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  1. genegoesfast

    My Walbro 450 fuel pump install and modified sender

    Sender fitting being constructed. Bothe pieces are stainless steelFitting welded and trimmedSender drilledFitting welded in sender and glass beadedPrettied upPlug added back in. Proposed fittings added. Looking for a more low profile option.I'm also wondering if the pump sitting...
  2. genegoesfast

    ECMlink Rich Between Shifts SD e85 Tial BOV

    As the title states, Im having issues with very rich shifts. This is confusing to me because im running speed density with the sensor getting its air source at the manifold, AFTER the Tial BOV.I tried tracking the datalog and lowering the sd value in the cells corresponding to the rich area...
  3. genegoesfast

    2GB GSX Frankenstein Panda

    Just finished up the paint work on my 99 GSX. As you can see, I did a few unconventional things with the body. Swapped my 2gb rear for a 2ga rear, 2ga talon sideskirts, shaved hatch (wing, wiper, sprayer, antenna), shaved fog lights and emblem etc. White pearl comes from 2012 Toyota Avalon, the...
  4. genegoesfast

    ECMlink My first Speed Density tune help me make it better

    WOT Log added! I just swapped my car over to SD. I followed this to a T. The only thing I didnt get dead was my airflow per rev (which is a tad high still) due to the fact that my idle is a bit...
  5. genegoesfast

    Anyone have a boost leak tester I could borrow?

    I'm about to switch over to SD and I would like to do a boost leak test. I was wondering if anyone had one I could borrow that would work on a 16g sized compressor housing(2.25 in) ? If someone would like to help me do this and eliminate the leaks afterwards I would certainly be willing to...
  6. genegoesfast

    FP intake filter question

    I must be retarded but I can't see how fitting a round filter to a flattened pipe is gonna work.It's round on the turbo side but flattens out like it's meant be used with a 2g maf. I'm switching to sd so I want to put a filter directly on the fp pipe.
  7. genegoesfast

    2nd official Nashville DSM meet

    Here we go folks. The 2nd official Nashville DSM meet! It will be held in the Tennessee Speed Sport parking lot at 6pm on the Saturday, January 21st. I'd love to see some turnout from the local dsm community. This is for you too Clarksville and Murfreesboro guys! I figured we'd hang out for a...
  8. genegoesfast

    99 GSX Clean Street Monster

    First, here's the link to my old school journal entries. A basic recap in case you don't want to go back in time and read those old posts....I received the gsx as a trade, along with some cash and injectors. This:For this: (minus the...
  9. genegoesfast

    Just bought an Eastwood fender roller!

    Like the title says. I just got a great deal on a great roller. Anyone need more tire clearance?
  10. genegoesfast

    Anyone have a 2ga rear bumper?

    Anyone willing to trade a 2ga rear bumper for a 2gb rear bumper? I also have a turbo wing. Color doesn't matter. Shape does. Thanks, Gene
  11. genegoesfast

    Dump pipe fabrication / missing the intercooler pipe

    So my reason for building my own custom dump pipe stemmed from a fit issue with the dump pipe that came with my PR o2 housing. This couldn't fit more wrong. The pic below is definitely the dump pipe resting directly on the intercooler pipe. No good. I don't believe this to be Tim's fault due to...
  12. genegoesfast

    Custom vacuum lines mbc to wastegate

    So I copied an idea I saw from Paul and decided to make my own vacuum lines. I snagged some ends and ptfe hose from summit racing. I, of course had to get some fittings for my hallman and for my j pipe (all 1/8npt to 4an).
  13. genegoesfast

    O2 wire routing question?

    I want to hide the wiring for my wiring for my o2 sensor. I found a good spot along the water pipe against the block. My question is, is this location going to destroy the wiring? I've included a pic of the sheath around the wiring. I believe it to be heat wrap. Let me know what you think.
  14. genegoesfast

    I need help from the suspension gods! Tokico install

    I'm trying to install my suspension and I feel like something isn't quite right when I assembled my new shock/spring combo. The nut on top is bottoming out on the bushing/metal tube below the top spring mount very quickly. This doesn't seem quite right to me. There is almost no preload on the...
  15. genegoesfast

    Tial wastegate hitting alternator, punishment o2, help!

    There are pics and info involving the dump tube problem towards the bottom of the page. The issue directly below was resolved by Tim at Punishment Racing. Thanks for looking.I just installed my punishment racing o2 housing with external dump. Everything was going great until it came time for...
  16. genegoesfast

    Look what I just emptied out of my catch can

    This was out if the pcv side of my dual catch can built by calan. I believe im sucking oil out of the valve cover due to not having the pcv valve on the cover, yet in line after the can. Any thoughts are appreciated.This amount of oil is amassing after only a few days. Im looking for ideas...
  17. genegoesfast

    Please help! Coolant everywhere, bad water pump?

    I have noticed recently after arriving home, if I pop the hood of my car I can hear the coolant bubbling/boiling. A few days later my heat began working intermittently. Two days ago on the way to work my check engine light came on flashed a few times then stayed on(I'm assuming that this was the...
  18. genegoesfast

    Calan Catch Cans

    Check out the new Calan catch can setup. I powder coated the raw aluminum and replaced the pcv system with an in-line 6an check valve. I also fabbed up a bracket for the can out of a piece of aluminum and powder coated it as well. Sorry for the crappy pics.
  19. genegoesfast

    2g parts in Nashville wheels cruise control evap fog lights

    I have some 2g parts for sale here locally in Nashville. I'll post pics if anyone needs them(or you can just come by and look at them).-5 Spoke OEM 16in wheels w/ almost new tires -$320 OBO -Cruise Control Setup Complete (Engine Bay Stuff)- $35 OBO -Fog lamps, Housings and Lamps- $40 OBO...
  20. genegoesfast

    ECMlink DSMlink V3 Lite Automatic Trans Horsepower Settings

    I have a 99 GSX automatic with DSMlink V3 Lite and I'm trying to figure out how to properly set the parameters of the Horsepower and Torque to produce reasonable accurate numbers with my automatic transmission. Here's a log. The HP/Torque seem to be quite a bit off.
  21. genegoesfast

    Check out the new wheels

    Enkei RP01 18x8 +42 with Falken RT615 245/40/18. I got the most ridiculous deal ever on these wheels so I just had to pick em up ($350 w/tires). I had to run a very small spacer in the rear to clear the inner arm. I of course understand that this thing needs to be lowered in a major way. I'll be...
  22. genegoesfast

    Can someone help me with my tune?

    I need help! I started with evo 8 stock timing and fuel maps. I made a couple pulls and tracked down some offending cells and pulled timing twice over. I can't seem to get rid of it all. Any other suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
  23. genegoesfast

    Bumper mod and shaved valve cover

    Just test fit (for looks) my modded bumper. I shaved the fog light holes, the mitsu logo and the license plate holes.I have also shaved my valve cover!
  24. genegoesfast

    Help! Intercooler and ABS

    I'm having major issues with my VR speed intercooler kit fitting with my ABS box. My car is a 99 GSX automatic which might make my situation a bit unique. I cut a pass through for the "out" of the intercooler through the radiator support, which looks correct. When I rough fit the intercooler...
  25. genegoesfast

    Weird knock issue please help

    I made the following datalog at WOT on my 99 auto GSX. I'm running a big evo316g, 650cc, walbro 255, AFPR, 3in trubo back, and DSMlink v3 lite. During the first part of the pull there was no knock retard. Directly after the auto trans shifts the ECU pulls timing and gets worse with the next...
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