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  1. 97gst_spyder

    My old car...

    So this is random. Has anyone seen or know who bought my car? 96 AWD Spyder, purple, tan top, gray leather, auto. The guy that bought it years ago was on this forum, from Big Springs, TX.Just wanna see if its for sale....
  2. 97gst_spyder

    Loud/rough grinding from rear end at 28-39mph...

    I've started having a loud/rough grinding noise from the rear end. It happens everytime I go through the 28-30mph while accelerating. NEVER happens during decel.This grinding also sometimes happens when I'm accelerating above 50% tps...This is not from the front at all, just to throw it...
  3. 97gst_spyder

    Low Vacuum - Idle is fine...

    I have replaced a ton of parts on my car over the past week.- IM Gasket - Both TB Gaskets - Shaft Seals - Plugs - Wires - Coil Pack - CAS - again. This time with a 1g 98-91 with the wires coming out. First one was a green top with a plug, same issues... - All exhaust gaskets -...
  4. 97gst_spyder

    Rear Tires Skipping on Turns (Auto)

    This has been an issue since the AWD swap was done. Rear inside tire skips on any hard turns, at slow speeds. Checked everything, rear diff is not seized, pulled and swapped the center diff, nothing. The diff I pulled out and also replaced it with were both open! WTF can cause this? I have 4...
  5. 97gst_spyder

    Coolant Temps all over the place....

    I've been having the issues with my coolant temps for the last two weeks. First the heater core hose blew, simple fix on the side of the road...I thought.After replacing the hose, topping of the coolant, I had high temp problems. I was in the 210-215 range cruising. I figured that I didn't...
  6. 97gst_spyder

    Evo 8 ecu idle issues

    I never had a single idle issue with my car with the stock ecu. After swapping to the Evo8 ecu the idle is fine unless the A/C was on. Once I swapped to an auto trans I have idle issues if its not in drive.So if I did not use A/C back when my car was a manual, the car idled at 750, no...
  7. 97gst_spyder

    4-Spider and Torrington Bearing Upgrade?

    I've searching for an answer to this. I know there both available for a manual, but are they available for an auto?
  8. 97gst_spyder

    AWD Spare/Donut Tire Question

    I had a blowout on the way to work about a month ago. It was a passenger front tire. I'm running 2gb Talon wheels with 225/45/17. The spare was from my Spyder FWD. It was a good 2in smaller in diameter than the Talon wheels/tires.I was going to get it towed but with a flat and the fact that...
  9. 97gst_spyder

    How to test/inspect/remove/replace center diff?

    I think I have a center diff/VC issues with my car. It seems like the rear end is not getting power all the time. My car is not built at all so its not a traction issue.Also, when I make any type of U type turn or a sharp turn at low speeds (5mph or so) the car will bind up, and stop if im...
  10. 97gst_spyder

    Auto trans help...ASAP!

    I was changing the trans filter out right now. I pulled the pan off and saw this!The filter was not oem, but about 3-5 years old.Im having issues with low rpm/load shifts. The fluid I put in was oem sp3 with Lubegard.Also anyone know exactly where the shift pressure adjustment...
  11. 97gst_spyder

    AWD Auto Bucking after N to Drive

    So I had this issue for the first time as far as I know.Car was fully heated, and was shifting fine for about 10miles. At the railroad track a train was coming so I put it in neutral and sat there for a minute or two. When I put it back in drive the car felt like it went into drive, but...
  12. 97gst_spyder

    AWD Auto Clutch Questions

    I have an issue where my auto seems to be slipping alot more than it should. I have never driven or rode in an auto dsm, nor in a awd auto, or awd general.The car seems to be very sluggish off the line, either just gas or brake boosting. Its almost faster with just the gas too.During...
  13. 97gst_spyder

    How to turn Evo ecu with Auto Trans?

    So we went out last night and go the car mostly tuned all the way with ECUflash/Evoscan. No knock from 1k-7k at WOT. The issue were running into is during WOT pulls and the trans shifts, the car will knock. We have tried pulling timing, adding fuel, pulling fuel, etc. Either we get a great...
  14. 97gst_spyder

    AWD Auto Shake and Binding.

    So the car has been driving for a week now just over 500 miles.Car info: 5-spd Spyder swapped to Auto AWD. LSD rear diff.Two issues/concerns -1. Any time I'm going 20-25mph I have an odd shake that happens. Only during accel, and only starts at 20 mph, and ends at 25mph. We Checked...
  15. 97gst_spyder

    How to Tell Year Trans/T-Case/Diff - AUTO!

    I'm having this issue with my AWD swap. Seems like the rear end is holding the car back, at all times.The swap shell was a 98 Talon Auto. Rusted to hell.The Trans/T-case/LSD Diff all looked like they matched - rusted to hell.How do I tell what year AUTO trans/t-case/diff I have and...
  16. 97gst_spyder

    Rear Axle help ASAP!!

    So my awd swap is done. Somehow the passenger side axle shaft popped out of the cv, and stripped the splines on the shaft and cracked the cv assy that holes the balls in place.Now I cannot find a used LSD axle to save my life. But I did find a Non-LSD axle.Can I use the lsd inner cup...
  17. 97gst_spyder

    97 GST Spyder 5-spd to 96 GST Spyder AWD Auto

    I'm Chris, this is my DSM run through....I started with a 97 GST Spyder 5-spd, with 114k on the clock.I was clean to the untrained eye. But there was frame damage from 4 differnet wrecks. Also, after a farther exam, had a 1g NT 7 bolt...After a year of driving it as it was, I...
  18. 97gst_spyder

    Cannot fill T-Case??

    So I was attempting to fill the T-case with fluid last night but it wouldn't take any. As soon as I squirted some in there, it all came back out. I removed the drain plug, and there was a little left in there, just enough to start dripping.Is there a certain way to fill them up? I'm at a...
  19. 97gst_spyder

    Auto Trans Questions, Complete Auto Newb

    I just finished my AWD Auto swap this morning. The trans had an unknown amount of fluid in it, so we added 3 qt's, also during the install of the TQ converter, we put about a half a quart in it. Once we got moving it was very sluggish, almost hesitant to shift. Mind you this trans has been...
  20. 97gst_spyder

    Manual FWD to Auto AWD Questions

    I'm starting my Manual FWD to Auto AWD swap this weekend. The car is a 96 GST Spyder. The swap shell is/was a 98 Talon AWD.Parts I have already for this endeavor: - AWD Auto trans - Auto Transfer Case - Auto LSD Diff w/subframe - All matching axles - Driveshaft - AWD Tank, complete - Full...
  21. 97gst_spyder

    Proper way to mount flexplate/TC/Trans, AWD

    I'm in the middle of swapping my FWD 5-spd, to an AWD auto. It just dawned on me that I have no idea what the process is to install the flexplate/TC/trans. Basically the order of install is what I need. Plus any tips to make this easier would be great!!Thanks!
  22. 97gst_spyder

    Oil/Trans/TC/Diff Drain Plugs

    I'm looking to buy all new drain plugs, for the auto awd trans, transfer case, LSD diff, and oil pans. Do they all use the same bolt? I was looking into using magnetic ones all the way around.Thanks!
  23. 97gst_spyder

    TB Seals? STM vs MIL.SPEC?

    So I need to replace the seals on my throttle body. I see that there are two sets of seals out there. STM and MIL.SPEC. Only a few dollars between them. The only thing that I can see that is different is that the MIL.SPEC looks to have metal case, where as the STM ones look like plastic, is this...
  24. 97gst_spyder

    HELP!!!! Over 5 gals of water leaking in! (Spyder)

    So its been raining for over 24hr in FL for some ####ing reason....I just sucked over 5 gal of water out of the top boot and under the rear seat... The top itself does not leak. It must be the rubber seals on the rear against the body. Has anyone had this issue and fixed it?? The quicker the...
  25. 97gst_spyder

    Evo 8 Cam re-grinds?

    I'm starting a destroker build soon and want to work out all the part selection issues first before I start buying them.I know Evo 8 cams work in a DSM 4g engine after a hole is drilled into the exhaust cam for the CAS. I also know that factory Evo 8 cams are hallow, so less mass to spin...
  26. 97gst_spyder

    No balljoint recall on a 96 GST Spyder??

    So I attempted to get an alignment yesterday. They couldn't get the car on the rack. They've been able to get it up there for over a year on the current setup (springs/struts). I had them lift the car up on a standard lift. The strut bushing was gone.I called Mitsu (2 different dealers), and...
  27. 97gst_spyder

    Dual Flexplate balancing after welding?

    I'm planning on running dual flexplates when I do my AWD auto swap.I was thinking of having the flexplates welded together also.Do machine shops balance flexplates?
  28. 97gst_spyder

    Auto shifting? (10k rpm?)

    So I'm planning on building/running a 2.1 destorker engine with my awd auto setup. Is there anything needed (besides end clutches/shiftkit) to make this auto shift at very high rpms?
  29. 97gst_spyder

    Oil level sensor setup?

    So call me crazy but there are quite a few 'dummy' lights on the factory 2g clusters.I want a low oil level light, there is one in the factory cluster. I cannot find any vehical with our cluster that has a factory sensor for this.But I found this: Part Number FLT241 Liquid Level Sensors...
  30. 97gst_spyder

    OEM Oil Temp Sensor??

    So I was looking through ExtremePSI's OEM selection. I found this EXTREME PSI : Your #1 Source for In Stock Performance Parts any know what this is for, or if there would be a way to log it?
  31. 97gst_spyder

    Difference in OEM coolers?

    So I'm swapping an auto trans into my Spyder starting this week. I have two transmission coolers from two different 2g DSM's.First is a 2g FWD N/T Spyder 97-99 auto. It mounted to the driver's side front corner. It has 2 3/8ths barbs on it.Second is a 2g AWD Turbo Talon 98 auto. It had...
  32. 97gst_spyder

    Anyone own a 02-06 Q45?

    So I've been looking at getting a different car for my wife now that we have 2 children, newborn and 20month old. The B15 Sentra is not cutting it anymore.Has anyone OWNED an Infinity Q45 2002-2006? Anything to watch out for? I would go test drive one, but the closest is over 150 miles...
  33. 97gst_spyder

    Chris's retarted questions thread...

    I have quite a few stupid off the wall DSM questions. I'm hoping that someone knows some info for me.- I'm swapping the 95-96 FWD (Spyder) ABS system for the 98-99 AWD (Talon Auto) ABS setup.I've already figured out that the actuator box is very much different, but what about the control...
  34. 97gst_spyder

    Torque Converter Color?

    I'm about to start on an auto awd swap on my Spyder. I have been going through all the parts just making sure everything is good to go.Here's the question of the night.Are stock 98 Talon awd's torque converters blue? If not anyone know what brand it is and if its ok to run?Thanks!
  35. 97gst_spyder

    Auto AWD Talon Shell Questions

    I'm buying (basically bought) a 98 Talon AWD Auto chassis. Has everything but interior/engine. Is there anything that I really need to look at before I tow it home tonight?The car drove fine 6 months ago, when I helped a friend get it home when he bought it. So I'm fairly certain that the...
  36. 97gst_spyder

    How to clean/recondition factory radio?

    So I have an Infinity Double DIN cassette headunit. Itt works well for how old and unknown life.The all buttons work most of the time. If they don't work the first time I just press them harder and they work.For the lights in the EQ will randomly dim, or just go out then after tapping...
  37. 97gst_spyder

    Mishimoto Radiator Difference?

    So I'm looking for a new radiator.Whats better for a very hot climate 6 months of the year, DD on the highway. Either a Mishimoto Dual Pass or Mishimoto X-Line radiators?I'm currently running a factory water oil cooler and manual trans. But I will be auto with air oil cooler if it...
  38. 97gst_spyder

    Rear Trans bolt stripped

    So after going to the track a few weeks ago and having a horrid run. My car has been shifting intermittently. Also had this vibration noise since then. I just figured the clutch was shot and my exhaust was rubbing again.Well the rear trans bolt was stripped to hell. Well the trans was...
  39. 97gst_spyder

    Spyder Alignment/Ride Height Issues (again...)

    Ok, so I had multiple ride height issues with my old chassis (97 gst spyder) I had driver's side height issues.I have swapped with a different chassis (96 gst spyder). No wrecks, or anything like that. With low miles (under 97k) all FL car.I kept off the OLD chassis the springs/struts...
  40. 97gst_spyder

    Evo 8/9 A/C Compressor Swap

    So I've been dealing with a idle issue with my 4g and evo ecu. So I've been looking for an Evo 8/9 compressor to install. It looks 99% the same from a dsm one and it would be more efficient.Does anyone have any side by side pics of an Evo 8/9 compressor with a dsm one?Has anyone...
  41. 97gst_spyder

    Is this Schwitzer worth it?

    So is this Schwitzer worth either running it as is on my 2g or getting a BEP housing?Thanks for any help!!
  42. 97gst_spyder

    Good 14b, shot e316g....Internal Swap?

    So my e316g is shot after 4k miles... Due to oil brand issues. My used 14b has damn near 0 shaftplay.So what if I swapped both the turbine and compressor wheels from the 16g into the 14b? Will that work?So I have a perfect 16g again and a shot 14b? I would swap the compressor housing...
  43. 97gst_spyder

    Failed BE316G after 4k miles....

    So I bought a rebuilt MHI BE316G about a year and a half ago. When I got it, no shaftplay at all, perfect condition.This turbo sat in the box it was shipped in for about a year and a few months.Pulled it out to finally install the turbo on my car, still perfect.Installed with a 1g...
  44. 97gst_spyder

    4g63 engine fuse blew, and keeps blowing

    I have already searched this while sitting on the side of the road (where I still am). I was driving home like normal, the I gave it half throttle and a pop and jerk later stranded in the left turn lane. I found that the engine fuse 20a, was blown to shit. I swapped another on there thinking...
  45. 97gst_spyder

    K-Sport GT Lowering Springs?

    I'm looking into getting a set of FWD springs to swap out with the AWD springs that I have on my car.Has anyone used the K-Sport GT springs?How was the ride?How low did it actually lower the car?Any rear sagging?Thanks!!!
  46. 97gst_spyder

    AWD on FWD Issues..... (Spyder)

    So I bought the Tokico Suspension Kit (Illiuninas) for AWD.The reason I bought the AWD version is that I read in a few places that the Spyders are about as heavy as an AWD. Well my car is very very stiff at the middle setting on the struts (3). I have full stock bushings at this point. It...
  47. 97gst_spyder

    Improvements on Saturn Alt Swap Mounting?

    So I have done the Saturn alt swap about a month ago. It was all good before the FL rains came though on Monday.This morning I started the car and left for work, the belts were going crazy with noise. I figured it was just the first wet morning of the year, and the belts would stop making...
  48. 97gst_spyder

    Blower/AC/Defrost/Top/Amp All inop

    So I just bought a new shell (96 GST Spyder), and swapped my engine and random things over.The owner stated that the car needs a new blower, but the blower/ac/defrost(rear window)/top/amp are all inop.There is zero power to all of these items. I have switched the internal fuse box out of...
  49. 97gst_spyder

    Coolant Sensor Debacle (ECU)

    So I have a very odd coolant temp sensor issue.- I'm running a pigtail from a 97 galant 2.4l.Now since the 97 gst and the 97 galant pigtails are differnet, I used the galant temp sensor also.Temps are between 215-222f with this sensor. (via evoscan) Temps with the dsm is 125-127f...
  50. 97gst_spyder

    Evo Ecu sd issues with others

    So I have had issues with the evo ecu sine the beginning. Here's the new issues.- Omnipower 4 bar map - not reading boost correctly (evoscan) - GM IAT Temp - always at -77 (evoscan) - Does not always see closed TPS (won't decel all the time)We had a very decent maf rom but after...
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