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  1. agarc023

    San Diego County DSMer Intro Thread

    I'm down to get something going in Oceanside...dsm is being a dsm at the moment (jackstand ballin :coy:) but that doesn't stop me from getting around
  2. agarc023

    2g Spyder color opinions needed

    I was actually trying to get to some kind of silver haha Glad you liked them though. If anybody's got more ideas I'll get em done tomorrow:hellyeah:
  3. agarc023

    2g Spyder color opinions needed

    Here's a few. A little rough, but I haven't done any in a good while :coy:
  4. agarc023

    2g Spyder color opinions needed

    If I remember tomorrow I can photochop a couple to see if you like them :)
  5. agarc023

    San Diego County DSMer Intro Thread

    Hey there you can see this thread (the socal forum for that matter) is kinda dead. I live near oceanside and would be down to help out a bit once I get done with school for the semester. Don't know a whole lot but I'm willing to lend a hand :D
  6. agarc023

    what did you use to plug your antenna hole with?

    I just stream Pandora on my phone I guess you could get one of those hidden antenna things and install it in the cabin somewhere I may do it in the future
  7. agarc023

    forced performance exhaust manifold blanket off ebay?

    If the one your friend made was for a stock manifold I would doubt that it will fit over a fp mani. There used to be a vendor that made one but it was more complicated than just a couple of bolts to the manifold. It had a bracket or something that went with it
  8. agarc023

    Well I found his username on here. It looks like he hasn't been on since December. Here's his...

    Well I found his username on here. It looks like he hasn't been on since December. Here's his tuners page: It looks like you may be able to get at him through an email or instant message. His homepage isn't active anymore so I guess...
  9. agarc023

    There used to be a freelancer on here that made them. I can't remember his name, but he made two...

    There used to be a freelancer on here that made them. I can't remember his name, but he made two versions. One for cars without short route intercoolers and one with. I can dig through my pm's later to see if I can find his name on here. Maybe he can still make you one.
  10. agarc023

    2g wheels on 1g

    If you can't find the information here I often find that a google search usually gets me what I'm looking for :thumb: "2g wheels on a 1g dsm" gave me an old thread on dsmtalk that was asking the same question you were.
  11. agarc023

    From 0 to midnight 95 eclipse

    Good going so far Looking forward to seeing more :thumb:
  12. agarc023

    first tuner mods

    How about starting with complete maintenance first :thumb:
  13. agarc023

    Does Anyone Know If I Can Get These Holders For The Corner Lights?

    Stangmurdera on the forums should be able to help you out
  14. agarc023

    1991 Hyundai Excel GS AWD Compound Turbo

    Pictures of the r34 please :)
  15. agarc023

    installing leds under my dash...

    Install will be a little more than just taking the old ones out and putting those in. You will have to connect them directly to the wires going to the bulb socket
  16. agarc023

    installing leds under my dash...

    Ah, well yeah those will work. You just need to find a good way to mount them so they aren't just hanging down :thumb:
  17. agarc023

    installing leds under my dash...

    I'm guessing he got one of those blue led strips off ebay
  18. agarc023

    High Downforce eclipse body kit, gauging interest

    That hood is not the same
  19. agarc023

    amazing deal i found

    Those have to be knockoff parts. Defi gauges go for about five or six times that amount. If they are real I'm gonna have to buy a full set LOL
  20. agarc023

    San Diego County DSMer Intro Thread

    I hope you people aren't referring to me...I ain't swinging on his oil-stained nuts, just mentioning someone that helped me in the past with my car :)
  21. agarc023

    San Diego County DSMer Intro Thread

    That would be Kris (banishedmonk on here) Anyways nice collection (minus the honda, never liked those LOL) and welcome :thumb:
  22. agarc023

    oem vs aftermarket bushings

    Stick to oem. Aftermarket ones tend to be geared towards motorsports. As a result, they also tend to be stiffer, giving the car even more vibration
  23. agarc023

    Drive shaft yoke recall kit

    Easiest way to find out on a recall is to call the dealer with your VIN and ask
  24. agarc023

    Spyder Sub Enclosure

    This is exactly what I need to do so pictures if you can please :pray:
  25. agarc023

    My photography skills are mediocre at best - "Stanced"

    Lower?... You mean more than it is already? Anyways op great looking ride...only thing I can complain about is that the images are hosted, so I can't just see them from Tapatalk LOL
  26. agarc023

    Shifting like a boss

    The last shift is the one that gets me every time ROFL
  27. agarc023

    Shifting like a boss

    I don't know who created this video but I think I love them LOL
  28. agarc023

    Toyota Part number search

    Just wondering if anyone knew if there was a program similar to CAPS or ASA but for Toyota's. My uncle just bought an older tacoma and its missing some interior parts.
  29. agarc023

    Looking for this bumper:

    I'd love to see it made. It would help convince myself that 1gs aren't so ugly LOL
  30. agarc023

    Anyone looking for a Supra to trade?

    Ah, I stand corrected and now your post makes a lot more sense :thumb: Good luck on the trade
  31. agarc023

    Anyone looking for a Supra to trade?

    Isn't that a mk3? LOL
  32. agarc023

    Looking for this bumper:

    Yup shopped. I think they used a newer ralliart eclipse to do it if I'm remembering correctly
  33. agarc023

    Some of my photography

    I like it. What kind of equipment are you using?
  34. agarc023

    Mitsubishi owner day(MOD)

    Nice, you should post up some pictures. I've had my spyder for about six years and have yet to make it out to MOD
  35. agarc023

    Mitsubishi owner day(MOD)

    I think they have a facebook page you can like to get updates and stuff
  36. agarc023

    Turbo for CA

    Front mount should be okay. I have a 16g in a downfiring housing that looks like an oem turbo. Depending on the smog tech I pass visual (there are some that know what it's supposed to look like)
  37. agarc023

    Finally, a good quiet muffler

    Look through this thread. There are some pictures of dual outlet varex mufflers :thumb:
  38. agarc023

    things i did to my dsm in southern california today.

    Nobody's done anything lately? Or is it all top secret :ninja: I washed her and told her she'd get her new parts on soon :)
  39. agarc023

    My new toy

    Get that bov recirculated and good luck :thumb:
  40. agarc023

    Starting to learn Photoshop

    Not bad. You should always try to work with the highest res picture you can find, the results turn out so much better :thumb:
  41. agarc023


    So nice to see his address in the I can drive over if I need a good laugh LOL
  42. agarc023

    Replacement antenna?

    When I removed my antenna I just got a plug from a Honda dealer. It's black but it sealed it up pretty good. I'll post the part number if I can find it again Edit: found it on my phone. 82871-671-000
  43. agarc023

    Pic request: factory 2Gb stereo mounting cage

    If you want to buy from a vendor, I'd contact Stangmurdera on here. He parts out dsms so he probably has it.
  44. agarc023

    GSX_TC1's 91 Galant VR4 #550/2000

    I gotta say Mike, that move over decal is the first thing you've done to Samara that I don't agree with :)
  45. agarc023

    What is this car worth / Is this car a good deal?

    I'm sure there is a GSX out there that can be bought under 5k. I bought my spyder bone stock with around a 100k on the clock, but it was well maintained by an old couple. Also, this forum does not allow question regarding horsepower estimations, so that's something to avoid :thumb:
  46. agarc023

    Spyder Owners Help Me Out!

    Thats too bad, I was considering getting one of those light bars for my spyder after finishing up everything else. Oh well, I guess its time to look into custom fabricated ones :)
  47. agarc023

    2g front lip?

    Here's the other type of lip:
  48. agarc023

    Buying a 98 GST whats wrong with this pic missing bov?

    With that bov he's definitely venting when he shouldnt be. It looks more decent though For what its worth I paid 4,500 for my spyder gst, but it was bone stock and well taken care of :)
  49. agarc023

    Buying a 98 GST whats wrong with this pic missing bov?

    The bov on a six bolt should be right in the same spot unless he custom made his intercooler piping kit. However I think that 5k is too steep for a car that looks like that...
  50. agarc023

    Plasti Dip

    Didn't know that... In any case I put the stuff on my drip rails, so I don't expect to peel it off:D
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