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  1. Get ready SoCal'rs, the big one is coming!

    sorry guys, im gonna have to miss this one. i have literally been waiting 2 months for this event. i got it shipped from georgia to arizona for school, and i drove it from arizona to cali 2 days ago for this event, and yesterday, a guy pulled in front of me and looked what happened.
  2. my baby had an accident

    i was driving down the street, and this guy popped out of a shopping center right when i get up to him. as a result?
  3. can a 1g tranny fit onto a 2g?

    would a 1g tranny directly fit onto a 2g 7 bolt motor?
  4. just moved into phoenix

    if any of you guys want, please give me a call, i'd love to see what's out there, i don't really know the place. thanks 949-306-7814
  5. hows the tuners in phx az?

    hey, i've just moved in, and it seems like all i see around here is just a whole bunch of ricers running around with big huge exhausts. was wondering if anyone wanted to hang out or anything, im in the avondale area and i drove to tempe today just for some errens, and the place looks pretty nice...
  6. just moved into phoenix

    i just moved into avondale yesterday, was wonderin if anyone had anything planned or any of those in&out meets soon? i'd love to be able to get out of this house to see some nice cars for a change.
  7. April 23rd MOD 05!

    i'll be driving from arizona, so for sure i do not want to park in the overflow parking lot :thumb:
  8. Water/Alcohol injection adds octane?

    what if i run 100% alchohol, would that not help out w/ my thermo problems much? i think im going to be running 50/50, and on my california (hometown) trips, im gonna run 100% methonal, just for kicks and higher boost :thumb: if anyone thinks i should do otherwise, please say it now or forever...
  9. Water/Alcohol injection adds octane?

    i am currently running 720 cc injectors, i was wondering, since i have the sufficent fuel upgrades, do u think i would be able to run 20psi on 91 octane? without a dought i will be tuning for it, but i just wanted to know ahead of time, or if anyone was running the same setup. im running it on a...
  10. Harmonic Balancer gone bad...happen to anyone else? [MERGE]

    what's the other belt that uses the crank pulley. is it the alternator?
  11. Harmonic Balancer gone bad...happen to anyone else? [MERGE]

    when i turn my a/c on, there is a VERY loud squeal/schreeching sound. the sound is coming from my crank pulley area. i tried kicking just my fans on, there is no sound, but when i actually turn on my ac, the queel starts and its crazy loud. anyone know what it could be? TIA
  12. Car Overheated / Overheating / Overheats [MERGED]

    so did you eventually replace it? and what kind of problems did you have when yours was broken? did it act like how i am describing my problems?
  13. Car Overheated / Overheating / Overheats [MERGED]

    ok, im gonna try all the flushing and everything first, but yeah, i have full coolant/water 50/50 mix right now. but i'll flush it out anyways, and see how that goes. well this is what i think the problem is, tell me if im wrong, i think its the sensor that tell the ecu to kick on my fans, but i...
  14. Car Overheated / Overheating / Overheats [MERGED]

    do you think that the thermostat could cause my radiator fan not to turn on?and about the switch being on the bottom of radiator on passenger side, i've seen pictures of it there, but my radiator doesn't have one. so what can i do?
  15. Car Overheated / Overheating / Overheats [MERGED]

    my radiator fan does not kick one when my coolant gets hot. both of my fans work when i turn on my A/c. can somebody please tell me which coolant temperature sensor tells the ECU when i am starting to get hot, so that my fans can kick on. it use to be iffy, some times it works, sometimes it...
  16. Water/Alcohol injection adds octane?

    oh, one more thing, im a 2g, and i have a data logger but i have no way of knowing what my injector duty cycles are. i have maxed out 550's already due to the cold winter weather over here, and so i went ahead and got some 720's (hopefully to supply fuel to a bigger future turbo), and i've read...
  17. Water/Alcohol injection adds octane?

    thanks so much for all the info, the best part is, i see that two of you are from arizona, i will be moving there in 2 week, and i won't be putting on this setup til i get there, so hopefully i can still get personal help from u guys in that area, and if my car blows up, i know who to go to...
  18. Water/Alcohol injection adds octane?

    do i still need a filter though?
  19. Water/Alcohol injection adds octane?

    thanks for the replies. i am planning on doing the DIY kits from so many of the writeups. i plan on going w/ the 60psi shurflo pump and then tuning it to run 100psi and getting the rest of the parts from napa, and nozzles and stuff like that from i've read also that it isn't...
  20. Water/Alcohol injection adds octane?

    i will be moving from an area of 93 octane (east coast) to 91 octane (west coast), i've heard that alky injection adds octane, i was wondering if i went w/ a 50/50 mix, would i be able to compensate for the octane loss? or even more? thanks.
  21. hows the tuners in phx az?

    i was wondering if you guys were gonna be having any of your in & out meets on the week of the 11th of april (my 2g gets there the 8th, i get there the 9th), cuz the week after that is the MOD weekend, and i will probably be heading down there at the beginning of that week cuz my gf lives in...
  22. AZ Places to live?

    import heaven eh? well im orginally from SoCal, so we'll see, hopefully it will be import heaven compared to SoCal, which would be daym near impossible, but hopefully it will be cool, im not expecting much, im just going to school, but the more the marrier. is there a lot of rice though? cuz...
  23. AZ Places to live?

    daym, too bad i didn't find you earlier. i already put the down payment and stuff, first and last month, and besides, this guy has helped me out a lot with my move. i would have much rather moved in with a fellow dsmer too. but anyways, hopefully the place i have is nice, its a new house that...
  24. moving from east coast to west (octane change ???)

    ^^^ your running 18psi on 91 octane on ur t-25?
  25. AZ Places to live?

    hey, would u guys mind hitting me up on aim @ vinh766 before i get there, so i get a heads up before i get there. especially you guys attending UTI.
  26. moving from east coast to west (octane change ???)

    gorsh daymnit, that sucks. but thanks for the info though. and hey tsiawd w/ the green talon, would u mind hitting me up on aim at vinh766, i'd like to meet you since ur in phoenix and all and im moving there and have never been there. thanks.
  27. AZ Places to live?

    hey, i'll be up in phx (avondale area) soon too. im gonna be attending UTI too, my start date is april 25th, so i'll be in avondale by the 10th or so. and as for emission, where i come from, there are no emission, and i'll still be registered there :thumb:
  28. moving from east coast to west (octane change ???)

    im just really nervous about the big octane change for my car right now. im gonna try this, im gonna drive out of the way to this gas station with 92 octane (cuz everywhere else is 93 around here) and see how my car acts, and i'll tune for that, then when i go to 91, i'll already be halfway...
  29. Get ready SoCal'rs, the big one is coming!

    Attending the meet:1. SilverMitsu (our hero) 2. ShadowWulf 3. DSMjrv (someone help him with his head) 4. Bigglesworth87 5. talontsi02 6. Piranhaman33 7. Kinetic Boost 8. Scoped_GST 9. 4whlbst (evo, can't get 2g together in time) 10. badtzracr (gf & spyder) 11. eclipsegsx1736...
  30. moving from east coast to west (octane change ???)

    thanks for the replies, but what i was wondering if there was a like a standard of psi drops groing from 93 to 91, like if i go 20 now, i'd probably go 18 then?
  31. moving from east coast to west (octane change ???)

    i will be moving from georgia with 93 octane to california/arizona with only 91 octane. my question is, what should i be prepared for. my profile is up to date, i am currently running 20psi daily on a big 16 a tuned conservatively with a pocketlogger and safc I, and ran a best time of...
  32. hows the tuners in phx az?

    i'll be moving to arizona soon too. i have finally finished reading this whole thread, and i am very pleased and excited about meeting all of you dsmers in the phx area. i didn't expect phx would have that many chill/cool dsm guys. i think phx would be the perfect spot for my car, as for "the...
  33. greddy or hks bov, which is louder?

    this is an old post, im the thread starter, so just letting you know, i went w/ the hks SSQV and i vent it, cuz i have the GM Maf in blow-thru setup. as for loudness, the HKS is much louder then the GREddy typeS. like posted about, the blitz sounds like the 1g's but 3x louder. well the HKS...
  34. Mazda Protege lip fits 92-94 Talons yes!!

    DAYM, that looks REALLY good, i would swear that its a lip made just for the 1g's. the lines flows perfectly w/ your lines. only flaw i see is the sides, i guess the front pix would exploit that flaw, but other then that, it looks REALLY good. i like it a lot.
  35. Need edm tails

    sorry to steal your thread, but does anyone have any pictures of these edm's actualy installed and with the lights on? i wanna see how the orange shows up. and and/or a pix of them w/ the blinkers on.
  36. Finally took some pix of my HID's UPDATE: fixed links

    oh, that's not that big of a deal, i did my retrofit to where i can adjust my horizontals and verticals w/ the stock adjustment screws on the back of the headlights. and i did that on purpose because i need as much light on my side as the road as possible, so that tiny lil bump/step, makes a...
  37. Finally took some pix of my HID's UPDATE: fixed links

    thanks, the whole setup costed me $450 :cry: , (installed myself). overprice if you ask me, but i lived in the outskirts of georgia, and there are no street lights, so to me? worth every penny :thumb:
  38. Finally took some pix of my HID's UPDATE: fixed links

    here are the night shot. you know that blue twinkle you see in audi's and beemers? well i have that exact twinkle, but i can't seem to capture it onto a camera, maybe i have a cheap camera, cuz i just can't make it look as good as how it really looks in real life.
  39. Heads Up Display

    DEFI has a HUD (heads up display) of some sort. check them out on the web.
  40. Finally took some pix of my HID's UPDATE: fixed links

    u know what i REALLy love about them, that i didn't expect? when i go to my car at night and older people just look down on me because i drive a riced out, lowered, 5.25 inch exhaust tip, orange car, but when i turn on my HID's and the start-up is like a crystal blue, i see the look of how they...
  41. Finally took some pix of my HID's UPDATE: fixed links

    my shrouds are custom, i got some sheet metal and shaped it to fit in a curve around the lense so that it doesn't glare all over the place. and about my smiley face bumper, i use to hate it, actually got a 97-99 bumper, had it put on and everything, and then ran over a semi truck tire that...
  42. Finally took some pix of my HID's UPDATE: fixed links

    i finally got a clean wash after oh so long, so i decided to take some pix of my car. i've had these HID's on for about 2 months now, and they are absolutely great, they are pure white at night. this is a retrofit. my projectors are off of an audi A4 and the ballasts and bulb itself is off of an...
  43. johnny racecar's fmic, who has one?

    i didn't get a shot to take at look at it w/ my stock smic, but w/ my readings off of my Maf-T, i got a difference of about 7-9 degrees difference between my JRC intercooler and my supra MK4 stock SMIC. from my stock to the supra felt like night and day of a difference, and from my supra smic to...
  44. Neccessary to port match 2g head w/ 1g intake Mani?

    if i get a 1g intake manifold and tb for my 2g head, will i need to portmatch the head? if not, will i see any gains at all?
  45. Need help with rare DSM color + new turbo spoiler...

    yeah, what ^^^^^^ said. i know exactly how you feel. i have an oddball color as well. i have mitsu's durange copper pearl. and yes, i have seen your color in soCal before, i use to live there, and there was a guy down there w/ an N/A also that had that color and he had body kits on it and all...
  46. porting head while still in the car

    what about porting the inlet and outlet of the exhaust manifold, turbo inlet and outlet, and o2 housing then? any drawback doing that? any drawbacks of doing the exhaust manifold runners w/o doing the same on the head?
  47. HID on and off question

    i heard somewhere that it is bad to turn HID's on and off a lot continously, is this true? i am asking this because i want to hook my HID's up with my alarm setup. so that when i arm or disarm my car, my HID's would blink also. i have a 4200k kit in audi projectors. im curious because, if my...
  48. porting head while still in the car

    and what are the drawbacks if i upgrade the intake manifold w/o port matching the head. will i see any gains from that at all? because i don't really have the money, and i don't really want to pull the head out if i don't absoluely have to.
  49. porting head while still in the car

    is it possible to port the intake side of the head w/o pulling out the head or motor? i think the exhaust side would have a bit more room, but has anyone ever done it like that for the intake side? i plan on gasket matching it up with a 1g intake manifold.
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