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  1. DogWhistle

    2G 2G Rear suspension problems

    We’ve been looking for a full set of rubber bushings for the Spyder. We’ve only seen the urethane sets advertised. Any ideas on where would we find a full rubber set?
  2. DogWhistle

    2G 99 spyder gs cloth seat cover removal

    You can remove the back seat cushions, and unbolt the front seats, to bring them outside the car to wash them.You would need to unbolt the seats in order to fully remove the covers, if that’s what you decided to do.Keep in mind that the seat frame and other seat components are steel. Most...
  3. DogWhistle

    Rust-proofing exposed undercar parts

    Very impressive. Your answer and process went way beyond the similar solution we would recommend for the OP. If you have a thread on this process, we would love to see results pics.
  4. DogWhistle


    I understand your question and frustration.On your other post, you make it sound like your car is running and driving and all you need is a tune for the new turbo.This post is asking a different question: Build, Fabrication and...
  5. DogWhistle

    Hard downshifts with jerk and whining noise while on Neutral

    Start by checking the fluid level. The fluid level check is only accurate when the car is running in Neutral -- not Park.
  6. DogWhistle

    2G Help - headlights won't stop flashing

    Alright. We were studying the alarm wiring diagrams and discovered something interesting.There is a difference in the alarm systems between our Spyder GS and a Spyder GST. These difference may also apply for a coupe RS and GS vs. a GST and GSX.On the Spyder GS, the alarm does not use the...
  7. DogWhistle

    Thieves Can’t Drive Manual

    Almost certain that is a 2G the reporter is sitting in at the beginning of the story:
  8. DogWhistle

    Voodoo curse

    Some nice heavy weight oil should help quiet that down. The rest of the engine tolerances would probably tolerate that just fine.
  9. DogWhistle

    EVOscan Differences Between EVOScan Versions

    Correct. Thank you for your feedback. Now that the EVOScan website is working again, we can try reloading 2.9 to see if some of the files had become corrupted during system updates.
  10. DogWhistle

    Street Build Junkyard GST

    Congratulations on getting it running. Good patience and detective work.
  11. DogWhistle

    ECUflash 97 spyder gst black box and open port 2.0

    Have you got access to a code reader?
  12. DogWhistle

    ECUflash 97 spyder gst black box and open port 2.0

    What modification is that green wire for? It looks to be drilled through the case.Is this modification done on your other black box ecu?Was the car originally a GS that got an engine transplant? GST and GSX wiring provides fuel pump grounding through the black box ecu. GS cars use an...
  13. DogWhistle

    EVOscan EvoScan Website Not Recognizing User/Password

    Yes, 2.7 opens and connects, but 2.8 and 2.9 only open and won’t connect.
  14. DogWhistle

    EVOscan EvoScan Website Not Recognizing User/Password

    Great. Thank you. Kept trying those links and they all went in a circle, except for the Help Desk which was a blank page.I’ll report back if I get an email response.
  15. DogWhistle

    EVOscan EvoScan Website Not Recognizing User/Password

    So, we went to the EvoScan website to check for any software updates that would explain why EvoScan 2.8 and 2.9 are not working with our '99 GSX black box.The site would not accept our User Name and Password as registered, even though we have previously paid and bought our Tactrix 2.0 OpenPort...
  16. DogWhistle

    EVOscan Differences Between EVOScan Versions

    Our Spyder has a ‘99 GSX black box ecu, tuned by a local tuning shop, using some Ceddy mods, connected with an Open Port 2.0 cable.A few years ago, we downloaded EVOScan versions 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8 & 2.9. Occassionally we will connect the laptop to monitor the engine health. However, we can’t...
  17. DogWhistle

    2G Eclipse GS not so good idea after all?

    The real question is *why* do you want an Eclipse? Looks? History? To be different? To be fast?We’ve listened to the banter over which engine is better, the 4G63 or the 420a. We’ve owned both and, although we didn’t modify the 420a, it ran its heart out for us, while the 4G63 were less...
  18. DogWhistle

    2G Billet Aluminium Handles

    Ours came today. Outstanding workmanship and finish.Thank you for making these!
  19. DogWhistle

    2G Rear drums to disk brake conversion question

    Nice work. Thanks for the pic heavy post to show others how you did it.
  20. DogWhistle

    greetings! new member here

    Welcome. Nice looking car.You’ve come to the right place for answers. Learn from the collective wisdom of other members, but be sure to share what you have learned to help future DSM owners in the same position you are now.Also, be sure to fill out your car’s profile in your member...
  21. DogWhistle

    Tavarish Sells His FF GS-T

    If you watch Tavarish’s channel, you’ve seen the FF 2G in the garage. He collected parts for 6 months to make a tribute car, but sold it to Alex of Lex Garage (YT channel) so he can complete the build.
  22. DogWhistle

    1G New dsm owner with automatic transmission issue

    Nice find. Congratulations.One piece of information that doesn’t get discussed is that the only proper fluid level reading you will get with the DSM auto trans is in ‘Neutral’, with the engine running — Not ‘Park’.It does sound like an internal mechanical problem, but if the car sat for a...
  23. DogWhistle

    2G Help - headlights won't stop flashing

    Our 99 Spyder does not flash the lights when the alarm goes off, so it may be the other cause of headlight flashing: The headlight circuit is overloading. Since the headlights can't have a fuse, they can pulse to reduce the heat in the wires for protection.Have you made any headlight...
  24. DogWhistle


    Beautiful work. There's something a little ominous about that couch though...
  25. DogWhistle

    Sun-Burned ’99 Spyder GS: Revived

    Thank you. We’d seen it done on a couple of other cars of different brands over the years, so it was a go to when the shifter plate wasn’t even close to fitting. Many new import cars, such as Hyundai, come standard like this now for the cvt’s.We were thinking of you when we discovered how...
  26. DogWhistle

    garage music

    All Nickelback, all the time...JK!!
  27. DogWhistle

    Sun-Burned ’99 Spyder GS: Revived

    Thanks for the compliment. We do mods to make driving more fun, and manual gear control will definitely be fully enjoyed.You are correct, we were thinking of TheFlashDSM who did the write up and pictures. We fixed the tag, and glad to have you following along.
  28. DogWhistle

    Sun-Burned ’99 Spyder GS: Revived

    Wiring The ForcedFour ControllerSince the stock 2G shifter had a button on it to engage or disengage Overdrive (4th gear), the first step is to snip and solder the two wires together to make the factory TCU think the OD button is still present and is in the OD engaged position.Here is the...
  29. DogWhistle

    The Boosted Rose

    It’s an exciting time for your build. Glad you are enjoying it. It’ll be fun to drive with the new turbo and clutch.YT is fine for your videos, but please still post pictures here. Many of us want to see your mods, but don’t have the time, or bandwidth, to jump over to YT to watch a video.A...
  30. DogWhistle

    2G Rear drums to disk brake conversion question

    Maybe Miller can send you the cables too.
  31. DogWhistle

    2G 4g63 to z32 tranny conversion ⚠️

    Looking at the transmission you have, the bell housing is not detachable so it would depend on how thin someone could make an adapter plate so as not to cause clutch engagement problems.I would say that Bill Hitcher is your best bet to getting an adapter for this application.
  32. DogWhistle

    2G Rear drums to disk brake conversion question

    Hopefully shipping won't be an issue since they are used auto parts.You probably already know that you will need different parking brake cables. We've seen the articles where they modify the backing plate to accept the drum cables, but to us, that seemed wrong and unsafe.Several articles...
  33. DogWhistle

    2G 4g63 to z32 tranny conversion ⚠️

    Nice car. Sounds like a great engine/transmission combination.We just did custom adapters for our 1UZ V8 swapped GT86 last year. Here are the steps involved in making a custom adapter:You'll either have to have the engineering drawings of both the back of the engine and the front of the...
  34. DogWhistle

    2G Rear drums to disk brake conversion question

    Just did this swap last fall. No, you cannot modify the back plates. Contact Steve Miller @ Miller Import (Used) Parts. He'll be your new best friend. It's where we got ours. We scoured them, applied POR-15 and then a black top coat and they look like new. Steve is a member here, but...
  35. DogWhistle

    Reviving a 15 yr old project.

    Welcome back! You’ll have the advantage now of 15 years of trial and error by others to help you fast forward your project. In addition to the great wealth of information on here, we still have great aftermarket support, several of whom are sponsors.Best of luck with your restoration.
  36. DogWhistle

    2G Coilover advice 2g

    Talk to one of our forum sponsors, Flatout Suspension, and tell them what you want. They will put together just the right combo for you.
  37. DogWhistle

    Methed-up Eclipse

    That’s the question we all ask, at various points in our projects, and the “worth it in the end” usually turns out to be ‘Yes’.You could find more boring platforms out there that will get you from point A to B, but not with the smile on your face like driving a turbo DSM.As you’ve...
  38. DogWhistle

    Sun-Burned ’99 Spyder GS: Revived

    Installing The ManuMatic ShifterThe moment of truth: Switching over to the 3G manumatic shifter. We had already read the steps and tips from @TheFlashDSM, but our installation is going to be a little more involved.We had read that the 3G shifter sits farther forward than the 2G. Using the...
  39. DogWhistle

    Well..It's been a while..

    You came to the right place. Everything you’ll need to know is posted here. As tempting as it is to start on cosmetic items, don’t skip the initial maintenance (new timing belt, etc.).We’re also here to answer specific problems that might come up.Congratulations on restoring a DSM.
  40. DogWhistle

    1G Talon Gets Towed on Parking Wars

    Follow this link to see a 4+ minute segment on the show Parking Wars where a woman got a 1G Talon towed that she hadn't registered in 2 years. She owed $700 in parking tickets and didn't want to pay them.
  41. DogWhistle

    How to recondition old axle boots?

    With the age and thickness of the boots, you may not be able to penetrate all the way through, but we’ve had good results on door seals with vasoline (not grease). Apply thickly and let it absorb as much as possible. You can always apply more coats.
  42. DogWhistle

    New to Dsm Turners; Hello

    Welcome! You’ll find everything you need to know on these forums. Be sure you do a vehicle profile for both vehicles so that will answer the specifics for other members trying to help you. Spend some time reading through the resources section, and that will give you a head start on your...
  43. DogWhistle

    1 of 7

    We've had both the coilover setups and currently have the Koni adjustable yellows on Swift springs, with rebuild perch pads on our DD. You can dial up the Konis, but you can't beat a good coilover for cornering control.Sure, you feel the road more with the coilovers, but it is the smart play...
  44. DogWhistle

    Moving a dsm shell

    You'll want to read this first:
  45. DogWhistle

    Uneven bearing wear

    Just read the whole thread and definitely feel your pain and frustration. Congratulations on keeping a good attitude throughout, because that makes all the difference.Treating these engines like race engines is very true. Tolerances and cleanliness cannot be overstated. Sadly, we’ve wrecked a...
  46. DogWhistle

    ECUflash Carrying on the Ceddy Legacy - Electronic Boost Control for Under $50

    There's no way that a simple "Thank You" is enough, but please know we are grateful for the work that went into completing this work. Keeping it simple, our '99 runs on a GSX blackbox ecu, tuned using Ceddy mods. We've been concerned that support for this ecu would dry up and prevent us from...
  47. DogWhistle

    2G Looking for opinions on rear bumper detail paint

    Why don't you try working with the design of the bumper and only blacking out the recessed area across the back, and not bringing the black to the bottom edge? That recessed area could also be a location for some carbon fiber film, or maybe a complimentary color, other than black. You could PS...
  48. DogWhistle

    Unfortunately out of the DSM game again.

    Exactly! Most of us run other platforms as well, but it's your knowledge and experiences that can really help other DSMers. Stay involved and who knows, you just may find the your perfectly matched next DSM here.Nice car. Enjoy it.
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