maxxed out.
  12. Vander Nars

    Weird AFR

    11 wot seems fine.
  13. Vander Nars

    Valve Cover ideas

    Uhh id pass out if i had to pay that kinda price for a vc
  14. Vander Nars

    ecuflash and E85

    Lol clea is a moron, i come from another platform, cobalt ss sc and our cars make alot more power on e85 then 93. Its scary to think someone passed this guy and allowed him to be a tech.
  15. Vander Nars

    Valve Cover ideas

    That blak and blue one is pretty sexy.
  16. Vander Nars

    Boost leak Test & Results on 97 GST

    incase op dont know what vc means its valve cover, so the gasket is under the valve cover.
  17. Vander Nars

    How to tell a 4g63

    Mitsubishi Sirius engine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia this will give u a list of all cars that came with that engine and info on the engine.
  18. Vander Nars

    How to tell a 4g63

    ughh id love to get a gst or gsx but none around my area so far been looking tho.
  19. Vander Nars

    Max safe boost? [Merged 10-6]

    ohh ok, was just wondering, im only use to aeroforce interceptor that I got on my current car, im still looking around for a good 1gen to buy for my second car.
  20. Vander Nars

    Max safe boost? [Merged 10-6]

    what software do yall use to moniter idc?
  21. Vander Nars

    GOOD god.. first dsm.. about pooped myself

    sounds like u got a solid car.
  22. Vander Nars

    zip tie clips?

    any autoparts store should have them I would think
  23. Vander Nars

    1997 Eagle Talon TSi Bolt-on ?'s

    as others have said never buy performance car parts on ebay its a awful idea.
  24. Vander Nars

    How much Boost with Stock Head Gasket Hold

    good info for me to know thanks guys.
  25. Vander Nars

    Trim on 1g laser

    yeah junk yard be best bet got be alot of these cars in there with them being older and popular as they are.
  26. Vander Nars

    Timing belt went wrong

    man that sucks pretty bad.
  27. Vander Nars

    Eagle Rods and Wiseco Pistons, higher compression okay?

    pretty good info in here.
  28. Vander Nars

    DO I have a catalytic or a muffler?

    that would be the cat op.
  29. Vander Nars

    What to look for?

    Ok well just needed a boost number to look at if i see something like 15 i know its not stock or i know with turbo ss if ## boost shows up really high but its stock then the cat is clogged. So ill do more research before i buy anything i need reliable car but im not gonna buy some slow car, i...
  30. Vander Nars

    What to look for?

    Ok iv been looking around online but iv not picked out anythig yet. Do these cars come stock with boost gauges? And how much boost should a stock car be running? When I find one that looks good ill take it to someone for a compression test. What is the normal range for compression for these...
  31. Vander Nars

    DO I have a catalytic or a muffler?

    All cars come from the factory with cats due to emissions it will be the one closest to the engine on the downpipe.
  32. Vander Nars

    What to look for?

    Hey guys Im looking at buying a 1g turbo dsm for a second car and I wanted to know what are some issues that I should look for, Iv never owned a turbo car so I dont know much about turbos, I do however own a supercharged cobalt so im not completely knew to forced Induction. I know about the 6...
  33. Vander Nars

    Totally new to DSM.

    Get a turbo kit andd watch that thing fly!
  34. Vander Nars

    New guy

    Hey guys, I dont currently own a DSM but I plan to get one around income tax time as a second car, Iv always loved the dsm and 4g63 cars so I figured it would make a great car for me as a back up, currently I own a 2006 chevy cobalt ss supercharged, pretty much bolt ons and stuff should be...
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