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  1. 2Gjunkie

    The right thing to do.

    nice. maybe make a mental note to not buy car parts from your friend, though
  2. 2Gjunkie

    The right thing to do.

    Does your first friend also know the motor is bad? Or is he just oblivious? If he knows it’s bad and is trying to pass it off as good...
  3. 2Gjunkie

    That time your project went BETTER than expected...

    Title says it. Car work rarely goes 100% by the book. Stuff happens, we get frustrated.Write up about a time when your project went better than you expected, and restored your faith in your wrenching abilities. DSM or not. :thumb:Mine: Upgrading the fuel pump on the GST. Everyone said to...
  4. 2Gjunkie

    Key fob/alarm

    No beep or chirp. Look at the dash— there is a green “security” light that will come on when the alarm is set. It stays on for about 10 seconds then turns off.
  5. 2Gjunkie

    Hating on other cars. Hyundai at the moment

    Every assemblyline English car ever. Owned 3, don’t miss any of them.
  6. 2Gjunkie

    Where them rims at? Need some ideas!

    I can’t get into the whole black wheel trend. But gunmetal on red = :thumb:
  7. 2Gjunkie

    Kill it with fire. 3g dsm 2g “conversion”

    it’s like a reverse mullet. party in the front, business in the back.
  8. 2Gjunkie

    You're not a true DSMer unless.......????

    Unless... your garage is full of old DSM parts that you kept around “just in case”.
  9. 2Gjunkie

    My daughter's new pet turtle just died

    As long as he has enough water to dive and be totally submerged, that should be enough. More shouldn’t hurt. In our tank we have a few stacked garden pavers to get the basking log high up enough out of the water.
  10. 2Gjunkie

    My daughter's new pet turtle just died

    If that was how much water was in there, you probably want to add some more. Rule of thumb is water depth should be at least 2-3x the width of their shell. (So 3” wide = 9” water depth). And for babies, make sure there’s nothing that could trap them underwater (like a log or rock that could fall...
  11. 2Gjunkie

    My daughter's new pet turtle just died

    Yeah, the shipping process is generally pretty terrible for them—if it was eating by the end that’s a good sign, but the damage may already have been done.I’ve had a few turtles, but I’m no expert. My process would be to keep the turtle somewhat isolated for a week or two and put in the bare...
  12. 2Gjunkie

    My daughter's new pet turtle just died

    We did the same thing and got a baby turtle for our daughter during this covid period (disclaimer: I had turtles growing up too).Mail order turtles are tricky. He was probably stressed to the point that you couldn’t do anything about it.If you decide to get another one, a pet shop would...
  13. 2Gjunkie

    Best DSM Craigslist post of the day

    Here’s a $30k one.
  14. 2Gjunkie

    You're not a true DSMer unless.......????

    You’re not a true DSMer unless... 1) you have a swear jar in your garage... and you’re in the garage enough that you can fund new mods from that swear jar.2) you both love the first FnF for the exposure it gave our cars, and hate it for the image it gave our cars.
  15. 2Gjunkie

    Mystery noise from engine in my Toyota 4 runner

    Can I make a suggestion? — if you have an unhealthy motor and you don’t know what’s wrong with it, don’t use an engine flush as part of your diagnostic process. People have differing opinions about flushes. I use them as basic PM on engines that I know are running decently—at long intervals...
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