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  1. Jk's97DSM

    2G spark plugs for daily driving

    Bpr7es with a .20 gap. The driveability aspect is to just regularly change the plugs for the sound mind. Depending on power level of course.
  2. Jk's97DSM

    Piston crown damage

    A lot of measuring that needs to be very precise. Not for the lightly skilled.
  3. Jk's97DSM

    Piston crown damage

    In the end, the right thing to do is a full rebuild. The thought of anyone doing a single piston and doing all of that work to have low compression or failure from something else is a choice I wouldn’t make.
  4. Jk's97DSM

    Piston crown damage

    What do the cylinder walls look like?
  5. Jk's97DSM

    1Gb Talon Rust Revival

    Did you have everything blasted that was taken off?
  6. Jk's97DSM

    2G Shop says T28 has different hoses from T25

    Coolant and oil. Possibly charge piping
  7. Jk's97DSM

    2G EGR purge control valve

    It looks like evap stuff but I could be wrong
  8. Jk's97DSM

    2G idle surging issue when warm

    So on cold start it runs fine but at operating temp it surges? Any codes? I’d start with a boost leak test but that is just shotgunning it without a better description or video
  9. Jk's97DSM

    2G Oil in coolant

    Just in general. I’ve almost taken chances on big resale value cars because I think most people don’t go into depth with maintaining cooling systems. Specifically maintaining pressure.We’ve all done it for sure.
  10. Jk's97DSM

    2G Oil in coolant

    You will be surprised what people will shotgun at issues instead of diagnosing them.
  11. Jk's97DSM

    Cheapest Option for Front ABS Sensors?

    It should states we or fwd. Front or rear
  12. Jk's97DSM

    Trying to reset the 68HTA/16G record. Will it get me into the 9’s?

    I thought the record at 9.9 was the Green?
  13. Jk's97DSM

    Trying to reset the 68HTA/16G record. Will it get me into the 9’s?

    I think the chassis needs to be top notch. Gutted, caged and probably lexan but I want it to be streetable. I don’t want a car I can’t just drive. It will pass VA inspection legitimately (if it looks like a catalytic converter, it is). I don’t need the law enforcement hassle.Anyways, the...
  14. Jk's97DSM

    Aw4g63, landoawd where you at. All members from the early 2000's check in.

    I have been here since 2006. That’s crazy.The Shootout needs some revamping. Covid sucks. Idiots suck. That’s one reason they wanted to bring in more platforms to the event. So it can actually survive.
  15. Jk's97DSM

    Dumbest stuff

    Evo guys buying carbon fiber trunk, hood and wheels. Puts a fpred on it and wants a tune. Gets to the dyno all timing belt slapping 😂Another one came to I believe the same dyno day after buying this already built Evo. It started knocking on the dyno. He put Seafoam in it two whole weeks...
  16. Jk's97DSM

    1G Bleeder screw size!

    You would probably have to chase them to find out. Some rebuilt calipers get retapped for bigger bleeders because of seizing or stripping.
  17. Jk's97DSM

    GVR-4 Will stop leak additives stop minor oil pan leak?

    I couldn’t tell you specifically why they are different but I’ve seen a lot of people use it and it leaks. It could be because of the crankcase pressure issues people don’t tend to but I haven’t use much of anything else besides Ultragrey in my 7 years in the auto field. Currently still at the...
  18. Jk's97DSM

    GVR-4 Will stop leak additives stop minor oil pan leak?

    The only rtv I use is grey Permatex
  19. Jk's97DSM

    GVR-4 Will stop leak additives stop minor oil pan leak?

    Any and all stop leaks just create more issues. It’s made for idiots who can’t repair things correctly. Take the pan off. Clean it thoroughly. 3m has little plastic discs with fingers on them that eat gaskets up with out abrasion or just use a wire wheel. Only because it is steel. Use grey RTV...
  20. Jk's97DSM

    2G P0170 bad o2 sensor

    Denso or NGK.
  21. Jk's97DSM

    2G 98 auto gsx

    I think it just goes by the number of mounting holes and the tag on the diff.
  22. Jk's97DSM

    Car dies after adjusting throttle cable

    Which I still need to address in my buddies 1000hp Evo. Just getting it to idle like I want it to.
  23. Jk's97DSM

    2G Windshield Wipers and Wiper Blades

    Have them blasted and coated.
  24. Jk's97DSM

    2G Crankshaft Position Sensor cleaning & test fire help 2ga

    Just buy an NTK sensor and be done with it.
  25. Jk's97DSM

    1g oil filter housing leak?

    When using RTV the “tightness” isn’t a factor in sealing the surface. It should be cleaned, set and torqued. It shouldn’t leak if the surfaces are true. I can see oil in between the rtv and the pan in the picture and that is a picturesque photo of a leaking/seaping oil pan to me.
  26. Jk's97DSM

    1g oil filter housing leak?

    That’s that terrible orange rtv that wasn’t sealing anything around that oil pan.
  27. Jk's97DSM

    Spyder Please help me get the timing belt right on my 99 2G 2.4 (Spyder GS)

    Did you at least ohm the wires out to see if they are within specs?
  28. Jk's97DSM

    Spyder Please help me get the timing belt right on my 99 2G 2.4 (Spyder GS)

    I’m sorry man. I didn’t realize it was just when loaded.
  29. Jk's97DSM

    Spyder Please help me get the timing belt right on my 99 2G 2.4 (Spyder GS)

    I really need to make my own thread about part quality for community info. In general if a car manufacturer doesn’t use a company to manufacture parts for them just don’t use them. You will chase your ass diagnosing parts that work but have issues, don’t fit right, or just won’t last. European...
  30. Jk's97DSM

    Spyder Please help me get the timing belt right on my 99 2G 2.4 (Spyder GS)

    Autolites are junk. I’d bet $100 to a donut NGK’s will fix that.
  31. Jk's97DSM

    Spyder Please help me get the timing belt right on my 99 2G 2.4 (Spyder GS)

    I see marks on the trigger plate like it is or has hit something. Is that orientated the right way and what does the crank sensor look like? The last time it was replaced? What plugs did you put in?
  32. Jk's97DSM

    Mid length runner manifold

    It looks fishy. The description, the picture, etc. edelbrock never made a intake manifold for the 4G I believe.
  33. Jk's97DSM

    Spyder 2.4L SOHC Cam angle sensor P0304 Fault?

    It’s either shit in a box or misdiagnosis.
  34. Jk's97DSM

    Spyder 2.4L SOHC Cam angle sensor P0304 Fault?

    I am a technician and the market is flooded, absolutely flooded with BS parts. Mainly Chinese with cheaper materials, no r&d, at a price point to get suckers to take the chance on it. If a car company doesn’t use that manufacturer, don’t buy it.
  35. Jk's97DSM

    1G Coolant filling reservoir.

    That’s what happens when a torque specification is just the devils work. I’ve never seized a spark plug.
  36. Jk's97DSM

    2G Sometimes rough idle and sometimes not - Need help!

    You needed to read the code before resetting. It sounds like it’s related to heat. Did it get beyond operating temperature?
  37. Jk's97DSM

    1G Cracked exhaust manifold and broken studs

    Just do it once and do it right. FP manifold Replace all of the studs and nuts with quality parts Red Loctite the studs into the head Don’t put loctite on the nuts but tighten evenly from the center out. You shouldn’t have an issue if it’s done right.
  38. Jk's97DSM

    1G Coolant filling reservoir.

    So that’s pretty much your entire problem.
  39. Jk's97DSM

    1G Coolant filling reservoir.

    12psi is low. Put it at 15psi. Come back in an hour.
  40. Jk's97DSM

    1G Coolant filling reservoir.

    The point of pressure testing the cooling system is to see if it drops below the set PSI(I would recommend to the cap rating). You saying that it’s holding, then saying you’re losing coolant just means you’re not looking hard enough. Get some dish soap/water in a bottle and start spraying every...
  41. Jk's97DSM

    2G Cut timing belt without locking gears.

    Remember when we didn’t use a cap lock tools and just did timing belts with no issues? 😂 You should be fine if I’m reading that correctly. If he didn’t rotate the engine and if he did it would still need a bunch of torque to bend anything.
  42. Jk's97DSM

    1G NA 4G63 Engine won't rev over 3.5k

    You need to search on here on how to get the codes. It’s simple.It sounds like ignition but again you need to get the codes.
  43. Jk's97DSM

    2G What to look out for to avoid being stranded?

    To the OP, if a list of stuff to look at or replace isn’t found in or search or at the top of the page I’ll make one.
  44. Jk's97DSM

    2G What to look out for to avoid being stranded?

    That’s the way it should be but people have become accustomed to either other people they know or shops throwing parts on without doing general maintenance or look over. If they recommended it and you actually understand that those things are absolutely necessary you shouldn’t be disappointed.
  45. Jk's97DSM

    2G Engine bay smells like coolant but no apparent leaks or burning. Any ideas?

    You need to pressure test the cooling system and have a spray bottle with soapy water available. If it holds it good. If it doesn’t listen for a leak and start spraying. Fix accordingly.
  46. Jk's97DSM


    Can you take a video? Seems like the rebuild didn’t go well.
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