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  1. Backinajiffy12

    FIAV coolant lines which one goes where?

    Hey guys just as the title says which line goe to which one? everything is to 2g. if someone could post a pic that would be great!.
  2. Backinajiffy12

    2G 16G coolant line routing

    I am in the proess of putting my turbo back in after a rebuild and some other mods to my 98 gsx. I cannot remember which line goes where. explain to me or give me as many pictures as possible. ThanksSorry if postd in the wrong section
  3. Backinajiffy12

    Got bored so I started painting

    I was bored waiting for my parts so I started doing a few things I always wanted to do. Tell me what you think.Getting a new Hatch so no rust comments :D
  4. Backinajiffy12

    Misfire/Backfire...Idles like crap

    Hey guysThe car has been having a small idle surge from 500rpm to maybe 1500rpmI was driving home friday from work and was under light acceleration and the car would jerk. So I when and replaced the spark plugs (gapped at .028). and It drove home just fine. Had a few pops but no jerks...
  5. Backinajiffy12

    Weird noise

    I have a weird humming noise coming from my engine bay. :ohdamn: This noise is new I've never heard it before, I'm thinking it might be my tensioner or my harmonic balancer. And sorry if I posted in the wrong area I never know where to post :nono: YouTube - Weird noise coming from engine bay...
  6. Backinajiffy12

    Weekly Meet

    So who would be down to do a weekly meet like back home in MN (we meet Wednesdays at old Chicago) we could do the same. Meet at the old Chicago in Ames or figure out a neutral spot for everyone to meet at. Who’s in?
  7. Backinajiffy12

    Misfire from a stop in first and sometimes upon cold start

    I have had this problem for a bit and havent been able to figure it out. and I am only getting a misfire on cylider 2 code. whats goin on guys?
  8. Backinajiffy12

    How do kevlar clutches work with our motors?

    I am looking for a new clutch and since i cant afford a twin disc I heard that kevlar clutchs can hold a fair amount of hp and torque. how do you guys feel about them?
  9. Backinajiffy12

    No gauges, power windows, sunroof, or rear defroster

    Ok so none of my stock gauges work, I have no power windows or sunroof, but power locks still work, no rear defroster, and my turbo timer stays running with the ebrake down. But my turbo timer showed 13-13.5 Volts while running. My SRS light used to come on and go off and my gauges would die...
  10. Backinajiffy12

    electical problem? SRS light

    Ok this problem happened when I first got my car. I would be driving along and I would lose power to my RPM gauge and my MPH gauge and it would happen intermittently. It went away and I never thought about it again. But just recently its been doing it again. It happens every once and a while but...
  11. Backinajiffy12

    weird Problem with gauges

    Ok this problem happened when I first got my car. I would be driving along and I would lose power to my RPM gauge and my MPH gauge and it would happen intermittently. It went away and I never thought about it again. But just recently its been doing it again. It happens every once and a while...
  12. Backinajiffy12

    Whos game for a meet?

    I say we have a meet/BBQ on saturday May 30th in MN. location is yet to be descided. If your from MN feel free to throw out a location.
  13. Backinajiffy12

    Is there another way to bleed brakes?

    So I put in a new brake lines and i went to go bleed the syastem and snapped the bleeder valve right off so instead of buying new calipers is there another way to bleed my brakes
  14. Backinajiffy12

    Is my boost controler set up right?

    Ok so I have a turbo XS manual boost contorler and i was wondering if it is setup right. I have a short route FMIC and my MBC is attached to a nipple in my Jpipe and to my wastegate. Once i hit 5000rpm or so it creeps from 14psi to 25psi. it that my boost controler or my clutch slipping?
  15. Backinajiffy12

    I want to hear my BOV

    I recently just recirculated my Greddy type R which I love the sound of. But since I recuirculted I can hardly hear it even at high boost. What are some solutions so I can hear it more? Better filter, GM MAS ??????
  16. Backinajiffy12

    6 pluck bad for AWD?

    :notgood:So my 2.1 - Carbon Kevlar disc with 3k on it is already slipping :notgood: cause it cant handle the torque. So i was atlking to a buddy about upgrading to a stage 3 and he was teling me that a 6 pluck is bad for AWD saying that it puts a lot more stress on the flywheel and can be bad...
  17. Backinajiffy12

    No cat...running rich + Missfire

    Ok so I was running lean due to my cat being clogged, so I took it out! Sounded great ran fine idled a tad high but that was ok. I tuned the other day and it ran OK then today after work it was running way rich and misfiring and sputtering all over the place. What do I have to do to fix the problem?
  18. Backinajiffy12

    Recuirculating Short route

    Ok so with my Short route FMIC i am no recuirculating my BOV. It is a steap angle and the stock hose does not work. i was wondering what people have been doing about that?
  19. Backinajiffy12

    weird wiring and where does this go?

    So when I bought my car all the gauges work but none of them light up. and I was taking a look at it and found this weird wire that had a connector at the end of it but was alos tapped into already. Can any of you shine some light on what they are what to do and where they go.If you cant...
  20. Backinajiffy12

    something died in my car

    So my car was getting tuned finally!!! and i went to get it back and it smells like a mouse or something died in my car. any ideas what or where it would be coming from?
  21. Backinajiffy12

    pigtail fuses

    So I am sick of my 3 gauge pillar not lighting up at night. I was on STM and they have these cool pigtail fuses for an easy way to make your gauges light up. has anyone used them. and if so which fuse did you intercange with?
  22. Backinajiffy12

    tuning leads to ticking????

    Ok so yesterday I took my car down to get tuned and dyno'd (rebuilt motor with 1500 miles on it.). so pull 1 no boost went well 225hp. pull 2 3-8psi 258hp. then we heard this ticking sound coming from the timing belt area but we couldnt pin point it. so we took the car off the dyno cause we had...
  23. Backinajiffy12

    Is my temp sensor broken?

    Ok so i replaced my tstat today and my car is no longer overheating :thumb: . but not the gauge goes just a little above 1/4 the way up, but it does it like 10 or 15 min after driving. and the manual says to unplug the wire at the coolant temp sending unit. if the gauge reading drops the...
  24. Backinajiffy12

    Cap off overflowing????

    Ok so today my car went past the 3rd line on a 4 mile round trip. and i was like WTF . so i wanted to see if the coolant was flowing and it wasnt? and after a second it started to overflow and bubble over. does that mean my thermostat is bad?
  25. Backinajiffy12

    Pro Sport gauges

    I need your guys oppinions on pro sport gauges. my buddy has them in his STI and i love the way they look and there full system check that they do. what are your experiences with them? good or bad?
  26. Backinajiffy12

    Will she make it.. or should i wait????

    So my baby had arecent rebuild. btu oly has 400 miles on the engine and i cant tune it until 1000 miles or so. and i want it down at school with me. its 215 miles there will it make it or should i wait until it has been tuned to bring it down to school?
  27. Backinajiffy12

    Why Me?

  28. Backinajiffy12

    Why Me?

    So I had a thread earlier that talked about what all 4 wheels locking up might be and we all agreed on the transfer case. well i just got off the phone with my trans. shop and both the tranny and the T-case went :beatentodeath: and its going to be expensive a shit. Who else has this happened to?
  29. Backinajiffy12

    removing axle from 2000 eclipse

    whats the carossian like around the area
  30. Backinajiffy12

    Locked up

    So heres what happened. Earlier today my lower balljoint on my passenger side popped out and i drove it about 100 yards back to my shop put it back on and said screw lunch im gonna go back to work. After work I went to Jimmy johns and as i was leaving all 4 wheels locked up on me...
  31. Backinajiffy12

    [RESOLVED] Couple odd questions

    Ok so 2 things. first in my GSX i have that programable garage door opener thing need to know how to program that. And second myt gas gauge does not work. when i bought it it had just had the sending unit replaced and it still doesnt work.
  32. Backinajiffy12

    6 bolt in a 98GSX but which DSM LINK do I get?

    Im doing a 6 bolt swap and get DSM LINK. So do I need to get the 1g or 2g DSMLINK?
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