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  1. 2gprpletsi

    Awd Talon TSI 1995 hasn't moved in 5 years?

    Mine sat for almost seven years I don't regret it then again I dumped alotta money into it and time...but its my baby so
  2. 2gprpletsi

    2G Engine???

    if i were you id take a quick peek under that electrical tape on the cam sensor...cause if that connections crap well itll be nothing but problems, also take a look into the fuel pump rewire search it up on here seemings how your back there and its having issues with the wiring
  3. 2gprpletsi

    turbo spools but no pull

    Sticky wastegate or bov? Just a guess intermittent boost leak huh...somewhere to start just -my 2cents
  4. 2gprpletsi

    new to dsm cars

    Check sensors o2, and iac are good starts be prepared for lots of trouble shooting there alotta work but the payoff is addicting
  5. 2gprpletsi

    What am I missing?! *parts list*

    If your pulling motor apart why not do timing belt water/oil pumps and bse elim. Or belts depending on which way your going
  6. 2gprpletsi

    Max safe boost? [Merged 10-6]

    I know from experience a s16g with a wally 190 will max out 450s mad fuel cut >:(
  7. 2gprpletsi

    Balance shaft belt?

    +1 on haynes Manuel I know there's a section on it but delete it and the shafts if u can balnce shafts are why there's a hole in my block now and the bottom ends getting rebuilt
  8. 2gprpletsi

    Dumbest things you've heard a DSMer say? :)

    guy at work "What does DSM stand for?" not to bad...except i work for chrysler :ohdamn: lolz
  9. 2gprpletsi

    need parts for a A/t m/t swap

    Not realistic unless u have alotta generous friends lol my buddy did it and spent close to 3k but I have a tsi parts car Idk if its compatiable but I've got everything but a trans
  10. 2gprpletsi

    7 bolt and the 6 bolt (what are the same)

    Couldn't say it better, but this isn't an infamous mod like it was way back when anymore
  11. 2gprpletsi

    Anyone have a recommendation for a rebuild shop?

    +1 I'm tired of rebuilding their rebuilds
  12. 2gprpletsi

    No one Around that has a DSM?

    Yea man is do it but that's a bit of a commute lol
  13. 2gprpletsi

    Grand Rapids DSMer's

    Out in the semi-sticks of Byron center but I'm stuck halfway through rebuild :sosad: my car hasn't seen the road in six years its sick of waiting lol
  14. 2gprpletsi

    Is it possible to find 2G AWD nowadays?

    I'm in Michigan area I've gotten 2 in the last 6 months both under 2k one was a joke...the other is my new baby if u look for one around here pay close attention to nooks and crannies our roads suck in winter and our cars hate salt :mad: but their def around 3-5k on average
  15. 2gprpletsi

    1998 manual transmission drain plug

    I've gotta tsi awd and I don't have one...stock huh now I'm wondering lol :ohdamn:
  16. 2gprpletsi

    3,000 RPM idle Problem!?!

    This is based off a 420a but same symptoms and turned out to be a bad crank angle sensor popped a new one in and presto no more bronco rides :thumb:
  17. 2gprpletsi

    Help accident

    Compressed air out the way it came in if u can I wouldn't force it deeper just a thought!
  18. 2gprpletsi

    97 GST Driver Handle issue

    mine worked out the same way its a pain in the a## but it possiable just keep at it!
  19. 2gprpletsi

    HKS SSQV appears to be leaking under light throttle or cruise

    ive got a buddy with same bov and same issue his is leaking in between the actual bov and flange...itll spin but doesnt tighten or loosen...anything like that sound familiar?
  20. 2gprpletsi

    2g clutch problems

    not super positive but alotta times a new master will kill a slave and vice versa...thats my experiance had it happen to me both ways, something to look into best of luck man
  21. 2gprpletsi

    How much did you pay for your DSM?

    In Michigan 95 tsi awd 2k a month ago with rebuilt bottom end...still has stock radio, clean+ mishi Full fmic
  22. 2gprpletsi

    Evo 8 Enkei's

    Was trying to decide if bronze/gold would look good on my car u made up my mind its hot keep it going man!
  23. 2gprpletsi

    1992 AWD Talon, opinions

    I'm a 2g guy but that seems high for that kinda mileage I payer 1500 for mine and its clean with 150k on it...and a hole in the block lol but lotsa extras came with it too
  24. 2gprpletsi

    New to DSM's - School Me!

    I don't think anyone touched on this but we all are horders lol trying to find parts for dsms is a task lol because what you need is buried in someone's garage lol junkyards are useless that was my biggest shock starting out so the marketplace here is a godsend! And for the record I came from a...
  25. 2gprpletsi

    Bigger injector side effects

    Both above are right bigger Injectors =more flow and if your computer doesn't know its getting more its flooding out so either new tune with spring ecu + dsm/ecm link or really pricey tuneable ecu or back to stock ya know? Eprom* not spring
  26. 2gprpletsi

    question about lowering my car

    True. Ya gotta shell the cash out but its worth it agx is great but ill never go back to to drop springs :thumb:
  27. 2gprpletsi

    Oil pan gasket?

    Gray rtv has always worked well for me just make sure its got time to cure the longer the better good luck which ever route.u take!
  28. 2gprpletsi

    question about lowering my car

    Skip springs go with a coilover assembly more money but you'll end up there eventually and it usually gives a much better ride that's my opinion
  29. 2gprpletsi

    balance shaft removal regret

    delete them a few days and the vibration wont even be noticeable.
  30. 2gprpletsi

    1st Annual Metro Detroit DSM Meet?

    Sam, grandrapids MI...I got like 5 or 6 buddies who would come too...49418 6167454352
  31. 2gprpletsi's Talon TSi AWD

    2gprpletsi's Talon TSi AWD

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