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Search results for query: overrev

  1. We're on Boost

    1990 Talon Tsi English Racing build 2016

    ...John said “They're not bad for driving but you will still stall things out more often, and hill starting is a bit of a bi***. I basically overrev a bit and don't freak out about slipping the clutch at a higher rpm than other clutches.” I said “Yeah, starting uphill is where I have some...
  2. donniekak

    Strange rod bearing damage

    Even if you only make power to 7500-8000 with a 2.0 the extra 1,000+ rpms of overrev will help a ton on a road course, especially with how these transmissions shift.I would do exactly what you're doing for now. Check everything, race bearings, and run it.
  3. Pitbullsgsx

    Pitbulls 99' GSX "Be Smart!" Build

    ...I had some fun with awd launches. One of my coworkers getting a surprise.Then it happened!I was racing a buddy in his 2010 ctsv and went to 2nd instead of 4th. Resulting in a nasty overrev that tapped a couple valves and I suspect was the cause of the toasted oil pump.That was April 2014
  4. eclipsyco

    Question about dsmlink

    Yeah that's what I thought in first place but if it's similar to Honda power shift as "dsmkauai" said which makes sense then shouldn't be that hard on tranny of course as long as you know how to shift and don't overrev the engine... Right? Correct me if I'm wrong
  5. richard33

    11,600 rpm down shift!

    ...and make sure everything internally is ok. Im also having my default gear set to 3rd instead of 1st so if this happens again instead of the overrev it will just be a bad pass.I looked over the motor and the bottom end is trashed. The thrust bearing is worn believe it or not so I guess my...
  6. 4g63dreams

    What did you do to your DSM today?

    ...clutch.if i'm not mistaken the clutch pedal should always be pressed alll the way correct? and when i accelerate, is it ok for the car to overrev a bit while trying to catch up the speed i'm inputing?I know thats a tech thing, but at least i replaced my clutch and cylinders :)Next...
  7. kchaazz

    1990 shifter questions/problems

    ...going for a 3rd to 4th shift only to grab second because your shifter's got sloppy side to side play because that springs not working. Overrevving with the throttles one thing and can be controlled by the ecu via preset rev limit:7500 rpms. This, however, is NO defense against a MECHANICAL...
  8. bishieclips3

    1g eclipse rev limiter? 'my1gdsm' said. I just want to know if my car has one or not cause if it doesnt I know someone that can hook me up with a MSD 6A ignition so I'll have overrev protection and I'll have 2step :))))). I just want protection. because if my car had more work to it I coulda easily ####ed my motor.
  9. bullettdsm

    piston to valve clearance

    ...Did the engine have a timing belt slip? Honestly, by looking at that, I'm wondering if the oversized valves hit the piston, just because they were oversized (due to the way Wiseco made their pistons and valve relief). Now it could be an overrev as well. Hard to tell without claying.MB
  10. DSM4me44

    Missed 2nd gear @ 7k rpm

    Scary thought! lolThe only thing that makes me feel better is that if in fact bolts were backed out, I would get a noise on a consistant basis. I drove to the bank and back and didn't notice any issues.I think it just scared me a bit.I think the rev limiter is at 7 or 7500 but it...
  11. kahl23

    Missed 2nd gear @ 7k rpm

    ...Under normal conditions the rev limiter keeps you from doing damage to the car.Edit: The sounds that your talking about could be due to a flywheel whose bolts have backed out. However, you need to really overrev the engine for that to happen. When you press it the clutch, does the engine...
  12. 1981 BMW 320i

    i owned a 1980, same model and everything. its actually a 2.0 slant 4 and you can overrev it to 8k and it wont blow! i tried when i did dirt trails with mine and it ran forever! make sure you use sythetic in the tranny and rear diff or it will cook the damn thing and change the...
  13. Gooberlog

    First time back at the track...

    Yeah that about sums up what happened. I was hoping you wouldn't say that. I was thinking that the misshift would be mechanical due to the trans multiplying the out put based on the shorter gear. Tomorrow my buddies garage should be open and i'm going to limp it there carefully (about 1 mile)...
  14. Phil1320

    First time back at the track...

    ...rev limiter means nothing here at all, this is a mechanical over-rev situation. Many times the t-belt will jump in a mechanical overrev situation. It's a matter of how much and if it did is there is any internal damage. After inspecting, if you see the belt is off, time it to spec, fire...
  15. dsm-onster

    those who have made 400+ on an EVO III 16g

    ...wable. New MHI turbo. . .MHI turbos last a while; but there's nothing like over revving them to blow them up. All turbos blow up when you overrev them. They blow up. It's just a fact of life. Really. Nevermind the raves and reviews. You actually CAN blow up a glorious MHI turbo ;) . All you...
  16. Mitsu RacerX

    Say Something About The Person Above You

    To blow it up Overrev it(bounce the rev limiter) or ingest water..Or just sell it to me :thumb:
  17. Whine, spinning clutch, knock while releasing clutch

    ...disengaged it stops. There's a whine as I step on the gas and if I give it too much gas the clutch slips. Brand new master cylinder and bled/calibrated so that's not the issue. I'm thinking transfer case or clutch, but leaning towards clutch given the overrev.Confirm my suspicions...
  18. twicks69

    * * Advised me for good choice for over 800hp

    Kevin, thank you for the clarification regarding my comments. I was given that information by some of my engine builders that deal with some really high-end Professional engines for marine, Nascar, and other NHRA racing bodies. This was when I contacted you concerning the Beehive Springs that...
  19. kiggly

    * * Advised me for good choice for over 800hp the seat ID would open the valves with the head sitting off the car. Both of them work just fine. One has only about 1000rpm margin for overrev NA, yet works fine to this same rpm range turbocharged at over 35psi. That engine only has ~45lbs on the seat with a 34mm valve (it is not a...
  20. what do you think about this masterpower turbo

    sorry i couldent find any hx-52 that would bolt to my manifold for 825. i will get a better turbo after i go to a few races and the track is shut down. but for now i am running the masterpower turbo. and i am not intrested in buying a used turbo. you can buy all the used turbos you want. but...
  21. dsm-onster

    what do you think about this masterpower turbo cars, the evo3 16g, greddy, 280 cams, and new real estate. The MP t76 will last forever within the flow of the p-trim. Once you start to overrev to compensate for the tiny turbine (which is huge to the rest of us), you'll be looking. And by the way, the superback tech, turbine wheel...
  22. Slippi84

    Holset Turbos, PART 4

    hmm anyone have a billet holset ?
  23. dsm-onster

    Holset Turbos, PART 4

    ...forged aluminum. A compressor wheel can flex but more than likely crack when revved high enough. This makes a holset even more prepared to overrev and still survive, stretching range of operation even farther. Since the compressors are so efficient, you may actually get into the lower range...
  24. Stock 2G Coil vs MSD Coil?!Soft Touch REV Control - The DIS-2 and DIS-4 both feature an adjustable built-in Soft Touch Rev Control to protect the engine from overrev damage caused by missed shifts or broken driveline components. This feature produces a smooth rev-limiting action by randomly dropping one...
  25. HELP!!! Destroyed 4g63's with no explanation

    ...bearing i'd say, atleast it looks that way and its messed up the worst on both motors. I DID NOT shift from 3rd to second or anything and overrev the motor, and i did not beat the shit out of the second motor, or the first one. Like i said I dont know what happened, but if anything...
  26. DSMunknown

    evo 3 16g vs new fp 18g

    Sure there is. It's fun. ;)
  27. dsm-onster

    evo 3 16g vs new fp 18g

    ...16g is completely tapped out at that point. This means lots of hot air to tune around and no pump gas. As I've mentioned, now more than ever (since the price is so affordable), there's no need to overrev a poor little evo3 16g, when you can use a properly sized bolt-on turbo for a 380-420 hp...
  28. dsm-onster

    evo 3 16g vs new fp 18g

    ...because the higher flowing turbine will yield more hp per psi than the evo3 16g at boost levels neccesary for 380-420 hp. There's no need to overrev a 16g turbo to do waht an 18g can do much easier. And this "new" td06 turbine wheel looks to spool very quick for it's flow. Which means great...
  29. dsm-onster

    TD06H 20G feedback...

    ...MORE!!!If you have an MHI unit, especially an MHI built unit such as a true 20g (no offense to FP); you can beat the crap out of it, overrev it, whatever. So this is why a td06h 20g is comparable to a 50-trim. It shouldn't flow more, but you can push it so that it just might on your setup...
  30. Which way to go 2.0 or 2.3?

    ...correctly. I spoke to both Buschur and AMS and they recommended max revs at or below 7500 RPM. Having just logged the car, I made max airflow at 7100 so there's no need for me to even go that high. As long as you don't overrev, the cylinder walls should weather the side loading forces rather...
  31. 91 Turbo Mitsu

    pulled sparkplugs and it was oily

    ...a few thousand miles to make sure everything has a chance to seat properly. Change your oil after 500 miles and then do the usuall 3,000 and you should be fine. If you high boost or overrev to soon you might be doing another engine again so I would play it on the safe side and take it easy...
  32. MyBeatGSX

    mechanical overrev, whos done it? what broke?

    I had my first one today. My tranny hates going into 4th after being shifted hard into 2nd and 3rd. So I banged it hard and bounced off into 2nd. Thankfully I was on the brakes at this point and only hit ~8400rpm (according to the SAFC). I quickly put the clutch back in before it was even...
  33. ken06

    Shifter Bushings [merged] ES symborski shifter plate metal urethane

    ...get it into "the slot," and I have missed and gotten third before. When I am up shifting at high RPMs I want to know that I am not going to overrev my engine, to be able to tell I hit 5th gear. I have narrowed my choices down to either a Megan Racing SSK or Symborski bushings. Sadly I am a...
  34. donmagicjuan

    My Car Won't Stop Reving To The Max

    ...air has to be getting into the engine somehow, either through the throttle body directly or a leak in/around the manifold. The car won't overrev simply because the ECU thinks there is more air entering the engine than what actually is-- at least not to the extent you're seeing. I know you...
  35. How's this set up...

    ...position, RPM, knock, speed ect. So I know EXCATLY when I will hit high boost. Lets say 45MPH, but at a throttle limit of 80% or higher, if I overrev the BC will toggle to low, and if I have excesive knock, it will switch to low boost. Being FWD this featuer is awesome and makes it a little...
  36. DGajre777

    The Turbo I Should Get Is........

    ...will cause fuel cut?There are three conditions under which the DSM ECU will chop fuel.Engine speed higher than 7500 RPM. This is overrev protection. If your engine rotates faster than the valve springs can pull the valves back up into the head, the pistons could smack into them...
  37. Old Mitsu Tech

    can somebody give me an idea of what a wastegate does?

    Ask Ddavisaf to show the pics he has which shows extreme overboost.I can't describe it. You will have to see it.Overboost is like overrev. Both will blow it sky high.Good answers guys.
  38. dsm-onster

    Turbo - what's a better buy?

    But you said you wanted a shep tranny to shift to 9K for fun. you didn't say anything about building for an accidental overrev.:confused: No biggie. IMHO, a shep or tre tranny becomes more and more a neccesity as you start progressing from the 350 whp point. This just my opinion. but being that...
  39. dsm-onster

    small 16g, big 16g, or evo 3 16g?

    ...hardware) at under 25 psi, get an evo3 (if you HAVE to have a 16g variant). 2.If you plan on running more than 25 psi, get an evo3 (don't overrev a small 16g).For option 1: If you want that much power there are more efficient turbos that have PROVEN to deliver with ease in tune on even...
  40. dsm-onster

    14b or small 16g

    ...compressor map with the airflow it takes to lay down 400whp... Just because SBR does this doesn't mean that everyone else can or should. WHY OVERREV AND RUIN A NEW TURBO BY RUNNING THE SHIT OUT OF IT?!! A 50 trim can be had for as much and is right in its sweet spot without nitrous at that...
  41. dsm-onster

    Which Turbo Should I Get [merged] What Turbo

    ...a T3/T4 Turbonetics Hybrid or a Garret T3 and you want more than please go T3/T4 Turbonetics Hybrid. Don't pop a good t3. It will just overrev and melt the bearing housing. Turbonetics are only what most guys run who have cars with stock garrets come with. Don't let the turbonetics reviews...
  42. 5000 RPM cutout

    ...will cause fuel cut?There are three conditions under which the DSM ECU will chop fuel.Engine speed higher than 7500 RPM. This is overrev protection. If your engine rotates faster than the valve springs can pull the valves back up into the head, the pistons could smack into them...
  43. DSM90AWD

    120MPH Downshift Explosion!!!

    Reminicent of Todd Day's M3 IncidentLuckily your engine is safe :dsm:
  44. pboglio

    vpc guys

    Part number for the new MAP sensor?
  45. vpc guys at 9-10 o'clock) you will get fuel cut like symptoms. tuned correctly, this sucker is a HOSS. if i am not careful, i can easily overrev, and in a few cases, break the tires loose. all of them. top end is greatly improved, but low/midrange is where it will surprise you. and...
  46. fostytou

    reving on a stock 4g63T

    it probably won't cause any problems... but me and about 5 other people who PMed me developed rod knock about 1-3 weeks after an overrev. This may be coincidental, but keep your ears open
  47. How bad did I hurt my car?

    Yea dude, definitely have it checked out if you can't do it yourself. All kinds of weird stuff happens when you overrev. Wound my stock block to 10k and shook the flywheel and tbelt tensioner loose. Put a new ACT StreetLite flywheel on w/Supra ARP bolts and rehung the tbelt and I was all...
  48. Defiant

    Fuel Cut: What is it? How do I fix it? [merged]

    ..."There are three conditions under which the DSM ECU will chop fuel.1. Engine speed higher than 7500 RPM. This is overrev protection. If your engine rotates faster than the valve springs can pull the valves back up into the head, the pistons could smack into them, causing major damage...
  49. 1fastlaser

    60 shot wet with tdo6 20g

    if your gonna spray it,spray it 2nd,3rd and 4th.First gear u can too,but overrev can do some damage on the bottle.There is many stuff u can do,nos sells nitrous switchs that will shut off at a desired boost.Or you can just get a button,sleeper style or mounted onto the steering wheel,the...
  50. stock rs turbo laser vs. tiburon gt (v6)

    ...the car for a test run today..ill followed him,then we raced on the Autobahn..from about 50mph(90kmh) to 110ish(180kmh) ..i was always a 3/4 carlenth ahead....----> but i heard him overrev 2nd and 3rd...(i guess he was making mistakes when to shift and all that..he should have won... :confused:
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