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  1. Murdertalon

    1G Crank polishing at home

    To be honest with a title like that, I didn't know what I was about to see. Risky click. I mean mostly I figured it was something like this. This crank is now considered ground down with that much material removed? Do you figure it retains most strength still? Also what about knife edging...
  2. Murdertalon

    What about running rotary spark plugs?

    Sometimes I get weird ideas If you've seen a rotary sparkplug it's made wildly different from a standard spark plug. It's made flat so it can run close to the apex seal without it chopping the electrode off. Couple points: 1. Harder to blow out spark even under high boost. 2. The sparkplug...
  3. Murdertalon

    Jafromobile ( DSMYoutuber)

    You could say he is the dsm godfather. Don't cross jafro bro he will run up on you with the most over analyzed 4g63 and then teach you where your build will fail and show you how to prevent it.
  4. Murdertalon

    Jafromobile ( DSMYoutuber)

    Profile: Jafro - was last seen: Nov 11, 2020 - The man the myth the legend. If I win the lottery I will build a shop dedicated to Mitsubishi motors, mostly DSM's and employ jafro to make videos full time. Alternatively maybe we should see if jafro will do a patreon or something.
  5. Murdertalon

    Jafromobile ( DSMYoutuber)

    Jafro is my homie and we don't even know each other. He doesn't really get on social media and I don't think he runs here on the forums. We should get him to come on here. I have had brief convo on youtube with him in discussions. He also needs to fix his 2g some day he better still have it.
  6. Murdertalon

    2G Billet Aluminium Handles

    What does cost look like?
  7. Murdertalon

    2G Overheating on idle (Stops when rev)

    Should have done a leak down test. Should also have done a coolant pressure test.
  8. Murdertalon

    Placebo Parts...

    link is broken for me :( I was looking forward to making up to 1000 hp with wacky mods lets get there guys!
  9. Murdertalon

    General Tuning options w/o chipped ECU connects bluetooth Our 'ALDL Bluetooth Code Reader/ Scanner / Adapter' allows for the monitoring and recording of GM vehicle performance data to the user's...
  10. Murdertalon

    How to properly bleed your hydraulic clutch

    I did this by myself using a hand vacuum brake bleeder from harbor freight. This exact model...
  11. Murdertalon

    Placebo Parts...

    Guys what about the electric turbo kit! I just found one on ebay claims 230cfm boost! All you need is that and one of the power adder chips that messes with AIT sensor settings!! (Performance Speed Chip Racing Torque Horsepower Power ECU Module for Roadsmith) shows a dyno increase! OVER 100HP...
  12. Murdertalon

    General Tuning options w/o chipped ECU

    Go for it! I dont know the specifics of what connections and data go to the odb1 ports. There are ODB2 readers that do what your looking for and quite well. The ELM327 is one of them. Maybe someone makes a ODB1 version somewhere?
  13. Murdertalon

    Resolved Is this rod knock

    Personal pref, but I don't run any timing covers anymore after having one shred my alternator belt and then the upper ones rubbing on cam gears. I could have spent the time and got new covers and clearance them out ect but I have had no issues after deciding not to run any covers. I briefly...
  14. Murdertalon

    Say something about the person above you. Pt II

    Widow97 I want you to know I ordered an eclipse body for my: HPI awd rs4 nitro RC 2.2 Drift car and I never got it. I am still mad about not getting it and getting charged. Was years ago now. I am stuck with the stock blue skyline body, which isnt the worst but its no dsm. Also weird I have...
  15. Murdertalon

    Official Bench Racing Thread (how fast is my car/how much HP can I expect)

    Higher compression good. For knock and boost maybe not as good? For speed good. You listed flow rated = 57 trim = 49lb/min or 60-1 = 65lb/min (RED) Thats a pretty good sized turbo. I am going to say you run low 11s maybe into 10s.
  16. Murdertalon

    General Tuning options w/o chipped ECU

    You need an afr gauge. My stock setup right now is running a 16g on 17psi at 10.5AFR under full load. -This is on freshly cleaned fuel injectors and a brand new fuel pump, fuel filter and re-wire to fuel pump with 4gauge wire. Injen intake, full 3" turbo back exhaust. I am going link because...
  17. Murdertalon

    General Tuning options w/o chipped ECU

    No, the eprom chip is burned and thats that. The reason for ecm link is it swaps out the eprom chip for a writable flash one and gives you a usb to odb2 translator cable and the software to access / change data
  18. Murdertalon

    Resolved Is this rod knock

    That could be your lifters, mine tick and make all sort of stupid sounds until they get good oil flow and warm up. Did you properly bleed lifters when you swapped cams? Also my lifters made worse noise after some miles and probably cycling dirty oil. I keep on top of oil changes but I did drive...
  19. Murdertalon

    Why am I doing this?

    Sounds good, I went through 6 revisions or more trying to use bolt on an bulkheads and I swear I don't know how it managed to leak. I added nylon washers to both sides, pipe dope quite a few tricks and wasn't happy with it. Even when I got it to stop leaking I could smell gas through it and not...
  20. Murdertalon

    Why am I doing this?

    Port that exhaust manifold while its off.. I managed to twist my main gas line when removing.. looks like you have a replacement bulk head? I resorted to getting an an-8 fitting welded on because I tried bolt on bulk heads and they would leak.
  21. Murdertalon

    Why am I doing this?

    I kinda dig the arizona ice tea thing going on its way different. Heat wrap on the water pipe might be a good idea, or a heat shield.. I might fab one up actually now. I don't recommend running that exhaust blanket from what I have seen of those things causing rust, maybe it will be fine...
  22. Murdertalon

    2Ga Talon

    Ported 2g Exhaust mani runners and outlet, (evo 3 style 7cm hot side ported wg), 16g billet wheel, braided ss feed line on the oil filter housing. Copper exhaust gasket, metal gasket 7cm turbo, metal gasket to j pipe. AFR AEM gauge installed. With rewire and 450cc injectors 17lbs of boost is...
  23. Murdertalon

    2Ga Talon

    Replaced both rear wheel bearings. Stupid. f***ing turbo is going bad blowing oil by, hope the piston rings arent shot too, but who knows. Car isnt pulling how it should. f.
  24. Murdertalon

    All my shit is broken. F.

    All my shit is broken. F.
  25. Murdertalon

    END OF THE WORLD SALE! - use coupon code "covid" at checkout on

    I need a coil over suspension for a 1g I was thinking bc coil overs you got any used or new for sale?
  26. Murdertalon

    Marvel mystery oil gas 2g turbo

    Been running it in gas and a little in oil (going to change soon) and I haven't noticed any negative side effects, which is great. The main positives are that the engine starts slightly easier and idles more steady. I know it's not going to fix my oil burning issues, I'm hoping it's mostly...
  27. Murdertalon

    Marvel mystery oil gas 2g turbo

    I decid3d what the hell I have bad carbon deposits on my 2g pistons and by now likely valves too, I did a head about two years ago and noticed pretty bad deposits on the pistons. This winter I was forced to drive the 2g as a daily and due to other car issues it is currently a dd again. It...
  28. Murdertalon

    Rx7 FC 4g64 Swap

    Hey at some point can you do a YouTube walk around video of this project? I'm not sure I want to venture into this territory, but if my rotory ever dies I might have to.
  29. Murdertalon

    Manny The Mistake: A Lesson In The Dangers Of Nostalgia

    The miatta right? So in a weird turn of events last night I noticed more steam coming off of my car than normal. I checked and found I have blown a hole in my radiator. Just ordered a mishimoto 2 core full metal and new oem thermostat. What are the odds my car tried to suicide last night.
  30. Murdertalon

    Manny The Mistake: A Lesson In The Dangers Of Nostalgia

    Damn. One other thing to keep in mind I've had an overheat cause a thermostat to stick closed. So if you end up using that same thermostat again keep an eye on it. That is real unfortunate damage to the engine im sorry to hear about that. My car is now smoking a bit, could be from oil seals...
  31. Murdertalon

    2G Won't rev past 5000 rpm and backfires

    Also do a compression test, and check codes. If your car is running too rich it might cause symptoms like this. Mine runs too rich and burns a little oil so it has random hangs in throttle response. My way to fix it is send it until the engine explodes and rebuild. If I get a couple more years...
  32. Murdertalon

    Rag1983's 2G FF Street Build

    Plan on leaving the turbo there and not using an air filter? If track only car and trailered to the track its fine, no way I'd drive on the street with an exposed turbo turbine like that yikes.
  33. Murdertalon

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year!

    Merry Xmas fellow dsm tuners. I've spent too many years getting my 2g in better shape, while still on the stock turbo. Maybe this year I'll finally get my 16g on LOL.
  34. Murdertalon

    1G Removed front bumper and found this

    Idk about you guys but I've been in accidents both in standard cars and in tube frame cars. I can appreciate crumple zones, but in a bad accident I'd rather have a cage than crumple zones that close in. Have you guys seen the accident with the Evo going over at pikes peak? Roll cages are the...
  35. Murdertalon

    1G Removed front bumper and found this

    My buddy lik3s to cut the front end of these cars off and tube frame the entire front end, I'm in favor of tube reinforced everything.
  36. Murdertalon

    1G Removed front bumper and found this

    What's the fuss about looks like a steel pipe reinforced crash bar, I've actually thought about making one of these for my 2g. Mostly because if someone bumps my car I want it to hurt their car more. It in theory also might stiffen up the frame slightly.
  37. Murdertalon

    1G Ground Control Coil Overs worth it?

    Ground control kit on a 2g is great. 600/400 on konis. I may try 350# rear later. I set it up for about a 1" drop. The performance difference in handling is quite good. I have my car jacked up pretty high for winter which actually didn't hurt handling nearly as much as I thought it would. Keep...
  38. Murdertalon

    2G What brand flywheel is this?

    Yeah you should be good to go some people rather like the feel of lightweight flywheel, think in terms of rotating mass, you want more on launch but less pretty much everywhere else. It will Rev faster and decrease engine rpm faster off throttle. I would maybe recommend looking for a good deal...
  39. Murdertalon

    2G Help my pick spring rates

    I was reading some posts about you should setup this way for autox this way for street and this way for road race. Tbh I feel like konis and ground control offer a pretty capable setup. The autox guys rave about the konis, which are really that good. But it's great on the street too. So there is...
  40. Murdertalon

    2G What brand flywheel is this?

    I've been told launching awd is less exciting as less rotating mass reduces effective acceleration initially. Track use on courses is likely fine and where lighter flywheel becomes more ideal.
  41. Murdertalon

    2G Help my pick spring rates

    Damn those rates are high, drive this thing on the street much or mostly track?
  42. Murdertalon

    2G What brand flywheel is this?

    Anyone have direct input from driving cars with lightweight flywheels VS stock? From everything I've read it seems like awd stock weight is more ideal, fwd could go either way. Mostly sounds like lighter car is more ideal with a lightweight flywheel. Due to the lower inertia of lightweight...
  43. Murdertalon

    2G my car looks like a truck help!!!!!!!!

    I vote koni yellow adjustable with ground control kit. You will be in about a grand for these parts brand new. Lifetime warranty on koni shocks and lifetime warranty on ground control kit. Then if you need fancy top hats you can spend another 500$ and get some aluminum ones with bearings and...
  44. Murdertalon

    2G Help my pick spring rates

    I talked with ground control and ended up ordering 600/400 I think this setup is quite good I either need to play with adjusting the rear koni damper setting or order some 350# springs. I live in an area with not awesome roads lots of pot holes and streets full of cracks. For handling and road...
  45. Murdertalon

    ***** NEW PRODUCT ***** 2G, 4 point front under brace / subframe brace *****CLOSED*****

    What if I want an under carriage brace that went back further? This may be a good start. I kinda want close to a full length brace that goes back to the rear sub frame. It's something I've been thinking about having a local shop make for me.
  46. Murdertalon

    ECMlink Fuel Pumps Cut Off With Throttle!?

    Do you have a low battery? Maybe hook up a trickle charger or main charger bring battery voltage up. Is the inline pump wired to the same relay as the main? Mayby your drawing too much power from the battery and not enough left to run the inline pump or drawing too much amperage through...
  47. Murdertalon

    Block heater options

    I tried and broke a oil dipstick heater so you don't have to! there are quite a few options for block heaters, in my opinion freeze plug install options are the best, but feeling cheap and cold in the inland northwest I decided to try other easy cheap options. Types: dipstick, freeze plug...
  48. Murdertalon

    2G Help my pick spring rates

    225/45/17 tires currently largest I can fit, just ordered ground control kit to go higher because eibach pro kits are too low and rates also too low and worthless. I ordered them with 700/400 I guess I'll see if I hate it lol
  49. Murdertalon

    What modern car is most comparable to a DSM? In other words what would you buy for a newer car?

    I'm surprised you made it through that accident without getting real messed up. as for that car list.. I wouldn't buy many on that list maybe 370z that's about it, which didn't even make the list. drive and keep stock an Evo or sti maybe. issue with dsms is you will never get your time or money...
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